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I'm feeling kind of awesome and kind of sniffly. My friend [ profile] fififolle, whom I met this summer, said that I was one of the highlights of her year:

I had rather an up and down year writing-wise, but a highlight of my year was meeting in person the lovely erynn999, someone who inspired my writing in early days, showed me what good slash is, and continues to do so. Thank you, sweetie, for coming to visit me!

I'm so touched, Fi - you are amazing and wonderful and always welcome under my roof anytime you are in the same hemisphere.

I went to the Post-Apocalypse steampunk tea at Kier's place over in Greenwood for a couple of hours and had a lovely time. I played Martial Fluxx with friends, shared info about the Sherlock Seattle party on January 6th with one of my friends, and learned that there is an Abney Park and Steam Powered Giraffe show in Everett in April that I want to go to, since it's about 15 minutes from my place.

When I got home, I ended up writing a 3,300 word outline for a fic I want to do later this year when I've got the article on ogam finished and a good start on the Brigid book. Geordie says that he'd be interested in doing a panel on esoteric poetry at the Esoteric Book Conference in September, and put him in touch with [ profile] alfrecht, who wants to propose one with us and Ruby Sara, who edited the Datura and Mandragora anthologies.

Now my left hand ring finger is all numb and hurting. I'm going to have to lay off the keyboard for a couple of days and to pay my bills tomorrow.

Tired Erynn will now crawl off and go to bed.
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About Iron Maidens: an E-Anthology

Iron Maidens is an e-anthology with a purpose. Two purposes actually.

This anthology was born to fill a gap in the speculative fiction reading experience. Far too often in fiction, especially speculative fiction, strong female characters have faced sexual abuse somewhere in in their past. Frequently it is their only motivation for their acts of heroism, valor, and general kick-ass attitude. While there is a place for tales of sexual violence – both to show how terrible it is and to show that survivors can be more than just people who were once victims – it is not the only thing that can spur women into adventure. Women are fully capable of holding their own within the worlds fantasy without having first been subjected to sexual violence. We would like to prove it with a collection of stories from many voices across the fantasy genre.

The second purpose is directly linked to the first. All sales of Iron Maidens will be donated to the organization SAFER: Students Active for Ending Rape. In their own words SAFER “empowers students to hold their universities accountable for having strong campus sexual assault policies and programming.” This student run, all-volunteer collective is active on many university campuses across the United States, offering a variety of resources to help students, facility, and parents work together to make our universities a safer place to learn. Their cause is admirable and their goal is one we should aspire to hold everyone to in all phases of life – before, after, and during college. By helping them we help us all.

I hope you are as excited about this project as I am! Please take the time to check out our submission guidelines and frequently asked questions. If you have any questions please email (Please title the email “Query – [question summary]“) Thank you for taking the time to visit!
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I didn't do a lot today, but I did get some dishes clean and went over to visit with some friends at the AFK for a couple of hours this evening.

I'm confirmed for going up to Vancouver from the 19th-22nd to help out [ profile] mael_brigde after her surgery. I'll be able to see Bruce and Heather while I'm up there as they should be in town.

My creaky parts are still incredibly creaky, though I tried to give my arms at least a bit of a rest today. They're doing slightly better. I did write a drabble (a 100-word fic), but that was the work of about ten minutes and not much of a strain.

Tomorrow is Seattle to watch [ profile] meddevi and [ profile] nathan_fhtagn perform.

My parts hurt a lot. I wish they didn't. Pain is so damned tiring. It just chips away at you a little at a time when it never goes away. Don't get me wrong, I'm very fond of my life, I just wish there was a little less ache in it.

A query

Nov. 28th, 2011 12:48 am
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I got an inquiry over on my FB page today from Chuck Hudson at Raven Radio about doing a podcast conversation about Asatru and CR, their similarities and differences. They've done some interviews with Troth folks before. I wanted to ask if anyone (I'm looking particularly at you, [ profile] nancyblue) knew about these folks and whether I should consider doing the talk with them. I'm always a little skittish about doing stuff that involves phones (or, in this case, Skype) where I can't be in the same room with the person or people I'm talking to. I do have some fairly problematic phone-phobia issues, which is why email and text messaging tend to be my go-to communication methods of choice.

If they're not connected with anyone unsavory, I might be willing to do the talk with them, provided I can cope with the phobia issues. I'm just at the thinking about it stage at the moment.

Beyond that, I've done some more writing on my fic today and signed up to do a short one for a holiday gift exchange in one of my fandom communities. The keyword here is "short," as the current one I'm working on is going to be fairly lengthy. I'm still poking at it in another window right now, and it's at about 23,000 words. Yeah, I tend to be windy, I do. It's for the good cause of cleaning out my brain so that serious nonfiction writing can be done later.

[ profile] lupabitch pinged me earlier today too and asked if I might consider doing a guest blog post for the Pagan Newswire Collective project No Unsacred Place. I'm giving that one some thought, as it wouldn't have to be a long piece, and I might be able to pop some photos into it as well. I can worry about that later, though.

