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I sold Garuda today. He is going to a fine home with my friend [ profile] ingvisson, but it still hurts. It makes the whole leaving here thing feel very immediate. I haven't driven in close to four months, so there was no use in keeping him, and all I was doing was paying insurance without actually having a reason to. I'll be getting my things out of him tomorrow or Monday.

I had a couple of friends come over today to buy books and other things. One of them spent $666, which gave us all a laugh. Pagans. Dude. That was so not planned. There are still a lot of books, music, and movies here, and I have a bunch of Pagan ritual tchatchkes as well. If people want to come and see what kind of Pagany things I have, please let me know and we can schedule a look. I'm not listing anything online for that. You can still look at the book listing until next Thursday, July 4th. If you're in the US and you want stuff, that's the deadline. I've decided I'm not going to try to do the Ebay thing because I won't be able to get acceptable shipping cost estimates to post on the entries. So next weekend I'll be hauling everything into Seattle (with help, obviously) and heading over to used book shops and probably Easy Street to see if they will buy the music.

One of the places I'd queried for a shipping estimate for Italy got back to me with a rough figure of $4,500 given the information I was able to provide. I know that the reality will be somewhat different, but at least it gives me a ballpark figure to work with. I thanked them and said if the visa was approved, I'd get back to them when I had more information about exactly where I would end up, and I filed it in the email folder with all the stuff I'm dealing with for the Italy relocation.

[ profile] gra_is_stor and [ profile] ingvisson were here tonight, not just to deal with selling Garuda, but because [ profile] ingvisson brought over a Troma drag movie, "Vegas in Space," that really kind of has to be seen to be... on second thought, no. Don't see the movie. omg. soooooo bad. I say this as someone who actually thinks "Plan 9" is pretty hilariously bad. This one was just painful. It had some moments but I think the colors just made my eyeballs boil. The two of them are going down to Seattle tomorrow morning for Pride but I am not up to it.

I got tickets to a Bach lute performance on July 11th, which [ profile] ingvisson will take me to. I also picked up tickets for Steamcon for me and [ profile] gra_is_stor, as prices go up on the first of July.

I'm feeling tired and sad and stressed, but that's how these things go. I'll be fine in a while.
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I was at the VA for my monthly shrinkage and talked to Tracy about coming in twice a month until my whole moving to Italy project is resolved; she was able to fit me in, and happy to do so, which is a relief. I know I'm just at the beginning of things, so stress is only likely to increase until things get worked out.

I received confirmation about renting the condo, and am waiting for the list of requirements the board has put on the rental to find out what I need to do. That should arrive tomorrow or the next day.

[ profile] ingvisson was talking to me today on the way back from the VA and said that he might be able to buy Garuda from me in July, so we shall see how that works out.

Three of my friends came by today and bought books; Jeff bought the ashiko drum, as he had been looking for a nice one for drum circles for a while. I've already got more out of selling off bits of my library here than I would likely have got for the whole thing at Half Price as a bulk purchase. Everything I get out of this is going into funds toward paperwork, travel, and the like.

I hadn't had sushi in a while, and hadn't been next door to Sushi Ring in about forever, so I went by for the all you can eat dinner and talked with Francis for a little bit about life, the universe, and moving. It was nice to say hello and have tasty feeeesh. I'll be crashing here shortly, as I have dental tomorrow, then chai with [ profile] varina8 at Travelers.
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Today I didn't do a whole lot physically, after having dealt with four hours of book sorting yesterday. [ profile] gra_is_stor and I went and got Garuda's tire dealt with. I got some of the maintenance records printed out (he's going to have to talk to his accountant to see where the ones prior to 2010 are), and found notes in the LJ regarding the maintenance I had to have done in Ashland in 2010, so that's all good.

I talked to Sally, my next door neighbor, today. She said the board has been talking about my request and it's looking pretty good for chances for me being able to rent the place out. She told me that Brian, the property manager, would probably get back to me early next week about it. When I hear from him, I'll ask him about a manager to deal with renting/maintenance/etc for the place when I leave it. I don't want to have to mess with anything if I don't have to - if there's someone who can deal with it professionally so I don't have to worry, all the better.

We went over to AFK this evening for Gary's birthday. I took him one of the signed books I was getting rid of and gave that to him; he was thrilled with it, so I was very pleased that he'd got something he liked. After that we went to the Everett Pagan Meetup out at one of [ profile] gra_is_stor's bandmate's place. There was a fairly large crowd for a while, and a fire on the deck in the back. I was talking a little with a few of the folks there about moving; I mentioned I would be selling my drums and Michael said to just let him know how much I wanted for them and he'd buy them, so I need to take a quick look at reasonable value for used instruments in order to give him a quote on them.

