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So Jay came over today, along with [ profile] gra_is_stor and [ profile] ingvisson and we watched To Wong Foo and an Eddie Izzard show. Much fun was had by all, but by the end of it one of my eyeballs was threatening to explode with a headache. I didn't really get anything else done today. After the vids we went next door and had some food together, then they all split.

I'm tired and a little cranky but otherwise okay. The headache isn't as bad as it was earlier, thankfully.

Today's events make me despair for my country, but I've been feeling that way for a long time now. The state of the world tends to leave me in distress. Right now I'm too overwhelmed with personal issues to do much more than commiserate with those who are personally affected by what's happening in different places. I wish I had enough bandwidth to do anything at all that might make a difference.
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Today I made an unsuccessful attempt to find the herb the doc suggested at Central Market and ended up ordering a bottle of it online for fairly cheap. We shall see if it does any good.

I shuffled boxes around and stacked the five packed boxes of books in the closet to get them out of the way. I finished sorting all the unsorted books into general categories and the folding bookshelf in the living room is now empty and folded, stashed with the five boxes of poetry and poetics books in the closet. I called and made arrangements to take my books to Mary over in West Seattle on Thursday next week after group. I hope they will all fit into Garuda.

[ profile] alfrecht came by to pick up the books he'd asked me to hold for him. He was only here just long enough to get the books and visit for a couple of minutes, but it was good to see him.

Jay and [ profile] ingvisson should be coming by tomorrow for drag queen movie afternoon with me and [ profile] gra_is_stor. I am wondering if we are going to get The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar. Anyway, there shall be movies. There will no doubt also be popcorn because you cannot have drag queen movies without popcorn.

And I should get some sleep because tired.
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I've got the listing for the books and some dvds and cds I am selling. You can see what is available at this spreadsheet link. None of the $2 books are listed, and only the more expensive cds and dvds are listed. There is nothing on this list for less than $5.

NO SALES OUTSIDE THE US DUE TO SHIPPING EXPENSE. I will send all books at 4th class book rate and all dvds and cds by the cheapest method. I will have to haul things down to the mail out place on foot to check the shipping costs so only ask for something if you really want it. You can pay me for the books, I will get shipping costs, then you can pay me for the shipping and I will then send the books out. No items will be sent without both payments being made. Shipping costs includes any packaging.

I will take payment via PayPal at my inisglas at seanet dot com address. If you are local, you can come pick things up, and you can also look at the other items if they are still here when you get here - I will be taking some of this stuff out to sell it very soon so that it is not taking up valuable space in my apartment.
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I'm having a sale of books, movies, and music today until 7pm and tomorrow from 2-7pm at my home across from Silver Lake in Everett.

If you're interested in coming, please message me and I will happily give you the address!
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If you are local (or you want to drag your ass out here from wherever) I will be having an open house book, music, and video sale this FRIDAY, June 21st. Open house will be from 1pm until 7pm.

I have hundreds of books and cds for sale, along with a few dozen movies and tv series on dvd. A dozen or more Pagan books are signed by the authors, if that interests you. I have some rare and interesting things, as well as the usual stuff. There may also be some photocopies of academic articles and whatnot that I no longer need in the stacks...

If you want to come by and you don't have my address, please message me for it. I will be happy to let you know where I live so you can come and paw the books.
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Today was errand day and [ profile] gra_is_stor came by around 1 to help me get out and do things. I went to bed about 6am and was awakened at 10 by one of the groundskeepers wandering by the bedroom window, which set the dog off. I went back to sleep and got a little bit more before the alarm went off at noon. I was, needless to say, still rather slow when I finally got myself together and out the door.

A few things got dropped in a mailbox, I got my hair cut and bleached, and I grabbed some things at Albertson's that I usually get there because they're cheaper. When I got home, I re-dyed my hair. [ profile] gra_is_stor hauled Garuda over for the necessary emissions check so my tabs can be renewed; she's not really able to be in a hair salon due to the fumes, so she went and did that for me while she waited.

After that I hung out online with some folks and watched the Star Trek reboot movie from a couple of years ago -- several folks I know are planning on going to the new one on opening day, and folks were getting themselves into the proper mood for it. I've been poking a bit at my fic, though I'm kind of cold and feeling crappy at the moment, so I'll be crawling into bed with the laptop to work on it some more.

Tomorrow the Snohomish Mensa TGIF is happening at Emory's just down the street, so I'll be popping by there about 6pm for an hour or two. I believe Sunday there is a Gamelan Pacifica concert.

