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Today I expected to hang out for lunch with Robert and then get some writing done. I did get the hanging out with Robert bit done -- we went out for lunch to one of the Thai places down in Everett where I go sometimes. We had a really lovely few hours, talking about books and magic and politics and New York and Seattle. We shared some tea when we got back to my place and talked a lot more. He was here for three hours or so before I started fading and he headed off to the Half Price Books at the Everett Mall.

I took a little quiet time to read for a few minutes before I got back into the online stuff. It seems several people on the Puget Sound CR list hadn't got the link for the ogam booklet I'd sent, so I re-sent it. After that, I also went fishing for the Nora Chadwick Imbas Forosnai article for the more mysticism part of this and next month's schmooze. It turned out the only place I could find it was through the Wayback Machine on Molly Ní Dana's old Geocities website. The first two parts she'd posted were more or less findable, but I had to do a little futzing to get the third and final part. I posted those links to the list as well, but I realized that anyone just clicking the links on the wikipedia page or on the Imbas organization page were going to have some difficulty either getting to the article at all, or getting to all three parts of it that had originally been posted.

The other issue was that Molly's original transcription lacked any of the footnotes, all 93 of them. I dived into it, turning the three files into a single page, fixing the formatting, and incorporating the footnotes, while fixing the typos that I could find. That has occupied almost my entire day, from about 4pm to about 11:30pm, and my wrists are aching, but I've at least got this resource back on the web in a place where it will be easily available for the foreseeable future. It has been incorporated as a page on my Searching for Imbas blog with all credit to Molly for her hard work in initially transcribing the article. I've added a note at the top about pagination and footnotes, which are necessary for anyone considering citing the online version. There are a few points where Chadwick refers to page numbers in the article for cites, and that formatting is not preserved, so there would be a problem unless you had the original article in front of you.

I posted a note about this over on facebook and will also post a note about it on my Searching for Imbas blog so that people who are watching that, but not necessarily this LJ, will also know about it.


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