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Apparently the other night Burning Man had its first suicide. A man hung himself in a dome in one of the camps. I don't know whether people were drunk, stoned, or just not really paying attention but apparently the guy hung there for about two hours before people figured out it wasn't a performance art piece. All I can really say is thank the gods he didn't decide to do it with a gun. That was the worst of the insanity. )


Aug. 30th, 2007 04:22 pm
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I hooked up with Gweth again today at her camp just before a dust storm hit. It's been whiteout conditions for a while now and will probably be very nasty for a few hours. One of the Black Rock City Rangers stopped by all the camps on the playa telling everyone that the dust was blowing in from as far away as Gerlach, and it would be quite a while.

Since we were sitting in the Friendly Fire bar (at Gweth's camp), and the music was far too loud, we waited for a little bit of a lull and made our way back to Gate Camp, where I showed her where I'm staying and got her into the back of the commissary to send out an email assuring Tagh and her friends that she's fine. After that we'll head back to our camper and sit for a bit until things calm down.

I have a ton of photos of the whiteout from Gweth's camp on the Esplanade and 3:00. I'll be showing a few once I've sorted through the lunar eclipse photos and the fire dancers from the other night.

There was another idiot stuck on the railroad tracks a night or two ago -- can't remeber if I talked about this yet. The railroad was notified by the train didn't stop (it was two hours after the notification) and even though the authorities were trying to get the car off the tracks, the train came clipping by at about 70mph and took out the entire front end. From an article I read in a BRC newsletter, one of the tires was found about 3/4 mile away from the crash site. This doesn't surprise me. There's not much to catch something that goes flying/rolling from a track accident out here.

The Man was raised again today. Gweth was out on the playa when the Man went up and says she saw the guy sliding down the top of the tent as the fire was starting. She says that the fire department was there so fast it wasn't even funny. And the festival goes with the flow.


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