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Not much got done today beyond a couple of twitter chats. I did walk down to the store and get a few things, including some desperately-needed plain black tea. I have buckets and buckets of oolong, but a lot of the time I just want something like English Breakfast with cream, and oolong doesn't quite cut it for that. I've been migrainey off and on all day, though I'm doing all right at the moment. Sleep is unlikely to come at any point soon.

I've been poking around with one of my fics on AO3 that has tossed in half a page of blank space in its EPUB format for no discernible reason. I've looked at the html and it should be fine, but it isn't. I have no freaking clue why. Nothing else is wrong with the document, just that half a page blank space. It is driving me nuts. It displays properly on AO3, and so do all the other fics I've downloaded as EPUBs. My brain hurts.

I roasted a chicken - the store had them at buy one get one free prices today, so I bought two. After I pulled off what I wanted for dinner, I turned the rest of that one into soup. The other one will get hacked up tomorrow and put into the freezer in parts for later. Soup goooooood. Especially when I feel crappy.

It is entirely possible I am using some of this as an excuse to not do my outline for PCon.
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Today was a fairly quiet day. I went to the AFK with [ profile] gra_is_stor and met Gary and Melody there for a little gaming at about 2pm. The place was pretty quiet when we were there, but I was delighted that they were open. We played several varieties of Fluxx (Martian, Stoner, and Zombie), Cthulhu Munchkin, and Give Me the Brain, another zombie game. While I'm not particularly fond of zombie movies, I find zombies themselves pretty amusing. They are certainly a monster of the zeitgeist.

We were joined a bit later in the afternoon by Charles, who played a few rounds of Martian Fluxx with us, then a bunch of rounds of the quick and simple Cthulhu Dice.

Sadly, [ profile] gra_is_stor's tummy has been distinctly uncooperative the last few days, so she wasn't feeling too well. We departed from the AFK about 7pm and headed back here. I'd had a bit to drink and wasn't fit to drive, so Charles drove Garuda for us, and we lit ourselves a fire in the fireplace and put on Babette's Feast, which [ profile] gra_is_stor hadn't ever seen. I really do love that movie and will sometimes get a bit sniffly at its playing, as I did this evening.

When the movie was over, Charles was fetched home by his roommates, and we are now having a quiet evening here doing our own things. The fire is still on, but slowly dying. The wind has been very high today and there are a lot of branches down all over the place. It was reasonably warm over the course of the day, but it got considerably colder as the sun went down. It's about 37f now, and will probably get colder over the course of the night. It rained a fair bit. Someone said that Everett was supposed to get rain (as we did) mixed with some snow (none seen yet, thank the Gods).

My shoulder and neck are bothering me and I will probably be crashing very soon. The DoDC+3 was an utter pill today. He's managed to destroy one of the flaps on the vertical shades that cover the sliding door out to the lanai. I'm going to have to find something that he can't destroy when he goes into one of his frenzies at the door when one of the other dogs goes by. He has been biting at the shade, and has torn a chunk off the bottom of one and ripped another down completely. A few of the others have small chunks taken out of them. The shade is light plastic and I'm wondering if wood or metal of some sort (it has to be white or off-white, in accordance with the HOA agreement) would withstand difficult dog treatment. I'm rather annoyed with him, as he was also being a pill with Charles while we were watching the movie. He spent most of the day in his crate today to get him to calm down.

Anyway, the day has been, overall, a decent one but I'm achy on one side and annoyed with the beast. No writing got done today, obviously, given that I wasn't home to write, nor at the keyboard while I was home.

Tomorrow is looking like a day with Nothing Going On, which I am perfectly happy to maintain. Too much stuff and too many people. I'm glad that the seasonal steampunk tea isn't on Boxing Day but is, instead, on New Years Day. I know there is a steampunk stitch & bitch but I'm not particularly interested in going. I was told that I could bring my long wool coat and some lining material and Qi would help line it again, but that would mean I'd have to go out to a fabric store tomorrow and then out to Snohomish to get together with everyone, and I haven't the wherewithal to deal with it. I just want to stay home and maybe write and/or curl up in a corner and not do anything all damned day. Tired Erynn is currently well and truly tired.

Recap: Gaming with friends at the AFK was epic fun. Babette's Feast is filled with many kinds of win. And food porn. Dogs can be utter pills. I am tired and achy. I am not doing a damned thing tomorrow if I can avoid it.

Tuesday, I'm calling the VA and telling Julia that yoga at 2pm is too early for me to be in Seattle, and trying to get into town at that hour is more stress than the yoga relieves.
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Aside from setting up the RSS feed for Occupy PNC, I didn't do much today. There was a little cooking, but no cleaning up anything. I'd considered doing dishes and laundry but wasn't much up to it. I did make a Moroccan style chicken with salted kumquats and olives thing, and popped a frozen pumpkin pie in the oven. The pie is still slightly warm.