I spent some time in Skype text with my brother today as well, talking about various things regarding moving to Italy. He was saying that he thought Venice was fantastic to visit but not so great for actually living there (and since he is actually over there I'm taking his opinions into account). I said, if Venice wouldn't be so great, where would you recommend? He said Verona, Udine, or Trieste, so I have been looking around at stuff about those areas as well. Once I get over there (he is very confident I won't have any trouble with it) we can road trip around and look at the cities in question and check out the lay of the land, the most walkable areas, and all that stuff. I figure that while I am enamored of Venice, if other places would suit better (and more cheaply) I can still visit Venice just by hopping on the train pretty much anytime I like. And cheaper means more space, so there might even be a spare room for guests instead of just an air mattress on the floor in the living room.

The other thing I spent a great deal of time on was looking for studios/one bedrooms in Seattle. Capitol Hill may not have anything available in my price range, but the U District seems to have a fair number right around campus and the Ave. That would be more than acceptable for temporary lodging while I deal with paperwork for Italy and suchlike things.

I only got about 350 words written today, but I have had some epic writing days lately for my fic, so I'm not that discontent about it. I'll work on it some more tomorrow, and do more sorting on the books in the library and then start on the poetry/writing books in the living room for stay/go purposes.

Lots and lots of things to do, but I am hanging on as best I can despite my rising stress levels. I'm considering asking my shrink if I can see her twice a month instead of just once, while all this is going on. It might help me deal a little better with all the stuff that's coming up around this.
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I spent probably four hours off and on today dealing with the library. I probably sorted through about 90% of the books in the actual library room. I think about half of them ended up in the "to go" pile; there's a lot of stuff that I haven't looked at in years, and a good bit of that is genero-Pagan and Wiccan stuff that I really have no particular use for. There is a small but appreciable number of signed books in the "to go" stack. [ profile] gra_is_stor and I will be checking around on amazon and abebooks to see what reasonable values are for some of these things, then probably put them in an accessible database online for folks to peruse to see if they want to buy them.

Local Pagani will probably get first shot at the Pagan/spiritual/myth stuff that I am getting rid of. Given that I'm trying not just to cut down on the amount of stuff I have to pack, store, and/or ship, but to get money toward my moving expenses, I'm going to avoid doing the yard/garage sale thing on as much of it as possible.

We had to get a tire ordered for Garuda, as he got a flat yesterday. The tire should be at the garage tomorrow afternoon. I talked to the mechanic about best way to sell him, and he said craigslist and that the engine was in immaculate shape, so I should get a good price for it. I looked and saw cars like Garuda at dealers and on craigslist asking between $3500 and $6000. The mechanic said he could print out all the maintenance records and I could offer those with the car, which is also very useful to folks and will enhance the value. I figure I will ask for the upper end figure and if they try to talk me down some, I will still be getting considerably more than I had initially thought when I do sell him. I'll want to have him washed and vacuumed out before I show him to anyone, as he'll probably impress a little more.

I think the only maintenance records I won't have are the ones from Oregon when I broke down in Ashland a few years back. I looked around the house and didn't find them. I'll look in the glove box in Garuda and see if the papers are in there, but I know approximately what was done and can talk to the mechanic about how to document that if I can't find the actual papers.

The whole process is stressing me out somewhat, as you might imagine. I may not do anything on the moving project tomorrow. Since I don't have a hard deadline right now that I'm working against, I can afford to take a little time and breathe between big efforts like that. I'm sure it will hit me hard later.
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I took Garuda in today to have the brakes and tires checked, and needed the front brake pads replaced. The rear brakes are fine for now, but I'm guessing that if the front pads needed replacing, I'll end up needing to do the rear ones before I head east in May. This is okay, as I expect to have to do maintenance periodically, and I'd really rather be sure my parts are all in order before taking mountain passes.

I talked to the postal carrier today and pre-signed a slip in case he delivers my meds from the VA when I'm away, so that he can just put them in my box and Brianna can bring them inside for me. Yay!

Today [ profile] gra_is_stor finally announced details for her Everett Irish language classes. Her notice is reproduced here, as she said it should be passed along for all those interested.

Hi Everyone,

Once again, if you can read this, you have expressed some interest to me in learning the Irish language in Everett. I got final details worked out! Classes will begin on Sunday, March 3rd, at 7pm. Cost will be $40/month. Here's my official announcement:

In March 2013, we will be starting a new beginners' class in our Irish language class series at 11525 19th Ave SE, Everett, WA. This is a lovely new location, right across from beautiful Silver Lake, with lots of free parking and near a major bus depot as well.

