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No, it wasn't the box of poetry books I was expecting. It was this:

Suibhne Geilt by Michael Quirke

This is the Suibhne Geilt carving I've been waiting for from Michael Quirke in Ireland. I knew it had been shipped out a week or two back, but I wasn't certain how long it would take to arrive. That was the package I'd missed on Saturday while I was out at the veterans day parade, which seems rather fitting, all things considered.

Also in the mail I got Sherlock: The Casebook from the UK, which is a hilarious combination of diary/scrapbook of John Watson, with inserted annotations by Sherlock and Mycroft (and responses from John) via sticky notes, and talk about the behind the scenes stuff and various Sherlockiana. I'd had a chance to look at it very briefly during the Sherlock con a couple of weeks ago, but this is a treat. This kind of thing is one of the reasons I love fandom so much. People with weird senses of humor, and nerdcraft. I'm about halfway through it and will probably finish it up sometime tomorrow.

I did a little more writing today, but not a lot. Current word count is 13,157 but I may add a little more before I go to bed. Tomorrow is my monthly shrinkage, Thursday is group, then some of the Krakens are getting together at a new place in Lake Stevens to check that out. Friday is the Sherlock Seattle afterparty at the AFK. Busy week!
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Today was the final day of the Sherlock Seattle con. I got down to Seattle and parked right behind the building where the con was being held. Thank you free Sunday parking! It made up for yesterday's hike up to 14th and Union from Broadway and Pine.

There were more panels, a hilariously funny trivia contest hosted by the delightful [ profile] berlynn_wohl (who is fantastic and will be at NorWesCon next year), more cosplay moments of magnificence, and sushi with fangirls. The cliffie season two ender The Reichenbach Fall was shown and there was much sniffling and sobbing heard in the darkened theatre. I was like, "Yeah, yeah, I know, but how the fuck did he do it, dammit!" I await the season three opening episode with bated breath. Except I will die of asphyxiation before it actually airs.

The con was immense fun and next year's is in planning as we speak, for the organizer is insane and quite possibly demented. I hope she has more help next year! She was running around like a squirrel on crack making sure that everything ran as close to on time as possible (damn near, unlike so many things I've attended), and that everybody was happy. I found many like-minded fen and gathered a bunch of new acquaintances.

It was truly a lovely weekend, and one I shall remember with delight for a long time.

Thanks to everyone who made it so fantastic.
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Today was a VA group day. I sold three of the four copies I had left of Fireflies and will have to order some more. One of the gals who bought one last week was so thrilled with it that she bought another for a friend. I was so tickled by that.

After that, I wandered over to Travelers for chai and food. They've got the new November menu up, which is South Indian sambar. It was very tasty.

When I got home, I eventually went over to the store with [ profile] gra_is_stor, then she came back here with me for a bit and I did a reading for her. Overall, a reasonably quiet day.

Tomorrow and this weekend shall be Sherlock con stuff. w00t!
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This morning didn't start well. I went to sleep at maybe 4:30am, only to be awakened by landscapers outside my bedroom window running a weedwhacker at 10:30am. Needless to say, this did not make the DoDC+3 very happy. By the third pass near the window, I gave up and hauled myself upright.

Email brought photos from Caitlin of the pomegranate ogam feda she made for me:

Pomegranate ogam feda from Caitlin

They look spiffy, don't they? She works with all kinds of wood and you can see her work or commission pieces from her here.

The mail brought my copies of Fireflies at Absolute Zero today!

Fireflies have arrived!

This means if you pre-order, you should get them before the official release date of October 31st. So dash on over to Hiraeth Press and do that thing! You can even look at the first several pages of the book there. The cover looks much nicer than this lighting makes it seem.

Last in the good news for the day department, [ profile] gra_is_stor reports that she has the preliminary sound files for the Circle of Stones prayers in Gaelic/Irish and will be working on making them nice for uploading so you can buy them soon! I don't know how long that will take, but you'll know pretty much as soon as I do when they'll be available.

Even with all the good news, I barely felt up to leaving the house today. I almost left getting the mail out of the mailbox for tomorrow, but the DoDC+3 had to be walked, so I had to put clothes on anyway. Glad I did.
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My publisher has just released the link to the pre-order page for my poetry collection, Fireflies at Absolute Zero from Hiraeth Press. The book is $15.95 plus postage and is due to ship on October 31st, 2012.

