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I was in Seattle today with Geordie for the second day of his permaculture workshop. I was really kind of half asleep for much of it, but it was a good session, and I was able to participate. As we were getting ready to wrap, I got a ping from [ profile] lupagreenwolf about the Rose City Steampunk Film Festival, on the road in Seattle today, and we went over to have a watch.

There were some excellent short films, and a couple of longer ones, but one thing stood out as wonderfully freaky and hilarious - Doctor Glamour, a steampunk Lovecraftian psychedelic comedy musical. The trailer for the vid is on the website linked above, but there's another complete film on the website as well. It's called "Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer," embedded below for your hilarity quotient for the day. Rather NSFW, but sooooo much fun.

Due to the film festival I was out much later than I anticipated, but it was well worth it. And I got to introduce Geordie to steampunk in one of the most fun ways possible.
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Today I headed down to Seattle to hang out with [ profile] meddevi at Travelers. I also got to hang out with [ profile] gra_is_stor, [ profile] nathan_fhtagn, [ profile] grx, and a bunch of other really awesome folks for a couple of hours. There was chai. There were moments of utter hilarity. There was epic wrongness in the form of badfic. [ profile] gra_is_stor was drawn to the dark side and now has a twitter account.

There are no words for how fabulously fun my afternoon was.

All I can say is, how did I get lucky enough to know so many wonderful, talented, brilliantly amazing people?
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Today got off to a rather slow start, but I went over to Edmonds to check out the Rick Steves travel store. After looking around, I made an appointment to talk to someone there for half an hour later this month about my trip this summer, so that I could figure out what would be the best way to get from place to place for the cheapest prices, find hostels where I don't have couches/spare beds to crash on, how to ship my camping gear back home, and deal with other issues that they no doubt have more expertise on than yours truly.

After this, I headed down to Seattle. I-5 south was a parking lot from about Lake Forest Park down all the way into Seattle. It took considerably longer to get there than I'd expected, but I wasn't in a hurry. I met [ profile] gra_is_stor at the Time Travelers Rummage Sale and said hi to a bunch of the local steampunks before popping out next door for some late lunch. Sadly, food wasn't edible for [ profile] gra_is_stor, even though they tried. What I had wasn't bad, but she couldn't eat any of it due to allergy issues. One of the dishes they brought out had soy in it -- soy sauce, which was not a thing I have ever encountered in Indian food before. Anyway, after that, we went back to her place, where she got food she could actually eat, and she did a little work on my shoulders/arms. My right arm is doing better though, sadly, my left arm is still pretty much a mess.

A little after 7pm, we headed down to the Tin Can Studio for the show with [ profile] meddevi and [ profile] nathan_fhtagn and his band. (Tonight they were called "Serious Bidness" for they are the Band of Ever-Changing Names.) The show was fantastic and fun, with lots of great dancing, gothy swotting about, writhing, candle ogling, and being vamped by hot butch babes. Well, okay, I got vamped by a hot butch babe. You do not hear me complaining. *happysigh*

The high point of the evening was when [ profile] nathan_fhtagn's mom did a tap-dance dance-off with belly-dancing [ profile] meddevi to Eye of the Tiger. Played on banjo. Surreality FTW! (This just edged out the hot butch babe vamping me, barely.) ;)

My life. It is an amazingly wonderful thing some days. I have such incredibly talented and fabulous friends.
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I spent most of today doing more research and poking around for the Brigid pilgrimage. Sources have to be dug up, texts read, notes made. I was also dealing with re-doing the two-column handout for the Brigid and Sarasvati workshop, as I'll be presenting that again at Eight Winds. It was on the netbook, thankfully, but that meant I had to reformat everything and add the info from the notes I'd taken at the PCon session. I spent several hours on it, but now that particular handout is a PDF file that can just be printed and not worried about.

When I tried to scan the grid from the Sarasvati book, the HP driver urped on me. The website said to uninstall the driver and reinstall it. So I uninstalled the driver. For which I had to download a program so that it would work. The driver got uninstalled. I downloaded the OS 10.6 driver for the scanner. It wouldn't even open. Less joy than usual in Mudville tonight. The printer works just fine and I assume the copy function does, too, as that doesn't really even interact with the computer at all, but the scanner appears to be kaput. For the moment, it's not an issue, but I'll need to figure out some way to deal with it eventually.

I'm currently getting last-minute stuff together for tomorrow's departure for Port Townsend. I've printed out the address and information for Manresa Castle so that I can slap it into the god of navigation. We're planning on taking the the 11:10 or 12:05 ferry, depending, so we'll be getting up at about 9:30 and expecting to wait in line for at least one sailing, as you do on weekends heading out to the Peninsula. I need to run Garuda through a car wash before we head out, though, as he's still a mess from the Siskiyou pass.

