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Here's the Con report from [ profile] heuradys for the first part of the Con. Still to come -- Saturday and Sunday! Let's hear it for The Wettening!
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[ profile] scannerwa has posted his account of the GunCon with photos on his website. Lots of cool pics of everyone, and a good rundown of events. Enjoy!

Had lunch with [ profile] teriel and [ profile] lupabitch this afternoon. We talked a lot about book stuff and how things are going and how they're all excited that I'm nearly done and really looking forward to seeing the manuscript. They're looking for work down in Portland, and we were talking about a book release party in September when Weaving Word Wisdom comes out. For now, though, I have stuff to write, and yeah, I do have to do my own indexing.

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I'm sipping tea at a coffee shop at the moment, killing a little time and catching up with emails and LJ. Lone GunCon 2007 was a rousing success and I had a blast with my friends. After the con, a bunch of us went to catch A Dog's Breakfast, an indy film by David Hewlett, who plays Rodney McKay on Stargate: Atlantis. I laughed a lot, and it was a lot of fun. David and some of the other folks involved with the film (and David's dog Mars, who was one of the film's stars...) came to do a q&a after the film. I got to ask a question :D
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Still plugging away at the book while I'm at the con. I haven't participated in any of the film location visits as I really have been trying to take advantage of the time away from easy net access to get stuff done. I did quite a bit last night after I left the hotel lobby. Everyone's off in the rain again today. There will be more writing soon, and a little more catching up with email and such. Dinner with Bruce & Heather and a few others tonight, yay! I'm really looking forward to that. Then Sunday morning will be a showing of David Hewlett's movie A Dog's Breakfast -- fangirl me is really excited about that as well.

But for now, something vaguely resembling breakfast.
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I'm up in [ profile] surranndie's hotel room with most of the GunCon attendees. Not sure where Ginny is, but Mags should be arriving from Seattle soon. Everybody but me went out sightseeing today. I stayed at the hotel to work on the book and catch a nap. I forgot to bring the book on winds, but did have the stuff for most of my plant research and the Dictionary of the Irish Language. That was most of what I needed for what I was doing today.

Tomorrow will be dinner with Bruce and Heather and some of the others. We'll be having lots of fun. At the moment we're attempting to find a way to get the vids on the TV from computers, but the folks at the hotel are utterly useless for anything technical.

Yesterday I did quite a bit of stuff with the first chapter of the book, mostly doing footnote references. That added an entire new page to the file, unsurprisingly. Work continues apace, so even though I'm out of town, I'm still working.

[ profile] everlydawn has arranged a ride back to Everett so I'll be able to stay Sunday night. All is well. Yay!


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