I got some lovely cover text from several writers, including Ruby Sara, editor of the Datura and Mandragora esoteric poesis anthologies. From the Hiraeth page:

“Erynn Rowan Laurie’s Fireflies at Absolute Zero is a call to poetic arms, written with the ferocity and pas­sion of the Earth war­rior — “my poems burn like stars/​ they fall like spears from the oil-​​black sky.” It is a hymn of praise to the old gods, written in the long tra­di­tion of poets as dreamers of new worlds, and re-​​memberers of old ones. Indeed, Laurie’s poetry reminds us all that humanity cannot face its strug­gles with either mushy plat­i­tudes or mil­i­tarist cliché; we require the nuance of the poet who dances coura­geously on the edges, between the struggle and the embrace.” –Theodore Richards, author of Cosmosophia and The Crucifixion

“Following an ancient tra­di­tion of craft and inspi­ra­tion, Erynn Rowan Laurie’s work breathes in wonder, trans­mutes it into a crisp lyri­cism, and offers it, sharp and focused, back to the waking world. Grounded in expe­ri­ence, dream, and story, these poems declare with rich atten­tion the wild voice of the divine, the warp and weft of myth, the com­plexity of being human, and the great beauty of the earth, rough and sweet. Fireflies at Absolute Zero is a col­lec­tion for all who seek to invite in the raw, poetic nature of being and wit­ness to the singing of spirits and powers; bluejay, human struggle, man­drake, divine story, seashore...all brought into focus by the magic of the sacred word.” –Ruby Sara, editor of Datura and Mandragora

“Yes, this book of poems sings with lyrics, dances with visions, flies into spaces not yet filled with song, and lights dark places. But is it a book about writing poetry or about being a poet or being at-​​one with the nat­ural world, lit­erary world, and mytho­log­ical world? Or it is about spir­i­tual jour­neys or about embracing more fully the unknown? Yes!” –Mary Harwell Sayler, author of Living in the Nature Poem

“At the sharp edges of Dreams and Desires I have found a kin­dred spirit of the shining endark­en­ment.” –James McDowell, author of Night, Mystery & Light

Many thanks to Jason Kirkey and Leslie Browning of Hiraeth for their support and encouragement. It has been a delight to work with them on this project!

In other news, I went and helped [ profile] gra_is_stor put together half of her dresser today, and a shower rack. I didn't have time or energy to finish up the dresser, but we'll see about getting that together tomorrow at some point. I have my VA appointment for my orthotics in the afternoon and if I'm up to coping with anything when I get home, I'll go finish up the job for her.

This evening [ profile] alfrecht got back from HowlCon in Portland, and is staying here for the night. He got a ride back from a couple he met at the con, who dropped him off at my place and had a cup of tea with us. As they were leaving, [ profile] gra_is_stor got here and then the three of us watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, which I had seen at the cinema, but I had a really horrid migraine that day, so the experience really wasn't nearly as much fun as it should have been. I'm glad I picked the movie up. It was a lot of fun when I wasn't in blinding pain. Still very much a Holmes AU fanfic, in my opinion, but an amusing one and not a waste of the money I spent on it.

Today I also finally got all the excess cardboard boxes, packing stuff, and recycling out of the house. Now I have space in the library closet again at last. I'd been saving it up for [ profile] lupagreenwolf, but she hasn't been north in a while and I probably won't be seeing her while she's up for SteamCon, so it didn't seem reasonable to hold onto everything for so long.

Anyway, yay for clearing a few things up.

Lastly, I got an email today from NorWesCon programming asking me to be an "attending professional" at NorWesCon this coming March, presumably to speak on writing and/or fanfic panels. I filled out their website form as requested. Now to wait and see if they'll offer me a panel or two!
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Today was a group day down at the VA; I ended up waking an hour earlier than my alarm was set for, despite having gone to bed after 3:30am. It was sunny when I got up but didn't, sadly, stay that way. Group was good, and I talked to someone at the VA who gave me a phone number for an office in Kansas where I can deal with the travel compensation issue I've been having -- they're taking a $6 co-pay out of my check almost every time I go down there and, rated at 100%, the travel office is apparently Not Supposed to Do That. The woman I talked to is another disabled vet (tons of disabled vets work at the VA, unsurprisingly) said that they would probably send me back compensation for what I'd not been paid, as well, which might be at least a couple of years' worth of visits. At six bucks a whack, that could potentially be a few hundred dollars. I don't know if it will happen before I leave for Europe, but if it does, that would be spectacular. That said, it has to start with a phone call, which is not at all my strong suit. I'm not looking forward to it, but I'll probably try to call tomorrow sometime before 4pm their time, which means I will likely still be trying to kick-start the brain.