There is currently cornbread in the oven for [ profile] gra_is_stor. We've got her food packed up in the fridge and will stuff it in the cooler in the morning. I have to remember to haul along my tea kettle so as to have available caffeination for my bloodstream on Sunday morning. I also have to pack my clothes for the seance and murder mystery party. We did a quick walk down to the Safeway because I was out of juice and needed more half and half so that I'd have enough for the cornbread and for my tea in the morning. I also dropped a bunch of my sib's mail in the postbox there. I'm still getting a bunch of his stuff delivered here and I'm just having the post office forward it. I do, however, hope that eventually he'll send in those change of address forms...

This evening I subjected [ profile] gra_is_stor to the glory of cheez-whiz that is The Abominable Doctor Phibes, starting Vincent Price. Hilarity abounded. It was glorious. The thing that disturbed her the most about the movie? The doctor and his assistant were dancing Tango to a Foxtrot tune. ONOES!

And now I just have to go pack, and wait for the cornbread to come out of the oven. It goes ding when there's stuff.
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I went down to the VA today for my meds appointment with my new meds doc. We spent about 20 minutes talking about stuff and things and anxiety and whatnot. New things will be tried. We'll see what happens.

I came directly back up to Everett after the VA rather than trying to deal with travel, so I avoided the worst of the traffic. [ profile] gra_is_stor was here when I got here, as she had band practice tonight north of here. I dashed off to hang with a couple of steampunks at the AFK for the evening and when she and I got back here, we watched Vincent Price in Master of the World, which was exactly as cheez-whizzy as one would expect from a 1961 Vincent Price sorta-steampunk movie (very loosely) based on a couple of Jules Verne novels. It was hilarious. YAY VINCENT PRICE!

Tomorrow I need to see if I can get Garuda in for an oil change and to get the squeaky belt dealt with (and possibly a haircut), then down to Seattle for Irish class.

I still have to work on my Brigid & Sarasvati presentation.
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The book I mentioned that I picked up today on Yeats is W.B. Yeats and the Tribes of Danu by Peter Alderson Smith.

When I was looking at the flyleaf, there is a library mark.

This book used to belong to [ profile] garzan. Gar lived for years in Olympia, then moved to Glasgow, Montana and worked in Salt Lake City, Utah for a while as well.

He's currently in Thailand.

Hey, Gar! I have part of your library here! ;)
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The DoDC+3 woke me again today, for which I was in equal measures annoyed and grateful. Annoyed because I was still tired, grateful because I'd been having a really nasty dream about a tv station on a military base running advertisements for Rohypnol, encouraging men to drug women's drinks so they'd be more pliable. Just what I needed, date-rape drug dreams. Lots of nasty complex awful things there.

Thankfully, the day itself was pretty good. I got down to Seattle and spent the afternoon with [ profile] gra_is_stor, her roommate, his boyfriend, a mutual friend of ours and, later, the roommate's dad. There was good food and good conversation and good company, so I was down with that. Traffic wasn't too bad at all, but the rain did make visibility problematic, particularly on the way down into Seattle.

I helped out with kitchen stuff and moving things around and hauling a table and chairs. We watched an absolutely hilarious parody Lord of the Rings set as a 40's noir film with Humphrey Bogart, Orson Welles, Peter Lorre, Sidney Greenstreet, and Marlene Dietrich. I'm embedding it here, as it was pretty damned funny and if you haven't seen it yet, you might want to. It's about 9 minutes long.

Now, you must laugh.

I got home about 8:30 or so. I would have stayed later but I haven't been feeling well a lot lately and was pretty creaky by 7:30. I caught up with email and stuff and have put together things for turkey stock. I'll be making soup tomorrow and have the mixed legumes soaking. I'm sipping at a cup of decaf Ceylon tea and enjoying the wonderful smell of the turkey stock cooking.

I'm hoping that tonight I won't have dreams quite as surreally awful as last night's.
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About the only thing that could have made this better was if [ profile] gra_is_stor had been able to come to dinner with us. Sadly, there wasn't a damned thing on the menu that she could safely put in her mouth. There were six of us, mostly steampunked out to one degree or another. (Rupert didn't wear anything steamy, in deference to the whole eating with our hands thing.) Maisie and Rupert were there, and Befu, and a couple who had just moved here from Milwaukee two weeks ago. We met this evening at 8pm at Marrakesh restaurant down in Belltown. As usual, driving into downtown Seattle was a freaking nightmare with all the crappy one way streets and weird angled turns that mean you're suddenly facing in the entirely wrong direction and all that other stuff.

