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I had a good session with my shrink today and got a lot of angry flailing done. The reason I had a lot of angry flailing was because the neurology clinic called me up a little after 1pm and said "oh the doc who is seeing you wants to see one of her regular patients instead so can you come in tomorrow at 10am to see a different doc?" If it had been a medical emergency, I might understand, but it was not in any way presented as that. I explained in great detail that I had zero control over my own transportation and that rescheduling with no notice at all like this was impossible because it involved not just me but whoever it was that was supposed to be driving me to the VA. And that one of the friends who drives me to these things had his car break down so I did not have alternative transport. And that I lived in Everett. And that I'd had to sell my fucking car because I can no longer drive myself. We will not even mention how neither I nor the people who drive me everywhere are morning people.

I told them that if they'd called me last week about rescheduling I might actually have been able to do something about it. The clerk mumbled and said they'd see what could be done and they'd get back to me. After I finished up at the travel office at about 4:15 this afternoon, I called the neurology clinic and the clerk said "oh, yeah, well we've left the appointment at 2pm." Nice of them to let me know.

There was a great deal of fury and rage, but things are back to what passes for normal and I won't have to wait another couple of months to get into neurology. The doc, however, is going to hear from me when I see her tomorrow. They insist that we are supposed to give them 24 hours notice if we are not coming or if we need to change our appointment. I did not get even that much time. I don't care if she sees me and does an evaluation and passes me on to somebody else, but I could not just drop things and go "oh yeah, I will now disrupt the life of the person who is doing me a huge favor by driving me 25 miles to come to this appointment on no notice, thank you very much."

Aside from that, I barely made it to my shrink appointment on time, and there was some kerfuffle about getting me home after the appointment that meant I took the 510 bus from downtown Seattle so that I would not be arriving here after midnight instead of the usual time. Anyway I got home about 7:30 and tried to deal with my woozy head. Nothing else got done today, but at least I managed to get through the day.

So anyway, tomorrow is neurology at 2pm, and then there will be a Bach lute concert in the evening. Maybe Friday I will get some more packing and some writing done.
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I attempted galettes today. I need to actually sift the buckwheat flour, because the stuff I have has the little bits of husk in it from when it was ground, and it is slightly annoying in the finished galette. I also need some practice getting them thinner and flipping them so they don't break apart. They tasted pretty good, though.

I've finished the basic digging through books that I'd planned for my healing deities presentation. I have five pages of notes, plus the text of one poem that I do plan on using as part of the presentation. I have 32 named figures and half a dozen or more unnamed ones who are mentioned as doing something that heals themselves or another person, or who are invoked as a part of a healing procedure or ritual. It's been quite interesting. Tomorrow, when I'm not dealing with Brianna's moving stuff in, I'll be working on an outline.

I'm ranting a bit here, but it's not that long. )
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I was walking home from the Safeway tonight when some dickwad came zipping into the parking lot of the apartments next to mine. He came up behind me while it was raining, so I didn't even hear him approach, and came within about 18 inches of me without even slowing down as I was walking across the driveway entrance. I was too stunned to do anything but gape as he just kept right on going. I have no idea if he even saw me, but I was under a fucking streetlight and on the sidewalk. Needless to say, I'm a little peeved, but okay.

That said, I set up my altar for a small Foundation Day ritual for Antinous.

Foundation Day altar

Earlier today I also posted the text with some source notes for my Samhain ritual up on the Searching for Imbas blog.

I had a headache today, so I didn't go down to the AFK as I'd hoped. It was easier to stay home for the evening. Next Tuesday will be the first Tuesday social at Picadilly Circus over in Snohomish and I do intend to make that one.
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Comcast left a voicemail message at 8:30 this morning, after I had explicitly instructed them not to call me until after noon. The voicemail was a tech telling me to do EXACTLY THE SAME THING EVERY OTHER TECH TOLD ME TO DO.