It turned out that the friend who had offered to do some massage work on me had another commitment today, so it's likely to be next Thursday before I get any work done, but that's certainly way better than not having it on offer at all. I'll be looking forward to getting pummeled.

The mail today brought the gift of a prototype for a larger féige find from [ profile] chronarchy. Here's a photo, with the other one and a quarter for scale comparison. It's quite nice work, and I was surprised and delighted to receive such a ritual tool.

Féige Find 2 - prototype for large size

Travelers was quiet this afternoon and I managed to finish reading Brigid of the Gael, take some notes, and get a little work done toward the incubation ritual for Ireland, so I felt pretty accomplished with the whole thing. It was tempting to consider going over to [ profile] gra_is_stor's place instead, but I really had to get things done today. She'll be up tomorrow night sometime, as she'll be having a game night at her place with some mutual friends, but I'll be spending tomorrow dealing with the Circle of Stones galley.

Bits of me are a little afraid to open the file and see what it looks like. This is the last opportunity to make any corrections or changes, though, before it goes to press, so it's important to actually get my anxiety under control and do it. I went over to Bartell's after I got home this evening to pick up a couple of ink cartridges for the printer, as I was out of black ink; if I think I need to print out the galley, I needed a fresh cartridge. At least that was done. I also picked up a knee brace. I haven't tried it on yet, but I will tomorrow.

In other news, [ profile] unwoman posted a short trailer for her documentary on steampunk music, Beautiful Fish: Unwoman Plays Cello for Steampunks. Aside from the fact that she is, quite simply, fucking amazing, there's also a bit where [ profile] gra_is_stor and I appear, dancing in the audience at her SteamCon show, so watch for us!

I was pretty tickled, even though I don't feel like I'm particularly photogenic. [ profile] gra_is_stor, however, is terribly hot and you should watch just to see her. ;) She's the dancer, I'm the awkward one.

So: tomorrow = working on Circle of Stones and more work on the incubation ritual to flesh out some ideas I had, provided I get through the galley with enough brain cells to work on something else.
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I headed down to Seattle this afternoon, thanks to [ profile] mythworker and spent the day at FaerieCon West. I first popped in to see him interviewing Charles De Lint, which was a fun and interesting time. After that [ profile] gra_is_stor and I went for some dinner with him. We had run into [ profile] lupabitch and [ profile] unwoman down in the lower level vending area when we first arrived, and talked with them briefly before dashing off to see [ profile] mythworker.

After dinner ([ profile] lupabitch and one of her friends joined us toward the end of it before we headed downstairs again), we went down to the [ profile] unwoman and Abney Park show. The concert was pretty damned epic, and I saw the Idaho steampunks that I always see at the Abney Park show, and Kate, a local steampunk friend. After the show, we ran into Jeff who comes to the CR schmooze, and Butterfly, a dear old friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in ages. We grabbed something quick to drink with them (I was dry as bones and got a ginger ale) before we walked back up the hill to where I'd parked my car, by [ profile] gra_is_stor's place, as it's free up there. The walk's ten-ish blocks, with steep hills between, but I managed to stagger back up without falling apart. I'm considerably creaky right now, but still pretty wired, as I tend to be after a show where I've been dancing my butt off.

Here's a pic of [ profile] unwoman performing before Abney Park took the stage:


It was taken on my phone, so the quality's not that great, but I was glad I got something that wasn't completely blurred and useless.

Tomorrow I'll be going back down to see the steampunk panel, and there's another more fantasy/faerie themed concert tomorrow night as well that we will likely go to see.

Sunday didn't have anything on the program that I was too interested in seeing, so that will be my drop dead date for getting my Brigid and Sarasvati presentation together. Monday I can do a little more work on it if necessary, then it's the CR schmooze. M will be meeting us after the schmooze so that I can haul him up here to house/pupsit for me when we take off Tuesday morning.

Life, she is busy.
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I've spent some of the day doing a bit of tweaking on the story I finished last night. Talked with my beta today and she's going to have a look at things so I can get to posting it soonish.

I also threw together my bio for Mandragora and sent it off to Ruby Sara today. I'd forgotten I needed to do one. Reminder emails FTW.