Once I got a parking place, all was well. I was the first of the group to arrive. Maisie showed up wearing a green fez with Cthulhu on the front. There was a belly dancer and much fun was had with that -- Maisie and Befu both got talked into getting up to dance with her. (She thought we were the most fun ever.) Maisie at one point traded fezzes with one of the waiters, who also found us beyond amusing. Of course, being steampunks, we are all about the whole having fun thing, especially when food and wine are involved.

I went down to Seattle earlier this afternoon than I'd anticipated because [ profile] gra_is_stor had asked if I could. She hadn't been feellng her best and wanted a little snuggling time, so we did that. When her roommate got home, we showed her Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, which she had not yet seen, despite being a Joss Whedon fan. We giggled hysterically the whole time.

Now we're here and I'm tired-ish and Geordie will be here from Vancouver on the 2:15 bus so I'll probably need to crash sometime soonish. There should be snuggles. There should always be snuggles.
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I spent a goodly chunk of my day examining the draft contract and composing an email with my questions and requests. The email ended up being nearly two pages long, but I wanted to be clear in everything I was asking about. I've printed stuff out and popped it into a stack that I'll hold onto until such time as the official contract is signed, and have put email correspondence about this into a separate folder so I don't have to search for it in the inbox.

Much of the later part of the day was spent going over the docx file of the manuscript to deal with formatting hiccups that inevitably result from old file formats being cut and pasted into a new file. Some of these poems are a decade or more old and have been transferred from computer to computer, picking up problems along the way. I had to edit out a bunch of gibberish from some of the older poems so that everything was legible. That took several hours but I think the file's clean now.

After that, I went through looking for ideas for titles, for which see the poll in my previous post.

I also finally sat down and tightened the bolts holding my kitchen table together, as the legs were all loose and wobbly and I was getting worried about the damned thing falling apart. I had to crawl around underneath it a bit with a little wrench, but it wasn't difficult, just vaguely annoying. Ah, my exciting life.

I'm currently celebrating the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell with a glass of wine. It's about time that queerfolk were given equal treatment (at least theoretically -- we'll see how it all falls out in real life, like with women and minorities). Good riddance to bad rubbish. But now we can start working toward equality for trans individuals who are serving and who have served. They have particular problems with paperwork if they transitioned after their service, and can have great difficulty getting amendments to their DD-214 so that they can even qualify for benefits like medical care or VA loans that they have earned. They are still entirely barred from service.

Tomorrow evening I'm having two of my neighbors over for dinner. Sally and Shelly both watch the DoDC+3 for me when I'm away and I wanted to do something for them. I'm planning on doing chicken and dumplings. I've got a nice plump whole bird thawing at the moment, and I'll cut it up tomorrow when it's thawed enough to work with. Sally's bringing dessert and Shelly is bringing a salad. I'm providing dinner and something to drink. Speaking of which, I need to check the dumpling recipe tonight and be certain I have enough butter for it in the fridge, otherwise I'll have to walk down to the Safeway and pick up a pound of the stuff.

Oh, and for those who have been following the whole Netflix restructuring thing, Chaucer Hath a Blog tackles it at here in his typical Myddel Englisshe hilarious way.

And now, a kiwi fruit!
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Today's bad movie was The Apple, a truly bad movie in the badness tradition of Zardoz, though it obviously lacks Sean Connery in a diaper. It did, however, prove that All Good Hippies Go To Heaven. I spent most of the day down in Seattle, hanging out with [ profile] gra_is_stor and sitting around in the sun enjoying the day. We had a little ice cream, which was very enjoyable in the heat. When movie time rolled around, Jay came over the water and [ profile] varina8 showed up to hang out with us.

After the movie, [ profile] gra_is_stor and I dropped into B&O so that I could grab some food and then we toddled back here. I've been packing for tomorrow's trip out to Port Angeles for the Abney Park show and will be crashing here soon.

As I noted, I may nor may not be posting tomorrow but will let everyone know when we get back on Sunday.

Have a great weekend, y'all!
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As noted, I went down to Seattle today to hang out with [ profile] gra_is_stor and watch Xanadu in the park. I had never seen the movie before so wasn't quite certain what to expect. It was pretty damned hilarious, actually. So so very painfully 80s. I had a fabulous time, emphasis on the fabulosity. Gene Kelly rocked the show and they seriously didn't do nearly enough with him in the movie.

It was a gorgeous day. I finally got the check from the VA travel office in the mail today from the day I had the panic attack down there. This meant that I could grab a chai and a little dinner while I was in town and not have to worry about it. I got a text from the sib, and he is on his way to Kuwait at the moment. He will be heading for Iraq from there. Please wish him luck and a safe year there.

