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I talked to the woman from the property management office today. What they could get for rent for the condo would not even cover my mortgage and HOA payments, much less covering their fees. She gave me a referral to a real estate agent and I am going to look into selling the condo. I called after she left and he and another agent from his office will be coming over on Friday afternoon to look at the place. I was up front with him on the phone about this needing to be a short sale and a VA mortgage. I'm hoping that we can arrange this so that I don't lose too much money on the place, but at least I would be out from under it.

I have no idea how a short sale is going to affect my credit and, because of that, affect the chances of my visa being approved. I'm going to continue on with the process anyway, in hopes that things will work out. I really can't see just curling up in a ball and giving up. That's never really been my style. I will admit it's been a pretty stressful day because of this, though.

I listed the bed yesterday because there is no way it will likely fit into any place I can afford to rent in Seattle, nor will I be able to take it over to Italy. I have someone coming over to buy the frame tomorrow night, though the box spring and the mattress will remain here. I'll still have a perfectly acceptable bed to sleep on, it'll just be a foot or so lower than it is now. This bothers me not at all, and it'll be a little more money in the coffers toward the whole moving thing. It'll especially be helpful if repairs need to be done before I can sell the place.

The management agent noticed some water damage in the ceiling of the guest bathroom that I hadn't seen before because I almost never use the thing. She said it looked like it might be a slow leak from upstairs. Sally said I should contact Brian, the condo association's property manager, to come and have a look at the situation and see what needs to be done.

So much to do, so many things that can go wrong. And I can't stay here.
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Today was a little slower and quieter. I filled out the VA survey and added a bunch of notes on some of the pages expressing my issues with the way it was written and where I varied from their assumptions. Not sure if it will make any difference at all, but at least I have attempted to have my say. Took an hour or two, where they claimed it would take 30 minutes. That, of course, is if you're just picking tickyboxes. The fact that anxiety level doesn't necessarily influence what I absolutely have to do because I live by myself doesn't seem to occur.

The salal berries went into the dehydrator today. A couple of small ziplock bags of them went into the freezer. I made a small salal berry cobbler as well. I turned off the dryer for the night a couple of hours ago because it's so noisy, but it shouldn't be a problem. I'll turn it back on for a bit tomorrow.

This evening I did a little chasing down dates for ogam in manuscripts so that I could construct a rough timeline for the use of the alphabet. I chased down more information the Ballinderry dice and am not quite convinced by the arguments that it's an isolated 2nd century use of ogam. I have no idea what it is, but I don't think it's that. I haven't done any photographs of things or any scanning, but I did at least get a few things done aside from #writechat today.

I'm currently feeling slightly overwhelmed and wish I didn't have a bunch of stuff to do this coming week, but stuff has to get done. My sinuses are still not too happy with me and I'm kind of hoping I'm not coming down with a cold or anything. That would be immensely annoying.

[ profile] ingvisson is coming over tomorrow for a bit and we're going to the schmooze together. I'm going to wipe my data off the laptop tomorrow, as he has the OS discs that I need. I'm considering sending this one back to Apple for recycling, as it could net me about $300 in credit with them. It won't be useful in paying for the new computer, but I'm guessing I could get some useful stuff with that much money at the Apple store. I'm definitely contemplating an updated version of Office for Mac, as mine is Office 2008.
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I've finally got a start on the Brigid & Sarasvati presentation. I cracked a couple of books and have about a page and a half of notes so far. It's nowhere near an actual outline as yet, just NOTES and notes and more notes and I'm barely started. On top of this, I am in my usual pre-PCon ZOMFG*flaily* phase where nothing is ever going to work right and I'll have too much material and won't know what to cut, or I won't have enough material and will hem and haw through the presentation, or I'll mangle the little bit of Sanskrit that I'll be using (and the Gaelic), or... or... well, you get the idea. Happens every year without fail. The brain knows I'll be fine. The adrenal glands, not so much. I have no idea why I do this to myself every year.

At least with the CR ritual thing, I can pull two rituals from the group's repertoire and deconstruct them and say "this is where we got these elements, this is where we're quoting from, this is why we did it, this worked, this didn't, these are things I might suggest for other groups" and it won't go over too badly, I think. I'm figuring one of the warrior rituals (return probably, as I've actually been through it) and the Imbolc ritual we'll be doing this weekend. It'll offer a good spread of material, a variety of sources, and different things to consider about the hows and whys of ritual.

There was some cooking today, but aside from that and catching up on the intertubes, not much. I'm glad I've finally got started. It's always the hardest bit, I think.

I got a replacement cd of my photoshoot from a few months back, and this one doesn't work either. I'm certain it's my computer, as [ profile] fullcontactmuse burned the cd on her Mac, so we know it should work on my machine. Except I'm still running a fairly ancient (relatively speaking) MacBook at the moment, and there could very well be something wrong with my cd/dvd drive. If anyone has both a drive and fast internet access, maybe we could get together and I can upload these puppies somewhere so that I can access the high-quality prints by a massive .zip file or something?

