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Today I got a lot done, starting with making my appointment with the consulate.

I'll be meeting with the visa applications office on October 9th, a Wednesday, at 11:15am. I talked to [ profile] lwood and she will make sure I get picked up at the airport, hauled around, and taken to the appointment in time. ([ profile] finnchuill, I do intend to at least visit briefly if I'm able while I'm down there.) I will be going down the day before the appointment and returning the day after. This is between the Sherlock Seattle con and SteamCon. I didn't want to put it off until toward the end of the month, as [ profile] gra_is_stor's birthday falls right around then and my brother has a deadline we're working toward.

I talked with my brother on skype for a bit and hammered out some details with him; he needs to make sure my appointment is before November 1st, when his contract with the AF active reserves expires so that it shows best for our financial purposes. Between the two of us, we don't quite hit the $50,000 figure I was quoted in a consulate email, but perhaps with his already being in residence and offering me a place to stay, what we do have will suffice.

As soon as I get a plane ticket (I need to talk with a travel agent to make sure I get a ticket that can be cancelled if the visa is rejected), I can give him the travel date for his letter of invitation form, but I expect it will be around mid-December. I figure if I give it 60-ish days, that should be reasonably sufficient. He's heading off to Austria in the morning for a week for a huge motorcycle rally and will get back to me with more details when he gets home again. We should be able to wrap up the letter of invitation bit by the the middle of the week after he gets home. I am going to ask him to post me the document as well as send me a PDF as I don't want to have them say "you need the original" when I get there, and not be able to provide it.

The contractor came and finished up the bathroom in a few hours, starting a little after noon. The place still smells a bit chemical in here, after the primer and paint. I had to air the place out with both doors and all the windows open for a while today. It'll be a couple of days before it smells normal, more than likely.

I spoke on the phone with BECU; they called me after our email exchange to get specific details about what I need. They apparently have a standard immigration form letter that they can fill out and notarize for me that should meet the consulate's requirements, and can also provide a letter stating that I am a member of the credit union in good standing. The notarized letter costs $18.

Now I have to locate a CPA who can deal with the other bits of this for the second "letter of reference" and to explain in writing why my income is not taxed and that I do not have to file tax returns. I've sent a couple of online inquiries to different offices but not received any response. I suspect I'll have to either bite the bullet and phone someone, or actually walk into an office with papers in hand and ask if they can provide what I need. I should get BECU's letters by late next week and will be able to take them with me when I talk to a CPA to demonstrate what I need. Do any of you local peeps know one that you would recommend?

I did some further research on overseas health insurance and have found something that more than satisfies the consulate's requirements for under $200 a month, so I will get that together closer to the appointment so I can take the documentation with me. This is a better deal, from what I can tell, than one of the places someone suggested to me earlier. They seem to cover more stuff. I am going to fill out the VA document to enroll in their Foreign Medical Program and have them mail the authorization to me c/o my brother at his APO box so that if it takes a while to process, it will get to me anyway.

An email was sent to the regional USDA veterinary office to inquire about vets in the Everett and Seattle area who are qualified to do the paperwork for the DoDC+3 when it becomes necessary. I don't expect a response before the middle of next week due to the holiday. The EU compliant ID chip arrived in today's post. I'll need to make an appointment to have him chipped and redo his rabies vaccine. He needs his nails clipped, too.

I emailed the consulate about the type of plane ticket I need and apparently someone was at their desk because less than half an hour later I received my answer - I need a one-way ticket if I am applying for a residence visa. I sent back an email thanking them for their prompt response. I think this "one question per email" thing is probably the best way to go, given they can provide a one-sentence response and it only takes a minute for them to do it. Seems far more likely to actually get a useful response with this method. Currently, mid-December one-way Seattle to Venice tickets start at just under $900 on a few of the online discount sites. Other sites start at $1200 and go up from there.

Because I made the consulate appointment today, I spent a lot of the day in kind of a panic. I called mom and talked with her for a while to let her know what's going on. She sounded a lot better and said the bronchitis had cleared up, much to her relief. Al's doing better as well, so things are going pretty well at her end of the world. I passed my brother's greetings on to her, as I'd told him I was going to call her when I was done texting with him.