The Irish language is called "Gaeilge" in its own tongue, and sometimes referred to as "Gaelic", "Irish", or "Irish Gaelic" in English, depending on the context. It is in the Celtic language family, in the Goidelic (Gaelic) branch, and is one of 3 living Gaelic languages.

The new class will be held on Sunday evenings from 7pm to 8pm. Cost is $40/month, usually paid at the beginning of the month, but we can work out other arrangements for those who need them.

Students are not required to buy any particular books or other learning tools, as class materials are provided. We may also direct students to internet resources, and can answer questions about any sources you find questionable.

I also made a Facebook event, for those who use it, here: It's a public event, so you can add yourself, and invite other people. :)

If you have any questions, please let me know, and I look forward to seeing you in class!


P.S. I should mention, "we" here is not the royal we. ;) My friend Charles is likely to co-teach with me. He's also my co-teacher in Seattle.

This place is just down the block from where I live. I will most likely be taking the class as it's much easier for me to get to than Seattle, and I suspect Sunday evenings will, just generally, be easier on me for a lot of reasons.

In the continuing saga of changing out my glasses when I'm not reading, using the regular glasses instead of the bifocals has really made a huge difference and I'm certain now that it was eyestrain causing the stab-me-in-the-eye-with-a-spike migraine pain I was suffering for a couple of weeks at a time. It's a relief to know that it wasn't some organic problem, just strain.

Since I was dealing with the car for a few hours longer than I quite expected to today, I haven't yet sorted through the photos for my PCon presentation, but will be taking some time this evening to finish up the physical presentation stuff for the Irish Healing Deities session. Tomorrow I don't have any plans beyond getting out to buy a bag of dog food, so I will do the photo sorting then. I picked up a Sharpie today so that I would have something of an appropriate size to write things to be read from across the room on my large pad of sketch paper. It's time to sit and write down a ludicrous number of names in large letters.
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I've decided to change my approach to the whole photo thing and will deal with it tomorrow evening. I've got an appointment for tomorrow afternoon to have Garuda's brakes and tires checked so that all will be well when I hit the road Tuesday.

I stopped on the way home and did some errands, and one thing that I found was some imported ginger beer that is actually alcoholic (and in no way beer-y) that tasted really good over at Central Market. Alder smoked salmon for my sweetie in California has been acquired, along with a bottle of Whidbey Island port that I figured I would bring down with me and we could try. Other things I needed to acquire toward other purposes have also been attained.

I got this forwarded to me this evening, for anyone who might be interested:

Seeking lesbian and bisexual women who served in the military!
We invite you to participate in a study focusing on your life experiences as a lesbian or bisexual woman Veteran and the challenges you may have faced.

The goal of the Women Veterans' Survey is to better understand the specific experiences of women Veterans and promote their health and well-being. We are especially interested in hearing the diverse voices within our communities.

This is an anonymous, web-based survey conducted by researchers at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System. For more information, please go to, or contact the Women Veterans' Survey staff at (206) 277-1511.

One of the researchers doing the survey is my shrink here at the VA. Their identification of persons eligible to take the survey is slightly problematic, but I'm going to talk to her about the wording of it so that it will hopefully be at least a little less insensitive to trans women.

This afternoon before group, I went in to talk to the woman who runs the Addiction & Recovery Clinic, who had been passed my letter from the Patient Advocate's office. She was the one who saw to it that the HIV poster was taken down when I initially made the complaint. She had called me but I hadn't been able to get in touch with her by phone. We spoke briefly. She thanked me for bringing the issue up -- apparently she'd been uncomfortable with the poster herself. I was kind of curious as to why she hadn't taken any action about it before, but so it goes. She did ask if there was anything else that I thought should be done. I told her I wanted to be sure the poster was not in any of the other clinics in the hospital, and that they should get HIV awareness/education posters that actually reflected reality. She agreed that this would be an excellent thing and that she would look into it.


The last thing I did at the VA today was check in with the women's clinic about getting a refill on my tylenol with codeine. I have to actually speak to someone about it. I still have one left, so I didn't need/want to wait around at the pharmacy near closing time. I told them to mail the scrip to me, but that I would be out of town for the next two weeks, starting Tuesday. I'm hoping that they won't try to deliver it while I'm out of town because I think I have to sign for it and I'm not sure if Brianna will be here, or if she can even sign for it on my behalf. I forgot all about the signature thing while I was there. Regardless, the order is in and I should at least be able to pick the stuff up at the VA next time I go in, if it gets returned there for some reason.

