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My reminder woke me up at 2 about the appointment I'd cancelled. I still need to reschedule the orthotics fitting appointment. I'll do it when I have braincells.

Last night I ended up finally cutting the silver ring off my finger because it had been causing some nerve impingement for quite some time, making the fibro/tendonitis in my right hand worse. I wasn't thrilled, but I couldn't get the ring off otherwise. There will likely be a dent in my finger for a few weeks until things repair themselves.

I was hoping to get a little done on the upcoming Samhain ritual, but just didn't have the wherewithal. I didn't go to bed this morning until nearly 8:30. I didn't get out this evening to the AFK because I was just too tired. The day was largely taken up with doing some dishes and spudifying in front of the computer reading fanfic, because I couldn't find the brain cells to do anything else.

Tomorrow Qi from the steampunk group is coming by for tea and to see some of my photos from Europe. [ profile] gra_is_stor informs me that she's done some recording of the Gaelic prayers from Circle of Stones and hopes to do some more tomorrow evening at some point. As soon as the sound files are available, I'll let people know. C in Arizona updated my Preserving Shrine website yesterday with info about Fireflies at Absolute Zero so, for the moment, it's got everything up to date. I'll update again when the sound files are available.

My arms hurt. I need to work on the Samhain ritual. I got a nice, supportive note from one of the folks from the schmooze about my departure. This pleased me. We'll probably get together at Travelers from time to time after my VA appointments - we used to see one another at the CapHill Travelers when it was still open.

I'm very tired. Off to bed. I may read a little bit before I sleep, but it's definitely time to crawl off between the sheets.
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Last night I had a pretty rough time and still didn't feel too well when I got up this afternoon. I wasn't up to heading down to Seattle for Irish class, but I did manage to get a few things done.

Firstly, this came in the mail today:

CoS has arrived!

I gave a copy to [ profile] gra_is_stor before she left, so that she can work on sound files for the Gaelic in the book. I have one copy set aside for my publisher, who are wanting to have a give-away of a signed copy to drum up some publicity. I told them I'd do it so I got an extra copy for that. And there are five for me to take down to California.

I didn't get a whole lot of writing done today for the pilgrimage, but I did get the ogam part of the first day's meditation together, on the letters Lus and Dair. I still need to work on a lot of stuff, but now I have a pattern for the rest of the days and it shouldn't be hard to do one quick page for each day, to be combined with the three cauldrons meditation. Rituals still need to be written, but as I get the meditations together, that'll help me decide how to handle the details of the various rituals we're doing.

I also figured out how to turn a .doc file into an .epub, at least in a really rudimentary way, so that I could slap some stuff onto my iPad to read without having to sit at a computer. That took a lot less time and effort than I was expecting.

Both [ profile] mythworker and the Ashland Hostel got back to me, so I'm taken care of for lodging on the trip down and back. I still need to talk to [ profile] seanthedruid - I'm pretty sure he'd said I can stay with him and his family the night before the festival, but I want to be certain, so I need to shoot him an email to confirm. It'll be easier to drive into Sacramento and head out to Truckee from there than come in a day early to the campsite. An extra night in the heat will be nice before I go up into the alpine reaches. I don't think he's back from Massachusetts yet, but I'll email him tomorrow.

Also tomorrow is an IRC chat with the Sisterhood of Avalon people. Last time I tried it, my awful net connect made it nearly impossible. This should be a lot more doable. They were happy with what little we got last time, at least. I'm hoping I'll feel better by then, as I'm still kind of under the weather.
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In the aftermath of our Lughnassadh ritual and in anticipation of our annual general meeting due in early November, we're having a dialogue about the group itself and about how we are organizing things, what we are all looking for in ritual, and the various and sundry things that have come up since the last time we had a general meeting. Due to the cat-herding nature of the organizer position, [ profile] anthea7 resigned from that post this week, giving us a good opportunity to reevaluate what we're doing and how we're handling things.