I did go with [ profile] gra_is_stor to the party this evening. There were dancers and fire dancing, and there was music. It did help get me out of my stressed out state. I discovered that dark chocolate flavored red wine and blueberry lavender muffins are a godlike combination that must be tasted to be believed. I rode home with [ profile] ingvisson because he was ready to go when I was, and [ profile] gra_is_stor was going to stay and play a couple more songs. A couple of dancers from Olympia had just arrived as we were leaving.

I have a road opener candle going on my mantle at the moment. Any and all bureaucracy-smoothing, gate-opening magic/juju will be gratefully welcomed. All good thoughts are appreciated.

*runs screaming into the distance*

This weekend: bill-paying, laundry, more preparation of emails, and further evil plotting and planning.

Next week: Wednesday is shrinkage and Geordie arrives for an overnight visit.
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More photos from last year's trip to Europe. These are from the Festival Interceltique in Lorient, from the grand parade. Most of the photos I got were taken really haphazard, holding my camera up over my head to get shots over the crowd. I was not the only one doing this. Below the cut, musicians and dancers!

On to Brittany! )
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Rather than spending the day working through the photos to pull out particular ones for the pilgrimage presentation, I went dancing this evening with [ profile] gra_is_stor (at least a little bit) and then we came back here and watched The Tempest - the 2010 Helen Mirren version that I'd seen some publicity for a few years back. I really enjoyed it, though it didn't have much in the way of commercial success. It's a bit surreal, the music is by turns eerie and jarring and strange, and I loved the costumes and the special effects very much.

Email today brought news from Lupa that the animism anthology, Engaging the Spirit World, is finally almost done with layout. This means that publication should be relatively soon. This anthology project has been on the back burner for quite some time, while Lupa was in grad school, but it'll be my second publication this year and I'll be glad to have my essay finally released.

Tomorrow, no, for real, photo sorting. And then buying some dog food.
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I went off with [ profile] gra_is_stor this evening to a women's dance night at a local bar. We had fun and stayed for about two hours, but I only danced a little, and my hip was bothering me from it. I did enjoy myself, I just hate how my parts rarely want to cooperate.

When I got home, I had some food and had a fire for a while. I also went through and burned about ten years worth of old bills and financial documents that I don't need anymore because I don't want to put stuff like that in recycle where it can just get snagged for ID theft. I was starting to run out of storage room for them.

It's down to 23f here at the moment and I'm really not a happy camper about the cold. I've got a mild headache as well, which is also not happymaking. I'm probably not going to make it out to the Shinto shrine tomorrow because of creakiness. At least the day was sunny, though! That was an improvement, at least.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to get some work done on the PCon presentation.
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My sweetie [ profile] gra_is_stor and I went out this evening to the Can Can, down in the Pike Place Market, despite that it was cold as hell (it's currently 30f) and very foggy, and that I was not feeling my best. [ profile] nathan_fhtagn and his band, [ profile] meddevi, and Jody Ellen from Abney Park were all there, and Jody Ellen had her new solo cd available. We had a lovely time, though we headed out pretty quickly once the show was over.

I took a bunch of photos, which are posted below. The lighting wasn't good and I was taking them on the phone, so you get what you get. It'll give you at least a little idea of the show this evening.

Here be photos. But no dragons. Sadly. )
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Really I only got a sink full of dishes washed. I bought tickets for me and [ profile] gra_is_stor to go and see [ profile] meddevi and Nathan and Jody Ellen and friends down at the Can Can tomorrow evening at 9pm. Even if I'm cramping I should be able to park myself in a chair and appreciate music and other people doing a dance performance. I've walked by the place a million times (it's right next to Left Bank Books), but have never been in. I'm looking forward to it, though.

[ profile] gra_is_stor went off to the steampunk ball tonight with our friend Brianna. I was inquired after, and I wish I'd been up to going.

