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Despite the fact that I'm continuing on with the dizziness and that it's remaining quite uncomfortable, I've been able to maintain at least a little bit of my social life. I got a ride out to one of the local steampunk social things, that being a small gathering for one of our folks who has been deployed for the last several months and was back for a few days before he's off again until December. Sadly, [ profile] gra_is_stor wasn't able to go along, as she wasn't feeling well, but a ride was arranged nonetheless. Yesterday one of the local Mensa folks gave me a ride to the monthly gathering, which has moved up to Shoreline - there was a presentation on resources for figuring out the veracity of information on the internet. I knew about some of the available resources, but did learn a few things, so that was pretty good.

The Everett Irish lessons are happening on Sundays, and the venue has flaked out on us so they have been permanently moved to my place until further notice. Next week there won't be a class, as our two teachers ([ profile] gra_is_stor and [ profile] ingvisson) are going down to Portland for an immersion weekend.

Talked to my mom briefly today because she emailed about going to Atlanta and worrying about crossing the river before it floods. I was worried that it was a severe weather thing, but it's just that her husband is going to a ship's reunion that's happening there this coming week. No emergencies, yay! They should be leaving first thing in the morning. I'm guessing they're actually probably already on the road, given the time difference.

The dizziness is getting increasingly frustrating and depressing, but I am doing my best to just carry on. Thanks to everyone who has expressed support privately, or in other places on the web. You are greatly appreciated.

In other news, the Esoteric Book Conference is now selling memberships. The date is September 14-15 and I've ordered my membership. Sherlock Seattle has its dates (October 4-6 at the Broadway Performance Hall again) and will be selling memberships beginning early in May. These, at least, are some cool things to look forward to.
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I'm feeling kind of awesome and kind of sniffly. My friend [ profile] fififolle, whom I met this summer, said that I was one of the highlights of her year:

I had rather an up and down year writing-wise, but a highlight of my year was meeting in person the lovely erynn999, someone who inspired my writing in early days, showed me what good slash is, and continues to do so. Thank you, sweetie, for coming to visit me!

I'm so touched, Fi - you are amazing and wonderful and always welcome under my roof anytime you are in the same hemisphere.

I went to the Post-Apocalypse steampunk tea at Kier's place over in Greenwood for a couple of hours and had a lovely time. I played Martial Fluxx with friends, shared info about the Sherlock Seattle party on January 6th with one of my friends, and learned that there is an Abney Park and Steam Powered Giraffe show in Everett in April that I want to go to, since it's about 15 minutes from my place.

When I got home, I ended up writing a 3,300 word outline for a fic I want to do later this year when I've got the article on ogam finished and a good start on the Brigid book. Geordie says that he'd be interested in doing a panel on esoteric poetry at the Esoteric Book Conference in September, and put him in touch with [ profile] alfrecht, who wants to propose one with us and Ruby Sara, who edited the Datura and Mandragora anthologies.

Now my left hand ring finger is all numb and hurting. I'm going to have to lay off the keyboard for a couple of days and to pay my bills tomorrow.

Tired Erynn will now crawl off and go to bed.
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Despite a mild migraine, I managed to finish up the piece for Hiraeth that I'd been given an extension on. It was just over a page, and I hope it was suitable. I've just sent it off to Leslie, as it was due Wednesday (today), and it should be in her inbox when she gets up in the morning.

The gal who was coming over for tea this afternoon cancelled due to a daughter who was too sick to go to school. Certainly a reasonable request. When my alarm went off at noon, I found her text on my phone, answered briefly, then went back to sleep(ish) until I was yanked out of bed by a tetchy smoke alarm that wanted to be fed a new battery. Getting that done took the better part of twenty minutes, purely by dint of the damned thing being a bitch to open so that I could replace the battery. By that time, going back to bed wasn't really an option, so I just grabbed a shower and started my day.

This evening I went for about an hour over to Picadilly Circus to talk with the steampunks and grab a small bit of dinner. I'd considered just not going, but I had to talk with one of the people there and make a few plans for next week. It was good to catch up with a few of the folks I hadn't seen in several months, though, so I'm glad I went even though I felt pretty crappy.