At 11:30, when I got up, I called Comcast. I talked to a tech and asked to speak to a supervisor. I asked how long it would take them to get back to me. She said about an hour. Two hours later, no callback. I called Comcast again and spoke to a tech, asking to speak to a supervisor. The tech attempted to tell me to do AGAIN what every other tech had told me to do. I said no, I wanted to talk to a supervisor, thank you very much. I was put on hold for 20 minutes. I hung up. I called Comcast again and spoke to ANOTHER tech and told him that I was going to speak to a supervisor. He said a ticket had already been put in and the supervisor had 24 hours in which to call me back. He attempted to tell me AGAIN what every other tech told me and I told him to STOP because I had already heard it and I wanted to talk to a supervisor. He put me on hold and came back a couple of minutes later said he couldn't get through to one.

I took the Comcast modem back to their service center in Lynnwood and talked to a guy at the desk. Guy at the desk asked a couple of questions, took the modem, and made an appointment for a tech to come out to my house on Friday and try to find out/fix what's wrong. He wrote a note on my receipt saying to prorate a credit for the time when I have NOT been getting the modem speed I am paying for (less than 20m when I am paying the bucks for 50m), and initialed said note. I'm supposed to see the tech between 1-3pm on Friday.

I went to get some lunch and decided that, while I was no longer in a frothing rage, I was not fit to be company for human beings today. Eating didn't help the stress headache, but I did feel slightly better.

The post brought the tax assessment for my condo for this year. The enclosed info notes that, as a disabled veteran at 100%, I can apply for a property tax exemption, which I wasn't aware I could do, and I can apply for a back exemption for the three years previous (if I am reading it properly). I dig out my files of my bills and such from 2009-2012 and have a minor panic attack dealing with the forms. They are currently partially filled out. I have dug out my VA award letter from 2000 saying I am 100% disabled. I have to find my SSDI statements for each of those years, as that is the only income they count, seeing as I don't really have any other income at this point. Their cutoff for income is $35,000 for an exemption. I qualify for the highest level of exemption (60% on my property taxes, and exemption from levies).

Dealing with the papers, even to the point of just filling out part of them, has left me a shaking wreck. I know the papers are just paper. I know the numbers are just a very simple string of digits. Dealing with the government and paperwork on any level does this to me and I'm not entirely certain how to not have a freaking panic attack. Now that I'm typing this, I've actually remembered I have some meds for moments like this and I'm going to go take one and see if that will help with the whole heart trying to make its way out of my chest feeling and the dizziness.

This, gentlebeings, is why Erynn does not play well with employment. Spending an hour on the phone with fucking idiots and filling out government paperwork leaves me completely useless for hours. Tomorrow I'm heading down to the VA for my usual Thursday appointment. I hope I'm up to leaving the house. I will still have to fill out the other papers at some point and take them down to the County offices in Everett to see a clerk at a desk and have them make photocopies of the relevant SSDI and VA forms, as well as get the clerk's signature and file everything properly. I have no idea how long it will be until I get a check from them, or how that will affect my mortgage payment every month. I am not looking forward to this.

Overall, the idea that I can get a huge whacking chunk of my taxes back for the past few years is awesome news. My body, however, does not believe me when I tell it this.
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I called the VA today, hoping to get some answers. Once again, the phone rang until the operator picked it up again. The second time he sent it through, it was eventually picked up. I asked to talk to the travel coordinator but I'd been given to the travel desk, and the guy there (whose voice I recognized) said that he was the travel coordinator. Lying through his teeth, obviously. He asked for my last name and when I told him, he asked me three times if it was my LAST name.

Yes, fuck you very much. I do happen to know my own last name.

After a ludicrous amount of unnecessary explanation, I was told I had to go and have a means test done (I've done them before, thank you) and that I also apparently need a waiver so that they don't take out the $6 a visit co-pay. I will go in early tomorrow, fill out the forms, and get a god damned waiver in writing so that I can wave it at them every time they try to take money out. And I am going to find out how to get every penny back that they owe me for all those co-pays that they've taken out since I started going to the travel office to get compensation.

Anyway, severely annoying.

I discovered by watching my downloads of files over the past couple of days that I have an average download speed of under 25 kbps. UNDER 25 kbps. This is less than dialup. It's also ludicrous. Of course, AT&T doesn't guarantee fuckall. Comcast appears to (of course) have a monopoly on non-wireless in Everett. I'm still looking for alternatives, but have no idea if I'm going to find anything. As you might guess, I pretty much hate everything right now.