May 6th I have an audiology appointment. I feel busy but not particularly accomplished at the moment. I usually feel like I'm doing more with my time. The dizziness is probably affecting my perception as much as anything else.

I really need to get some new jeans.
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Rather than spending the day working through the photos to pull out particular ones for the pilgrimage presentation, I went dancing this evening with [ profile] gra_is_stor (at least a little bit) and then we came back here and watched The Tempest - the 2010 Helen Mirren version that I'd seen some publicity for a few years back. I really enjoyed it, though it didn't have much in the way of commercial success. It's a bit surreal, the music is by turns eerie and jarring and strange, and I loved the costumes and the special effects very much.

Email today brought news from Lupa that the animism anthology, Engaging the Spirit World, is finally almost done with layout. This means that publication should be relatively soon. This anthology project has been on the back burner for quite some time, while Lupa was in grad school, but it'll be my second publication this year and I'll be glad to have my essay finally released.

Tomorrow, no, for real, photo sorting. And then buying some dog food.
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There was no AFK today. Instead I got commandeered to take my sweetie and her mom down to Seattle, where they wanted to go up into the Space Needle.

I've been living in the area since 1981 and this is the first time I've done so. We got there a little before 5pm and grabbed a bite to eat first, so it was dark by the time we made the ascent. I found the whole thing kind of creepy, the way the elevator's on the outside of the structure, and just kind of pressed myself into the back of it until we got to the top. I was okay on the observation deck, for the most part, because it doesn't feel like I'm going to accidentally trip and fall off the thing.

We wandered around a bit and I pointed out some of the things around the area to [ profile] gra_is_stor's mom. After we got done there, we and her sister and the sister's boyfriend went out to his place in Carnation to have dinner and watch a movie. He turns out to live maybe a mile from where I did in 2004 when I was renting Bj and SJ's double-wide out there between West Seattle and moving in here.

The movie for the night was War Horse, which was pretty good. A lot of my fangirl friends were all over it because it has Benedict Cumberbatch (from Sherlock) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki in the Avengers) in it for a while. It's a WW1 movie about a kid who raises a horse, and his father sells it to the British Army to try and save their farm. The movie for the most part deals with the horse's various adventures from its birth until the end of the war. There are sniffly, tear-kerking moments galore, for those prone to them. I liked it okay, though it wasn't the sort of thing I would likely have watched on my own.

After that, we headed back here. Her mom and sister are heading back to Boston tomorrow and are going down to the Seattle Aquarium before they head for the airport. I have shrinkage tomorrow, so I'll be at the VA.
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It's been a busy past couple of days. Today I had several folks over for bad movie night for Melody's birthday. We had a potluck, two Dr Phibes movies, and Mars Attacks. Food was tasty, much fun was had by all.

Saturday night was the Abney Park show down at Studio Seven. They had two opening bands and some aerialists. More stuff under the cut )
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I spent a goodly chunk of this evening delving about in books, looking up potential healing deities and other figures, and found quite a number listed here and there. I'm still chasing down some others. I found a note that may be of interest to [ profile] alfrecht and will be typing up a quick quote and sending it off to him in a little bit.

In pursuit of some of my research I have had cause to attempt to read Táin Bó Flidhais: "The Mayo Táin" by Stephen Dunford. I have a sneaking suspicion that he stabbed a thesaurus and let it bleed out onto the pages. It isn't pretty. It gets the story across, but his language is labored and not at all imitative of Early and Middle Irish tales. He cannot resist using some verbal detritus or other when a simple (or even a poetic) word will do. Here, for your delectation, is a sample sentence from this overwrought monstrosity:

Then, as her bosom throbbed and heaved with the quick deleterious pulsation and palsy of grief, and with her fair and beautiful face blanched with streaming tears, her ululating yowls of lamentation echoing united and multitudinous across the landscape, falling and rising in lingering cadences, Flidhais commenced a doleful and remorseful dirge in which she ruefully recalled and recounted every worthy action of her deceased husband and of his hallowed and atavistic progenitors.

As you can see, not much to recommend this version. It is, mercifully, slim.

[ profile] gra_is_stor's mom and one of her sisters will be in town shortly. Her mom may come to the Abney Park show with us tomorrow, and they will both probably join us on Sunday for the bad movie festival. We'll be viewing the two Dr Phibes movies and Mars Attacks. It should be fun.