When I got home I finally got around to dealing with the writing deadline. I probably wrote at least five pages worth of stuff and deleted and re-wrote and deleted and started over until I had that page and a few. At the moment, I've got some chicken-lentil curry soup going on the stove.

Tomorrow I have shrinkage. Sadly [ profile] varina8 had to cancel on meeting me at Travelers, but I'll probably stop there tomorrow anyway and try to do a little work on turning my Esoteric Book Conference presentation into an article. I at least have the outline that I spoke from as a place to start. This will be a job for the iPad, no doubt. I'm still not sure how I'll handle the graphics end of things for them, but I can consult with them about it. I'm just hoping that the migraine won't get worse overnight so that I have to cancel on my appointment. There's been a lot on my mind and I really need to have a little time to work on it.

Given that I had tea rather than cider this evening at the pub, I'm still kind of too wired to try going to bed as yet, but I'll do my best to get to sleep at something resembling a reasonable hour.
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This morning [ profile] alfrecht, [ profile] gra_is_stor, and I went out to the Shinto shrine for the fall ceremony. It was a pleasant way to spend an hour or so, and [ profile] tedgill and [ profile] brandywilliams were both there, so we got a little bit of a chance to catch up with them.

[ profile] alfrecht's mom picked him up from the shrine and [ profile] gra_is_stor was too tired to come down to Seattle with me later during the day for the tea and conversation. (BTW, [ profile] gra_is_stor and [ profile] thewronghands, you should follow one another and maybe we'll have an easier time getting you two in the same place at the same time!)

I stayed for the tea for a couple of hours, then hauled [ profile] wire_mother out for some dinner and then off to chat at Cafe Vita for a while. We spent about two hours together catching up and talking about a lot of things. I was able to make a pretty large decision over the course of our conversation, I just have to figure out how to articulate it soon.

Tomorrow I'm having tea at 1 with a friend, then taking the DoDC+3 to the vet in the late afternoon. I haven't had him in to see one since he nearly got himself killed a couple of years back so he is vastly overdue for his vaccinations.

Got word from Jason today that the poetry book was sent off to the printer and he'll check over the proof copy and then approve it for publication. I'm sitting here looking at a stack of things that I need to write, one of which is for the Hiraeth website as publicity for the book. I have to put together a little bit for [ profile] mael_brigde for the DoF newsletter. I have to put together an article from the ogam and magic talk I gave at the Esoteric Book Conference and submit it to Abraxas, then I need to get to work on the Brigid book. I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting, but it still feels pretty overwhelming. I need to finish up the Hiraeth project Tuesday so it'll be with them on Wednesday for publication. Tomorrow I probably won't have a lot of time for it, but Tuesday I should before I have to head out for the steampunk social.

If I'm missing something I've promised to do, please do let me know. My brain is utterly sieve-like right now.
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When I got down to Seattle Center today, I swooped in and snagged [ profile] nancyblue for lunch. We found ourselves at a Brazillian restaurant at the place that used to be Cafe Minnie at 1st and Denny, and I showed her the photos I'd taken last night of the Golden Section Order papers that I had. She'd seen newsletters from Ithel Colquhoun's collection in the UK last time she was there, but hadn't seen any of the documents I have, so we talked about that for a while.

When we got back to the conference, I found [ profile] meddevi, who was there to look at the art and the books. I picked up a few more books that I'd been interested in, including a catalogue of an Austin Osman Spare exhibition from 2010, along with a dvd of his work and life that comes with the volume. I'm very much looking forward to looking through it and watching the dvd. While perusing the books section, I spoke for a while with the folks from the School of Spagyric & Alchemical Arts, who were offering tiny samples of some of their spagyric work with rose, gold, amber, and gold/frankincense/myrrh, all of which were very nice stuff. By the end of the day, Taylor had sold all the copies of both of my books that he'd brought with him, which pleased all of us. He said he would probably have been able to sell a few more of them pretty easily.

I talked to Taylor about the essays and articles I have in the various Immanion anthologies and he said that yes, the contracts have all specified that all authors maintain all rights over their work, and that if I wanted to publish them in an anthology of my own work, they were fine with that. So I need to check with a couple of other publishers to make sure that it would be okay to reprint those, as well, and I might be able to get a collection published of the material I have scattered in a dozen books so that folks can get everything in one volume. That, I might take to Immanion for publication as well -- I haven't thought too much about a publisher yet.