And now, contemplating my bed. Possibly even getting into it.
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I was having an immensely hard time transferring my photos from the computer to an SD card today. I spent several hours messing with it, only to have the computer decide not to transfer the same number of pics I'd asked it to, repeatedly. At this point, I've given up and will be hauling the iMac down to PCon with me for the informal chat in the ADF suite. It'll be awkward and a pain in the ass, but easier on me than trying to figure out WTF with the photos that are refusing to transfer.

While I was out picking up the card I tried to use, I got myself a Cthulhu Fluxx game, which I shall look forward to playing with my various and sundry co-conspirators.

Beyond that frustration, not much happened today. Tomorrow will be group at the VA and Tuesday I hit the road for California. I emailed my mechanics to make an appointment to have Garuda's brakes and tires checked on Friday so that I know everything is in working order when I head south. The rest of Friday is going to be dedicated to the rest of my packing and last-minute prep. I don't expect to get everything done on Friday, of course. I'll be doing laundry Monday, most likely, and finish packing my clothes that day. Tuesday morning before I hit the road, will be actually packing up the computer.

Called the Momster today and talked with her for a while to catch up on all kinds of things. We talked a little about the upcoming cross country road trip, and my plans for bits of that. I'm looking forward to it immensely.


Dec. 27th, 2012 01:10 am
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I took Garuda over to the garage today. They tightened up the belts for me no charge. This was happymaking.

Mostly today I've just been tired. I did get out to the grocery store for a few things. I had been going to walk, but my leg was bothering me too much. I drove, and ended up giving someone a jump. They had cables but nobody in the lot to help them out, and it only took me a moment.

There were several points during the day where I contemplated just giving up and going to bed, but never actually did. I have a sink full of dishes I have to deal with, but I'll see about doing that late tomorrow after I get home from Seattle.

The DoDC+3 was a bit urpy last night and today. I let him go most of the day without any food in his dish in hopes of settling his stomach, though I left the water down for him. I think it has probably helped at least a little bit. We'll see how he does tomorrow.

No writing got done, I was just too wiped out to even contemplate it. Perhaps tomorrow night.
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Apparently my credit union's phone app can now be used to take a photo of a check and deposit it, which means if people give me checks, I no longer have to actually get in a car and go to the building to deal with it. They used to have a cash machine where I could deposit down at the Safeway, a short walk from here, but they changed to a different financial outlet, so the next nearest place is about a 10 minute drive when there's no traffic, and it's nowhere near anything I actually go to, so I have to make a special trip. Anyway, yay for being able to use the phone to do this!

Went down to the VA today for group, grabbed some food at Travelers, and realized I really should change the wiper blades now that I have a new windshield. The car started just fine today, though there was a very slight hesitation this morning. No other troubles.

I got email today from [ profile] druid_medb about her coming up for some planning and such; she'll be here on Sunday evening and staying for a few days. I have her arrival time but not the departure date as yet. I know she has to be back home by the Monday after that (not this coming Monday), so that sets a hard limit for her.

Friday evening I'll be heading over to some friends' with [ profile] gra_is_stor for gaming and potluck. I'm pretty sure something is happening Saturday but I can't remember off the top of my head. My brainmeats, let me show you them. Sunday evening I pick up [ profile] druid_medb.

I need to get started on the ogam magic article shortly. Won't be tonight, but possibly tomorrow during the day.
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Took Garuda in to have the windshield replaced, which went smoothly but took about two hours longer than expected because they were a person short today, due to the manager being in hospital for heart surgery (unexpected emergency). There is now a new windshield, Garuda is currently residing in the garage because the silicone needs a chance to dry properly and there is weather (cold, rain) which would not be conducive to this. When I went to start him up this morning, he hesitated. I'll likely need to change the battery. It should be okay until next month. Given that I've spent over $300 in car maintenance and windshield this month, I think waiting until next do deal with the battery is probably okay. The mechanic said it shouldn't be a problem so long as I let the car run for about half an hour when I take it out. Since I usually drive down to Seattle, which is about a 45 minute trip each way when I do the VA, that shouldn't be a problem.

After I got home, I was really tired and kind of chilly. It's Tuesday, and usually I go down to the AFK but between the windshield and me being cold and tired, I wasn't up to driving. One of the steampunks came by and picked me up and we had a drink and then he drove me home again. It was a pleasant evening.

My britpicker hasn't been feeling well the past couple of days, so hasn't got to her edit of the story yet, but promises it tomorrow at some point.

I'm thinking tomorrow I may try starting on the ogam article for Abraxas while I'm waiting. Mostly, though, I'm just tired.
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I took Garuda down to the garage today and got his 120,000 mile maintenance (he's at 129,000 at the moment, but I was too busy with Europe this summer to take him before this). While that was happening, I went over and finally got my hair cut and bleached so I could re-dye it. Now it's lovely and short but that means my head is cold, and that'll take a while to get used to again. Hats, my friends. They keep my head warm.

