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So I went to the VA early and talked to the supervisor about the whole travel thing. It turns out that the co-pay is probably the one thing in the system where being rated at 100% doesn't actually benefit you. The co-pay is taken out if you get above $X per month, and I'm above that cutoff. Okay, I can handle that. Would have been nice, but so it goes.

Group today was actually pretty good and I had a good time, but the wait down at the travel office was kind of fucked, it was raining when I got out, and I was just too tired to face human beings by the time I was done, so I came back home straightaway. I fixed myself some dinner and something booz0rz-like and tried to relax but, as Patrick promised, I hurt like hell today. I actually tried to go lie down for a while around 9:30 or so and that helped my shoulder, but I couldn't feel sleepy. I played some Plants v Zombies and read for a while and now I'm back up again. Had a wee bit of chocolate pudding as a snack and will probably head back for bed shortly.

I bought tickets for myself and [ profile] gra_is_stor for Metropolis. I don't think she's seen it before, and this is probably the best possible introduction to the movie I can imagine. I'm very excited about taking her to see it. (I just hope she likes it...)

Teo Bishop posted a blog today asking "What is the point of your religion". It's a thoughtful post and has generated some interesting discussion in the comments. I know I want to talk about this at some point, but today wasn't a good day to focus on it. If I have time and brain bandwidth tomorrow, I might do a response post over on Searching for Imbas. I'm just hoping I'll have enough momentum to actually write it, rather than getting bogged down in my physical stuff and losing the thread. I'm keeping the tab open on the browser until I deal with it, though.

It seems that one of my Vancouver friends is going to be down in the area for the better part of May. Among other things, he'll be teaching a class on herbalism, and wants to talk to me about Airmed, whom he's been working with for a while now. He says he'll be splitting his time between Olympia, Bellingham, and Seattle, and I told him that he could stay here for a few days if he'd like, which would give us ample opportunity to talk. He's one of the poets who is also included in the Mandragora anthology, and I'd suggested he submit his work to them, so we might both have a physical copy to squee over when he gets here.

I know I have some comments to reply to from yesterday, but I'm still too achy to focus much on that right now. I'll get to everything tomorrow at some point.

In news on Circle of Stones, I've got one of the review blurbs back, and two outstanding. I've forwarded the first one to my editor and publisher and told them I was waiting on a couple more. They should arrive soon, I think. I haven't yet seen the cover, aside from the graphics base, but I should be seeing a draft of it soon. And tomorrow I need to do the check of the edited galley proof, as I'll have more time than I did today. Last night I barely slept (turned out the lights around 3:30am, woke at 8am, after having not slept much), so I'm feeling extra rocky today and hoping to get at least a little rest tonight.

On that note, back to bed to try to actually rest. I wish there was something I could actually take that would make a dent in this pain. Have taken tylenol, and also took some of the valerian and feverfew I often use for migraines. It's helped slightly, but not anywhere near enough. That was a few hours ago, so I'll try a tramadol before I get in bed and see if that will do anything for it.
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So that post I mentioned last night about the use of juniper? You can find it here.
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I took these on the trail to Toketee Falls on the Umpqua river, before I headed up to Umpqua Hot Springs.

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As some of you are aware, I was out at La Push for several days this week. I got a lot done, including several pages on the ogam book. I finished reading two books I've been working through, and recieved a lovely one in the mail as well. Also, the schedule for PantheaCon is apparently finalized and up. I'm scheduled for Friday at 9pm for my Ogam workshop and Monday at 9am for the CR 101 discussion. If you're going to be at the con, please look me up!

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