And now, an attempt to sleep.
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This evening I finally got out to Otherworlds, the steampunk shop in Edmonds. I went with [ profile] gra_is_stor for steampunks dancing, and we did mostly waltz type things and some English country dancing. I was a little dizzy by the time I sat down, and the hips and knees didn't hold out for more than an hour or so, but I think I did okay. The proprietors are tea geeks like me, and she is into teaware and we geeked about ceramics and teas for a little bit after the dancing. I got a teacup and saucer much like the ones I inherited from my father's mom. She's apparently having a hard time selling the antique Japanese ones (Merit, Trimont, etc) because people believe that the glazes or paints are lead-based. Considering that I mostly just display the old ones, it's not that much of an issue for me.

Tomorrow evening I'll be picking up [ profile] ogam at the train station downtown in Seattle. I think I'm shipping him over to [ profile] ingvisson's place after that.

And, under the cut, Mom with Santa! )
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I did a little writing on a fic today (I should crack 10,000 words before I go to bed shortly), hung out with some friends on livestream, and did a little cooking. Aside from that, my day was really quiet, which I needed.

I have to go to bed soon because I've committed to walking with Veterans For Peace at the Auburn veteran's day parade. It's one of the largest in the country and the VFP had been informed this year that they would not be able to march, not because of any violations of parade rules, but because the Auburn organizers didn't like the idea of veterans interested in peace. This morning, a court ruled that they had to allow the VFP to participate on first amendment grounds, so the local chapter is asking to have as many members as possible show up. I'll have to get up hours earlier than I usually do to be able to get to Auburn by 10:30am awake enough to cope.

The weather right now is 31f, and it will likely be quite cold tomorrow, so I'm going to have to consider what I want to wear for the parade. It will need to be warm enough for when I'm not moving, but not all sweaty when I'm walking. I have a few ideas, but I'm also planning on layering a few things and taking off a sweater or whatever if I don't actually need it. It's more my legs than my upper body that I'm concerned about, as they tend to get colder, but I do have a silk underlayer that I'll be putting on.

Tomorrow evening, if my legs haven't fallen off, I'm supposed to go out dancing with [ profile] gra_is_stor. We'll see how I hold up. Anyway, sleep soon. I've heard there will be press coverage of the parade due to the first amendment issues, so who knows, I might be in some of the parade shots on tv tomorrow night.
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I got some notes and outlining done for pilgrimage stuff today. Scribbled down about a page of things to consider for the actual writing I need to do. I'll probably end up doing some of that tomorrow.

This evening I biffed over to Third Place Books for the birthday celebration of Miss Cherries Jubilee, one of the local steampunks. A fantastic time was had by all, though I didn't get much dancing in, as they weren't playing things I knew how to dance to, and when I did get up and dance, I got those sharp stabby pains in my hip joints that do not signal anything good.

There was cake. It was a very very yummy cardamom cake. There was also a ton of it, so I brought some home.

After the Third Place end of things, we adjourned to Maizie and Rupert's place, to the Tiki Bar of Doom. There was some wonderful conversation, and Miss Jubilee also kidnapped a guy she met at Third Place and brought him along. He turned out to be pretty cool - he'd talked to her about dancing and that is a sure way into her attentions.

At the Tiki Bar, I was introduced to a really quite yummy liqueur called Creme de Violette which, as it sounds, is a violet-flavored tipple. It was really quite extraordinary if you are into flower flavored drinks. One would really only want to use it as a mixer, but it would be very much like using an elderflower liqueur like St Germaine in something.

I also discovered that egg cremes have neither egg nor cream in them. Whoda thunk it?

Tomorrow is the podcast/chat interview, information here below:

Sunday, March 18th, 2012, at 5:00 p.m. [EST] 2:00 p.m. [PST] "Conversations from the Porch" hosts discuss Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism. Listeners who log into the show's host site have the opportunity to participate in a live chat with author Erynn Rowan Laurie.
The URL is:

I hope I'll see at least a few of you there!
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Today got off to a rather slow start, but I went over to Edmonds to check out the Rick Steves travel store. After looking around, I made an appointment to talk to someone there for half an hour later this month about my trip this summer, so that I could figure out what would be the best way to get from place to place for the cheapest prices, find hostels where I don't have couches/spare beds to crash on, how to ship my camping gear back home, and deal with other issues that they no doubt have more expertise on than yours truly.