While I was there, I looked into getting the windshield replaced. It's cracked almost all the way across, and has been for quite a while now. They said they could do it, and quoted me a lower price than the windshield replacement people who did it last time, so I said yeah, let's go for it. This means I'll be back at the garage tomorrow about 1pm for a while, while they replace the glass.

When I got home, I got the rest of my beta back from [ profile] random_nexus. The britpicker did some work today, but I haven't seen anything back from her yet. I did talk to her for a bit on skype text chat, though. She was going to work on it today, too, and I'm hoping I'll have her notes back by the end of tomorrow.

I'd been hoping to go dancing with [ profile] gra_is_stor today, but the pulled muscle in my thigh from yesterday was still achy, so no joy there. I stayed home and finished up the beta edits so that I can deal with the rest of it when it arrives.

I uploaded a few photos from Prague, so here are four of them for you to have a peek at!

Prague )
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I went down to the VA very early (left the house by 11am) because I wasn't sure how long anything was going to take there. First thing, I went to the pharmacist at the outpatient mental health clinic to see about getting the scrip for my tramadol renewed. He said he'd send off the request to the women's clinic, so that was okay. I explained how things had been going there and he said it wouldn't hurt to check in at the desk there and make sure everything was taken care of and that somebody would see and approve the scrip renewal. That took maybe ten minutes, so very smooth.

After that I stopped up at radiology and had my foot x-rayed. That, also, was considerably faster than I'd expected. I think I maybe waited five minutes before I was called, and the x-rays themselves were also done very quickly.

Given the time, I went and grabbed some lunch at the cafeteria, sat in the back courtyard and read for a bit afterwards, then went and checked in for my 3pm with Tracy, because while I was enjoying the warmth, it was very sunny and I didn't want to get a burn before I headed to California. Tracy had time early, so I got in a little after 2pm, and was out of there slightly after 3. I stopped at the Women's Clinic to check in about the tramadol scrip and add [ profile] gra_is_stor as a local emergency medical contact for me, which didn't take long. That meant that I got through the travel office and was up on the Hill at Travelers before 4.

Mom called while I was having chai, and we talked for a few minutes. I ran into Dana there, and we hung out and talked for a bit. It was her first Seattleversary -- she'd moved to Seattle a year ago. She was kittysitting for [ profile] nathan_fhtagn (who is on a cruise in the Mediterranean right now) and we wandered over to his place for a few to pet the kitties. They are very cute and entirely adorable.

When I got done there, I headed back up to Travelers, getting a text from [ profile] gra_is_stor as I was walking up there, so we met and hung out there for a bit. We talked a little and I told her I was feeling a little guilty about not being able to help, given that she's packing and going to be moving up to Marysville this weekend. (If you're local and you might be able to help her, please send her a note asking for details. She could use a couple of able bodies and vehicles if you are available.) She was feeling a little wobbly after having spent too much of the day dealing with bad car stuff, so I made her walk over to the QFC with me so she could get something to eat, then we went over to Edge for a bit. She had Irish class and I just didn't have the time to deal with it tonight, so I left her there and headed on home.

When I got home, I finally got around to dealing with a seatbelt issue that was kind of annoying. While I'm not exactly short, the seat belt is sized for someone either rounder or taller than me, so the edge of it often sits right above my collarbone and is really irritating for long drives. I hauled my awl out there and stitched the two parts of the belt together so that they'd sit in the appropriate place for my body. It's only taken me 10 years to get around to it... I also went and slapped some duct tape over the place where the iPod connection is wired into the dash so that the cord doesn't keep slipping down and interfering with my foot on the gas pedal. It was never actively dangerous, just slightly annoying, but that makes two annoying car issues I dealt with today, so go me!

Email was sent off to [ profile] seanthedruid and [ profile] druid_medb about upcoming Eight Winds stuff. I was asking about the food plan and what was on their menu so that I had some idea of what food I would have to get to fend for myself at meals where there wasn't anything I could really eat. (Breakfast is a very usual culprit there for me, given my egg allergy and my problems with bacon and some sausages causing migraines.) I don't want to buy anything I'm not going to actually need. I know they usually have half & half, which I take in my tea in the morning, so I won't worry about that.

Just as promised, Written River came out today, featuring three of my poems! You can read it online at the link. It's absolutely gorgeous, so please have a look!

