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I was just recently introduced to this icon maker's work - [ profile] redscharlach mostly does fan art, but she also does text icons. These will suffice to illustrate why I love the novels of Robertson Davies. For Realz.


Aug. 10th, 2007 03:57 pm
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[ profile] nickespix made this one for me. The Latin text says Tenet insanibile multos scribendi cacoethes which translates to "Many are afflicted with the incurable disease of writing." You can thank Juvenal for that one ;)
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For those days when you just feel like violating other folks' ritual restrictions...
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Went for sushi today and Elvis had some home-smoked salmon again. Yum! After that, I went for a walk around the lake in an attempt to walk off some of the sushi and mochi I ate. It was a lovely day for it, back and forth with sun and clouds. The wind picked up as I was on my way home, and now it's darker out and looking like it might rain.

Mom -- do you like sushi? I want to take you to the sushi place while you're out here!

I snagged the lovely new icon from [ profile] lwood, because it's a fabulous story and a great icon. Yay Ravens!

There will be laundry today, and working on my book a bit. I want to do the rest of the "making your feda" chapter, writing up the specifics of the final version of the ritual with partial possession. I also have to write up the basic meditations for working with the feda in the internal cauldrons. Lots of good, juicy material there both for ritual and for meditative and healing work.

There will also be some tea in a little bit. I think I'll probably have some of the bao zhong I got at the tasting last month. I haven't opened the package yet, so it's still fresh and yummy. Mmmmmm. Time to break out the gaiwan and the fiddly gung fu style cups.

Time to go put clothes in the wash.
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This moment of Deity brought to you by [ profile] lysana and her sense of humor. Yes, that's supposed to be Ogmios in the icon there...


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