I did go to Irish class, where we covered basic counting from 0-10 (which I already knew, but hey, I got chocolate out of it), then I went up to [ profile] gra_is_stor's place, where Patrick worked on my neck and shoulders for about an hour. He worked on her as well, then I drove him downtown to his office (he's a night security supervisor).

While I was waiting for Irish class, I hung out at Kaladi Brothers and had some tea and tried to find the original Brigid's Well on Google Maps and Google Earth. I found the road sign for the one the church had constructed in the 1950s, but the original is off the Google Maps grid. Google Earth doesn't register anything for either of them, though there are photos of Brigid's Well tagged on either side of the road where the newer well is located, both of which are from the new well. Everything I can find says the two of them are very close together, pretty much just across the street and down from one another, but I can't find a fix on the earlier one at all. The notes saying where it is online are nearly useless, not really giving any idea of the actual area where one might find it. (Everything says "it's across the street from the carpark for the Irish National Stud Farm and the Japanese Gardens. Apparently "across the street" actually means down a road across from the car park and then down another road. Technically speaking, yeah, it's across the street, but it's not on the same road at all.) There must be somebody somewhere with a GPS location on it. *grr*

I am ranty and grumpy and generally not fit company for human beings. I do hope that changes by tomorrow or some poor VA clerk is going to get an earful.
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Monday March 26, previously confidential documents of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), an antigay group that opposes marriage equality, were ordered unsealed by the Maine courts as part of an ongoing investigation by the State of Maine into NOM's finance activities in that state

among the statements found:

“The strategic goal of this project is to drive a wedge between gays and blacks—two key Democratic constituencies. Find, equip, energize and connect African American spokespeople for marriage, develop a media campaign around their objections to gay marriage as a civil right; provoke the gay marriage base into responding by denouncing these spokesmen and women as bigots…”

Another passage:

"The Latino vote in America is a key swing vote, and will be so even more so in the future, both because of demographic growth and inherent uncertainty: Will the process of assimilation to the dominant Anglo culture lead Hispanics to abandon traditional family values? We must interrupt this process of assimilation by making support for marriage a key badge of Latino identity - a symbol of resistance to inappropriate assimilation."
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I'm still feeling like absolute crap. [ profile] gra_is_stor came up so that I could actually run the errand I needed to for tomorrow's craft day, but I'm not sure I'm even going to be able to get down there. She can take the stuff with her if need be, so that's not a crisis, it's just hideously annoying. I'm hoping I'll be okay by Sunday, because I want to go to the Shinto shrine for Setsubun (soybean tossing) and our Imbolc is Sunday evening.

My computer (a 2008-ish MacBook) seems to be starting with the erratic behavior one expects of a computer soon to go splah. The bluetooth trackpad I'm using sometimes responds to a right click but not a left click, and refuses to activate anything on the dock, which it should do on a rollover. It's doing everything it's supposed to when connected to [ profile] gra_is_stor's beast, so I'm thinking this is a computer issue, not a trackpad issue. I did a PRAM reset and that didn't do jack as far as the trackpad was concerned. I'm probably going to leave my computer running now, to make sure that everything works like it's supposed to, until I get back from PCon, because I can't afford $1,200 for a new computer right now. (Yes, I do actually want to get another Mac, thanks.)

As to the military fucking up, Madigan Army Hospital is in the news yet again. A couple of docs have been suspended for interfering with PTSD diagnoses. Story below the cut. )
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Here's a link that describes what police and military pepper spray is capable of doing to human beings. According to wikipedia (yes, I know, lazywebs research R us), "Pepper spray is banned for use in war by Article I.5 of the Chemical Weapons Convention which bans the use of all riot control agents in warfare whether lethal or less-than-lethal." In other words, this stuff is illegal in a war zone. Why is it being used on peaceful protesters?

Last week, a young pregnant woman and an 84-ish year old grandmother (who happened to also be a veteran and a member of VFP) were among those pepper sprayed by police in Seattle. Yesterday, that young woman had a miscarriage. Was the police use of pepper spray causative? I don't know, but I can't imagine it was good for her. If your first instinct is to say "well, she shouldn't have been out there protesting," you can fuck off right now. Walk away and don't come back. You don't blame the victim of a violent assault by the police here. If you make a comment here to that effect, I'll delete your ass and ban you. Just saying.

