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The VA sent me an appointment for podiatry in the mail today, which is scheduled for 8:30am on July 9th. I called and left them a message that I was going to be on a plane that day, thank you, and they should call me soon, but NOT BEFORE NOON to reschedule. I am so not going to an 8:30 appointment. I would have to be up by 6am to get there in time, given rush hour traffic and all the crap that entails for a trip in from Everett. There is No Fucking Way I am going to have an appointment at that hour. If they only have a morning clinic, I will have the very last appointment of the morning, thanks very much. I had told the gal who was sending the referral in to have them CALL ME first, but of course this is the VA and they don't actually listen. yay.

I sent off the payment for my UK train tickets to [ profile] fififolle, who received it today. That finishes up all the travel stuff for my trip except the Isle of Man, where I'll probably get a bus pass for the week.

Last night I also finally got around to answering an email from a young woman (presumably, from what I could get from the email address name) who was asking me about centralizing CR and making One Big Website with Everything On It where info would be sorted and reliable and folks could buy books that were published about CR and... sigh It's a great dream, but that's just never going to happen. The original Celtic cultures were never a unity and it's completely unrealistic to expect CR Paganism to manifest unity when we all worship different deities, our rituals are going to be different, and there are different cultures involved. I wish the online community was a little less acrimonious, but the only way anything is going to get done is by people actually doing them instead of sitting around online talking about it and telling everyone else how UnCeltic they are. Stuff like this doesn't spring up overnight, anything involving an organization that publishes is going to have to deal with nonprofit laws, and it would take a lot of volunteer effort that never quite seems to be forthcoming. Anyone who wants to see organizations and groups start, even if they are not a scholar and don't want to be one, is just going to have to step up to the plate and start organizing things. It's not magically going to happen by wishing. But I have given that particular rant many a time before. I hope I was at least encouraging to her about finding her talents and contributing to the community as best she's able.

Today I spent some time talking on Skype (texting actually) with [ profile] vyviane about pilgrimage stuff and sorted through some things. I sent her a link for the doc where I have a bunch of research links and stuff for some of the sites we're visiting, and where I'll be adding more things as I find them in the next few days. I also wrote up part of a document for the list on three cauldrons meditations that will be the basis for the daily work we'll do before the writing prompts each morning. I would have spent more time on it, but I needed to get down into Everett to pick up my guests and have dinner with them, then we came back here and watched the Lovecraft movies, which were greatly enjoyed. She did note that airfare from Boston or New York into Dublin is, I believe, just under $1,000 for a round trip right now, so if anyone was wondering if cheaper airfare might make going on the pilgrimage possible, now would be the time to consider tickets and coming along!

ETA: [ profile] vyviane says "I found tons of 1,000 RT from all over the place via Air Lingus and Expedia has a couple 811 and 864 RT from Boston and New York City!"

Further work was done on dealing with the specific themes and readings for each day's meditations and travel. I still need to dig through some books to find appropriate poems, but that's tomorrow's job.

I was delighted to discover that the Celtic Scholar's Reviews blog had posted a very positive review of Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom a few days ago, giving it a very high recommendation. Her reviews tend to be honest and clear about a book's flaws, as well as its positive points, and she was really quite pleased with my work.

Thursday I've scheduled a chat with the Sisterhood of Avalon again, given that the last one was pretty much utterly defeated by a lousy internet connect. I'm looking forward to it, as it was so messed up last time. Apparently they really enjoyed what little I did get through to everyone, so it'll be nice to be able to actually talk to them realtime instead of with those hideous delays and signal drops.

Monday is the CR schmooze, and Jeff is going to be doing a presentation on deity imagery on Celtic coins. He's really into numismatics and will have illustrations and such. It should be fun.
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I was in Seattle today with Geordie for the second day of his permaculture workshop. I was really kind of half asleep for much of it, but it was a good session, and I was able to participate. As we were getting ready to wrap, I got a ping from [ profile] lupagreenwolf about the Rose City Steampunk Film Festival, on the road in Seattle today, and we went over to have a watch.

There were some excellent short films, and a couple of longer ones, but one thing stood out as wonderfully freaky and hilarious - Doctor Glamour, a steampunk Lovecraftian psychedelic comedy musical. The trailer for the vid is on the website linked above, but there's another complete film on the website as well. It's called "Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer," embedded below for your hilarity quotient for the day. Rather NSFW, but sooooo much fun.

Due to the film festival I was out much later than I anticipated, but it was well worth it. And I got to introduce Geordie to steampunk in one of the most fun ways possible.