After this, I headed down to Seattle. I-5 south was a parking lot from about Lake Forest Park down all the way into Seattle. It took considerably longer to get there than I'd expected, but I wasn't in a hurry. I met [ profile] gra_is_stor at the Time Travelers Rummage Sale and said hi to a bunch of the local steampunks before popping out next door for some late lunch. Sadly, food wasn't edible for [ profile] gra_is_stor, even though they tried. What I had wasn't bad, but she couldn't eat any of it due to allergy issues. One of the dishes they brought out had soy in it -- soy sauce, which was not a thing I have ever encountered in Indian food before. Anyway, after that, we went back to her place, where she got food she could actually eat, and she did a little work on my shoulders/arms. My right arm is doing better though, sadly, my left arm is still pretty much a mess.

A little after 7pm, we headed down to the Tin Can Studio for the show with [ profile] meddevi and [ profile] nathan_fhtagn and his band. (Tonight they were called "Serious Bidness" for they are the Band of Ever-Changing Names.) The show was fantastic and fun, with lots of great dancing, gothy swotting about, writhing, candle ogling, and being vamped by hot butch babes. Well, okay, I got vamped by a hot butch babe. You do not hear me complaining. *happysigh*

The high point of the evening was when [ profile] nathan_fhtagn's mom did a tap-dance dance-off with belly-dancing [ profile] meddevi to Eye of the Tiger. Played on banjo. Surreality FTW! (This just edged out the hot butch babe vamping me, barely.) ;)

My life. It is an amazingly wonderful thing some days. I have such incredibly talented and fabulous friends.

Backing up

Mar. 6th, 2012 12:54 am
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I think I finally have everything I need transferred from my old backup drive to the new one, and all the stuff on the phone and the iPad all backed up and restored to how it's supposed to be. It took rather a bit of shuffling and a couple of hours, but all seems to be well. At some point I will probably erase the old backup drive and possibly use it for something else, but I'm not sure what, as yet.

At the moment, pretty much everything I have uses USB2 connections except for the barcode scanner for Readerware, and I need to get a USB dock that works with that format now. I've got a couple more items in need of a connection than I have connections in my laptop. That shouldn't be hideously expensive, but it's not too important right this instant. I can shift things around as needed for the moment. Sadly, neither the phone nor the iPad will charge or connect to the computer if they are plugged into the dock.

There was snow today early in the afternoon. It didn't last long, thankfully, nor did it stick for very long. The sun came out and most of it melted, but it didn't really stay very warm. Right now the parking lot is partly black ice, as too often happens when we've had snow and freezing temperatures.

I spent part of the day looking through my music collection for Brigid-themed music and sent off some links and suggestions for the pilgrimage. I thought it would help folks get into a good aural space for the whole thing. There are half a dozen or so versions of Gabhaim Molta Bhride out there that I found on a quick search on YouTube. I can't find Brigit bé bithmath anywhere but on one of my cds. I suggested the Canty Flame of Ireland cd, but it appears to be out of print and only available for ludicrous amounts of money right now, sadly.

Grocery shopping got done this evening as well, though there are still a couple of things that need getting for the month. One thing I picked up was an artichoke that I swear is the size of a baby's head. That sucker will be at least two meals all by itself.

Tomorrow I've got the steampunk social at AFK. I should also do the last bit of shopping in the afternoon before I head out to see folks. Wednesday is Irish class. Thursday is the VA group. Saturday [ profile] meddevi has a performance in Seattle with [ profile] nathan_fhtagn that I'd like to see. Monday is the CR schmooze. Next Wednesday is my belated shrinkage. Other things are happening as well. I'm wondering how much energy I'm going to have. I slept today until about 1:30, though not well. I kept waking up and going back to sleep. We'll see how I'm feeling as this moves along; I suspect it's still too soon after traveling to be doing all this.