This, of course, is the kind of bullshit that some police officers have been using against people of color and poor people for years. I know that. It doesn't make it any less egregious now in use against protesters. It is unconscionable under any circumstances where an officer's life isn't in danger.

I wish I could do more than be furious and doing what I'm already doing.
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New York police are destroying the Occupy Wall Street encampment at Zuccotti Park. A city councilmember has been injured in the raid, everything is being destroyed including a 5,000+ volume library collected by the occupiers, and the camp is being razed to the ground. The American media is not covering this at the moment, but the BBC is. NYC news helicopters vacated the airspace before the raid began, just as they had in Oakland.

They claim they are raiding the park over health and safety issues. I am still wondering how it is healthier and safer for the NYPD to be gassing and beating people than to let the protesters stay where they are and exercise their first amendment rights to free assembly and free speech. And, of course, all these raids on various Occupy encampments always seem to happen in the middle of the night, when all just and lawful things happen.

The more the authorities oppress the movement, the more people will join it. We will change things. This cannot last.
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I went down to yoga at the VA today and talked with the instructor about my concerns regarding the whole "yoga cured my fibro" thing. She said she didn't think she'd said anything of the sort, but she did listen to my concerns, at least. I know it was said to me at least twice -- my memory may not be great but that sort of thing tends to stick. Anyway, at least I was able to express my concerns. Both of my hips today were in very rough shape. They sometimes get this catch in the joint that's like having a knife stuck in them, and this was what I was dealing with off and on today. The yoga helped a little, temporarily, but the hips are still not terribly happy.

After yoga I met [ profile] gra_is_stor at Travelers, where we awaited her other sweetie. I only got to meet her for about 15 minutes because of transportation and timing issues, but she seemed nice. I felt a little awkward, but I often do when I'm meeting new people. If I'm able to get down to Seattle tomorrow, I'll be able to see her again and meet her other partners while [ profile] gra_is_stor is doing a musical performance at a fund raiser benefit. I'm hoping I'll feel up to this.

I left Seattle a little earlier than I anticipated. Weather was really awful for the drive home, but I went slow and there were no problems. I picked up new slippers because my old ones were dying on me, and a new pair of pajama pants -- Muppets! I've needed a new pair for a while now, especially now that winter is coming.

When I got home, I was going to talk in internet chat with a friend who lives far away about some difficult things that have happened; this person has no one locally to speak with, so I said I would spend some time to let them just talk about stuff. Unfortunately, the bad weather had both my wireless and even my phone service up and down like a yoyo, so eventually I went over to the AFK so I could get a solid connect, and we talked for a couple of hours. I had some dinner and hung out while we chatted. I hope that our talk helped at least a little, even if just in giving some space to vent about stuff.

Anyway, I got home about an hour ago and have had too much tea to want to go to bed right away. I'm hoping I can get some sleep tonight, though. Events sometimes just conspire against me doing things that I want; if I'm too creaky tomorrow to head into town, I'm going to be very disappointed.

I had wanted to spend some time on [ profile] finnchuill's paper tonight, but this conversation with my friend had to take precedence.

I was following the events in Oakland today with the general strike and the occupation of the port. They pretty much shut down the city, and tonight (as usual) the cops went off on the protesters and demonstrators with tear gas and all the rest. Police pepper sprayed protesters in Seattle tonight as well, during a protest of an appearance by the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, which has forclosed on thousands of people. More and more vets are participating in all of this. Over 100 vets marched in New York today; while the alleged national average unemployment is at about 9% (this doesn't count all the people who have dropped off the rolls because their unemployment benefits ran out), unemployment among veterans aged 18-24 runs about 20%. Serve your country and you can forget about getting a job later, apparently. Twenty percent. It's obscene. CNN has posted a collection of photos and brief profiles of protesters from different cities participating in the movement, which should put paid to the idea that it's all a bunch of white college student hippies with nothing better to do.
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I woke up today with a migraine, though that's eased up now. I'm doing much better and think I will probably be fine for my talk to the class tomorrow. I did dishes and some laundry and am still pretty tired, but I suspect that's as much migraine hangover as anything else. Unfortunately, by the time I was feeling well enough to do anything, I was just not going to make it to the party.

I want to plug a couple of friends here. First, it's [ profile] lupabitch's birthday, and she says this is how you can make her birthday awesome! Lots of pictures here, and some very silly things.