Finally, I spent time and outlined the closing ritual for the pilgrimage. I spent time going over my notes and the opening ritual, which I want to echo in some ways, to give a sense of having come full circle on our journey. I got some useful input on the other rituals from [ profile] joyful_storm and sent off a note to the email list with a note about the Airmed ritual so that folks will have a heads up that personal work can be a part of that ritual if they want. She was right that people might want to have some notice, so they can give it thought before we get into the ritual itself. I gave them a rough idea of our timeframe for the ritual and for that portion of it.

All in all, it was a really busy day for me and, though I would have liked to do Irish class tonight, I really did need to be here dealing with my prep for my trips.
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Today's accomplishments were getting Garuda in shape for the road trip to California, getting my hair cut and dyeing the green back in, and sending off an email to one of the folks in England (S) I'm visiting with a more clear schedule than he had -- another person I know (R) might be able to see me, depending on his health at the time, so I wanted S to be able to pass the word along, as they know one another. I wanted to write but haven't been focused. I ate (more than usual) but still felt hungry. I'm currently headachey. I still have to drop a quick note to [ profile] seanthedruid.

Tomorrow I'm off to Redmond to visit Bj and SJ, and to see H&K with them. We're getting together mid-afternoon, then having dinner 7-ish. I hope I'm feeling up to it. I haven't seen any of them in far too long.

I texted briefly with [ profile] vyviane, who said that yesterday's chat with the SoA people was very very well received, that people were excited, and that everyone apparently had a really great time. I'm so glad to hear that. I love it when people come away from something I've done feeling like they've gained something useful from it.

And now, feeling all craptacular and such, it's time to pump some pain meds into the system and make a vague attempt at that whole insomnigrackle banishment thingie.
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I was awakened by the postal carrier, who had one of my prescriptions for a signature. The last two shipments from the VA didn't include non-childproof caps, which is very annoying and I'm going to have to talk with them about it.

I headed down to Seattle early for the CR schmooze tonight. I actually got a fair bit of work done, finishing one of the basic instructions section for part of the daily meditations on the pilgrimage, and making more detailed notes on the various ogam feda we'll be focusing on each day of the pilgrimage. Now that I have them (two for each day, to follow the various themes), I can work on the actual material I'll be sharing with folks before we actually go into the cauldron meditations. That'll be about one page for each day, and then I have to choose appropriate readings and the precise writing prompts for each day.

I still have to do more than outline the opening and closing rituals, the incubation in the barrows, and the dream incubation, and the Airmed ritual for Heapstown cairn.

While I was at Travelers, I ran into [ profile] neo_lvx, and (briefly) Craigula, and we spent a little time catching up with one another. The schmooze this evening was a really good discussion of books and resources published since the release of the CR FAQ. We are, supposedly, going to post some of our suggestions for newer books on the Puget Sound CR list, where we can then compile things and post them around here and there in response for the folks who want newer material. There are, sadly, still not a lot of actual CR books available yet, and from what was said, apparently nobody's actually talking on the lists and whatnot about writing them. I doubt that I'm the only person working on new things, but a lot of that is happening on a few blogs, not on the lists or the various online communities.

It was really good to see [ profile] wire_mother again today. He's not been able to make it to the last several schmoozes, and I've very much missed his company and his contributions.

Tomorrow is the steampunk social, and I think quite a few folks will actually be there, as there has been some discussion on the Steamrats list regarding north-end activities and gatherings. The Krakening tends to be where a lot of that stuff gets planned, and the first Tuesday of the month is generally the most heavily attended social.

I've exchanged emails with [ profile] seanthedruid about funds for my travel to Eight Winds. He's in Massachusetts right now but promises to get something out to me shortly. I'll be glad when that's out of the way. I need to remember to see if there will be a bed at the Ashland Hostel on the way down to California at the end of the month, and reserve one if there is. Given the time of year, if they don't have one, then I'll go ahead and push for Redding and get a cheap motel there, as it'll still be light for the pass through the Siskiyous, which makes it a much less harrowing drive.

I need to look at my calendar tomorrow and decide what day I'm heading south. I'll probably stay the night before Eight Winds at [ profile] seanthedruid's place again, as it was a reasonable drive from there out to the campsite in the Sierras. I also need to do a quick review of the Brigid and Sarasvati presentation and make sure I have all the handouts together so I can make cheap copies before I leave. There won't be any copy shops where I'm headed.

The other thing I need to do this week is see if I can get Garuda checked over and the oil changed on Thursday. While that's going on, I'll see about getting a haircut and getting the green streak bleached so I'll be able to re-dye my hair when it's short again. The hair's getting down into my eyes and being really irritating again lately.

