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I have a couple of turkey drumsticks in the oven. They're on very low heat so that when the'yre done they'll be falling off the bone tender. [ profile] yiaya and one of our other friends will be over in about two hours. There will be stuffing and mustard greens and home made biscuits, and other things that they will bring over for the foodage. I've got two merlots and a chianti to choose from for the wine, as well as the Talisker (whisky from Skye) that [ profile] yiaya has expressed an interest in tasting.

I'm a bit headachy today )
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Finally getting around to reviewing Dark Speech: The Performance of Law in Early Ireland by Robin Chapman Stacey. Robin Stacey is a History prof at the University of Washington. )


Nov. 15th, 2007 02:03 pm
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Last night I talked about the filidecht book. One thing that people mentioned several times was a desire for more practical stuff than for history. I just want folks to know that, beyond the basic history for folks who are unfamiliar with the concept of filidecht, my intent is to produce a book about philosophy and practice, not a purely historical account of what it was. The trouble with writing books... )
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I was feeling tired and under the weather earlier, but a couple of hours of The Tick helped a bit. Laughter is just plain good for the soul. Thinky thoughts about books. )
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Yep. Still down with the head cold. I'm making chicken soup, as it's just that kind of day. Lots of garlic, of course.

Bj called earlier today to cancel astrology class. One of our fellow students, Kirk, is in hospital in Kansas City (I think that's where Bj said) with pneumonia and a collapsed lung, so if any of you would be willing to spare a few thoughts his way, he would appreciate it. Kirk asked for healing energy when Bj spoke to him this morning.

I'm still mostly collapsed on the couch reading. It's raining out and I'm wrapped up in a sweater and have the heat up a bit. Taking my vities and getting lots of liquid. I've been doing some contemplation on the filidecht book and my website as a part of my enforced lying-down-ness.

The inevitable "is Celtic shamanism real" reared its head again on the Nemeton list today. The list has been extremely quiet, so better some discussion than none at all, but that does seem to be one of the big recurrent issues there.

I'm looking forward to feeling better soon. Honestly I am.
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I've been working a little on the ogam book today, fiddling with the chapter on making your own feda. It's moving slowly, but moving, which is always a good thing.

The other thing I've been doing today is poking at the outline (just random words and phrases at this point, really) for the filidecht workshop at PantheaCon. I've discovered over the years that it's almost impossible for me to do an initial outline for a book, an article, or a workshop/lecture on a computer. The process on that kind of page is far too linear. My mind works in clusters and jumps and I end up instead with a scribbled page full of concepts that I then have to work down into something vaguely organized to teach from.

The Disorganized Mind )
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This stuff is mostly notes to myself from some brainstorming I did with [ profile] teriel after we'd hammered out the agreement about the Ogam book. This'll be the one I tackle after that.

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