I downloaded the new ep of BBC's Sherlock the other day and finally had some time to sit down and watch it. It was pretty kick-ass. There was a lot more DI Lestrade than I was expecting (which doesn't bother me in the least, he's hot), and a metric ton of Mycroft. I was pretty impressed, both with the funny stuff and with the dramatic bits. I love the way the writers play with the Conan Doyle canon, and how the references to the canon stories get twisted around. I mean really, "The Speckled Blonde"? It is to howl. I thought it was pretty interesting the way they handled Irene Adler. All in all, a very satisfying go at the genre. Sherlock, Sherlock, you are such a dick. How do people stand to be around you?

Last night was another all-nighter to finish the beast up, at about 85,900 words. The count may shift slightly depending on editing. I was considering going into Seattle for tango tonight, but two nights of all-nighters writing left me pretty well dead, energetically speaking. The hips weren't too thrilled either, really. I texted briefly with [ profile] gra_is_stor and she'll be coming up tomorrow at some point; she said we can both sit around and write, as she's got some musical stuff she needs to deal with. I'm on top of that.

The CR schmooze is Monday. Tuesday is the local steampunk social. Wednesday, Irish class. Thursday, VA group and the schmooze business meeting. I think Friday I can breathe again. Maybe.

Somewhere in all that I have to find some space for working on the upcoming Imbolc ritual and on my commitments for PCon.
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I went down to Seattle today for the VA spirituality group and had a pretty good session. It's been very foggy recently (definitely winter now, thanks) but we got a little sun during some of the session. I skipped dealing with the travel office today, as the group info won't actually be input until tomorrow. I'll pick up my travel funds next week.

This meant I got up to the hill earlier than usual. I hauled a bag of candle holders and 200 tealights over to the Occupy Seattle Sanctuary. I know they are supposedly scheduled to be evicted from Seattle Central Community College tonight, but I haven't yet seen any reports from Occupy Seattle indicating that this has happened. I hope everyone is safe and well.

After that, I grabbed a chai and thali for dinner at Travelers and then popped over to [ profile] gra_is_stor's place to pick her up for the weekend. We had plans to go catch the new Muppet movie tonight, and went to the 9:10 showing. We were the only people in the theatre, so hey, private showing for only $21! (It still seems like a hell of a lot for a movie to me, but I'm old, so what do I know?) We endured a lot of commercials and useless crap, though one of the things we did see was a bit we thought was going to be a recruiting ad and turned out to be a public info spot for the VA about PTSD and veterans services, so yay for not being warmongers at a kid's movie.

I enjoyed the movie, though I was rather disappointed that there was no obligatory Statler and Waldorf appearance at the end of the credits. Damn you Disney! You are made of FAIL! There should always be Statler and Waldorf at the end, heckling! [ profile] gra_is_stor reports that one of the songs in the middle of the movie is officially going to have to be her roommate's theme song. I was very amused.

It was nice to see so many of my favorite muppets doing weird shit again, though.

I can't remember if I mentioned, but a day or two ago I also got my photos back from [ profile] fullcontactmuse. I'm going to be burning a cd of them for my mom and mailing them off to her as soon as I can get my act together to do so.

I didn't do any writing today, but I didn't really expect to.

In other news, I am deeply disappointed that both of Washington's senators voted for the defense authorization bill that includes a section authorizing the indefinite military detention of American citizens in direct conflict with the constitution. Obama has said he would veto this bill. I can only hope he actually follows through on that. Quite frankly, I'm more terrified of my government potentially detaining me indefinitely, irradiating or groping me at airports, and taking away more and more of my rights than I am of al Qaeda. I am much more likely to be harmed by those things than by a random terrorist.
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We got a fair crowd (7-ish) at the steampunk social at the AFK tonight. Quite a few of them are interested in actually building some community up here, and there are some plans afoot for a New Years Day tea up here, hosted by a couple of the new folks. I'm all in favor of this. People are working on designing a logo for the group, which I am also all in favor of. It's looking like things might finally be getting off to a decent start, after some fits and stutters. This is a relief to me, as it means I don't feel like I might spend a couple of hours out hoping for company and nobody coming. There are also plans afoot for the group to go and attend a showing of the second Sherlock Holmes movie in December when it comes out. I'll go see it just for the amusement factor of Stephen Fry as Mycroft! Being able to hang out and see it with a bunch of steampunks will just be the frosting on the cake.

