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I have one. Comment here if you'd like it.
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This is a test of the DreamWidth crossposting to LJ thingummy. No plans at the moment to move house, but one never knows. I'm just making sure the crossposting system works.
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The whole thing with crossposting comments to Facebook has a lot of folks up in arms. For the record, all my LJ entries are public, but I wouldn't be particularly thrilled with folks crossposting their comments to FB just because I really despise the medium. Yeah, I have an account, but I can assure you that I'm not going to be crossposting anything there from anyone's LJ. Anything I've wanted to have over there, I've put there on that site rather than linking from my own LJ.

I'm okay with people being able to post here as logged in from FB because my mom has an account there but not here, so it might work okay for her rather than being anonymous, but I don't know if that automatically crossposts or not.

At any rate, I know quite a few folks who are talking about moving (or have moved) to DreamWidth. I have an account over there (as erynn) but pretty much never use it. I've added a bookmark to my browser so I can go over and read the few folks who have bailed on LJ entirely whom I don't want to lose track of, but I'm not moving over there in any substantial sense because I have a permanent account here. I do understand the privacy issues and I'm upset for the folks who need to lock stuff down and for whom this is a potentially disastrous invasion of privacy. I don't personally have that issue, given the public nature of my journal, but it doesn't mean I don't understand those who do.
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So today I did some work on the CR & sacrifice essay to modify it from the old Nemeton post. I've done most of the footnoting as well. Passed it on to [ profile] alfrecht to see if it makes any sense in its current form. It's not ready to send off to [ profile] lupabitch at the moment -- and she's busy with other stuff anyway -- but it does mean I may be able to take something off my to-write list this week.

In other news, quite a few of my fandom friends are playing around with DreamWidth and [ profile] heuradys sent me an invite code. I imported my stuff from here over there, but I don't anticipate moving as I've got a perm account here that I'm perfectly happy with and about a zillion icons. My free account over there can only have a few. I don't think I'll be posting much there, but I'm there as erynn -- there's no 999 after it. The url for the curious is


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