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After hanging about the place and writing for a while, I headed down to Seattle to meet a friend for dinner. We grabbed food at La Isla, which he had not been to before (thumbs up). Both of us had chicken dishes and they were of teh NOM.

After that we dropped over to the CSPC for the Grind, and much debauchery was had by all. It's nice when one's friends kinks match up with one's own. That's all I'm sayin'.

Tomorrow, Queer Cabaret and returning books to the UW library. Not necessarily in that order.
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Garuda's oil got changed today, and the fuel injection system got cleaned out as well, so everything's set for the trip to PantheaCon later this month.

This evening I went to a class on teaching and presentation skills by [ profile] passionandsoul and had an absolutely fantastic time. I learned some really good stuff, including the fact that I'm actually doing pretty well with what I do as a presenter. The one concrit I got in the presentation section was that I was going too fast, but I already knew that was an issue for me, and the presentation that my partner and I did for the class seemed to be very well received (we each got a partner and a random topic to present on for two minutes). We lucked out in that it was a topic we both knew quite a bit about and were able to bring different perspectives to it, so as a tag team we did really well.

I got a chance to pick up a couple of [ profile] passionandsoul's books from him, and afterwards I took him over to the Grind, where he met some friends and I watched the dancers and a scene in progress. Overall, it was a wonderful, fun, and informative evening and I'm so glad I got the chance to do this.

On the physical side, I'm definitely aware that I'm not taking the tylenol now. I knew that it took the edge off a lot of the chronic pain, and am even more aware of that edge now. My hip was giving me more trouble than usual, even taking into account the cramps. I am definitely going to try calling and getting an appointment with the patient advocate at the VA tomorrow so that I can go down and discuss my issues next week.

BIRTHDAY NOTE: I'm holding my birthday celebration on Sunday, March 27th at the AFK in Everett, from about 6pm onward. Let me know if you'd like to come so that I have some idea of how many folks to expect. I hope that if you're in the area, you'll be able to attend! It's not every day I have a 50th birthday! I want my friends to be around to shove me into my second half-century with style!
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Online edition of Seattle Times has a brief article about SteamCon here.

The concert tonight thoroughly rocked. Bakelite 78, Ghoultown, and Abney Park. Ghoultown is a Texas band that can best be described as scowling zombie cowboy goth rock. They were fucking awesome with extra heaping helpings of doomsauce and doom sprinkles.

I'm tired and aching and will probably barely be able to walk tomorrow so I won't be heading down to the con despite the temptation of the Steampunk crossdressing panel. It's at 11am and it's 5am right now, so just no. I love the idea and was doing it myself Friday, but I can't stagger out of bed and down to SeaTac for the con tomorrow. I still have to rescue the DoDC+3 from the kennel tomorrow by 5pm.

My other awesomely epic part of the day was the Space 1889 game, wherein I played a big game hunter who was a member of a group of people attempting to make it to the Martian north pole before the Belgians did. Almost everybody died and it was fabulous and spiffing and just wonderful fun. There were many large explosions. In fact, we blew up a Belgian airship and destroyed their coal mining base, so although we hadn't intended to, we did in fact do immense service to Queen and Country, as it were. Huzzah. (kaboom)

Sadly, however, there was no one left to record our feat of heroism, so our names will not be preserved in the annals of history, but hey, we went out in a blaze of glory. Glorious glory. (doomsauce)

And now I really should attempt to get some sleep. I've been running on far too little of it recently. Don't expect any coherence from me for the next couple of days, okay?
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So, not only is my sweetie [ profile] lwood coming up this month and dragging [ profile] dpaxson with her, but [ profile] ogam will be coming up from El Paso and joining us for our CR Samhain, and for the Ekklesía Foundation Day!

There will be food. Much much food. *happywibble* I just got confirmation that he'll be arriving on the 28th.

This makes for one very very happy Erynn.

The gal I was supposed to meet this afternoon at Travelers canceled because she's temporarily contagious, but I'll be heading down anyway to pick up a couple of things at the Suzzallo, and will probably even head over to the Grind tonight just for a little social time and to see if anyone I know is hanging out there.

In other news, a pair of trousers arrived today for further steampunkery. I have to try them on and will most likely have to hem them up, as they appear to be WAY too long. Of course, the catalogue said that would be the case. *gazes at needle. looks at pants. sighs unhappily.*

And now, it's shower time.
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