I may be going to see the new Muppet movie on Thursday with [ profile] gra_is_stor, depending on how I'm feeling. Right at the moment, I'm rather headachy. I crawled out to the grocery store to get dog food today, but that and writing have been about it for activity. I still need to do laundry; I'm hoping I'll be up to it tomorrow. Along with throwing together a proposal for the Esoteric Book Conference.

Damn, I'm busy. I hadn't expected that.

Shut up, hips.
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Passing this along for a friend. Please note all the details.

Trans*, Gender/queer, Gender Variant, Questioning -and generally all around not cis- Sci-Fi Zine Callout

hay there, all! we’ve taken all the feedback and critiques received from a number of online spots and are releasing an updated/revised callout. we appreciate all the attention this project has received and are really excited about it. please continue to let us know what you think! <3

Calling all: alien shes, animorphs, astrologists, celestial beings, clairvoyants, closet monsters, comix nerds, cyberpunx, cyborg feminists, deep sea divers, discordians, dungeon masters, dystopian sluts, elves & fairies, evil robots, extremophiles, genderqueer cans o’beans, glam goths, glamarchists, griminals, hackers, horror fiends, intergalactic babestars, kids who read about inanimate objects coming to life, techies, Linux geeks, mad scientists, pervy bookworms, post-apocalyptic prophets, sexy clones, star bellied boys, stargazers, steampunks, superqueerdos, Tralfamadorians, Trekkies, witches, wizards, wizard’s apprentices, vampire slayers, vamp tramps, superqueerdos, vengeful librarians, zombie survivalists, 1-800-psychics, and lovely so-ons… who aren’t cis

We’re hoping to compile a rag tag collection of short sci-fi/horror/fantasy stories written by trans*, gender/queer, gender variant, questioning, or otherwise fabulous peeps. For the first volume, we’re hoping folks will consider, for your writing pleasure, the vague theme of ‘Solution-Oriented Dystopia’ and anything that may encompass.

After many (encrypted web-based) chatz we got to talking about the ways in which non-cis folk often gravitate towards each other to discuss our experiences living in a cis-centric world, and the ways we move through those worlds. These conversations often include talking about hard shit, sharing coping mechanisms, and plotting to tear down and piss glitter on the ruins of the realities that bring violence against us. and also, we talked a lot about sci-fi.

oppressive language gets put on us by so-called experts who feel entitled to narrate our lives and dictate what our bodies should or shouldn’t look like. our stories get spelled out to us by ‘professionals’ and/or any jerk who wants to tell some fucked up joke. so we wanna reclaim ourselves and narratives through sci-fi. we wanna create fictions that could become realities, in some other quantum reality in the not-so-distant future/past/present.

we chose the theme of Solution-Oriented Dystopia because we want to talk about the terrible shit that happens to us and our loved ones by way of creative processes. We don’t wanna gloss over those things, because silence = death. our silence does anything but protect us, and for that reason we would rather obscure cis-centric worlds than pretend they don’t exist.

we think that writing is an escape hatch, an ejection seat out of the cis-centric death machine on a collision course to monotony. it’s an opportunity to not just work through, but speak out against, the ways in which the world fucks with us on a daily basis - and be fabulously geekxcore sassy while doing so.

deadline for submissions: february 2, the day of satanic revels

submission guidelines:
-no poetry (we love you… but…)
-The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Award guidelines state that a short story is anything under 7,499 words. But… seriously. In keeping with the on-going life theme of railing against everything, we’re hoping you stick to between 1,500 - 2,000 words long (shorter is okay too)
-grammar and capitalization is whatever.
-send in .doc, .odt
-justified margins

send submissions to:
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I got my copies of The Scribing Ibis today. None of the italicization in my text survived, but the book looks good, regardless. It's sweet to have yet another one on the shelf of "Stuff Erynn's Done."

Hex Magazine emailed me today with the copy for the old amanita muscaria article from "Shaman's Drum" that they're reprinting. I went over it for proof reading and corrected a few typos, then sent it back. It's apparently going to press Friday, so that was my priority project for the day. Glad that's done with. Like Circle of Stones, this is from quite some time ago. I can definitely tell which bits I wrote and which bits Timothy White wrote.

[ profile] dmiley and his wife headed out for the ferry about noon. We had some pastry from the french bakery next door for breakfast and went for a walk around the lake before they took off. It was great to have them here and I wish them the best in their travels and a safe trip home.

Mom reports that Ray and Diane's house is still there but apparently some of the bank washed out, so it's very lucky the house is still there.

As to undermining bits, I went out with the DoDC+3 a little while ago only to find that there's a sinkhole in the parking lot. Apparently when the lot was paved, there was some kind of rectangular cement enclosure under it that was just capped with asphalt. I'm surprised it hadn't collapsed before. The hole isn't very big at the moment, but could get to be at least three feet long if it collapses along the whole underground structure. There's safety tape put up around it and I imagine it will be dealt with soon.