Dishes were done. Food was had. Research was compiled. All in all, not a bad day.
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I called mom for a bit today and just missed my Uncle Eddie, who had come by for dinner. They usually go to his place for holidays because mom hates cooking, but this year it was her turn. We talked a little bit and then I scarpered off to get ready to go to see The Hobbit. I quite enjoyed the film, but we did end up having to stand in line (inside) to see it. I hadn't ever been to a movie on Xmas before and didn't realize that a lot of people do that thing. I won't be doing it again. Cinebarre, though, was a pretty nice place. They serve actual food and drinks, so it's a 21+ only establishment. At least I was spared screaming juveniles.

I'll be looking forward to seeing the other movies in the trilogy. As with LOTR, some details were changed, and there's material there explaining background from stuff like The Silmarillion and other Tolkien trivia. I was quite amused by Radagast the Brown. Mom said she remembered me reading those books under the covers with a flashlight when I was a kid. Yep, I did that. It was the days before phones were unhooked from walls, and they did not yet glow in the dark or contain books. (is old)

Late this evening I was hanging out in a chat with a bunch of fangirls and got shipped with somebody. My fannish life is complete. (If you do not understand this reference, just ignore it, because it is silliness of the first water.)
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I was tired today - the postal carrier rang the doorbell and left books for me, which means I was up before I'd really wanted to be today. I did get up and do the usual daytime things (shower, get dressed, tea, something vaguely resembling food), but didn't have a whole lot of umph for anything else.

This evening I went next door for pizza and some cheap chianti so that I didn't have to cook, which was good. I watched about half of Hugo on Netflix streaming but found it kind of boring. Maybe I'll watch the rest of it later, but I don't know. I'm looking forward to The Hobbit tomorrow despite mixed reviews from friends. Beyond that, no idea what I might do. They do serve actual food at the cinema, though, so I'll probably have food there while we watch.

Lowell Ford, whom I visited down in southern California a few years back, might be coming up to the area to visit people this summer, so I might see him and his wife Linda again. He says he'll let me know if/when plans are solidified. I have two inquiries about doing weddings/handfastings in August this year; I haven't decided quite yet what to do, though one of them is from a gal who works at the AFK. Once their date is set, I'll talk to them more about it. I'm very likely to do that one. The other is from a couple in Wenatchee; I'm not in a place this week to make a decision about it but I need to email them back and get a few more details about it.

And my creaky parts, they are creaking. I ought to take them to bed.

If you celebrate anything this time of year, have a happy one.
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Today we worked on our presentation on spirit work and PTSD. We've got some good outline material together, and have sorted out some of our sources. [ profile] druid_medb and I are definitely on the same page for most of it, and where we do disagree, it's very minor. We'll do some more work tomorrow after we've talked more about some of the material we want to cover.

This morning's email brought a note from RedBubble saying that the iPad cover was actually for an iPad 2, which is very slightly smaller than the iPad 1, and I'd forgotten that I had the first iteration of the thing. I got it just before the 2 came out. Anyway, they sent me a refund and said go ahead and keep it - give it to somebody, hang it up as art, whatever. So, does anyone have an iPad 2 and want a really cool hard case for the back that says "Get Fucking Epic and Do Shit"? We can work a deal, if you like. Let me know.

This evening we went and hung out with the steampunks over in Lake Stevens. The place we were in closed at 8pm so it wasn't open as late as we had expected. This is likely to become an issue. We went in on our scouting trip for the place on a Thursday, and their hours are different that night. Anyway, after that, I took [ profile] druid_medb over to the AFK and introduced her to the awesome that is my local gamer geek tavern. She was suitably impressed. Upon arrival home, we watched Steamboy and had a lot of fun with that.

Tomorrow will be more work on our presentation, as noted above. Thursday is the VA, and she will be staying Thursday night in downtown Seattle in walking distance of the train station, as the train leaves before 9am, and getting her there through rush hour traffic would mean an unseasonably early departure time from Everett. She's good with that and has made her reservation at an inexpensive place in Pioneer Square. We'll head over to the VA for my appointment, then spend the afternoon/evening down in Seattle before I drop her down in Pioneer Square for the night.

All is well. Happiness abounds.

Beta day

Nov. 26th, 2012 01:51 am
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I spent the vast majority of the day doing editing on the story I wrote. My beta got through some of it, and the britpicker is working her way through it as well, so we're making progress. Late this evening, [ profile] gra_is_stor came by and we watched Sita Sings the Blues together.

When I had the DoDC+3 out earlier today, I slipped on damp grass and pulled a muscle in my thigh, but it's only a little sore right now. Should be okay by tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have to get out and haul Garuda to the garage, and while I'm there I'll get my hair dealt with, finally. I've just needed a reasonable excuse to get my buns out the door and over to that side of the freeway.
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I spent most of the day today down at the AFK with friends, where we played Zombie Fluxx, Cards Against Humanity (hilarious but omg so very very wrong), and a bunch of rounds of Zombie Dice. I had a great time and then headed home, where [ profile] gra_is_stor and I watched The Princess Bride I'd been kind of jonesing for a rewatch for a while now, so it was nice to see it curled up on the couch with my sweetie.