May. 14th, 2012 12:03 am
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A fair few of the folks who said they'd be along today canceled, but it was (a) Mother's Day and (b) gorgeously sunny and warm out today, so I was not at all surprised. I did have several people, though, and a wonderful time was had by all.

Geordie got here around 11 or so, and we hung out for a bit and then went for a walk around the lake to catch up on stuff. He's spent a fair bit of the day pawing through my library making notes for his herbalism class coming up next weekend. Tomorrow he'll be asking [ profile] gra_is_stor for Gaelic pronunciation for some of the stuff in the Carmina Gadelica, which he also wants to use.

Folks started arriving about 4pm, and at 5 we started the movies. First up was The Call of Cthulhu, which I've seen several times, as had a couple of the folks in attendance. New to all of us was The Whisperer in Darkness, which was a fabulous 30s noir horror with a wonderfully creepy twist ending. The whole thing was really well done and I would highly recommend it for anyone who has seen the first movie and enjoyed it. You will not go amiss!

Most everyone bailed after the movies, but Brianna stayed and had dinner with me, [ profile] gra_is_stor and Geordie. I made some curried lentils on basmati rice that turned out very well. We finished up the rhubarb cobbler for dessert. Upon finishing up dinner, we watched The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra before Brianna headed home.

We're currently winding down for the night. I'll try to get to some of the comments in the last few days of my LJ tomorrow before we all head down to Seattle. The schmooze is tomorrow, and Geordie will be coming down with us. He'll be staying in Seattle but will probably be up here at least once more before his class next weekend.

Geordie says he looks forward to "another action-packed day filled with adventure and colluding," so I'm sure we'll have a lovely time tomorrow.
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The Medieval Women's Choir had their final concert of the season this evening. As always it was quite a treat. [ profile] gra_is_stor went with me, and we met [ profile] neo_lvx there. Sadly, [ profile] tedgill wasn't in attendance, as Gamelan Pacifica was having a concert at the same time. This is one of those times I wish I had perfected that whole bilocational ability thing. I really would have loved to see both performances.

I hauled my library book back to the Suzzallo today, but I got there just after they had locked the doors. There were some book drops out between the Suzzallo and Allen libraries, so I just had to go around the building to drop it off. Got myself a hat, as well, more of the sort I'd been looking for when I ended up with the two I have right now.

[ profile] gra_is_stor and I went over to Cedars at 50th & Brooklyn for a little food after the concert then headed back here, where I did a lot of cleaning and tidying, then stuffed a rhubarb cobbler in the oven.

I'm sort of more or less ready for my guests tomorrow. We'll see how many folks actually show up for my Lovecraftian soiree. I'm not sure what time Geordie is supposed to be arriving in Everett. I need to email him tonight so he gets it before he leaves Vancouver. I need to make sure he takes the right bus to get off at the South Everett freeway station, so that he can walk here if I've got a housefull of people when he arrives.

And, on that note, I'm away for tasty tasty hot rhubarb thingummies.
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The tech came over. It took him about half an hour to fix things, but fix them he did. Everything is working as it ought, now. The slowdown for speed is in the wireless router, which promises a lot more speed than it's delivering. I know there's some loss between the ethernet and the router broadcast, but the tech said it's only getting about half what it should be. I'll have to talk to the Cisco people about that and find out why their equipment is performing at such a substandard rate.

Anyway, that's dealt with.

While the tech was here, I spent time digging around in my files from 2008-present for the proper paperwork. I found the social security stuff but didn't find the annual notices about the amount of the VA compensation. I'll go down to the county offices first and see if I actually need those documents, given that they don't count that income for tax exemption purposes. I may actually be able to file with the documents I have, but it can't hurt to check into it. I don't think I have all the various documents showing what I paid in taxes for every year, but the county should keep records, and the clerk in the office should at least be able to tell me where I can get copies.

I was feeling rather better today, in addition to having the email working again, so I went over to the AFK for a bit to hang out with Gary and Melody and Bill. G&M will probably come over on the 13th for the Lovecraft movies, so that's probably about the limit of how many people my place can hold. We shall see what we shall see. The AFK was packed, given it was Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You, and Revenge of the Fifth). There were a lot of cosplayers. Boba Fett was sitting at the table behind us, playing Jenga. It was epic win.