Part of me wants to cancel doing just about everything until I have the stuff for the pilgrimage together. Another part of me thinks that might be slightly too drastic. Most of me right now wants some tylenol with codeine but is not going to get it.

Also? I have prep work that I had entirely forgotten about for a March 18th podcast appearance I need to cope with. FEH.
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I spent most of today doing more research and poking around for the Brigid pilgrimage. Sources have to be dug up, texts read, notes made. I was also dealing with re-doing the two-column handout for the Brigid and Sarasvati workshop, as I'll be presenting that again at Eight Winds. It was on the netbook, thankfully, but that meant I had to reformat everything and add the info from the notes I'd taken at the PCon session. I spent several hours on it, but now that particular handout is a PDF file that can just be printed and not worried about.

When I tried to scan the grid from the Sarasvati book, the HP driver urped on me. The website said to uninstall the driver and reinstall it. So I uninstalled the driver. For which I had to download a program so that it would work. The driver got uninstalled. I downloaded the OS 10.6 driver for the scanner. It wouldn't even open. Less joy than usual in Mudville tonight. The printer works just fine and I assume the copy function does, too, as that doesn't really even interact with the computer at all, but the scanner appears to be kaput. For the moment, it's not an issue, but I'll need to figure out some way to deal with it eventually.

I'm currently getting last-minute stuff together for tomorrow's departure for Port Townsend. I've printed out the address and information for Manresa Castle so that I can slap it into the god of navigation. We're planning on taking the the 11:10 or 12:05 ferry, depending, so we'll be getting up at about 9:30 and expecting to wait in line for at least one sailing, as you do on weekends heading out to the Peninsula. I need to run Garuda through a car wash before we head out, though, as he's still a mess from the Siskiyou pass.

There is currently cornbread in the oven for [ profile] gra_is_stor. We've got her food packed up in the fridge and will stuff it in the cooler in the morning. I have to remember to haul along my tea kettle so as to have available caffeination for my bloodstream on Sunday morning. I also have to pack my clothes for the seance and murder mystery party. We did a quick walk down to the Safeway because I was out of juice and needed more half and half so that I'd have enough for the cornbread and for my tea in the morning. I also dropped a bunch of my sib's mail in the postbox there. I'm still getting a bunch of his stuff delivered here and I'm just having the post office forward it. I do, however, hope that eventually he'll send in those change of address forms...

This evening I subjected [ profile] gra_is_stor to the glory of cheez-whiz that is The Abominable Doctor Phibes, starting Vincent Price. Hilarity abounded. It was glorious. The thing that disturbed her the most about the movie? The doctor and his assistant were dancing Tango to a Foxtrot tune. ONOES!

And now I just have to go pack, and wait for the cornbread to come out of the oven. It goes ding when there's stuff.
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I spent a good bit of the early part of the day working on contract negotiations again. Things are going well, the questions I had have been cleared up, and there's only one last thing left to resolve before I think we'll be ready to move forward.

The poll for potential titles is showing some clear preferences. Tomorrow I'll take the top three possibilities and send them off to Jason (who has read the poll and says that all of them are good titles, so we're on the right track). He also asked if In Cedar Time could be in the running, which was a section and poem title that he'd particularly liked, so I'll add that to the list when I send it off to Hiraeth and we can talk about what our final title will be.

I had Sally and Shelly over for dinner tonight. They watch the DoDC+3 for me when I'm out of town and I really wanted to do something for them. Shelly brought a nice salad and Sally brought dessert -- pound cake with peaches and raspberries and some dream whip for the top. I made chicken with dumplings and had to walk down to the store to pick up a couple of last minute ingredients before I could start cooking.

We talked at dinner about the dogs, and I asked about the ant problem I'm having. Sally said that I could take that to the property management people and they would deal with the exterminators, as it's a condo problem and not just something inside my place. I fired off an email to Brian after they left and hope to hear from him in the next day or two about when we can schedule having exterminators come and look things over.