Tomorrow I have company coming over and I'm all excited for that. I forgot to call my mom today but I'll try to remember to call her tomorrow.

Hey, Momster, I love you! Sorry I forgot to call!

There is a bad movie night in the works with my gaming buds.
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My publisher has just released the link to the pre-order page for my poetry collection, Fireflies at Absolute Zero from Hiraeth Press. The book is $15.95 plus postage and is due to ship on October 31st, 2012.

I got some lovely cover text from several writers, including Ruby Sara, editor of the Datura and Mandragora esoteric poesis anthologies. From the Hiraeth page:

“Erynn Rowan Laurie’s Fireflies at Absolute Zero is a call to poetic arms, written with the ferocity and pas­sion of the Earth war­rior — “my poems burn like stars/​ they fall like spears from the oil-​​black sky.” It is a hymn of praise to the old gods, written in the long tra­di­tion of poets as dreamers of new worlds, and re-​​memberers of old ones. Indeed, Laurie’s poetry reminds us all that humanity cannot face its strug­gles with either mushy plat­i­tudes or mil­i­tarist cliché; we require the nuance of the poet who dances coura­geously on the edges, between the struggle and the embrace.” –Theodore Richards, author of Cosmosophia and The Crucifixion

“Following an ancient tra­di­tion of craft and inspi­ra­tion, Erynn Rowan Laurie’s work breathes in wonder, trans­mutes it into a crisp lyri­cism, and offers it, sharp and focused, back to the waking world. Grounded in expe­ri­ence, dream, and story, these poems declare with rich atten­tion the wild voice of the divine, the warp and weft of myth, the com­plexity of being human, and the great beauty of the earth, rough and sweet. Fireflies at Absolute Zero is a col­lec­tion for all who seek to invite in the raw, poetic nature of being and wit­ness to the singing of spirits and powers; bluejay, human struggle, man­drake, divine story, seashore...all brought into focus by the magic of the sacred word.” –Ruby Sara, editor of Datura and Mandragora

“Yes, this book of poems sings with lyrics, dances with visions, flies into spaces not yet filled with song, and lights dark places. But is it a book about writing poetry or about being a poet or being at-​​one with the nat­ural world, lit­erary world, and mytho­log­ical world? Or it is about spir­i­tual jour­neys or about embracing more fully the unknown? Yes!” –Mary Harwell Sayler, author of Living in the Nature Poem

“At the sharp edges of Dreams and Desires I have found a kin­dred spirit of the shining endark­en­ment.” –James McDowell, author of Night, Mystery & Light

Many thanks to Jason Kirkey and Leslie Browning of Hiraeth for their support and encouragement. It has been a delight to work with them on this project!

In other news, I went and helped [ profile] gra_is_stor put together half of her dresser today, and a shower rack. I didn't have time or energy to finish up the dresser, but we'll see about getting that together tomorrow at some point. I have my VA appointment for my orthotics in the afternoon and if I'm up to coping with anything when I get home, I'll go finish up the job for her.

This evening [ profile] alfrecht got back from HowlCon in Portland, and is staying here for the night. He got a ride back from a couple he met at the con, who dropped him off at my place and had a cup of tea with us. As they were leaving, [ profile] gra_is_stor got here and then the three of us watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, which I had seen at the cinema, but I had a really horrid migraine that day, so the experience really wasn't nearly as much fun as it should have been. I'm glad I picked the movie up. It was a lot of fun when I wasn't in blinding pain. Still very much a Holmes AU fanfic, in my opinion, but an amusing one and not a waste of the money I spent on it.

Today I also finally got all the excess cardboard boxes, packing stuff, and recycling out of the house. Now I have space in the library closet again at last. I'd been saving it up for [ profile] lupagreenwolf, but she hasn't been north in a while and I probably won't be seeing her while she's up for SteamCon, so it didn't seem reasonable to hold onto everything for so long.

Anyway, yay for clearing a few things up.

Lastly, I got an email today from NorWesCon programming asking me to be an "attending professional" at NorWesCon this coming March, presumably to speak on writing and/or fanfic panels. I filled out their website form as requested. Now to wait and see if they'll offer me a panel or two!
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Today was just hanging out online with some friends. Watched Tampopo in a livestream with a bunch of people who mostly hadn't seen it before (and a few rabid fans of it like myself), and also went over to [ profile] gra_is_stor's place to help her with more unpacking. I shuffled stuff around and hauled file drawers into place until my back decided to complain.