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the VA with my new meds doc. I'm always a little nervous about dealing with a new doc there. No idea how they will treat me, as always. I got on really well with my last meds doc and she actually listened to me. Some of them don't, and that would be problematic, given how I often have weird reactions to medications and need to be more careful than some people about them.

In summation, stressy Erynn is stressed out. This is normal. Carry on.
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I was up way too late last night and the DoDC+3 woke me with a persistent nose to the face at about 11:30am, when I'd had maybe four hours of actual sleep. I pushed him off and managed to stay in bed for another hour or so, but had things to do today, so I ended up getting my butt out of bed and moving on.

Today was the CR schmooze's Burns Night party, and I was delighted to spend time with my friends, but I was definitely dragging. I actually went as far as lying down for a while as the rest of the group talked and waited for those who were going to be a little later. It helped some, but not really enough. We had dinner (haggis, neeps and tatties, salad, oat bannocks, chocolate, and - yay - Ardbeg) and hung out talking for a fair while before I was too tired to really handle staying in a crowd anymore. About 9pm I noted that I was about done in, so I headed north and gave Charles a ride home.

rantiness below the cut )
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I think that kind of describes my entire day.

I woke to the news of a $250+ repair for my heater. I found out my wireless was dead. I spent an hour on the phone with ATT and left the house late for my appointment at the VA. I got there just barely on time, after having had to route around a traffic jam. I dashed into the group room panting for breath and frazzled to a pip.

After I got out of the group, I didn't bother to go to the travel office. It would have been too awful to contemplate. I went to Kaladi Brothers and used their internet to post the fic I'd been working on after I caught up with my email. That took me most of an hour, and I finished just in time to run to Greenwood for the CR schmooze business meeting. Where two people were an hour late, but that was okay because I needed time to catch my breath.

After the meeting, I took the DoDC+3 out, downed some leftovers (I'd had two cups of tea, a cup of herbal tea and a scone all day) and headed out to deal with the rest of my intertubes over at the AFK. Where bad karaoke is taking place. I'm done with the stuff I needed to do. I had something actually dinnerlike and a pint of Blackthorn. I'm doing a little better now and getting ready to head home.

I'll probably be back here for at least a little while tomorrow to check email and cope with the world online, but plan on taking advantage of my enforced intertubes fast by working on my stuff for PantheaCon and making some edits to the Imbolc ritual as discussed at the meeting tonight.

Snow is apparently expected in the Seattle area tonight/tomorrow, from what I've heard. It's currently 34f in Everett. I'm hoping the white stuff won't come down. Ugh. That would be sucktastic.

And now, home again. I hope your day was a hella lot better than mine was.
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I did a short blog post on Searching for Imbas today, giving an update of some of my writing and noting that I'd be at the Esoteric Book Conference this weekend. I called and left a brief message for my mom, passing along a message from the sib.

I am currently trying like hell to find the dates of some Irish manuscripts for my "Queering the Flame" essay. While the Silva Gadelica is awesome for translating a bunch of texts, it doesn't give jack shit for information about manuscript dating. This is me smacking my head against a desk.

I need food. I also need to write more.
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I talked to one of the folks on the condo board today, who doesn't think the board can actually do anything. She said to talk to the guy at our property management service, who happens to be friends with the contractors. Yeah, I doubt that's gonna help much. Anyway...

I picked up some supplies today for our Beltaine feast. Mostly it was enough rhubarb for cobbler for 12, with cream to put on it for them that wants it. I also picked up wood for the ritual fire. It was damp, given that it's been raining off and on for just about forever here of late. I've got it in Garuda's trunk, in hopes that it can dry a little in there before we have to try to burn it.

I'll be hauling our harper and her harp up from wherever in Seattle she lives out to the house where we're having the ritual, and then home again afterwards, in addition to bringing [ profile] mael_brigde along.

The sib had a phone interview for a job on a base on Cape Cod somewhere. He said it went okay, but has no idea whether he'll get the position or not. I'm keeping the fingers crossed and all that other juju. This afternoon there was laundry and more Venture Brothers, up to the end of season two. Oh, how exciting my life is.

Tomorrow, I will be actually doing the baking of cobbler and whatnot. That part will be fun, and I may have enough to do a smaller one just for me and the sib here at home as well. I'm supposed to also do just some rhubarb, for the member of our merry crew who is gluten-intolerant. That I'm certainly capable of doing.

And now, I'm going to attempt some sleep. Tired is just really kicking my arse at the moment.
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It was another day with insomnigrackles by the boatloads. I got to bed about 5:30 this morning and got up again 5 hours later with sun streaming in the window. I don't mind the sun part at all, trust me. Sun is a good thing. I am, however, going to try to get to sleep before 1:30 tonight. We'll see how well this plan works.