I talked some about my recent publishing projects and ended up showing them both the stack of books with my stuff in it. I think part of the reason I would be resistant to ebook-only publication is because I wouldn't feel like I actually had anything to show for all my work. Books are something you can hand to a person and they can flip through them. An ebook reader just doesn't feel like much of anything. Traditional publishing, even if it's not a big publisher, is probably going to remain my first choice, even if my work does go into later ebook editions. I like being able to point to a shelf full of beautiful books and say "I did that. I wrote those, I contributed material for them."

Speaking of which, I have to remember to send mom her copy of The Scribing Ibis when I can get a few bucks for postage at the beginning of October.

After my guests headed out, I spent some time adding the publications acknowledgments page to the back of the book, citing all the places the included poems had been previously published. Fourteen of them have been published (so far - I don't know whether Mandragora has accepted one or two of the others as yet), and three of those have been published twice in different journals or anthologies. Publication dates for the poems in the collection range from 1997 to 2010 so far. If Mandragora picks up any of them, I can add a 2012 date as well.

I didn't sleep very well last night and really didn't get to bed until about 5:30am. The pupulator woke me up at around noon, so I didn't get very much sleep either. I really need to crash out very soon tonight, as I have both yoga and my monthly shrinkage tomorrow afternoon. Yoga starts at 2pm and I'll probably have to get out a little early for my 3pm appointment with Tracy, though she says we can shift our appointments slightly later so I can get there after the class. This will be the first time our sessions overlap, though, and I haven't had a chance to notify her, so I don't want to be late.

Thursday I'm going down to the alternative school to talk to the class about CR spirituality (the teacher's buying me some lunch in the I District first), then I'll be meeting a couple of local writers I met on twitter over at Travelers. I'll be meeting [ profile] gra_is_stor at that point as well. There will probably be tango that night, provided my body is up for it. She'll be up here until Saturday, when we're going to be going to a party (birthday? I can't remember) for one of her friends from the poly potluck.
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I got a whole 150 words written today for the Mandragora piece. At least it was something. Two loads of laundry, cooking, and other suchlike stuff. This evening there was tango -- had a lovely time. We were joined by Jay, from the CR schmooze group, who really enjoyed himself. I didn't just to tango tonight, there was a set with some swing so I did a teensy bit of west coast swing, too. Yay variety!

Tomorrow, [ profile] lupabitch will be up for a while during the day. I have a bazillion tons of shipping stuff for her. She can grab that and we'll write and maybe do food things, too.

Happy happy joy joy!

Have not yet heard from mom, but I imagine she's too busy up in New Hampshire at the moment to get online and send an email.

Spent pretty much all day feeling exhausted, but at least I got stuff done.

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I went out today and got my hair cut and bleached so I could re-dye the green in it. While I was out, I did a little grocery shopping, then made myself some bbq lamb ribs when I got home. Happy noshing was had, then I did dishes and suchlike. Caught up with the online world, then went and did some more grocery shopping, as I usually tend to hit more than one store for the things I need.

After that, I settled down and poured myself a gin & tonic, which has been quite lovely.

Also today, I registered for SteamCon 3 and made some arrangements for costume bits for the theme. I shall be looking forward to receiving the bits eventually. It's nothing particularly fancy, but they do need to be shipped to me.

Tomorrow I'm heading down to Seattle to pick up [ profile] gra_is_stor for the weekend. There's a smoke-free night at the Mercury tomorrow and we're planning on going to that, and having dinner with one of her friends first. Before I head down, I have to drop the cable modem off at the Comcast office in Everett, but then I'll be shut of them for good.

Saturday is tango, and Sunday should be a quieter day at home. Monday is the CR schmooze. Sometime in there I'll need to get a little writing done. I'm at my usual "ZOMG WHAT DO I WRITE??" stage at the moment. It's not encouraging. Perhaps this weekend I'll feel a little better getting into it.