Tomorrow night, party with [ profile] gra_is_stor. You don't need to know anything more than that...
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I called the restaurant today and they did, indeed have my scarf so I stopped there on the way to the VA today. Group was pretty good, though the weather all day was kind of craptastic. I headed over to Travelers, where I ran into Dana. She'll be coming up to my place for the Lovecraft movies. Apparently the 13th is [ profile] nathan_fhtagn's birthday, which I did not know when I was scheduling things, so I told her to let him know if he'd got back to me I'd have scheduled it for a different day (nyaah). She was heading over there after Travelers and they were on their way to a rehearsal. Given that [ profile] meddevi will be in Seattle sometime soonish, I'll schedule another showing so that they can come. I can't imagine not wanting to see the movies again, after all!

I've currently got 9 people wanting to come to the movie evening, so I've maybe got room for three more. One wanted to know if there would be calamari. I said if anyone brought some, there would absolutely be calamari! Anyway, once I get a total headcount, I'll send out a note asking folks to bring things for snackies and if they'd like something other than booze or tea or water to drink, to please bring that, as well.

I still haven't finished filling out the paperwork for the tax exemption, but I figure I'll do that tomorrow at some point, probably after the Comcast tech heads out. I have no idea if the tech will be able to fix the problem, but at least an attempt will be made.

[ profile] nancyblue got me in touch with her friend on the Isle of Man, so I've sent off an email and will see if she contacts me in return. I let her know what I was likely to be doing there, and something about the research I'd done toward finding sites. I hope that she'll be amenable to meeting with me.

Overall, it was a pretty good day. I got some needful stuff done, I'm not entirely too achy, and I might be able to get a little sleep tonight before the Comcast tech comes tomorrow, if I'm lucky. While the tech's busy with fiddling around on the computer, I'll probably take some time to do more work on pilgrimage stuff. So much remains to be done. I need to respond to some stuff on the pilgrimage email list, as well.
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First off - I was nowhere near Seattle today, though I had friends downtown during the rioting. [ profile] ingvisson had headed off before [ profile] gra_is_stor and I got up. I could hardly sleep last night because I hurt too much, so I ended up getting up about 3am and staying up until around 6:30, though I think I got a little sleep between then and noon when the alarm went off. Ish. I think I remember getting one of those fecking robocalls from the VA reminding me of my Thursday appointment around 9:30, which is precisely why I turn my damned phone off most of the time.

While I didn't get a callback from Comcast today, somebody claiming to be from Comcast left a name and contact address on yesterday's entry, so I have sent a brief inquiry to that address to see if it's genuine or some weird phishing thing. If it seems legit I'll talk to them, but I'm not going to be giving any information that can be used for evil - no passwords, no financial information, etc. Anyway, we'll see what happens.

I re-read my essay in Disability and Religious Diversity last night while I wasn't feeling well, because I had to go over to UW Bothell today and talk at the class. This time I had the building and room numbers, so I actually got there a little ahead of time, as I had intended last time when I did this. The class was good. It's always difficult to talk about PTSD and sexual trauma in front of a group, but so few people are willing to do these things that any open discussion of it can only help to awaken people to the scope of the problem. I felt like I did a good job, at least, and a couple of people came up to talk with me briefly afterwards. It's always pretty emotionally draining to do something like that and I'm vaguely headachey at the moment.

When I got out of the class, I headed over to the AFK for the evening's steampunkery. I had enough time to be mostly done with dinner by the time folks started arriving. We chose a date for the Cthulhu film festival here (The Call of Cthulhu and A Whisperer in Darkness) -- folks will be coming on Sunday, August MAY 13th from 5-9pm, (August? wtf was I thinking?) which should provide enough time for both movies and some socializing. I need to send out a couple of separate emails, but the Steamrats list has been notified. I've asked for RSVPs so that I know how many people I'll need to stuff into my space.

Tomorrow I think I only have Irish class, which means going down to Seattle, but that should be after the worst of rush hour is over with heading south, given that class is at 7pm. I'm hoping I'll get at least a little sleep tonight at some point.
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Last night I didn't actually get to sleep until about 9am this morning. That was a lot more annoying than usual. I honestly tried dealing with it. I went to bed about 5am, but just couldn't get to sleep. I woke about noon, then tried to sleep again, and stayed in bed until a little after 2pm, finally just giving up. I had a few things to do and couldn't really lie around any longer.

I did some research on places for the pilgrimage, though not enough. I'm supposed to be putting together some readings and links for the pilgrimage packet (due this week, but everything's been running at least a week behind the schedule that was initially set), but only got to the point of opening a doc to put the stuff in and plugging the URL for it into the shared scheduling document for Vyviane. I'll do some more work on it tomorrow, hopefully after I've had a little more sleep.

