White out

Aug. 26th, 2007 02:39 pm
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The past couple of days have been really windy and dusty. Yesterday [livejournal.com profile] garzan and I took the day off, but we were in the trailer most of the time due to whiteout conditions from the dust storms blowing through the city. Later in the evening we made it out to Frog Pond (the last night it was open) but as we were heading out the train stopped on the tracks. Apparently a carload of people trying to get in without tickets had taken what used to be a crossing but no longer was rigged as such and got stuck on the tracks.

Two of the occupants walked in to the city to get a tow. The two others had unloaded the back of the car "just in case" but were found still sitting in it when DPW drove up to check it out. Sure guys, save the equipment but get yourselves fucked over when the train comes? What gives? None of these folks had ID or a drivers license. It was a lovely little clusterfuck.

Today we had watch in likewise windy conditions, but not nearly so bad as yesterday. Of all things, I saw two seagulls in the city perimeter. After the heron I have no idea how much more of a message I can get that Things Are Afoot.

The city is growing more crowded and gates officially open tonight at midnight:01. I'll be taking the day off after the night of the lunar eclipse so that I can participate in the rituals surrounding it that are planned for the night. I don't want to have to get up at 6:30am after the eclipse finishes about two hours before. I'm hoping that we'll have clear conditions and want to get some good photos. I'm sure there will be some time for just viewing during the ritual time.

Because of the evols of playa hair (dust and grease = narsty) I have mohawked myself. Yes, this is me wearing a mohawk. There will be before and after photos sometime in the next day or so. It's certainly more comfortable, cooler, and feels less slimy. Yay mohawks! Mom, please don't fall over dead,okay? Every year as part of the festival there is a temple built and burned and this year I believe (from the hints in the literature) that the theme is the Temple of Forgiveness. I'm using this as an initiatory opportunity to work on self-forgiveness issues and will be taking the shaved hair out to the temple in a bag with some things I need to work through tucked in with it -- and with tobacco and other offerings in the bag as well. At the end of the festival the temple is burned -- Sunday after the Man burns on Saturday night. A lot of the participants find this a much more profound experience than the burning of the Man himself because it is so much more personal.

Individuals throughout the week are encouraged to go to the temple and write on the walls -- names of those passed on, things they wish to release, wishes they want to manifest. I'm told that the energy is very deep through all of this focus and the transience of the structure. More and more art is going up around the city, though I've not seen a lot of it yet because I've either been indoors away from the dust storms or on watch. I'm hoping for some time this evening after the heat of the day passes and dusk approaches.

I'm waiting for Gweth to check in -- probably tomorrow or the next day if email is correct. She's camping with Prometheatrics so I'll be keeping a lookout for her. I'll probably be working almost every day for the rest of the festival. I'm sure I'll have some fascinating stories to relate as the week goes on. Every day it gets more and more like Woodstock meets Mad Max. Some of the events sound fascinating. We have hippies and goths and grungers and good ol' boys and sex sirens and naked people and... well, you name it, it's probably here. I'm going to try to get pics of some of the people I'm meeting so you can put faces to the names I post from time to time. There are some very colorful characters here.

Looking forward to my next post, y'all! Mad Maxing to you from the Playa, it's Erynn!


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