I've decided that my brain can't handle any more serious writing for a little bit and have dived into a fic thing I've been wanting to write for a bit now. Once I've got that finished, I'll get on the Phosphorus article, but I honestly can't focus on nonfiction right now and the break will help me get my head together for it again. I also got a note tonight from somebody in one of my fandoms who wants to do an illustration for a fic I wrote a while back, which is absolutely delightful, as she's a very talented artist. I don't know if a finished piece will result, but even knowing she wants to do this is totally making my fannish day.

Tomorrow I have yoga and shrinkage. Thursday is the spirituality group. Friday is [ profile] yiaya's birthday. Saturday is tango. I may or may not survive.
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I got a call from the sib today. He has (as we all rather anticipated) accepted the position in Iraq. He'll be going to Florida for his orientation and then will be sent to the base in Iraq when that's finished. He'll be in Cape Cod for another week or so, then driving down to mom's place to drop off the car and his stuff. He said he was glad this came through when it did, because if he'd actually changed his drivers license and legal residency to Massachusetts, there are apparently some serious complications including tax rates that he'd have to worry about.

I got some more work done on the queering the flame essay today, and [ profile] alfrecht has handed me some notes on a hardcopy of the draft so far so that I can correct errors and expand on some of what's already there. In combination with [ profile] mael_brigde's comprehensive notes, it should cover most of what I need to deal with to make the thing the best essay possible.

Tomorrow is the CR schmooze. [ profile] mael_brigde's not feeling too well at the moment so she won't be down. I need to walk the neighbor's dog mid-day tomorrow and Wednesday, so we'll be heading down late in the afternoon tomorrow. We watched a few eps of due South today and will probably watch one or two tomorrow before we head south as well.

I got a ping today that one of my fics got translated into Japanese. Another was translated into Russian earlier this year. I'm continually blown away that folks actually like my silly fun stuff as well as my more serious Pagan writing. I know how much work it is to do translations, and the idea that someone would put that kind of effort into one of my stories is very flattering. (I will admit I squeed like crazy when I saw that tonight.) And on that note, I'd like to call your attention to today's XKCD.
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I felt considerably better today and so I managed to get out to Seattle a bit earlier than anticipated and picked up [ profile] smithing_chick at the train station. I hauled her up the hill, where we had some lunch, then wandered by Edge and Travelers for Pagan books and chai. Once we'd paid our respects to these great institutions of my life, we sat in Cal Anderson Park for a bit in the lovely warm weather we had. It wasn't brilliantly sunny, but it was in the 60s, which is more than can be said for most of the season so far.

We talked about ADF, about her MFA program in metalwork, the conference, and how much she's enjoyed Seattle. Eventually, the time came and I had to haul her back down to the King Street Station, where I dropped her off and headed north on First Avenue. I wasn't feeling quite like heading directly home at that hour and I knew the Steamrats meet on Monday evenings, so I stopped at Galway Traders on my way up 15th, then wandered around on Greenwood until about 5:30 or so, when I walked up to Chocolati, where one of the meetups happens.

After the Wayward burned down, there was a lot of wondering what to do and what should happen. Currently, groups are meeting in two locations, of which Chocolati is one. I pulled up a table and waited until a few of the crew showed up, whereupon I joined them. They did a lot of Steamcon 3 discussion; it sounds like it'll be a fun con again this year, though the hotel issues are always going to be issues. This year it'll be Eastside instead of by the airport, so it's a new place with new problems to deal with.

About 8:20 I headed north again, getting home before sunset. The sib's back is bothering him and, sadly, there's just not a lot to be done about it. I made myself some dinner and catalogued more books. I also had one of my fics translated into Russian, which was a bit of fannish squee for the day.

A couple of nights I'd sent off an email feeler to Jason at Hiraeth Press about a possible poetry chapbook next year, and he said to send some poetry along and that he could look at it after solstice. I know they weren't accepting unsolicited manuscripts until after January 1st, but I figured I could ask, and if he wanted me to submit along with everyone else, he could say so and no harm done. This way, if I can pull together 60 pages or so of good poetry, I might have an early foot in the door for next year. Just having him look at it is no guarantee, of course, but it's at least a "yes, we'll take a look" and it's not unsolicited. This is happymaking.

Tomorrow I've got a quiet day here. Wednesday is a VA medical appointment. Sunday there's a steampunk tea with the sitar player from Sunday Driver, and [ profile] nathan_fhtagn said he was going to be there with his viola, so there could be some jamming happening. That would be fantastic, though space is limited and we were asked to confirm ahead of time that we would be at the party. I am currently surfing the web for ladoo recipes.
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I started out the day with a little laundry so I'd have something to wear when I headed for Seattle this afternoon and, when reading The Wild Hunt, I was absolutely thrilled to discover that Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance has announced a new album and a tour for next year! I have no idea what the dates are likely to be, or where the tour will take them, but if it's anywhere in the region, you can bet I'll be right there!