If you are a Seattle local and have been looking for a portrait photographer, [ profile] fullcontactmuse is having a half-off sale, and it's quite a deal! Check it out!

After I get out of the class tomorrow, I'm off to the AFK for the Tuesday steampunk social. The Wayward Cafe has re-opened, so the Monday Steamvents will, most likely, be reconsolidating there after having been dispersed to several locations since it shut down in Greenwood after the fires there. Capitol Hill will also be having a first and third Mondays steampunk meetup at Elliott Bay Books now, so if you're on the Hill and not into going out to Roosevelt for the Steamvent, you have an alternative much closer in.

I finished reading Disability and Religious Diversity today. Most of it was pretty interesting, though the assumptions in a few of the chapters made me want to smack my head on a desk. This isn't too unusual when dealing with mainstream religions. I was particularly struck by the way that people so often seem to assume that a chronic illness or disability is somehow the "fault" of the person suffering from that condition. I don't just see that in mainstream religions -- I run into it in Paganism as well. It most often manifests as "we all choose our incarnations and you must have chosen to manifest with these problems" or "if you were really spiritual enough, you could heal yourself," or some variant of "you could use herbs instead of western medicine and it would cure you" or "with enough positive thinking everything would be all right."

One of the things that has annoyed me immensely about the yoga group at the VA has been that every single yoga instructor there (I have interacted with three of them so far) said "I had fibromyalgia and yoga cured it," as though they are expecting me to miraculously get well if I just practice enough yoga. I'm sure they think they are giving me some "hope" regarding my situation, but they're not. Yes, yoga and Tai Chi have helped somewhat in the past, but I would by no means regard those occasional and temporary improvements as a "cure" of any sort. Of course, I'm sure that my anger and frustration with the whole thing would just be seen as "resistance to healing" and "hanging on to" my fibromyalgia for some idiotic reason. There are some people for whom fibro just goes away for some mysterious reason that no one can identify. Sometimes it stays away. Sometimes it comes back again later. I think I'm doing damned good to be able to function as well as I do on just a few tylenol a day instead of being on the methadone cocktail the VA wanted to put me on some years back.

Other people's definitions and expectations are as much of an impediment sometimes as physical pain. Reading about the way some of the other authors in the anthology have had to deal with various religions' judgments of them for their disabilities just exacerbated that background hum of annoyance. Darla, one of the editors, recounts that she was told by an acupuncturist that Chinese religion says people with diseases and disabilities were, essentially, paying off karma for misdeeds in previous lives. She was told by an airline employee that if she just prayed to Jesus hard enough, her sins would be washed away and she wouldn't be blind anymore. I mean seriously, WTF? And Pagans play the same stupid bullshit blame the victim games with this sort of thing. I think it's ludicrous and disgusting and I wish to hell they'd just grow the fuck up and realize that human bodies FAIL sometimes and there's nothing that can be done to "cure" them. Sometimes you just have to live with it, even if it's painful or difficult or impairing. It's not because you need to learn a lesson (though learning something from it can be useful, regardless). It's not because you deserve to be punished for something in some other life. It's not because you are somehow evil or flawed. It just happens because, you know, sometimes things just do.

This rant was brought to you by the letters WTF.
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Scott Olsen, a young Iraq war vet, and a member of Veterans for Peace and Iraq Veterans Against the War, was shot in the head at close range by police with a tear gas canister. He is currently in the hospital with a skull fracture and swelling in his brain. This young man came through two tours in Iraq and was violently assaulted by police while peacefully protesting.

There are stories and video at the following links:

The Bay Citizen

Huffington Post

The New Civil Rights Movement

The Guardian (UK)

In other, unsurprising news, Google reports that from January to June this year, they received at least one request from US law enforcement agencies to remove videos of police brutality. Given the protests that began a month ago, I expect we will see more of these requests happening.

We are having our rights to free assembly removed from us. We are being subjected to unlawful search and seizure at airports when we fly -- an Air Force veteran reports that she was harassed and injured by TSA agents for reading the constitution while being subjected to a search. The rights and protections that our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents fought and sometimes died for in the unions in the 30s and the civil rights movements of the 60s -- a 40 hour work week, health and safety regulations, overtime pay, the right to organize, minimum wage, privacy, safe and legal abortions, birth control -- are being stolen from us. The infrastructure of roads, bridges, schools, parks, and other public works are crumbling and not being repaired or maintained. Environmental protections set up in the 60s and 70s are being dismantled.