I went into the meeting concerned about how things would go, but there are enough responsible adults in the group that we'll be able to move forward from this without too much drama, I think. We still need to get better at communication, but we know this needs work and we're willing to address it. The organizer position was never meant to be a permanent one, and [ profile] anthea7 has more stress in her life right now than she did when she originally agreed to take on those duties; we're all grateful for the work she's put in and are okay on transitioning to another model for handling this stuff.

One of the things we discussed was having people who are particularly invested in the different holidays to take charge of those rituals. It won't be left up to one person, but we'll have two-person teams to deal with this so that if one person has problems or has an emergency come up, the other can take up the slack and deal with it until another person can be brought in to help out. This makes ritual planning a little easier because it means we don't have to have a big committee meeting to deal with it, and two people will be much more likely to find a mutually-agreeable time than a six-person committee. Given my commitment to the midsummer paying rent to Manannán ritual, I'll probably be in charge of that most years, which is fine with me.

As it stands right now, [ profile] gra_is_stor and I will be organizing Samhain this year and we had dinner after the meeting to talk about some ideas we had toward this end. We're talking about incorporating some traditional music into the ritual and getting a couple of the other musically-interested folks to get together for some actual musical rehearsals. We are also going to block out time periods during the vigil for when particular tales will be read, doing an ancestor-focused meditation, performance of music, and other elements that were bandied about at the meeting. One of the problems with vigil rituals is maintaining focus and attention throughout the night, and we figure that if we have a framework of "things we are going to do in these particular time slots" it will help everyone stay on track.

I'm feeling enthusiastic about taking this on. We are awaiting word from [ profile] joyful_storm regarding whether the ritual can take place at her home. If that's okay, we don't have to worry about the venue. If we can't use her place (signs are looking positive, but we're not certain yet) then we will need to figure out how to handle this. I'd be okay with doing it at my place, but getting everyone to Everett and back would be an issue; transportation on a weekend isn't the easiest here. Aside from the venue question, we'll do what we can to make the planning process as painless as possible.

September's schmooze will be about dealing with nature, animals, herbalism, trees, and that sort of thing. I have some ideas for readings and will get on some of that tomorrow if possible so as to have a good lead time for folks to do the reading for our discussions.

I'm pleased that we came away from the meeting with more people more directly involved and taking responsibility for finding solutions to the problems that inevitably arise in any group. I'm feeling very positive about the whole thing despite my initial trepidations.

Given that I was in Seattle today, I won't be going down tomorrow evening for tango, but I will be there Friday for the movie in the park and to pick up [ profile] gra_is_stor for our trip to Port Angeles via the Kingston ferry in Edmonds.

One other thing that was discussed this evening was having [ profile] gra_is_stor do an audio file of the Irish and Gaelic in Circle of Stones for the reprint, so that people can download the prayers in the book. This is something that people have been asking for from the beginning. I've sent an inquiry to my publishers about it and am hopeful that we can come to an agreement about the proposal. I'm really excited about the possibility and think it would really enhance the book's value and possibly even sell more books.
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I went over to see the local Everett folks this afternoon, as I was invited to come to dinner before we adjourned to the AFK. We had a cashew chicken stir-fry, which was very tasty.

At the AFK, we played a game of Settlers of Catan. Since there were 5 of us, we needed to use the expansion set. The original version is only for four players. We had a lot of fun, though I'd only played it once before, and they had never played it. We had several people stop by the table and talk about how much they liked the game too.

Much fun was had by all. Tomorrow, late lunch with the local Mensa folks, if I'm up in time. That's happening at the Flying Pig in downtown Everett.
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Cape Breton Ceilidh is a Canadian website dedicated to the Gaelic culture of Cape Breton. The site offers its resources in both flash and html, with text, sound, and video files of music, dance, and storytelling.

Go check it out!
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In doing a web search for something else, I came by a really wonderful website selling books of Scots Gaelic poetry and music. Many of them are rather expensive, but a lot of them are bilingual and some of them come with cds of song performances, primarily by Gaelic speakers in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. Drop by Sìol Cultural Enterprises and have a look!

