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I was hoping to see at least some of the total eclipse tonight, but sadly there has been too much cloud cover. I've seen bits of it on a streaming live view on a website, but it's just not the same thing. NASA's Ustream is really unreliable and pixelating pretty frequently. I hope those of you who are able to see it for yourselves are enjoying the view and the historical significance of the eclipse on the solstice.

Good news, however, was heard today. Mom called and sounded so much better than the last time I spoke with her. I think the bronchitis has been defeated, or at least it is much in abeyance.

I talked with [ profile] yiaya briefly to ask if she wanted to come by Friday for goose, but she's doing a traditional Italian feast with friends Friday and Saturday and doesn't expect to be sober enough to drive (and un-hung-over enough) until sometime Sunday. I told her to remember me fondly and she said she would if I would eat a bit of goose for her. We exchanged vows to do so.

SJ texted today as well, saying something about coming over to pick up unspecified "baked goods" that were supposed to have been delivered Saturday during gaming. I told him I could come by Thursday and he said he'd check in with Bj about it. I expect I'll hear back sometime tomorrow. I'm wondering (hoping?) that there will be some of his ZOMG incredible triple ginger bread in the batch. That stuff is to die for!

Happy solstice to those who celebrate it. May your season be blessed.
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As you all know, I didn't stay up for the entire eclipse. Here are six photos from early eclipse to totality for your viewing pleasure. Moonstruck )
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So today the masses started arriving. From what I understand, this morning the gate was backed up to Gerlach, the nearest town (about 5 miles away?) and it was taking some hours to get to the gate to be let in. As usual the perimeter crew had to deal with oddness and people sneaking in. On my shift we dealt with a drunk who insisted that he was his own ticket to the burn. We reject your reality and replace it with our own, dude. Gotta have the ticket.

Sunset the other night was gorgeous. Photos and more stuff under here. )


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