And now, reading. Or maybe Samurai Banners.
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Republican Presidential wannabee Jon Huntsman wants to tax people on Social Security and disabled veterans while giving tax cuts to billionaires. What a fucking surprise.

On the bright side, nine people showed for the Everett steampunks tonight, and we had a pretty good time chatting and catching up. Miss Cherries Jubilee, in charge of Captain Nemo's Ball at this year's Steamcon, was soliciting donations to make sure the ball can be put together. She was given seven whole days to raise $500; she's nearly there, but the deadline was tonight. She said if she can't raise it today, she'll do an auction to raise the rest of the money. I didn't have any cash (my pension check doesn't come in until after midnight), but I did donate one of my three copies of The Scribing Ibis (signed) to her auction.

When I got home, there was a cute little tree frog sitting on my doorstep.

I got invited to Maizie's potluck on Sunday, which I will very likely attend. [ profile] gra_is_stor will probably be up this weekend also. If all goes well, I'll pick her up on Friday night before we go to the Mercury, then we'll attend the Queer Milonga on Saturday, and she'll stay until the CR Schmooze on Monday.

I'm hoping to sleep in tomorrow and catch up on a little rest, as I've been pretty busy of late.
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This note from Massachusetts:

A section of the Deerfield River in Charlemont, upstream from Shelburne and Shelburne Falls, is flowing at 38,000 cubic feet per second, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. On an average summer Sunday, the whitewater release would be between 800 and 1,000 cubic feet per second.

I've seen some youtube footage of the flood in Buckland and Shelburne Falls, including one bit with a building that had been washed downstream, though we didn't actually see the building go.

As to my day here, it was actually pretty good. [ profile] gra_is_stor and I went out for a walk in Forest Park here in Everett. There are some nice trails there, but I got skeeter-bitten, having forgotten that they tend to congregate in the woods. We came out to a more open area and sat there for quite a while, just enjoying the afternoon, before we came back here.

I made a rhubarb cobbler with gluten-free flour, since she is very sensitive to that kind of thing. The raw dough tasted slightly beany -- it's largely made of garbanzo beans -- but the finished cobbler tasted very nearly like it would have with wheat flour. I have to say, I was very pleased.

We went down to Seattle for tango in the evening. I danced some, but my knee decided it was unhappy with me, so I didn't get to do as much as I'd have liked. We danced and I got to practice a few things. I'm still really trying to just feel my way around, but it's fun. I ended up driving her out to West Seattle to drop her off, as her apartment is still pretty uninhabitable due to paint fumes.

The trip to the Shinto shrine had to be rescheduled to Tuesday afternoon, due to some kind of emergency that's requiring Barrish Sensei to be in Canada on Wednesday. That's been settled, though, and we'll be able to attend that day.

Tomorrow, hanging out at home to do some writing and cleaning the house up a bit for visitors on Tuesday and Wednesday.
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I've got a trip to the Shinto shrine coming up on Wednesday morning before I head down to Seattle for my shrinkage. David and his wife will be here Tuesday evening, probably staying with me overnight, then going to the shrine with me before they head up to Orcas. I'm looking forward to getting out to the shrine again, as it's been months since I've been able to attend a ceremony there. I'm hoping I'll get to Aki Matsuri next month, though.

I put in a call to the VA about the mindfulness study but have yet to hear back from anyone. I also haven't heard back from the Women's Clinic yet about the mammogram scheduling, but if I don't hear anything from them by next Wednesday, I'll just drop in and poke them about it. It's about par for them.

Early this afternoon I headed down to Seattle to see [ profile] gra_is_stor and watch Footloose in the park. It's the last of the Three Dollar Bill Cinema showings for the summer and there was quite a crowd out. The day was gloriously bright and warm, but a little too breezy as the afternoon progressed. [ profile] gra_is_stor did a little work on my back, which I'd strained a bit yesterday while I was picking huckleberries, before we headed for the park.