Busy Erynn is still way too damned busy. I'm glad I have friends who understand that and support me in my work.
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We got into Berkeley about 4:30ish and dropped Garuda at Greyhaven, visiting for a few before walking down to one of the local Mediterranean restaurants for a little food. (Or, in my case, a lot. I was starving.) There were [ profile] lwood scheduling issues, so she met us there afterwards for [ profile] dpaxson's rune class. [ profile] gra_is_stor had a lot of plans fall through but has a place to stay tonight and I'll be picking her up on my way to San Jose, so she's got a ride to the con.

I found out this evening that the room is comped for me and Diana, so that saves on some of the expense, which is a relief all around. Yay PantheaCon folks! You are amazingly awesome and wonderful!

After the rune class, one of [ profile] gra_is_stor's friends picked her up and [ profile] lwood and I went off to get some Thai food. There was duck. yuuuuuum

I am now safely ensconced in Oakland at [ profile] lwood's place and we will be dashing about tomorrow to spend a little quiet time together before the insanity of the con. Friday morning [ profile] lwood will be herding cats at Greyhaven and I will pick up [ profile] gra_is_stor for the trip to San Jose. We'll check in and stuff and I'm hoping we'll be well in hand with registration and whatnot before [ profile] ogam's 3:30 workshop.

The creaky parts are creaky, as one might expect from two days on the road. Thankfully, the passes were clear, if not clean, when we went through. No chains were required. The trucks kicked up a lot of muddy/sandy/salty water and Garuda is goign to seriously need a bath when I get home, but I'm not going to worry about it until then, as I have to head north through the passes again anyway. Probable plan is departure Wednesday morning from Oakland in the morning, lunch in Ashland, and dinner in Eugene with [ profile] mythworker and his wife, then crashing hard in Portland at [ profile] martianmooncrab's place. Thursday will feature a little time with friends and Powells, then heading home again when I can time it to miss rush hour in the Oly-to-Seattle corridor. Probably arrival back in Everett late Thursday evening.

I don't know what's on the agenda tomorrow, but I am looking forward to not having to do a lot of driving. My hands ache from being all clutchy on the steering wheel. Ow.
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In thinking about what I've been posting lately, and in the last couple of years, I realized that I've slowly been letting a little more of my past seep into this than I had before. I've written about my past before, though not a lot in public places. I have talked about some very personal stuff here, I know, but I think it's been fairly rare. In publishing my poetry collection, there is a fair bit of my personal history to be found, and I think I'm mostly okay with that.

Rambling, a photo, and a few questions below. )
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As noted in my previous post, I did go out to Applebee's for lunch, as I had planned. I also dropped by the Brown Bear car wash in downtown Everett because Garuda desperately needed a bath and they were doing a free wash for vets today. That put me within a few blocks of the courthouse, where Occupy Everett is encamped, and I had to deal with turning around on the main road through town, so I swooped up past the courthouse instead of trying to turn on Broadway. I figured I could stop and see if anybody needed coffee or something and maybe I could bring them something hot, because it was windy and pouring down rain.

I found about half a dozen people attempting to set up a shelter, without a whole lot of organization. The guy who was trying to read the instructions wasn't too certain what was supposed to go where, so I pitched in and helped out, deciphering stuff and putting things together. Between the half dozen or so of us, we got it standing, and I left them with the shelter put together and a couple of guys securing it down with heavy ropes and wooden stakes to keep it from blowing away in the wind. I was wearing my wool winter coat which, while warm, is not exactly suited for wearing outside in the pouring rain for an hour. My leather gloves left black dye stains all over my hands that are going to take a couple of days to come out, despite my having scrubbed them several times already.

I was feeling a need for a little bit of the needful, so I dropped in to the AFK to have a jolt of Klingon blood wine (yes, they do have a drink called that) and a pot of tea to see if I could warm up a little and dry out before I headed back home. They had a tasty sounding special on the menu, and by the time I was done with the alcohol, I was hungry again, so I ordered food. When I was done eating and sipping most of that pot of tea, it was about 7pm, so I texted Gary to see if he was at the AFK, as he and a bunch of his friends are usually there of a Friday evening for some gaming. They were, in fact, there, so I went over and joined them until almost 9:30. My coat was still wet, but I was tired and chilly and damp, so I bid them adieu and headed home.

So that is why I did not just stay home today and get some rest. Maybe tomorrow, eh?

Also, by way of [ profile] heilan_coo and the Tairis blog, a link to Old Irish Wisdom Attributed to Aldfrith of Northumbria, an e-text of a book about Old Irish wisdom texts and their spread and influence.
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This evening we had a couple of new folks join us. One was a friend of Geordie's who lives here in Seattle, and the other was one of [ profile] wire_mother's friends who is into runes and was interested in learning a bit about ogam. We did about 45 minutes on ogam and about 40 minutes on imbas forosnai and related poetic and visionary materials. I thought it was a pretty good, solid session, even if we didn't go all the way to 9pm. Charles was able to come down to Seattle to join us, which was nice. He lives very close to me up here, but rarely makes it down to the schmooze. We had a good time at dinner afterwards as well, and some fascinating talk in the car on the way back to Everett.