I spent most of the day doing laundry, which needed to be done but was not exactly a thrill ride. There are still dishes to be done, but I may just wait until tomorrow to get to them. Writing is still not happening, though another ficcy plotbunny has risen up to strangle me. It would be nice if some of that creativity would get into my nonfiction writing. Seriously. I swear my nonfic muse is in complete hibernation, if not suspended animation.

The cold nights, down in the low to mid 30s, have left me creaky and a bit cranky. My neck is sore and achy. I still have to put sheets back on the bed. I hung out for a while in SL with [ profile] lysana and talked about goth music and the collapse of western civilization as we know it, though not as linked phenomena. Damn, my life is exciting, isn't it?

Tomorrow I need to take the goose out of the freezer and let it thaw in the fridge so I'll have time enough to brine it properly before I roast it Friday. Today's dinner was tasty, if simple -- chicken bits with salted kumquats, bay leaf, peppercorn and cinnamon stick, as a riff on a Moroccan tagine. I had it on top of brown rice. It was very very nummy.

This week I visit the VA twice, once for group and again to see Nina about a neurology consult for the migraines. Even though I feel like I've got no energy at all, I'm still very much looking forward to everyone coming over on Friday for dinner and bad movies. It'll be nice to have a house full of people again for the evening. I also need to get out this week and pick up a couple of ink cartridges for my printer, which ran out Friday when I was trying to print stuff for the gaming session that got cancelled on Saturday.

And now to pry myself away from the computer, pill the dog, and make the bed. Only two more days of dog-pilling left.
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It looks like Befu and I will be trying to start up a Wednesday evening steampunk group at the AFK Tavern. Everett Evil Genius Guild, anyone? We're waiting to hear back from management, but if all goes as planned, it'll be weekly at AFK at 7pm, much like the Steamvent at the Wayward in Greenwood is on Mondays at 7pm.

I'll keep you posted.

In other news, no writing as yet today, but perhaps in a little bit. I need to do something today. [ profile] danicia introduced me to the evil that is Angry Birds, a video game for your phone. It's cute, but mostly it's addictive. I really don't need another addiction. *feh*
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This evening, my flamekeeping shift started. As the days grow shorter, the hour for beginning is earlier, and I'll admit it feels odd to be starting before 7:30 these days. Come winter, it'll be closer to 4, though.

I'm still not feeling all that great. I didn't go anywhere today, nor did I do much of anything except a load of laundry. I needed clean clothes so I can go to Portland on Saturday. My next door neighbor said she'd be happy to watch the DoDC+3 for me, so that saves me a few bucks and expenses won't be quite so tight while I'm on the road. I still shouldn't buy anything at Powells while I'm down there, though. That'll be difficult, I must admit. I tend to be rather addicted to the place.

I'd given some thought to going down to the queer Pagan meetup tonight, but evil cramps are evil and I just didn't have either the energy or the wherewithal to go. It's been drizzly, and I'm saving up my "driving in the rain" energy for the weekend. It always makes things slightly more stressy, though I'm very much looking forward to seeing [ profile] lupabitch and [ profile] martianmooncrab. Much fun will be had by all.

I didn't really have enough focus today for cracking the books, though I wanted to. They're still sitting there on the table and the breakfast bar, staring accusingly at me and daring me to get started.

Pain always makes me feel much more tired. I've always hated how it saps me and makes me not want to even move. I try not to take too many pills for it -- tylenol a couple of times a day is usually enough to keep me functional, but it hasn't been for the past few days. Sometimes more tea helps, but I can't drink too much of that in a given day, either, if I want to be able to sleep at least once in 24 hours. I get discouraged more easily when I hurt, but that's just life. I'm thankful that I don't have to drag myself out of the house and try to put in five or eight or ten hours at a job when I feel like this. I still remember working 12 or sometimes even 16 hour shifts back in the Navy and am intensely grateful that those days are far behind me.

I'm excited about the upcoming show on Saturday night. Even if I feel like crap, I'll go, because it will be fun. This is one of those "hurt if I do and hurt if I don't so I may as well do what pleases me" situations. I'll pay for it later, absolutely, but it's almost always worth it.

I'ma gonna dance, baby.
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I haven't really done anything today except grab food and watch Werner Herzog's "Encounters at the End of the World" (a pretty spiffy documentary with some spectacular footage of Antarctica). Despite this, I am tired as a very very tired thing after a long, tired day of tiredness.

This said, I am going to bed. I may or may not be up in the middle of the night again after having got some rest.
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I think I got to bed finally sometime between 6:30 and 7, and of course the DoDC+3 had his nose in my face and was bouncing over me by about 11:30. I got up for a couple of hours and went back to bed. Got up about 5:30. Still feeling like leftover toast.

Health, thy name is craptastic.


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