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We were up and out in reasonable time for our trip to Seattle yesterday. I arrived at Horizon Oasis first and met the woman who gave us the keys and combination to get into the place. [ profile] ogam and [ profile] alfrecht arrived somewhat later, but still in plenty of time to set up. I was fortunate to get parking right across the street.

Horizon Oasis is in the basement of a large building and is very easy to miss if one doesn't know exactly what one is looking for. There aren't any obvious signs that it's there, though there is a plaque on the building that lists it, along with the other businesses and nonprofits that share the space. The plaque is a nondescript one.

[ profile] sebastian_lvx arrived in time to help with setting up as well, and we got things together for the ritual, joined by Jimbo and Black Cat. We had two other folks show up as well. As [ profile] alfrecht has noted elsewhere, there were five mystai there -- the largest gathering of us so far. Sadly, [ profile] lazaruspdx was unable to make it up from Portland, though he had hoped he might. Still, eight people was a pretty good turnout.

The ritual went well, but at the end when I went to lock up, I was unable to get the lodge door key out of the lock box. I had the combo, but my fingers weren't strong enough to open the thing to get the key out. A couple of others tried this as well, but they also couldn't make it work. I couldn't just leave the place unlocked, even though the two outer doors were locked up, so [ profile] sebastian_lvx called one of the folks with a key (two others weren't answering their phones) and agreed to wait until that gent could arrive to do the lockup himself. Many thanks to him; this allowed us to leave in time to get to [ profile] joyful_storm's place for the Samhain vigil.

This, also, was a really good night, though I'm fried crisper than deep fried calamari right now. There was good food, we shared a lot of memories of those departed, and had a wonderful time. We didn't read all the traditional tales on the list, but we did read a few among the conversations. Tomorrow we'll be getting together again for the CR schmooze, and at that point I'll be writing up the announcement for the class series. We'll be talking about the overview tomorrow, but actually doing the public overview class in December, given how toasty we all are, and the very short notice if I tried to post a note about it tonight on SeaPagan.

I did a very brief divination for myself, drawing Nin as the feda. This is the fork of a branch, the weaver's beam, letters, communication. It's weaving connections in community, and that sounds pretty positive for the coming year. Between the planned series of classes and the Brigid book, it would likely have that result.

It looks like [ profile] mael_brigde will be coming down to join us tomorrow and staying for a couple of days. [ profile] alfrecht will be heading back north on Tuesday. [ profile] ogam, who is staying with other friends nearby, will be flying back to El Paso on Thursday morning. It's going to be a pretty busy week for me.

Given that I'm still entirely composed of toast, I'll be heading back for bed soon. I'm sure I'll be less crispy tomorrow.


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