Some time was spent at the Suzzallo today and I picked up books and journals with several articles in them that I need for various ongoing research projects. I wasn't able to renew my library card because they only take cash or checks for the Friends of the Library version of the card (which strikes me as completely ludicrous), but they said I could renew my card online and bring in the receipt next time I come down to use the library and they'll deal with the card then. I hauled stuff over to the Hill so that I could do photocopying for much cheaper than at the UW in the copy centers there in the library.

Tomorrow, Geordie hops on a bus at about 2:30, then I head over to have some work done on Garuda. I'll also need to get my act together and deal with my laundry. Beyond that, I'm shutting my brain off for the night.

Have fun, y'all!
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I went in today to have Garuda's oil changed and was told that the rear brakes had worn down to only 2mm of brake lining left, so I had those replaced today. They also said the struts and rear shocks need some work (leaky bits and wearing out), but that will be a rather more expensive fix, and I'll wait on that. Next month I'll get one part of it done, then in October I'll deal with the other bit, to spread the costs out a bit. I do have a credit card specifically to deal with car stuff, so that helps, and they usually give me six months same as cash for paying them off. I usually manage to do that, so there haven't been any interest expenses; this pleases me greatly. I'm just glad I can actually afford to do this stuff when it needs doing.

The mechanic on duty today was a new guy I hadn't seen before and he said that Garuda was in really good shape for a car his age. He says he wants to get an Echo for his girlfriend because they're pretty much bulletproof and they get good gas mileage. I told him I'd been pretty happy with mine over the years but was happy to hear that a professional thought I'd made a good choice on my car.

In book news today, I got an email noting that The Scribing Ibis, a fiction anthology for Thoth, will probably be available sometime late next week. I have my first published fiction piece in it and will let folks know as soon as it's available for sale. This is another devotional volume from Bibliotheca Alexandrina, as was Queen of the Great Below, where I had a poem series published last year.

I tossed together some angel hair pasta this evening sauteed with fresh basil, mozzerella cheese, organic tomato, pine nuts, and a touch of truffle oil tonight for dinner. It turned out very nicely and I've got some left over in the fridge to zap tomorrow before I head down to Seattle. There's another free movie in Cal Anderson Park tomorrow evening, and it looks like a hilariously bad musical. I'll be meeting [ profile] gra_is_stor again and swooping her back here with me for our steampunk weekend so that we can set out early for the Edmonds/Kingston ferry early the next morning. I'm still not entirely clear on when and where we'll be meeting up with [ profile] alfrecht on the other side. He hasn't been able to find out about bus transfers from Port Townsend to Port Angeles. I'm hoping we won't have to make the detour through Port Townsend on the way in, but we'll do it if there's no way for him to get from point a to point b by bus.

Arrangements have been made for the next door neighbor to look after the DoDC+3 on Saturday and Sunday until I get home. I'm going to try to get on the project of dealing with September's schmooze readings on Monday after I'm back from the peninsula. I'm really looking forward to the weekend, though I haven't yet figured out what I'll be wearing for the show. I'll deal with that tomorrow at some point.

Since I now have an address for the sib, I forwarded all his mail to him. I'm glad to finally have that done.

I don't know if I'll have time to post anything while I'm away, but the motel does have free wifi. We'll see what happens.
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Today I headed down into Everett and got Garuda's title transferred into my name so that I'm the sole owner of record. That took about five minutes; going to the main office in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday meant that there really wasn't a line, which made me quite happy.

This evening I headed down to Seattle to go learn to tango with [ profile] gra_is_stor. We met at Elliott Bay and I drove us up to the place where the dance was, on 15th not far from Group Health. We got parking very nearby. We got in pretty much just as it was starting and stayed until nearly the end. I did a little bit of leading and a little bit of following and got to dance with all the hot queer chicks. I figured if I learn to do both, I'll never lack for anyone to dance with. [ profile] gra_is_stor said I did really well for a beginner and I had a lot of fun. Apparently her friends thought I was doing pretty well, too. I certainly intend to go back again.

I also asked if she wanted to go with me and [ profile] alfrecht to the Abney Park show next month. As soon as August rolls around, I have to get us a room for the night, as I don't want to drive back home after the show from Port Angeles.

Tomorrow is a free movie in Cal Anderson Park up on the hill, and I'll be hanging out there with [ profile] gra_is_stor again. Yay me!


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