Is this really the government we want?

It's not the one I want.

This is what the end of an empire looks like, folks. This is the world we are giving to our kids and their kids. Think about that. Then think about what you can do to change it.
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My essay for Mandragora, "Burying the Poet: Brigid, Poetry and the Visionary in Gaelic Poetic Traditions," is finished at 3156 words and has been sent off to [ profile] finnchuill and [ profile] alfrecht for their comments and suggestions. Finally! I think I've done pretty well with it, and now I can turn my attentions to finishing up details for the Samhain ritual that I have to deal with. Tomorrow is the CR schmooze business meeting, my VA yoga group, and picking up [ profile] gra_is_stor before we deal with Steamcon this weekend.

I was just glad to get the writing for this one out of the way. I still have an article to do for Phosphorus, but I may not get that finished before the end of the month (I'm thinking probably not, in fact). I have no idea if I'm going to be able to get that one together in that short a time. I've hardly got more than a paragraph or two in it at the moment. It's such a huge and messy topic that it can be hard to tackle, even if I do have one particular example I'm working from.

I went over to the AFK tonight to have dinner with Herb and one of his spawn. We had a pretty good time, and some yummy foods. I won't be there tomorrow for the weekly steampunk social, obviously.

Politics make me crazy. Topeka, Kansas has repealed its domestic violence laws to try to save money. Screw saving people's lives.

Mississipi has proposed a measure that will make fertilized ova "persons" under the law and may well criminalize miscarriage.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people? Get the hell out of my fucking uterus, damn it! For a bunch of people who claim they want government out of their lives, they sure love to jam it up women's vaginas.
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I went in today to have Garuda's oil changed and was told that the rear brakes had worn down to only 2mm of brake lining left, so I had those replaced today. They also said the struts and rear shocks need some work (leaky bits and wearing out), but that will be a rather more expensive fix, and I'll wait on that. Next month I'll get one part of it done, then in October I'll deal with the other bit, to spread the costs out a bit. I do have a credit card specifically to deal with car stuff, so that helps, and they usually give me six months same as cash for paying them off. I usually manage to do that, so there haven't been any interest expenses; this pleases me greatly. I'm just glad I can actually afford to do this stuff when it needs doing.

The mechanic on duty today was a new guy I hadn't seen before and he said that Garuda was in really good shape for a car his age. He says he wants to get an Echo for his girlfriend because they're pretty much bulletproof and they get good gas mileage. I told him I'd been pretty happy with mine over the years but was happy to hear that a professional thought I'd made a good choice on my car.

In book news today, I got an email noting that The Scribing Ibis, a fiction anthology for Thoth, will probably be available sometime late next week. I have my first published fiction piece in it and will let folks know as soon as it's available for sale. This is another devotional volume from Bibliotheca Alexandrina, as was Queen of the Great Below, where I had a poem series published last year.

I tossed together some angel hair pasta this evening sauteed with fresh basil, mozzerella cheese, organic tomato, pine nuts, and a touch of truffle oil tonight for dinner. It turned out very nicely and I've got some left over in the fridge to zap tomorrow before I head down to Seattle. There's another free movie in Cal Anderson Park tomorrow evening, and it looks like a hilariously bad musical. I'll be meeting [ profile] gra_is_stor again and swooping her back here with me for our steampunk weekend so that we can set out early for the Edmonds/Kingston ferry early the next morning. I'm still not entirely clear on when and where we'll be meeting up with [ profile] alfrecht on the other side. He hasn't been able to find out about bus transfers from Port Townsend to Port Angeles. I'm hoping we won't have to make the detour through Port Townsend on the way in, but we'll do it if there's no way for him to get from point a to point b by bus.

Arrangements have been made for the next door neighbor to look after the DoDC+3 on Saturday and Sunday until I get home. I'm going to try to get on the project of dealing with September's schmooze readings on Monday after I'm back from the peninsula. I'm really looking forward to the weekend, though I haven't yet figured out what I'll be wearing for the show. I'll deal with that tomorrow at some point.