I got the new grimoire from [ profile] aion131 today and am looking at getting one of the ceramics pieces he exhibited at the conference this year. He's taking them over to Gargoyles next. While I was talking with Craig I realized that I might be able to get some of my photos from Prague and Kuntá Hora into Gargoyles as an exhibit and maybe sell some prints of them if any of them are good enough. I was given an old photograph/art printer a few years back and a bunch of photographic print paper, so all I need is someone to help me get things set up and make sure I have the proper ink cartridges for things, and to make sure that some of these things are of good enough quality to actually do this. A few of the photos from the Sedlec Ossuary would need to be slightly cropped to get bits of living people out of them, but I do have some pretty cool stuff and it would be right up Gargoyles' gothy alley. As would the gargoyle photos from St Vitus's Cathedral at Prague Castle.

The after-party was fun, and the Queen Anne Masonic Lodge was decked out like a swanky goth club for the evening with a pretty spiffy open bar. There were some excellent conversations at the party before I headed home again with [ profile] alfrecht, who will be heading back to Anacortes tomorrow morning.

For me, the next few days are going to be trying to catch up on a little sleep and poking at the fic I'm writing. Once that's done, I'll take a breath and start outlining some of the Brigid book.
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Despite body issues today, a traffic accident just south of the I5 onramp near my place, and confusing construction crap on the street I usually would have taken up to the Seattle Center, my presentation went exceedingly well. There was a minor technical glitch (it happened to the guy before me, as well, so I was sorta half expecting it), but we got it together quickly and I kept up with some of the talk during the problem, so I think I handled it pretty well.

Apparently a fair few of my books sold today both during and after my talk. I signed a bunch of them afterwards, as well. One of the other presenters I met (she's doing a talk on occult influences in modern art tomorrow as the opening session, which there is no way I'm going to make) has recently been brought on as part of the staff of Abraxas journal, which is a really high end esoteric/occult journal with fantastic design and artwork. I proposed doing an article for them on the topic I presented today -- magical uses of ogan -- and she thought it sounded like a really good idea.

Quite a few people were asking about the slides for the PowerPoint I did, so what I was thinking of doing was putting up the PPT file and the outline/brief notes and making them available for a couple of bucks. That way folks will be able to get at least the gist of what was going on, even if not all the details. And it'll be added incentive for me to work on the article for Abraxas. I got her card with her email on it, so I'll ping her later.

It turns out that, contrary to what I thought, [ profile] nancyblue was at the conference along with the usual OSOGOD crowd. During the presentation I showed a slide with some of the cards from the Golden Section Order ogam deck, and she'd been looking for further information on them. I actually have quite a bit more graphics material from them, even if I don't have contextualizing information (I suggested she contact Philip Carr-Gomm about that) and so we're going to go over some of it. I'll take photos of things so she can figure out what she wants/needs to make actual photocopies of. Some of the things are poster-sized charts that would have to be copied at a place that does art prints and blueprints because of the size. Those can get expensive, so we want to be sure of what she's actually needing before we go that route.

Anyway, I saw many fantastic folks that I don't get to see nearly often enough. I should be meeting [ profile] nancyblue for lunch tomorrow. I ought to take some photos on my iPad for her tonight so that I can show her a little of the material at the conference tomorrow.

Much fabulousness was had by all.
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Aside from the fact that I got maybe four hours of sleep (woken an hour before the alarm went off by a wrong number, repeated about five minutes later), today was a good one. Traffic wasn't bad, the VA appointment, while I had to wait a while, was short and sweet, I got the photocopying done that I needed to for tomorrow, and I had a nice afternoon snack at the Odd Fellows restaurant. They had a pretty good cheese and fruit plate, and I had a pear cider with them that went very well. Afterwards I headed over to the Elliott Bay Cafe to have some tea while awaiting [ profile] alfrecht and [ profile] neo_lvx, who were going down to the EBC party with me this evening.