I still don't really have an idea what to do for PCon this year and am soliciting actual suggestions. Seriously folks, if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

Being a bit tired, I'll be staying home tomorrow rather than going out to Seattle again for more tango things. Sunday I'm most likely going over to Bj and SJ's place for dinner. I got a call today but had to wait to hear back about what was happening this weekend from other sources. I called back and left a voicemail, but never got a return call, so I'm not sure if my message ever got through. I emailed when I got home, though.

Sadly, [ profile] mael_brigde won't be able to make it down for the schmooze Monday, as her ride fell through. I'll be catching up with [ profile] alfrecht actually in Seattle that day and hauling him back here for Monday night.

Saturday will probably be dedicated to some more work on Circle of Stones, as I got nothing at all done on it today.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Friday.
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It is to giggle hysterically.

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I got a call from the sib today. He has (as we all rather anticipated) accepted the position in Iraq. He'll be going to Florida for his orientation and then will be sent to the base in Iraq when that's finished. He'll be in Cape Cod for another week or so, then driving down to mom's place to drop off the car and his stuff. He said he was glad this came through when it did, because if he'd actually changed his drivers license and legal residency to Massachusetts, there are apparently some serious complications including tax rates that he'd have to worry about.

I got some more work done on the queering the flame essay today, and [ profile] alfrecht has handed me some notes on a hardcopy of the draft so far so that I can correct errors and expand on some of what's already there. In combination with [ profile] mael_brigde's comprehensive notes, it should cover most of what I need to deal with to make the thing the best essay possible.

Tomorrow is the CR schmooze. [ profile] mael_brigde's not feeling too well at the moment so she won't be down. I need to walk the neighbor's dog mid-day tomorrow and Wednesday, so we'll be heading down late in the afternoon tomorrow. We watched a few eps of due South today and will probably watch one or two tomorrow before we head south as well.

I got a ping today that one of my fics got translated into Japanese. Another was translated into Russian earlier this year. I'm continually blown away that folks actually like my silly fun stuff as well as my more serious Pagan writing. I know how much work it is to do translations, and the idea that someone would put that kind of effort into one of my stories is very flattering. (I will admit I squeed like crazy when I saw that tonight.) And on that note, I'd like to call your attention to today's XKCD.
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Seriously. All his fault. I lay the blame squarely at his feet and staple them there with the Gae Bolga.

The Myths Retold blog has myths and folktales retold to hilarious effect. His retelling of the Táin is Cúchulainn is the Megatron of Killing People.

So, you really kind of have to appreciate lots of blood and vulgarity in your myths (but of course, they're filled with that anyhow) and the whole archie and mehitabel vers libre thing he's got going, but it's fantastic and filled with mayhem. He's got Norse, Greek, Egyptian, and other myths retold as well. Go. Read. Howl your laughter to the unforgiving stars.

Today's Wild Hunt link list talked about the whole Bin Laden thing and [ profile] mythworker linked to my one-line post on the topic. I'm not sure why. I think he's buttering me up for something... *eyes him suspiciously*

Also, today I went down to Seattle for the writing group again. I talked to Wendy briefly after our session and feel better about the whole thing. Her thought was that it's not supposed to be a competition (my position on it, as I've said), that we all have unique perspectives to bring to this, and that I shouldn't deprive myself of the experience, or other people of my various insights, given that we all have them and that it's about sharing this stuff in the group. I was good with it. This week more people were willing to do a little reading from their work, and that was a large part of what made me feel better, too. I may be a professional writer, but that doesn't mean the inside of my head is any neater or more organized than anyone else's, after all. It could be argued, in fact, that it's significantly more fucked up than a lot of other people's.

The sib came down to Seattle with me and read while I was at the VA. We hung out at Travelers for a while and read there, too. I told Leon about the ogam ebook deal and he was pretty excited. We had one of those "back in the day" conversations about when he and I were about the only people we knew who were actually into the whole thing locally and who were actually trying to do any research on it.

Before we dropped [ profile] mael_brigde at the bus (before the VA trip), I gave her a copy of the five-ish pages I've written of the Queering the Flame essay and she's going to send me some comments and suggestions. We talked a little about the first two or three pages before she left, and she had some really good thoughts. I'm very much looking forward to hearing from her about the rest of it, in fact. She pointed out something that I hadn't really thought about, in terms of negative evidence, if you will -- in the various saint's lives of Brigid, none of the authors mentions the flame being kept only by women, so one wonders why (if this was an important thing, or if it even existed at all) the writers of the vitae wouldn't have mentioned it.