I'll be off to the AFK tonight for the steampunk meetup. Sounds like about half a dozen people will be there, so it'll be nice to catch up with folks.
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Here's the notice from the editor:

The book is currently available through CreateSpace, and will be available on Amazon (and Amazon UK) shortly. Digital versions will also be available through Smashwords in short order.

The book contains my first short story!
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I got a call from the sib today. He has (as we all rather anticipated) accepted the position in Iraq. He'll be going to Florida for his orientation and then will be sent to the base in Iraq when that's finished. He'll be in Cape Cod for another week or so, then driving down to mom's place to drop off the car and his stuff. He said he was glad this came through when it did, because if he'd actually changed his drivers license and legal residency to Massachusetts, there are apparently some serious complications including tax rates that he'd have to worry about.

I got some more work done on the queering the flame essay today, and [ profile] alfrecht has handed me some notes on a hardcopy of the draft so far so that I can correct errors and expand on some of what's already there. In combination with [ profile] mael_brigde's comprehensive notes, it should cover most of what I need to deal with to make the thing the best essay possible.

Tomorrow is the CR schmooze. [ profile] mael_brigde's not feeling too well at the moment so she won't be down. I need to walk the neighbor's dog mid-day tomorrow and Wednesday, so we'll be heading down late in the afternoon tomorrow. We watched a few eps of due South today and will probably watch one or two tomorrow before we head south as well.

I got a ping today that one of my fics got translated into Japanese. Another was translated into Russian earlier this year. I'm continually blown away that folks actually like my silly fun stuff as well as my more serious Pagan writing. I know how much work it is to do translations, and the idea that someone would put that kind of effort into one of my stories is very flattering. (I will admit I squeed like crazy when I saw that tonight.) And on that note, I'd like to call your attention to today's XKCD.
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I spent the day today at home, archiving fanfic. Oh boy.

I'm still pretty tired, and for no real reason. The only things up this week are shrinkage and the Everett steampunks on Wednesday and (possibly) gaming on Saturday with Bj and SJ. I still have to toss an email out to them to make sure that's actually happening, given that Adam says he can't do twice a month.
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I slept very badly last night, but managed to feel somewhat better by the time I got up about 2pm this afternoon. I had taken a zomig for the migraine, but it only made me feel worse. Not so much the headache itself, which it didn't help at all, but dizziness and vague nausea and an exacerbation of my body pain pretty much everywhere. I don't think I'll be repeating that experiment.

Since the blood pressure meds didn't do a damned thing to head off the migraine, I haven't taken one again today and I haven't been feeling nearly as fried as I was while I was taking it. Again, I have to talk to my doctor about all of this, but the meds she had me on weren't doing a damned thing to help. I don't need to be taking shit that just makes me feel worse. Quite frankly, I'd rather have my blood pressure in the high-normal range than not be able to function.

I hadn't been planning to go out today, but between running out of dog food and someone noting that Fred Meyer had a sale on microfleece flannel sheets for $20 any size (I have a king size bed, so they're usually pretty expensive), I decided I could haul my ass out and do at least a little shopping. I got new sheets and tossed them in the laundry when I got home, and also got food for the pupulator, as well as some groceries. This does, however, mean I'll be changing the sheets for something warmer before I go to bed tonight.

Tonight I made a cauliflower and chickpea curry with my spoils. The remains are in the fridge. I now have juice again as well. SJ sent home some gingerbread with me last night that I had nibbles of today as well.

I also had a couple of writy things happen today. I signed the contract for my fiction piece for the Thoth anthology from Bibliotheca Alexandrina this afternoon and sent it back, and I also got a query from a researcher at a university in Brisbane who is doing a chapter on what she's calling the "Cyber Celtic Diaspora" for a publication on "Pop Pagans." She wanted to quote from one of my old online pieces. I said sure, if she'd send me her piece when she finished. She said that she would. I have no idea what she's planning on saying. I'm not sure whether to expect bemusement or mocking or some vague semblance of respect. At least she asked.

Anyway, with the Thoth anthology, that's two publications that should be coming out this year so far with contributions from me and it's not even mid-January yet. I doubt it's going to be a huge year for publications, but I have to say it's not a bad start.

Email today also brought a note about a lecture at the UW this Tuesday evening. From the Poets West newsletter:

Tuesday, January 11 at 6:30 p.m.
UW Campus, Kane Hall, Room 120
Special Walker-Ames Lecture by Paolo Valesio, Professor of Italian Literature- Columbia University entitled "On Mysticism & Modern Italian Poetry." Event is free and open to the public. To guarantee your seat please register here.

I signed up to go. It sounds like it'll be fun.

Wednesday, shrinkage and the schmooze group's organizational meeting.
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A while ago (a year or more, I think) there had been a call out from Neos Alexandria for works of fiction themed around Thoth/Djehuty. The project stumbled, a hard drive crash ate everything the editor had received, and the volume was shelved, unfinished. I'd written a piece for it, which I rather liked, and since the volume hasn't currently got an editor and is effectively in limbo, I thought I'd post it here for folks. This is about the only non-fanfic fiction I've ever written, and it's in an entirely different style than I usually employ.

Anyway, here's the story.

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