While I waited, my nose in a book and a cup of tea at my elbow, [ profile] thewronghands and [ profile] varina8 came in for some iced tea and dropped by my table. We had a lovely conversation and they stayed until the guys got there and a few minutes after that to catch up a little bit, then they headed on their way. [ profile] alfrecht gave me a copy of his latest book (I was one of the folks he'd dedicated it to, a wonderful surprise), and I'll be looking forward to reading through it.

We walked up to where I'd parked my car and then headed down toward Pioneer Square, where the party was to be held. Despite traffic issues and something involving a bunch of police cars and fire trucks down the road from where we were driving, we made good time to the venue. I ended up having to take a few jogs out of the way to get around the mess, but it wasn't that difficult. We got parking right across the street from the place and went up, where were spent some time looking at the art in the gallery where the party was being held. We'd got there early, and we helped haul a couple of cases of wine upstairs for the organizers.

Quite a few of the presenters were there, and I had some very good conversations with folks. Had a really good evening and got home around midnight. Mostly I'm nervous about speaking tomorrow, but that always happens. It hasn't quite reached the knots in my stomach stage. I'm hoping it won't be too bad. Catamara said that a lot of people were really looking forward to my talk, which I hadn't realized. Despite the nerves, I really am looking forward to doing the presentation.

I'm going to try to get down there for at least one of the morning sessions, but I may not make it until noonish. I want to leave here about 10am, but I'm not sure I'll make it due to lack of sleep and nerves. We'll see what happens when the alarm ducks go off in the morning.

And, on that note, I'm going to finish my quesadilla.

PCon stuff

Sep. 14th, 2012 03:18 am
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Today's VA group was good. I enjoy being with everyone and talking about the topics we explore. I had things at home I wanted to do today so I drove home directly rather than going up to the hill. Before I got home, I stopped at the store and got a little laser pointer to use on Saturday.

When I got home, I had several bits of email of note. [ profile] druid_medb and [ profile] joyful_storm had both send me the draft proposals for the joint sessions/panels that we had discussed so we could get them out for the deadline on the 15th. I also got an email from Tony M about a potential ritual, but had to offer only a tentative acceptance on that one. There are a lot of unresolved issues around the situation at the moment and I want to be sure that it's properly handled before I say yes.

I also got an email from [ profile] finnchuill, whose friend Neeli Cherkovski read over my book. He says Neeli liked it and wants to give the publisher a quote for it, though he's in Austria and Italy for some poetry festivals and it may be a bit. I've put [ profile] finnchuill in touch with Jason and Leslie from Hiraeth so they can arrange the details.

Tomorrow I have my VA appointment for the orthotics. I need to put the publicity cards on a sheet and get some printed out for the EBC. I'm going to stay down in Seattle tomorrow after my appointment, as the EBC opening party is tomorrow evening down in Pioneer Square. I'm not quite sure how to do that, but I'll see what I can do. It shouldn't take too much longer. I need to be up at 11am tomorrow morning, though.

[ profile] gra_is_stor got the keys to her new place today and has given me one as well. She'll be moving in most of the weekend but will be at the EBC with me on Saturday, at least.


Sep. 13th, 2012 02:51 am
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Finally finished up and printed out my outline and notes for the presentation on Saturday. I also wrote about 1500 words in the fic I'm working on. My sleep schedule, if you can call it that, is a complete laugh. I was in bed about 7:30 this morning and awake about 4:30 this afternoon. I have no idea how I'm going to manage the next few days of being in human company.

Tomorrow is the spirituality group. I have to be out the door by 2pm in order to be at the VA by 3. Friday I have a 2pm VA appointment, then the EBC Meet & Greet is in Seattle down near Pioneer Square at 8:30pm. Saturday my presentation is at 3 down in the Seattle Center, and I'd like to be there for most of the day, though I'm unlikely to actually make the morning sessions. In the evening I presume there's entertainment, though I don't know yet what or where, as I haven't looked. Sunday [ profile] alfrecht is presenting, and there's the after-party at the Masonic lodge.

I think Monday is "Erynn collapses in a heap" day. It's almost 2:50am right now and I'm too awake to sleep, though I'm going to head for bed with something to read anyway.