I was very amused because the last scene of Footloose is a big dancy prom scene, and everybody in the park (several hundred of us) all got up and danced like wild things. None of the folks who've joined us for the films before were with us this evening, so it was just me and [ profile] gra_is_stor sitting under the tree. We were fine with that.

She's here now practicing her harp for her performance on Sunday. We both have some writing to do tomorrow, and we figure we can do a little work on the Samhain ritual while she's here as well. I need to put some time into my PantheaCon proposal tomorrow, given that the deadline is mid-September. The sooner I get that together, the better.

At the moment, I'm looking at a proposal for a talk on Brigid with an emphasis on imbas, fire-in-water themes, and Brigid's similarities to Sarasvati, given that the theme for the con this year will be "Unity in Diversity." I can't say as I'm thrilled with the theme, as it seems kind of forced, but I suppose they're working on the problems perceived at last year's con. They can't improve if they don't at least make an effort. After I get a proposal down, I'll need to do a quick outline of the stuff I want to talk about so that I'll be able to do the necessary research and making of notes to be prepared for it.

Probably tomorrow I should also do a reminder post about the writing projects I've got coming up. I know I have several that either have a deadline or that I should at least get something started for. I have a request for one piece from [ profile] nancyblue for a new project she's working on. That'll probably be on CR and inclusiveness, which we'd discussed when she first ran the project by me. I also have the Brigid book to consider working on. I think there were a couple of other things on the plate as well, though I'll have to go back through my notes.

If I promised to write something for one of your projects (an anthology or something), please remind me, because I've been in running around doing shit mode and may well have forgotten it.

If we have a little time tomorrow and the weather is nice, maybe we'll go over to the park and pick some more huckleberries...


Aug. 7th, 2011 01:01 am
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Overall, the day was a pretty fantastic one. I had a great time with [ profile] garzan, who stayed here for the night. We went out for brunch to Thai Gusto, then came back here and watched most of a Sapphire and Steel serial after I'd dropped [ profile] alfrecht at one of his friends'; house so they could catch up for a bit.

After [ profile] garzan left, I picked up [ profile] alfrecht at about 4 and we headed down to Seattle. We grabbed food at Queen of Sheba, then met up for tango with [ profile] gra_is_stor.

We got a tango lesson and danced some. I would have stayed later, but my eyebrow piercing fell out. Thankfully, I was able to find both bits of the jewelry. We dashed out early to see if I could get over to Laughing Buddha, where I'd originally had the piercing done, to see if I could get it sterilized and put back in. Sadly, literally just as we got there, the last guy was locking the door. The piercing room had already been cleaned up and locked for the night, so I'll have to go back tomorrow and talk to them before the Lughnassadh ritual.

Tomorrow I have to drop by Michael's and pick up some weaving wheat, and I also have to be sure to remember to pack everything along that I need for my parts of the ritual, and my food. I have to have all my errands done before 4pm, when I'm due in Volunteer Park. I also have to pick up [ profile] gra_is_stor and her harp.

Busy Erynn is freakin' busy.
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Today I headed down into Everett and got Garuda's title transferred into my name so that I'm the sole owner of record. That took about five minutes; going to the main office in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday meant that there really wasn't a line, which made me quite happy.

This evening I headed down to Seattle to go learn to tango with [ profile] gra_is_stor. We met at Elliott Bay and I drove us up to the place where the dance was, on 15th not far from Group Health. We got parking very nearby. We got in pretty much just as it was starting and stayed until nearly the end. I did a little bit of leading and a little bit of following and got to dance with all the hot queer chicks. I figured if I learn to do both, I'll never lack for anyone to dance with. [ profile] gra_is_stor said I did really well for a beginner and I had a lot of fun. Apparently her friends thought I was doing pretty well, too. I certainly intend to go back again.

I also asked if she wanted to go with me and [ profile] alfrecht to the Abney Park show next month. As soon as August rolls around, I have to get us a room for the night, as I don't want to drive back home after the show from Port Angeles.

Tomorrow is a free movie in Cal Anderson Park up on the hill, and I'll be hanging out there with [ profile] gra_is_stor again. Yay me!


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