This evening I went over to the AFK to hang out with the steampunks. Five of us showed up and we had a lovely time. We talked about upcoming projects - one of the gals was describing some of what she's working on for SteamCon this year, and it sounds awesome. I caught a couple of them up with some of the work I've been doing, and more info about how the pilgrimage planning has been going. Disappointment was expressed that I hadn't brought the new ogam set along to show off, so perhaps next time I'll take it with me.

The conversation took a turn toward the Lovecraftian (as you do) and I mentioned that I'd ordered the Whisperer in Darkness DVD, which should arrive soonish. I proposed a Lovecraft viewing party at my place where we can watch both of the HP Lovecraft Historical Society movies of an evening. One of the waitstaff lives down the street from me, and if he's off for the evening we schedule it on, he might come by too. He's not familiar with the mythos, but he's the sort who would probably appreciate the movies anyway. I was also pointed to a short story that was a wonderfully creepy Lovecraft meets Doctor Strangelove sort of cold war nuclear Chtulhian horror thing, very well done. I need to figure out a way to get Late Bloomer, the Lovecraftian short, onto a DVD to play for everyone, as my computer screen just isn't going to cut it for half a dozen or so viewers.

[ profile] gra_is_stor isn't feeling well, so she skipped out on band practice tonight. I sent her a text to see if we're having Irish class tomorrow, but she hasn't replied, and I suspect she's probably still not going to be up to it. If that's the case, I'll just stay home and get more work done on the pilgrimage packet materials.

Overall, it was a good but not terribly productive day. Given that it started with a stark lack of sleep, I can't complain too much.
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Oct 7-9 HP Lovecraft at the Seattle Art Museum~

This October, the Seattle Art Museum will be hosting lively discussions, cinematic interpretations, and an art show curated by David Verba in honor of weird fiction author HP Lovecraft.


* S. T. Joshi: THE world authority on Lovecraft and his works is your host (
* Greg Bear: Speculative Fiction author extraordinaire joins the fray with thought-provoking insights (
* Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire: Graces all with his Wilde Lovecraftiness (
* Jason V Brock: Filmmaker and Writer with an eye for the macabre (
* Marc Laidlaw: Esteemed writer of Science Fiction (
* Sean Branney: Director of the acclaimed "The Whisperer in Darkness" (
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Our dear [ profile] lupabitch said it was the best show she'd ever been to of any kind and that she's a total Abney Park convert. (This means I win.)

Tomorrow evening [ profile] unwoman is playing at the Rendezvous at 8pm, so you should go see her!

I'll be heading off for the Shinto shrine tomorrow for the new years ceremony.

And now, collapsing in a heap.
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Online edition of Seattle Times has a brief article about SteamCon here.

The concert tonight thoroughly rocked. Bakelite 78, Ghoultown, and Abney Park. Ghoultown is a Texas band that can best be described as scowling zombie cowboy goth rock. They were fucking awesome with extra heaping helpings of doomsauce and doom sprinkles.

I'm tired and aching and will probably barely be able to walk tomorrow so I won't be heading down to the con despite the temptation of the Steampunk crossdressing panel. It's at 11am and it's 5am right now, so just no. I love the idea and was doing it myself Friday, but I can't stagger out of bed and down to SeaTac for the con tomorrow. I still have to rescue the DoDC+3 from the kennel tomorrow by 5pm.

My other awesomely epic part of the day was the Space 1889 game, wherein I played a big game hunter who was a member of a group of people attempting to make it to the Martian north pole before the Belgians did. Almost everybody died and it was fabulous and spiffing and just wonderful fun. There were many large explosions. In fact, we blew up a Belgian airship and destroyed their coal mining base, so although we hadn't intended to, we did in fact do immense service to Queen and Country, as it were. Huzzah. (kaboom)

Sadly, however, there was no one left to record our feat of heroism, so our names will not be preserved in the annals of history, but hey, we went out in a blaze of glory. Glorious glory. (doomsauce)

And now I really should attempt to get some sleep. I've been running on far too little of it recently. Don't expect any coherence from me for the next couple of days, okay?
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I had a fantastic day at SteamCon, spending much of it with [ profile] anthea7 and [ profile] wire_mother at the Cabaret for most of the day's music. I delivered foodporn to [ profile] unwoman and a cardamom scone to [ profile] nathan_fhtagn. Abney Park appeared at the Victorian singalong as "Ranchhand Robbie and the Wasteland Wranglers" in a hilarious spoof of themselves. Wondermark books were acquired from the brilliantly absurd David Malki, I acquired steamy goggles (about time, I suppose), and also got some CDs from a fantastic duo from New York, the Gypsy Nomads. Most of the music was wonderful, from the sublime to the bizarre.