Jason sent more cover art for the poetry book today, as well, and I went through that and offered a couple of choices from the list, with a comment about one of them. He says Monday we should have the cover together, then it's down to typesetting the text of the book. He said he'll be sending me cover blurb stuff as he gets it in, so I can look at it. I'm so excited I could pop!


Sep. 12th, 2012 01:27 am
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Today was mostly just hanging out doing a little fic writing. I did go over to the AFK tonight; they had venison stew as their special and are going to start doing Tuesdays as their Epic Request nights. Meanwhile, the Air Krakens are talking about finding a different, less noisy, less expensive venue for Tuesday nights. We'll probably do our first experiment with a new place sometime next month, after we've got an idea what people are looking for. We have one suggestion for a place already, so we can start our search there.

Today's mail brought a bill from UW Physicians, who are supposed to send my bill directly to the VA. I've scribbled a note to that effect on the bill and am sending it back to them. I'm not their messenger. I've talked to them about this repeatedly. If they want their money, they can damned well send it to the appropriate address.

Tomorrow I should be able to finish up the outline and notes for the EBC presentation. I need to send off a note to the Steamrats list about the EBC, because I'm pretty certain that at least some of the folks on the list might be interested in attending. I know several of the folks at the AFK this evening were.


Sep. 11th, 2012 01:38 am
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Jeff was over this evening and helped me finish up the PowerPoint part of my EBC presentation. He mostly sat and helped me when I got stuck, but that was an exceptionally useful role and I was very glad to have his company. He said he enjoyed watching my creative process, so both of us win!

I sent the resulting file off to the tech guy for the EBC so that I don't have to carry the presentation with me. The only thing I'll have to remember is the actual outline (on paper, which I usually use when I'm speaking). I still have a little bit of expansion to do on that, but I have the rest of the week to work on it, and there's not much else that has to be done. It's just a question of adding in a few keywords to help me remember some details. It's a relief to have the most complicated part of it done.

After Jeff took off, I had some dinner and got a little work done on my fic. I did a beta for someone else, which pleased me immensely, as she's a new writer in the fandom and it's always good to see new people giving us fun stories.

Jason from Hiraeth emailed me today. He's got a short (in need of a little editing) blurb for my book from one of the other poets they'd published. She'd apparently been going to tell him she didn't have time, but peeked inside and got so hooked that she read the whole thing through and wrote back really quickly. I have to admit I'm very tickled by that.

Mom received the disc of photos I sent her and has been enjoying them. I'm delighted I was finally able to get all those pictures to her.

I guess today I was making up for lost sleep because, while I didn't actually turn off the lights until about 5:30am, I slept until 4:30 this afternoon. I still feel kind of out of it, but was glad that I got everything done that needed to be in the 3 hours or so before Jeff arrived. All in all, a pretty successful day.
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More photographs and scans were done today, along with plugging in some information from [ profile] alfrecht. Sadly, I entirely spaced actually attaching the file I meant to send him last night, so I had to do that this evening. I still have a few ogam sigils to do, but beyond that, I think I'm done with the material for the PowerPoint aspect of the presentation and can put it all together when Jeff gets here tomorrow evening.

My creaky parts are creaking, and the weather took a change toward the autumnal today. It was grey all day and started raining late in the evening. It's coming down out there right now.

Got some more writing done today, and did a little brainstorming with [ profile] random_nexus, whom I haven't had a chance to talk with in several months. Even though we had less than half an hour, she was (as always) a brilliant sounding board for ficcy things. Thanks Random!

While I was in the midst of multitasking today, I totally burnt the crap out of some chickpeas I was trying to cook for curry. I hate it when I utterly lose track of everything like that. It was a waste of perfectly good food, which also annoys me, and I'm going to have to scrape a bit of the burnt stuff out of the bottom of the pot. It's currently soaking in some baking soda and vinegar in an effort to deal with some of the mess. I wish I was better at keeping track of that sort of thing instead of getting utterly lost in my head while I'm working.

I really ought to try to get a little sleep tonight, as I got essentially none last night. I didn't actually even try to sleep until almost 10:30am and got back up by 2pm, so it was very minimal. No doubt that's influencing my creakiness.
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I finally got a decent photo of a bit I needed today and also did scans that I needed to do. Created a quick graphic of the basic 20-letter ogam sequence. I've been expanding the outline a bit, adding some dates for tales in the literary tradition that I'm pulling references from, and putting together some quotes from the tales. I've got a request out to [ profile] alfrecht for a particular quote.

