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I called the VA today, hoping to get some answers. Once again, the phone rang until the operator picked it up again. The second time he sent it through, it was eventually picked up. I asked to talk to the travel coordinator but I'd been given to the travel desk, and the guy there (whose voice I recognized) said that he was the travel coordinator. Lying through his teeth, obviously. He asked for my last name and when I told him, he asked me three times if it was my LAST name.

Yes, fuck you very much. I do happen to know my own last name.

After a ludicrous amount of unnecessary explanation, I was told I had to go and have a means test done (I've done them before, thank you) and that I also apparently need a waiver so that they don't take out the $6 a visit co-pay. I will go in early tomorrow, fill out the forms, and get a god damned waiver in writing so that I can wave it at them every time they try to take money out. And I am going to find out how to get every penny back that they owe me for all those co-pays that they've taken out since I started going to the travel office to get compensation.

Anyway, severely annoying.

I discovered by watching my downloads of files over the past couple of days that I have an average download speed of under 25 kbps. UNDER 25 kbps. This is less than dialup. It's also ludicrous. Of course, AT&T doesn't guarantee fuckall. Comcast appears to (of course) have a monopoly on non-wireless in Everett. I'm still looking for alternatives, but have no idea if I'm going to find anything. As you might guess, I pretty much hate everything right now.

I did go to Irish class, where we covered basic counting from 0-10 (which I already knew, but hey, I got chocolate out of it), then I went up to [ profile] gra_is_stor's place, where Patrick worked on my neck and shoulders for about an hour. He worked on her as well, then I drove him downtown to his office (he's a night security supervisor).

While I was waiting for Irish class, I hung out at Kaladi Brothers and had some tea and tried to find the original Brigid's Well on Google Maps and Google Earth. I found the road sign for the one the church had constructed in the 1950s, but the original is off the Google Maps grid. Google Earth doesn't register anything for either of them, though there are photos of Brigid's Well tagged on either side of the road where the newer well is located, both of which are from the new well. Everything I can find says the two of them are very close together, pretty much just across the street and down from one another, but I can't find a fix on the earlier one at all. The notes saying where it is online are nearly useless, not really giving any idea of the actual area where one might find it. (Everything says "it's across the street from the carpark for the Irish National Stud Farm and the Japanese Gardens. Apparently "across the street" actually means down a road across from the car park and then down another road. Technically speaking, yeah, it's across the street, but it's not on the same road at all.) There must be somebody somewhere with a GPS location on it. *grr*

I am ranty and grumpy and generally not fit company for human beings. I do hope that changes by tomorrow or some poor VA clerk is going to get an earful.
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The Seattle Times has been looking into the incident of the young woman who allegedly miscarried after being pepper-sprayed by Seattle police during an Occupy action. It's looking more and more like there was no miscarriage and she probably wasn't pregnant at all. From what the article says -- and I have to note that I'm not capable of diagnosing anyone of anything -- it's possible that she has some mental illness issues that could be influencing this claim, and that it may not be the first time she's made this sort of claim.

Whatever the truth is here, we have to remember that not everyone involved with a global political movement is involved for the same reasons, and that it does not in any way diminish the egregious violence of police response to peaceful protesters with pepper spray. I wanted to link this here so that people would be aware that I've seen this and know that my previous post mentioning the situation was made before this information was brought forward.

This afternoon I went down to an Occupy Everett planning meeting for an event they are calling "Roccupy Everett" where they intend to have Dorli Rainey, the 84 year old woman who was also pepper sprayed, come up as the featured speaker. They are currently looking for musical acts and other entertainments. The catch is, they want to put this together by December 3rd. I think it's awfully soon -- all of ten days -- for them to get anything significant together, but I volunteered to help out with media/publicity, in terms of helping out with proofing material, assisting in finding media outlets for the other two people on the committee to contact, and making sure that the publicity material is at least reasonably well-written. I doubt that I will make it to the actual event, but I can at least help out in some small measure.

Vivian McPeak, who has been running Hempfest here in Seattle for the last 20 years, came up and talked about his experience as an activist in all that time and had some very useful things to say. He was, he said, used to talking to a much younger crowd that those of us assembled this evening. The Occupy Seattle crowd tends to be much younger. Pretty much everyone at the meeting this evening was middle-aged-ish. We met in a coffee house and bookshop that is in the same space Gathering Grove used to be. I think they may even still have some of the same books; they certainly have a similar vibe, if not nearly so visibly Pagan.

I had to leave the meeting about half an hour early, given that I was starting to develop a migraine. Low blood sugar combined with florescent lights was probably what did it. I came home and ate something and am doing better. I also tossed the turkey breast into the oven and roasted that for tomorrow at [ profile] gra_is_stor's place. It turned out delightfully tender and juicy, and I had stuffed the body cavity with rosemary and sage, which has lent a nice flavor to the meat. I made some gravy and now all of it is in the fridge awaiting transportation.

When I get home tomorrow, the bones and what meat that was close to the bone will be going into the pot to make some turkey soup.

A couple of days ago I got the new Abney Park cd, which I ripped today and transferred over to my iPod. I listened to it and, while I'm really not as enamored of it as most of their previous stuff, they do have some nice new acoustic arrangements of older songs, and you can actually hear the lyrics in some of them a bit better, so this is good.

I am tired, but not terribly sleepy at the moment. I will probably try putting myself into bed and reading for a while to see if that will help. Tomorrow I have to be in Seattle by around 4pm for foodage.
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In the last couple of weeks I have received a text and a computer-voice phone call, both of which are attempting to snooker me into giving them a credit card number. The pitch? "Your Wells Fargo card has been discontinued." The stupidity? I don't have a Wells Fargo card. I've never had a Wells Fargo card since I stopped banking with them back in the early 90s.

If you get one of these texts or robocalls, don't fall for it. I wish I knew who to report this crap to, because I would. Anybody got any guesses?


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