I signed up for a session of Space 1889 tomorrow from 1-3pm, though apparently banjo mayhem will be taking place in the atrium at 2pm that I will be sorely sad to miss.

All is well, I'm exhausted, and I'll be heading out again tomorrow!
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But I must say I had a fabulous time at the AFK Tavern with [ profile] danicia and her husband, along with several of her other friends who came to see the place open tonight.

The place is located pretty conveniently, on 41st just off the first exit north of me, though I headed over there during a pretty high-traffic time in a heavy drizzle, so it was a little bit stressy driving in. It was packed to the gills when I got in and stayed that way the whole time. Seats were at a premium, but we'd managed to get a booth (six of us were sitting at a four-person booth for a while), and we played half a dozen rounds of Cthulhu Dice. Cthulhu won about half the time, but that's par for the course when eldritch horrors are involved. Sanity was in slim supply.

Service was very slow and they were out of some things, but they were absolutely swamped and seriously understaffed, so we were pretty mellow about it. They'd had no way of knowing they were going to get a crowd that size. It had opened at 3pm and I got in about 6; one of the managers said the building seated 260 and they'd already had twice that many people through. The waitstaff was doing their level best, though it did take about an hour to get food. Drinks were a little quicker coming, but that didn't require the kitchen to be involved.

It's a pretty good sized place, well-lighted, and open (unless it's wall to wall geeks, as it was tonight). Lots of tables, lots of internet access, lots of stuff for lan parties and WoW and other nerdly activities. It's definitely going to be the sort of place you could hang out at for hours once the grand opening rush has calmed down.

And the food was fantastic, at least what I got. I had a pasta salad (made with spaghetti) that was really more a small hot pasta dish on spinach. It was spicy and garlicky and OMG fantastic, with crunchy roasted garlic cloves and sun dried tomatoes. One of the others with us got the macs and cheese and I have to say, it beat the macs and cheese at Night Kitchen hands down (sorry Night Kitchen). Although the staff was harried, they were friendly and as cheerful as they could be while dashing around madly trying to keep up with half the geek population of western Washington.

From what I understand, hours are going to be 3pm to 3am daily, so I may well have a late-night place to hang that's not Just A Bar. This could be beneficial to my writey stuff. Give the place a week or so to calm down a little and work out the kinks and this will be a great venue for getting together with friends to get your geek on. I think it will definitely be the steampunk venue of choice in Everett, as they're actively courting that market.
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I had a pretty good (and quiet) day, but am feeling rather stressed out. It's not just politics, it's also feeling a bit peopled-out for the moment. I'll be glad to have the day to myself tomorrow, without any particular responsibilities to do anything aside from work myself up toward writing on the Queering the Flame essay.

I went for a walk around the lake today with [ profile] mael_brigde; it was up to 72 and a lovely sunny day this afternoon, but my hip is still giving me trouble from that. We went out to Thai Gusto for dinner with one of her friends from Seattle, and that was a pleasant evening. When we got back, we watched a Jeeves and Wooster episode, and then she wandered off to bed.

Friday I'll be joining [ profile] danicia over at the new AFK Tavern on 41st in Everett for some gaming. The place is, quite literally, opening that day, and is intended as a gathering spot for gamers. It's not far from here and should be pretty cool, if the website is any indicator. I'm quite looking forward to that.

I'm hoping I'll feel somewhat better tomorrow, after a day of being a total vegetable. Probably an eggplant. They are at least colorful and tasty.
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They also, however, hurt like hell. The show was fantastic, as usual. I had a great time and saw some of the usual suspects. I also gave [ profile] nathan_fhtagn some cthulhu dice that I got at Powells. [ profile] martianmooncrab got one for me and I figured he couldn't resist. He failed his saving throw. He lsoes SAN points.

The drive down was lovely and sunny. Tomorrow it will, no doubt, rain, as was forecast.

I have been supplied with a little Tylenol 3 to help kick the evil aches I have from dancing my ass off. I really hate that I have to pay for it like this, but oh well.

Lunch with [ profile] lupabitch and [ profile] martianmooncrab was fun. Talked to Lupa about the Brigid book and what I wanted to do with it. She was very excited and is looking forward to seeing what I'll do with it. Can't remember if I mentioned here, but Casey, aka [ profile] mael_brigde, has agreed to do the foreword for the book and I'm just thrilled by that.

I'll be heading home tomorrow after I dump some food and caffeine in the system. Should be back by late afternoon or early evening if all goes well. I'll check in from there.
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A tender little love song for the cultist in your life.


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