Slept not particularly well last night, but I did get things done today. I'm hoping to do more tomorrow, after #writechat probably. The pull quotes for the poetry book publicity were chosen and duly sent off to Hiraeth.

I downloaded the latest Doctor Who episode because it's got an actor I like in it and had a really good time watching it. Tons of fun, and dinosaurs!

I have a to design a few sigils and I've got another couple of scans to do, but I should (I think) get the rest of that part done tomorrow so that I'm ready to put the PowerPoint presentation together in its final form on Monday evening.

I hope I have enough stuff here to cover the 45 minutes...
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It was nearly 90 here today, and probably considerably hotter down in Seattle, where it tends to be somewhat warmer and dryer than Everett. I didn't sleep at all last night, and slept until about 1pm this afternoon, then walked down to mail out the VA survey and the stuff for my mom. While I was there I stopped and got a scoop of blackberry ice cream because it was actually hot enough out for me to eat it without my body temperature crashing hard. I also stopped at the drug store and got myself a new pair of clip-on sunglasses, as my previous pair broke yesterday. I was not best pleased, needless to say.

This evening I went over to the AFK to play a few games with friends. The gal from the north end lesbian meetup showed, and she's a gamer as well. She's played Munchkin before and was eager to pick up Fluxx as well. Gary had brought Cthulhu Fluxx (Cthulhu won. Big surprise.) We played some Zombie Dice and there was also a semi-board game called Zombie!!! (yes, with all the exclamation marks), and Gary won all of those games. I vowed vengeance. As you do.

I just got home a little while ago. [ profile] gra_is_stor is here for the night and doing some laundry. We might possibly watch a vid. I'm not sure what, but I can ask. Didn't get stuff done for EBC, as I'd kind of been planning to be home earlier and do some work then, and hadn't known she would be here, but it's all okay. There's time tomorrow.

I did get a little work done on the fic, and got my beta into the doc after some back and forth. All is progressing reasonably well.

Also, I got the publicity graphics that I can print out and copy for the EBC for Fireflies, here:

Cover promo Fireflies

Feel free to make copies and pass them around wherever you think there might be interest!
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Today I was down at the VA for the first session of the spirituality group. It was great to see everyone again, and I was happy to be there. I didn't stick around to wait at the travel office because half the time it's not in the system yet by the time I get down there after group, so I'll pick up the travel funds next week when I go in. I did wander over to the hill to wait out the traffic and took a couple of copies of Circle of Stones over to Robert. He was quite pleased to see them.

I hung out at Elliott Bay Cafe for a while and read, then wandered over to a sushi place on 12th that I hadn't been to before, as they were having a quite reasonably priced happy hour. Got myself an unagi roll, a short plate of four different pieces of nigiri, and a cup of genmaicha. It was just enough without being too much; my stomach is still out of sorts from the other night and I'm having trouble with the acid reflux again, ugh. I really wish it would settle down.

When I got home, I did a fair bit of scanning of images for the EBC presentation. I think I have most of the stuff I need. [ profile] alfrecht checked over my dates for me on my listing of manuscript sources for ogam texts and marginalia; he pronounced it good. Tomorrow I can spend some time trying again with photos of things I need, and doing a few more necessary things, then Saturday I can probably finish up expanding my notes so that I have a coherent presentation together. Jeff's coming by Monday, I think, given that I wasn't really up to trying to get home during rush hour and wasn't sure I would be feeling well enough to actually work tonight. Things turned out better than I expected, but I was glad for the time just sitting and reading.

Fic brain has set in and I've started a (hopefully) short story in a new fandom. I don't have time for anything really long, but I do want to write something, and I'm not quite in the right headspace to work on the Brigid book yet. I'm waiting until after the poetry book comes out to get deeply into that. I also have to put together quite a few more blog posts with photos to cover the pilgrimage and my trip.