Since I now have an address for the sib, I forwarded all his mail to him. I'm glad to finally have that done.

I don't know if I'll have time to post anything while I'm away, but the motel does have free wifi. We'll see what happens.
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Today was the final session of the writing group at the VA. I'd pulled some stuff together for that and headed down early so that I could stop by the women's clinic to get my follow-up appointment about the migraine meds and schedule another appointment as well. It was a good thing I went early, because there was an accident on I-5 that slowed down traffic considerably. How the VA gave me a panic attack. Yay. )
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I was just awakened a little while ago by the postal carrier, who finally has brought the codeine my doc prescribed for me.

Last night the migraine got so awful that I asked [ profile] evilbusdriver to take me down to the VA ER to be seen. That was a complete bust. Everything they suggested I had either tried (stopped working, worse side effects than the migraine) or was allergic to (hives). So they sent me home with a heat pack after I'd been there for over two hours. They don't give narcotics out at the ER, so something to just plain knock me out was out of the question. I don't think I've ever endured such a waste of time at the VA before, ever.

Today I'm calling my doc, just after I finish posting here, and insisting that she send me to the fucking neurology clinic and quit dicking me around. I'm still mildly migraining at this point. I am unlikely to be compliant.
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OCCULT KABBALAH TAROT WICCA MASONIC GNOSTIC HERMETIC - eBay (item 370462019062 end time Dec-05-10 17:10:26 PST)

If you are an author or ever contributed to the PODSNet BBS system or had something included in the "Riders of the Crystal Well BOS", aka the PODSNet BOS, aka "the Internet BOS" you should check to see if your work is included, and if it is, file your DCMA takedown requests.

Many of the books in this collection are currently in-print works of living authors. Please pass the word far and wide and get this removed from Ebay and other possible websites.
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In doing a google on my ogam book, I found that there are about half a dozen torrents for downloading it. I have no idea if any of the files are actually complete, but I've emailed the service where my book is allegedly being hosted and asked them to remove the files, as well as emailing Storm and [ profile] lupabitch to alert them to the situation.

It's not like I make a lot of money on this. If you value small presses and good quality work, please don't download small press books from sites like this. I didn't authorize this, nor did my publisher. Everyone's struggling in this economy and even a few actual book sales help a lot.

ETA: [ profile] lupabitch says the files are all viruses and other electronic ickies, as are the other Immanion/Megalithica titles she found there. Sadly, a Polish website has got one of her books uploaded. I think she's waiting for a resolution on that one.
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I finished up Bitel's Land of Women today, thank all the gods. Notes have been made and I ran off to read fanfic to scrub the taste of it out of my brain.

Lacking energy for much of anything else, I toddled over to Frida's, a Mexican place down the road that [ profile] ogam went to and liked while he was here. I figured that if he liked it, and he's from El Paso, it would probably be pretty good. It was. I had a chicken breast stuffed with anaheim chiles and cheese, topped with an avocado sauce that was quite lovely. Nice and tender, with a good balance of flavors. There was a sort of cole slaw that was slightly sweet and citrusy. The only real disappointment on the plate was the mixed veggies, which looked like it was probably a frozen mix. Bleh. I would have expected better from a place claiming to be "gourmet" Mexican. I had a sangria, which I was sort of expecting in a wine glass, but it came in one of those frou frou glasses; the only thing lacking for girlie-drink status was the little paper parasol. That said, it was reasonably tasty. They ran a tray of desserts by me that looked like they might have been the product of the French bakery next to my place, but I passed on it, given that I have way too much baklava still here at home.

While I was nibbling on dinner, I made some brief organizational notes for the Brigid flamekeeping book. I'm really very much at the "these are the topics I should probably cover" stage of the whole thing and will probably make several such lists before I get to actually writing anything. This is particularly the case given how in the middle of things I am with research for the Queering the Flame essay.

In other writy news, apparently the Thoth anthology I mentioned last week does currently have an editor and she has taken a peek at the short story I posted here and said she definitely wants it for the anthology when the call for papers is announced, so yay!

I sent off an email to [ profile] lwood about [ profile] dpaxson's book signing at Edge, asking if a time or other details had been arranged so that I can actually pass the word about it. I'm waiting to hear back, probably late tonight or sometime tomorrow. I'll let people know as soon as I do.


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