Also, I got an email today from Kirk White with a formal invitation to come to Eight Winds this summer to speak. The festival is from June 24-27th. I need to whack together something to present. They've got a bunch of ADF big names coming so I'm sure there will be some really fascinating discussions in store. I'm wondering if a dialogue on ogam with me and Skip Ellison might be interesting.

I'm popping down to Seattle in a bit to get some tea from Shiuwen at Floating Leaves, as I'm out of my favorite House Black and want to get some more oolongs for the upcoming Steampunk Traveling Tea & Birthday.

Soon, my pretties.
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Seirm is performing in Snohomish County at 2 p.m., Sunday, March 21, at First Presbyterian Church, Rockefeller, Everett. Come join us for a great song and music fest featuring our "big old Gaelic" band. Admission is by goodwill offering.

Seirm is the Gaelic choir I used to perform with. It's sure to be a great concert!
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For those weirdos on my flist who are students of Old Irish, there's a great little book containing verb paradigms titled Old Irish Verbs and Vocabulary available from Cascadilla Press for a whole whopping $15 plus postage. It's a steal!

I'm going to get one soon.
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The Sean-nós Festival Northwest is having its 3rd annual Sean-nós festival in Olympia on January 15th & 16th. There will be workshops on singing and Irish language. This is taking place at Evergreen State College. Looks like it would be a lot of fun!
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The Celtic Lyrics Corner is a site I happened on just now that lists lyrics in Gaelic and English for Irish, Scots Gaelic and English language Celtic songs by a variety of trad and modern artists. If you're into trad music and want to know what they're saying -- and the translations -- this is a fantastic resource!
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I just randomly ran across the Dictionary of the Irish Language, the premier source for the Old Irish language, as a searchable online volume. You can access it here. It is searchable for both Irish and English words. I've added it to my links sidebar.


This has completely and utterly made my day.
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I ran across another website for books in Irish and books about Ireland that I hadn't seen before -- Litríocht. It carries all the Irish Texts Society books, a wide selection of dictionaries and grammars, children's books, literature, works in translation, and other books in Irish or about the Irish language. Well worth a browse. Selections include The Festival of Lughnassadh, Pagan Past and Christian Present and a good variety of learner's books, including one on Irish verbs.

If you're looking for Irish books and books on the language and folklore, this is a good place to go!
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From [ profile] hereatwitsend, a website that contains a downloadable PDF of Gaelic names of plants (Scottish and Irish) Collected and arranged in scientific order, with notes on their etymology, their uses, plant superstitions, etc., among the Celts, with copious Gaelic, English and scientific indices (1883) by John Cameron of Sunderland. It's out of copyright and available in full for all your planty research needs!

Thank you!
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Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County's first Roof of the World Concert will feature a sensational line-up of Celtic music talent hailing from Scotland, Nova Scotia and western North America.

Battle Field Band
Wendy MacIsaac
The Alys & Seumas Show

The Concert will be held at 7 p.m. on Saturday, March 14, at the Everett Civic Auditorium, 2416 Colby, Everett, WA.

The headliner is The Battlefield Band, the gold standard for Scottish folk music. Their motto, "modern Scottish music 2000 years in the making" sums up what the band is all about. Add Cape Breton fiddler Wendy MacIsaac, who like the Battlefield Band has performed all over the world, and you have a toe-tapping evening guaranteed. Include folk harpers The Alys and Seumas Show and you have a truly unique musical evening.

Boeing, The Herald and the Inn at Port Gardner are already on board as sponsors with additional sponsors to be announced soon.

The event is a benefit that will support Habitat for Humanity's building program in Snohomish County.

Standard - $25 per person
Premier - $30 per person
Patron - $50 per person and includes a "Meet the Performers" event prior to the concert.

Tickets are available by phone at 425-258-6289 from Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Or by visiting the Habitat Office, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To order tickets on line: go to

Click on "donate"

Select the "Secure Donation" option

Fill out the information and select the "Honorarium" feature

In the space for comments at the bottom of the form, enter the type and number tickets you are purchasing.