The other thing I need to do tomorrow is choose some pull quotes from my poems for the publicity for Fireflies at Absolute Zero. Two projects. Two small projects. I think I can manage them before I head over to the AFK to play Cthulhu Fluxx with friends tomorrow night. Also, mailing out stuff to mom tomorrow. Must do that.
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I rested a little this afternoon but didn't actually get any sleep, which sucked. I definitely want to go down to Seattle for the spirituality group tomorrow. I'm hoping I'll be okay for it. I've felt like crap all day but haven't had a recurrence of last night's incidents, so I'm hopeful that I may be feeling better enough to cope with the drive tomorrow. I probably won't be able to cope with anything more than that, though.

I didn't have enough focus to work on the EBC presentation today. I lay around trying to/hoping to feel better, and watched The Color of Magic on Netflix. Now that I have an actual decent sized computer monitor, watching streaming vids is actually a more viable idea, and I've paid off enough bills so far this year that putting streaming back on the bill isn't an issue. I'd originally got rid of it to try and save a little money to put toward -- you guessed it -- paying off my bills. Having done so, I figured I could reward myself. I had to update some software in order for it to work, though, having upgraded the computer and the OS.

Bed soon.
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I got some of the text work done for the EBC presentation today, but not much beyond that. Did some things around the house and put the disc and reader in a packet to send out to mom, but didn't get down to the postal place.

Some emails were answered today, and further research was done that I hope will help with the presentation. Tomorrow I need to do some scanning for some very essential illustrations.

This evening I went over to the AFK for the steampunk social. Three of the regulars came for the evening. While I was on my way back from the bathroom, a woman came up and handed me a card for a north-end over-40 lesbian meetup (includes bi women, thankfully). She has just started up the group and their first meeting will be in north Seattle on the 13th, but I have too much to do right now for me to go that night. We did exchange a few emails, and she's a bi woman herself, so I know the group will be bi-friendly. We'll see what happens. She says she's looking for community, and she thought I looked like a pretty interesting person, so she gave me the card. Yay interesting!

Kier said that there is an Egyptian-themed tea happening soon, with a subsequent visit to the Tut exhibit on the 30th of September. I'm talking with her about possibly being included in both events, possibly with [ profile] gra_is_stor if she's interested and there is available space.

I'm feeling pretty creaky today, with the knees and hips giving me trouble, but hoping it'll ease a little after I get to bed tonight. Tomorrow I've got a meeting, Thursday is the VA spirituality group, Friday perhaps gaming at the AFK with my friends. In between all that I need to do more work on the EBC presentation.
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I was feeling pretty under the weather today and a little slow. I hung out with some friends online for a while, and tried to take some photos for the EBC presentation, but the lighting wasn't working. I'm not quite sure how to fix it, but I'll try something different tomorrow for the same pieces.

The CR schmooze was this evening and I ended up hauling the laptop over and showing some of the photos from the first half of the trip. I was too tired to stay afterward for dinner at Charlie's. I'm not sure anyone actually went this month. I did get to see [ profile] wire_mother briefly, though he had missed his ferry, and his backup foot ferry wasn't running because of the holiday, so he didn't get there until after 8pm.

When I got home, I put my trip photos (and some others) onto an SD disc that I'm going to send to my mom, along with a little USB drive that can read one. That should take care of her problems pulling photos from any of my websites. I'll need to mail them out to her later this week.

And Tired Erynn is really tired so I'm going to crawl off to bed. With any luck I might even get a little sleep tonight.
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Today was a little slower and quieter. I filled out the VA survey and added a bunch of notes on some of the pages expressing my issues with the way it was written and where I varied from their assumptions. Not sure if it will make any difference at all, but at least I have attempted to have my say. Took an hour or two, where they claimed it would take 30 minutes. That, of course, is if you're just picking tickyboxes. The fact that anxiety level doesn't necessarily influence what I absolutely have to do because I live by myself doesn't seem to occur.

The salal berries went into the dehydrator today. A couple of small ziplock bags of them went into the freezer. I made a small salal berry cobbler as well. I turned off the dryer for the night a couple of hours ago because it's so noisy, but it shouldn't be a problem. I'll turn it back on for a bit tomorrow.