Being not particularly tired at the moment, I'm watching some Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix. Quite a few of the people I know online are into it so I decided to have a look and it's pretty good.

There's going to be a BBC Sherlock fan convention in Seattle on November 3 and 4, and I signed up to go and offered to do a couple of hours of volunteer stuff on those days. We'll see what happens. Some of the folks I know from the fandom, both here in the Seattle area and from a little farther afield, may show up, so that'll be fun.

All in all, mostly just a fangirly day. Doing a little better physically, but am enjoying mostly just taking a break for a bit before I start outlining the Brigid book and writing up some more posts on my travels.
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I was in Seattle today with Geordie for the second day of his permaculture workshop. I was really kind of half asleep for much of it, but it was a good session, and I was able to participate. As we were getting ready to wrap, I got a ping from [ profile] lupagreenwolf about the Rose City Steampunk Film Festival, on the road in Seattle today, and we went over to have a watch.

There were some excellent short films, and a couple of longer ones, but one thing stood out as wonderfully freaky and hilarious - Doctor Glamour, a steampunk Lovecraftian psychedelic comedy musical. The trailer for the vid is on the website linked above, but there's another complete film on the website as well. It's called "Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer," embedded below for your hilarity quotient for the day. Rather NSFW, but sooooo much fun.

Due to the film festival I was out much later than I anticipated, but it was well worth it. And I got to introduce Geordie to steampunk in one of the most fun ways possible.


May. 14th, 2012 12:03 am
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A fair few of the folks who said they'd be along today canceled, but it was (a) Mother's Day and (b) gorgeously sunny and warm out today, so I was not at all surprised. I did have several people, though, and a wonderful time was had by all.

Geordie got here around 11 or so, and we hung out for a bit and then went for a walk around the lake to catch up on stuff. He's spent a fair bit of the day pawing through my library making notes for his herbalism class coming up next weekend. Tomorrow he'll be asking [ profile] gra_is_stor for Gaelic pronunciation for some of the stuff in the Carmina Gadelica, which he also wants to use.

Folks started arriving about 4pm, and at 5 we started the movies. First up was The Call of Cthulhu, which I've seen several times, as had a couple of the folks in attendance. New to all of us was The Whisperer in Darkness, which was a fabulous 30s noir horror with a wonderfully creepy twist ending. The whole thing was really well done and I would highly recommend it for anyone who has seen the first movie and enjoyed it. You will not go amiss!

Most everyone bailed after the movies, but Brianna stayed and had dinner with me, [ profile] gra_is_stor and Geordie. I made some curried lentils on basmati rice that turned out very well. We finished up the rhubarb cobbler for dessert. Upon finishing up dinner, we watched The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra before Brianna headed home.

We're currently winding down for the night. I'll try to get to some of the comments in the last few days of my LJ tomorrow before we all head down to Seattle. The schmooze is tomorrow, and Geordie will be coming down with us. He'll be staying in Seattle but will probably be up here at least once more before his class next weekend.

Geordie says he looks forward to "another action-packed day filled with adventure and colluding," so I'm sure we'll have a lovely time tomorrow.
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The Medieval Women's Choir had their final concert of the season this evening. As always it was quite a treat. [ profile] gra_is_stor went with me, and we met [ profile] neo_lvx there. Sadly, [ profile] tedgill wasn't in attendance, as Gamelan Pacifica was having a concert at the same time. This is one of those times I wish I had perfected that whole bilocational ability thing. I really would have loved to see both performances.

I hauled my library book back to the Suzzallo today, but I got there just after they had locked the doors. There were some book drops out between the Suzzallo and Allen libraries, so I just had to go around the building to drop it off. Got myself a hat, as well, more of the sort I'd been looking for when I ended up with the two I have right now.

[ profile] gra_is_stor and I went over to Cedars at 50th & Brooklyn for a little food after the concert then headed back here, where I did a lot of cleaning and tidying, then stuffed a rhubarb cobbler in the oven.

I'm sort of more or less ready for my guests tomorrow. We'll see how many folks actually show up for my Lovecraftian soiree. I'm not sure what time Geordie is supposed to be arriving in Everett. I need to email him tonight so he gets it before he leaves Vancouver. I need to make sure he takes the right bus to get off at the South Everett freeway station, so that he can walk here if I've got a housefull of people when he arrives.

And, on that note, I'm away for tasty tasty hot rhubarb thingummies.


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