You can help us promote the event by forwarding this e-mail to all of your friends.
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It's searchable, so it can be used as Gaelic to English or English to Gaelic. It's linked here.
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No new accumulation of fluffy white stuff today, though Weather Underground is predicting 100% chance of it tomorrow, with the rest of the week ranging between 70-90% chance of yet more again. I'm seriously doubting that I'll get out of Everett before New Years if this keeps up.

I'll be walking down to the Safeway in a little bit. Garuda is quite buried and I wouldn't chance driving on my parking lot on a bet. There's about four inches of solid packed snow there, and another four inches or so on top of that everywhere else. At least the mail arrived today. There was nothing yesterday and I don't know if there was just no delivery or there was nothing to deliver.

I've been considerably groggier the past couple of days than I have been for a long time. The snow definitely has me feeling a desperate need to hibernate, but I also know I need to get out occasionally, so the walk to the grocery store will be doing me at least a little good. I'm still working my way through Celtic Poets at the moment. Some of it, though, is really damned dull. *sigh* Such is life when you're a medievalist geek.

I was notified that my copy of Lady With a Mead Cup was finally shipped today. I'm expecting it sometime in early January. At least they bothered to let me know.

Mid-January will see a sean-nós festival in Portland, Oregon next year. Got this from one of the Puget Sound CR list members:

I thought you might want to know about this festival happening in January in Portland, Oregon.

The Sean-nós Northwest Festival celebrates and promotes three aspects of traditional Irish culture – sean-nós singing, sean-nós dancing, and Gaeilge, the Irish language. These living folk traditions from the rural West of Ireland are strikingly beautiful, vitally satisfying, and incredibly rare to find anywhere outside of Ireland.

The festival brings master artists Áine Meenaghan, Brían Ó hAirt, and Ben Power to the Pacific Northwest to teach day-long workshops in these traditions. Learners at all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners, are welcome. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their skills during an open session at the end of the day, and the master teachers will perform in a concert, open to the public, in the evening.

Sounds like fun! If you're in the Portland area and interested in Gaelic music and culture, this will most certainly be worth the time! It's only $60 for the weekend (Friday and Saturday), a total steal.

Now to contemplate what I need from the grocery store before I head out.
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Forwarded from Slighe nan Gaidheal

We know that some of you have been eagerly anticipating a chance to learn the Scottish Gaelic language in all its beauty and richness and to be introduced to the fascinating culture that is intertwined with it. That chance will be here in just over a month. On Saturday November 8th 2008 we will be holding the first Gaelic Intensive Day (GID) of the 2008-9 “Zero to Gaelic” (Z2G) session when we will be welcoming both returning students and a brand new group of beginners.

There will be 5 GIDs in the session: the 2nd one will be on December 6th. Our GIDs are held at the University Heights Community Center in Seattle. Further details about location, dates and times can be found at the website of Slighe nan Gaidheal at Free parking is available behind the building for those who come early enough so contact us for further details. [Note: the UW Huskies are playing ASU November 8th so carpooling or coming early is recommended.]

You can conveniently register and pay on-line now - please see our website for more details. Single GIDs cost $50.

Members of Slighe nan Gaidheal can get a discounted rate if they register and pay for all 5 GIDs for the 2008-9 program year and will also receive a free copy of the Z2G level 1 supporting CD ($10 value). New level 1 beginner students may, if they wish, register and pay $50 for the November GID only and then put that payment
towards registration at the discounted rate for the whole year. We do, however, strongly recommend that you register and pay in advance for the whole year no later than October 28th because any level which is undersubscribed by that date may have to be cancelled.

Whether you are a new or returning student, you will start your day at the GID with a warm welcome at the registration desk. Typically there will be Tully’s coffee and snacks to nibble on (donations of snacks always welcome!) and you can browse through books from the library and buy educational materials. At lunch time, some people bring their own lunch but there are also plenty of places within walking distance where you can eat out. This is an excellent time to get to know your fellow students and to set up study groups and carpools.

“Fàilte Chridheil dhuibh uile” (“A warm welcome to you all”) We do hope that you can join us on November the 8th. You can find out more about the Z2G program and GIDs by going to our website: and clicking on “Gaelic Language”. If you have any questions then please contact the Gaelic Education Committee via the website.


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