Tomorrow I need to start looking for readings for June's schmooze. Next month is family, rites of passage, and things of that nature. I've got a slightly more in-depth summary of the concept in a file on my desktop, I just haven't got everything in my head right now. This is more in terms of births, deaths, adulthood, and things of that nature than, say, warrior rituals or initiatory stuff; we're dealing with the everyday rites of passage and the things of home and hearth.
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I didn't get down to Seattle early enough to turn in the library cards, but I did get down there to see [ profile] activegnome perform in Queer Cabaret this evening. I had a lot of fun. We had pirates, an operatic performance of the Twist, country songs about wet kitties, roller girls, and a hilarious sing-along karaoke by Ko$ha, among others.

Afterwards, several of the performers and a few of us from the audience went over to Night Kitchen for after snackies. Much tastiness was had by all.

Monday is the CR Schmooze. I should try to pick up a whiteboard and markers, and get a key for the schmooze box made, given my copy was on the ring that was stolen or went missing. I'll see if I can do that this weekend. I also need to review the April schmooze reading material so that I have some idea what we'll be talking about.
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Over on [ profile] cadmus's LJ, he notes that he'd been on the Pagan Scholars email list again recently. Apparently, did you know, all modern Paganism is derived from Wicca and nobody is doing anything that isn't Wiccan. At least according to Fritz Muntean. Needless to say, calling Fritz on it led to his being booted from the list.

Aside from anything else, Fritz's arrogance in claiming that nobody who isn't Wiccan is actually doing anything is pretty astonishing.
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I had a pretty good discussion with my shrink today and was mostly doing pretty well. I'm vaguely headachy at the moment, but home and reasonably happy with life, the universe, and everything.

There's a spiffy steampunk language challenge as part of a wider movement toward multicultural steampunk, with a pretty cool prize. Details are at the link, with rules and requirements, as well as the prize itself.

Some details were hammered out for PCon, primarily regarding room sharing, so that's on track for February. I'm looking at heading out on Wednesday, February 15th and returning the next Wednesday morning. That'll put me out of town for about nine days, provided everything goes well with Garuda. I'm going to have him in at the beginning of the month for his oil change and tire rotation and have them check him out to be sure he's roadworthy for the long haul. He should be, given that I replaced the hoses this fall with an eye to several long road trips this year.

The Everett steampunk meeting this evening was a lot of fun. Eight of us showed up and food and games were had. I played Go with Carol. We were about evenly matched in badness of playing, so we had a pretty good game with neither of us feeling too overwhelmed with the whole thing. I had two Go sets here at the house -- I learned to play back in the early 80s and had a friend I played fairly regularly with at the time, so I had a travel set as well as my home set. I took the travel set over to the AFK and donated that to their games cache this evening and we played on my home set. The board is considerably better because it doesn't fold, and it's a larger playing space.

There was a lot of fun chat, mad punnage (and some pwnage), and several diabolical laughs. Service tonight was a bit slow, but it was far outweighed by the company, as far as I'm concerned. I can tolerate a lot to hang out with people whose company I enjoy. We did, however, suffer hideously with the RockBand setup next to where we were seated. Someone who may possibly have been drunk (or not drunk enough) was attempting Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and doing more howling than actual hitting of notes. It was pretty painful. Thankfully, it didn't last terribly long. The mocking, however, continued unabated for some time afterwards.

Friday I'm roasting my duck; I've got it thawing at the moment. Saturday is gaming. Sunday is Imbolc with the schmooze folks. On Saturday the 5th, Maizie and Rupert are hosting a steampunk movie evening with a French movie whose name I can't remember, and a potluck. I'll probably head over for that as well.

Mad science. It works!
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The Bizarre World of the Bisexual

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I had a fantastic day at SteamCon, spending much of it with [ profile] anthea7 and [ profile] wire_mother at the Cabaret for most of the day's music. I delivered foodporn to [ profile] unwoman and a cardamom scone to [ profile] nathan_fhtagn. Abney Park appeared at the Victorian singalong as "Ranchhand Robbie and the Wasteland Wranglers" in a hilarious spoof of themselves. Wondermark books were acquired from the brilliantly absurd David Malki, I acquired steamy goggles (about time, I suppose), and also got some CDs from a fantastic duo from New York, the Gypsy Nomads. Most of the music was wonderful, from the sublime to the bizarre.

I signed up for a session of Space 1889 tomorrow from 1-3pm, though apparently banjo mayhem will be taking place in the atrium at 2pm that I will be sorely sad to miss.

All is well, I'm exhausted, and I'll be heading out again tomorrow!


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