Once the necessities of the laundry situation were taken care of, I ambled down to Seattle to Liberty Bar, up on Capitol Hill, where I met a friend and had a drink or two and a sushi roll. We were joined by another friend and had a lovely few hours of conversation before I headed downtown.

By the time we got out of Liberty, it was starting to rain and by the time I got down to 2nd Avenue, it was coming down hard. Parking was a bit of a chore but I eventually found parking in a lot a block and a half away from the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theatre, where I caught the 8:30 show of Bullets and Dames, a noir-themed burlesque performance put together by my friend [ profile] fullcontactmuse. Half a dozen or so performers took the stage and I had a lovely time. Because I'd had a glass of wine there with a little bit of dinner, I didn't want to drive just yet, so I joined her and about half a dozen other people (not all performers) at the Night Kitchen afterwards, where we hung out and talked about life, the universe, and everything.

By the time I was ready to head home, it was just pouring down rain. I walked from 2nd and Stewart to 3rd and Bell, where I was parked, but it wasn't too awful. I got on the freeway at the Olive onramp -- there had been a recent accident on the freeway just before the onramp and all lanes of traffic were stopped behind us, so I managed to get onto I-5 and head home without actually getting into the snarl there. I think they were about to clear things and that the backup was emergency personnel crossing the highway to get everything out of the way so that traffic could start up again.

Aside from the rain, the traffic wasn't too bad. I got home in good time and with no mishaps. Tomorrow will be more laundry, as I only had time for one small load today. Later this week, I'll have to go look at paint and stuff with the sib. We've got the wax off the wall from where candles had dripped down over the time since I'd had the altar there -- not nearly as much as you might imagine, given that most of the candles I've used have been contained, so only a few tapers have melted down the back by accident.

I'm thinking about a green of some sort, but I don't want it to darken that corner of the room too much. I do, however, want to get a gloss rather than a flat paint, so that I can clean it next time -- I don't want to have to worry about all the candle smoke again for at least a while. The ceiling... well, that'll be a different story, but it's not something I'm going to worry about anytime soon. I can't really put the new altar space together until I get the painting done, so it'll be late this coming week before I have anything to show for it, but I'm pondering the whole setup.
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So I moved an exercise from the chapter on making your feda to the three cauldrons chapter, because it comes before the making your feda chapter and makes more sense being there. That shifted about 3 pages of material from one file to the other, including three photos. I spent the better part of an hour online and in my books trying to date a particular enamel figure from Ireland of a man with crossed legs and being unable to find zip about it. GRR! I cited the figure and the MacCana reference anyway, because it helps illustrate my point, but eh.

I finished up the section on working with the feda, so I feel good about that, at least. That section is now 13 pages and covers quite a bit of territory while leaving room for more information on some specifics in the second ogam book on magic and healing.

The three cauldrons chapter will be interesting if a bit short, as some of it is very much applicable to ogam work, but really the majority of my information about the cauldrons needs to be in the filidecht book instead. Here I'm mostly giving two breathing exercises and one that I've developed for working with what was referred to in the Scottish tradition as "stone on the belly" for strengthening the breath. Most of the rest of it is much more specifically aimed at the poetic work of filidecht, from recitation to seeking imbas. These would be only peripherally useful in the introductory ogam book, so I expect this chapter to not be much more than its current 9 pages. It might make it to 11 pages by the end of tonight, as I'm hoping to finish up the chapter before I go to bed. That will mean only two more in progress chapters to go, and one on advanced divination techniques to get through.

I'll be heading up to Vancover on the 21st, with [ profile] everlydawn arriving the evening of the 20th. She'll be staying with me. I'll be heading home from Vancouver on the 26th sometime. Most of that will be Lone GunCon, but some of it I'll be spending with [ profile] mael_brigde and probably some other friends up there. I'll probably take some of the time when filming location field trips are planned to do some writing at the hotel, as I doubt I'm going to be done by the time Evie arrives on Tuesday night.

It's getting closer, folks!
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First, the fangirl squee:

Vancouver Filmhaunt )


Oct. 28th, 2006 11:04 pm
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Just got done with the Bridge Studios haunted house! We had a blast! More reports tomorrow night after I get back home.


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