This evening I did a little chasing down dates for ogam in manuscripts so that I could construct a rough timeline for the use of the alphabet. I chased down more information the Ballinderry dice and am not quite convinced by the arguments that it's an isolated 2nd century use of ogam. I have no idea what it is, but I don't think it's that. I haven't done any photographs of things or any scanning, but I did at least get a few things done aside from #writechat today.

I'm currently feeling slightly overwhelmed and wish I didn't have a bunch of stuff to do this coming week, but stuff has to get done. My sinuses are still not too happy with me and I'm kind of hoping I'm not coming down with a cold or anything. That would be immensely annoying.

[ profile] ingvisson is coming over tomorrow for a bit and we're going to the schmooze together. I'm going to wipe my data off the laptop tomorrow, as he has the OS discs that I need. I'm considering sending this one back to Apple for recycling, as it could net me about $300 in credit with them. It won't be useful in paying for the new computer, but I'm guessing I could get some useful stuff with that much money at the Apple store. I'm definitely contemplating an updated version of Office for Mac, as mine is Office 2008.
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[ profile] gra_is_stor and I went over to the park today to pick salal berries, but they were really substandard there. Most of them were dried out and a lot of others were moldy, which was really pretty nasty. We ended up picking from along the sidewalk by the lake. It was closer to the road than I liked, but at least they don't use lead in gas anymore, so I wouldn't be too worried about lead poisoning or anything. They washed off just fine and we got three bags full, which got cleaned down to two big mixing bowls full of berries that are now sitting on the counter on paper towels drying off a bit. I'll put them in the food dryer tomorrow, as I don't want to leave them in overnight. Last time I did that, they got crispy, which really doesn't do much for their flavor.

I spent part of today updating some of my software for the new computer and messing with the email so that it works again. Last night being able to send was sporadic but I think I've got it together again now, and it's been sending consistently again. Bills got paid, though the charge for the new computer hasn't showed up on the credit card yet. I'm sure that'll happen soon.

My Dead Can Dance hoodie showed up from [ profile] miss_adventure today, which has delighted me to no end. I wore it out when I went grocery shopping tonight. I hadn't been out for more than just a day or so's worth of stuff since I got home from Europe, so I had rather a lot to pick up, but there were some nice Washington peaches that felt and smelled ripe -- it's hard to get peaches in a store that are actually ripe enough. They're often either grainy or crunchy. I think these might turn out okay because they're fairly local and they claim they were "tree-ripened," though what that means these days is anyone's guess. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow when I have one for breakfast.

As noted in my other posts today, I did a blog page on finding the Wayside Well in Kildare, and Hiraeth Press posted one of my poems to their website, which made me quite happy. I sent off the link to the publicity person at Immanion. I also sent off a copy of the manuscript to [ profile] finnchuill for a poet friend of his to look over. I hope he'll like it.

Tomorrow I'll probably do #writechat for a while and then work on some more material for the EBC presentation. I have photos that need to be taken and things that need to be scanned for further slides. Fortunately, Word and PowerPoint both still work on this version of Mac OSX. I'm definitely liking the new larger monitor. It's at a better height and I have a lot more space to deal with things.

Today's mail, along with the hoodie, also brought a fairly lengthy health practices survey from the VA. A lot of the questions are not particularly answerable (for me at least) in the format they've laid it out. So much of their stuff can really only be answered as "it depends on how I feel that day," which they really don't have allowances for. I'm going to have to give some serious thought to my answers. Also with the VA, Wendy called on Friday and left me a message that the spirituality group starts again on the 6th, for a four-week session. Things are shifting yet again, so they're needing to figure out how to handle it. But it'll be nice to see everyone again.

Carrying the huge box with the computer in it yesterday really messed up my arms. They're very sore today, as they were last night. Hauling four heavy bags of groceries tonight didn't help much, sadly. Monday is the CR schmooze. Tuesday is the steampunk social at AFK. Wednesday I have a meeting with a couple who want someone to do a handfasting for them. Thursday Jeff's back to help with finishing up (I hope) the EBC presentation. In the midst of all that, I have to deal with scanning things, photographing things, writing up text slides, and expanding on some of the material I've got for the presentation outline.

Tired Erynn is really, really tired. Probably should cork this yummy apricot cider, pop it back into the fridge, and head for bed.


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