I was annoyed that I had to get into a bottle today by way of a wrench, given that my hands don't have enough of a grip to be able to open things like that without help. I swear, there's vacuum sealing, and there's supergluing the fucker shut.

I wrote for a while today and am currently at close on 49,000 words at the moment. Feels good to accomplish something.

Mom tells me Al has had eye surgery for retinal tears and such and that he's got to cope with the post-surgical treatment for the next couple of weeks. It sounds like a massive pain in the ass, but at least he'll still be able to see. She's supposed to finally get high-speed internet tomorrow, so that's something good, at least. My brother says he is down to single digit days left in Baghdad and that he will be going home to Italy when he gets out of there. He says he's looking forward to sleeping at home in his own bed again soon. I'm massively relieved for him.

Tomorrow is my evil VA appointment. I'm going in a little early to pick up [ profile] gra_is_stor, who is going to come with me for moral support, then we're meeting folks at Travelers and heading over to Araya's Place for dinner with them afterwards. She and [ profile] alfrecht will be coming up here with me for the night. I have two further VA appointments after that this week as well -- yoga and the spirituality group.

Tired creaky bits are tired and creaky. It's time for bed.


Dec. 7th, 2011 01:53 am
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I have a horrible feeling I'm supposed to be doing something Friday and cannot for the life of me remember what it is. There is nothing on my calendar for that day, but this may just mean that I have forgotten to add it to my list of Stuff.

Tomorrow, yoga and hanging out at Travelers. I will probably be seeing [ profile] sebastian_lvx there when I'm done at the VA.

Thursday, spirituality group at the VA. Possibly talking to folks at Occupy Seattle at the Sanctuary tent, depending on what's happening there. They have been given an eviction order that is apparently supposed to happen mid-day Friday sometime, so I'm sure things will be in chaos.

Friday is ??? I also don't know if I've committed to do something over the weekend, for I have no brain and therefore must weep.

At the moment, if there are no actual plans and this is just my hyperactive anxiety gland, I will WRITE dammit. I have a ton of stuff to work on.

Today I went over to Occupy Everett and helped set up a large banner, then went with them over to Firewheel for part of a meeting on Occupy's role in protesting and trying to prevent foreclosures on people's homes. Occupy Seattle and Occupy Tacoma just yesterday helped prevent the eviction of a family who actually had money to pay the mortgage but with whom the bank was refusing to work. There's a lot of hinky stuff going on. There was an attorney at the meeting this evening who was talking about the issues, laws being proposed in other states to help alleviate the problem, and what local legislation might be proposed, along with thoughts on actions here locally.

After that, it was over to the AFK for the steampunk social. One other gal showed up and we had a lovely talk about all kinds of things, from steampunk costuming and props to the SCA to Plants vs Zombies to bad movies. All in all, it was a pretty good day.

Just as a heads up, Jason from Wild Hunt did a really good, thoughtful editorial on Pagans and the Occupy movement. It is well worth reading if you've not done so already.
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What was intended as a half-hour appointment at the VA today to deal with migraine medications turned into a marathon deal. I did talk to the doctor (20 minutes late), scheduled a pap smear for mid-December with a different doc (ugh), then went to drop my prescription at the pharmacy because I rather need a tramadol tonight. I then proceeded to the PTSD outpatient clinic to talk to a meds doc, since mine was transferred out of the clinic earlier this year.

I ended up talking to the pharmacist down there, who informed me that I'm actually only taking half of the dose of antidepressants I was supposed to taper up to. That would be me being cautious and figuring if a lower dose worked, I probably shouldn't go higher. Anyway, I'll up the dose a bit starting tomorrow. I also made an appointment with a new meds doc for a couple of weeks from now.

After all that, I ended up waiting about an hour in the travel office for my money there. By the time I got out of there, it was after 4:30, but I headed directly home anyway, as I had the steampunk social tonight and couldn't really wait in Seattle until the traffic calmed down.

Thankfully, we had a lovely gathering this evening. Plans continue apace for the New Years Day traveling tea party. There are also plans afoot for an actual logo for the Everett group. There were eight of us this evening, and it was a relief to just hang out and relax and talk about bad movies and steampunk and whatnot after the crappy day at the VA. I told Kayla she should consider having Air Kraken Calamari available and she said she'd talk to Butch about having it as a Tuesday special. Hell, I'd order fried calamari if they had it!

Amidst all this, I forgot to get the salt for my salted Moroccan limes project. I'm too tired and headachy at the moment to go out to the store to get some.

The appointment with my doc was something of a comedy of errors. She's okay, but was essentially spending time telling me a bunch of things I already knew. I know she had to cover the basics of "if you take tylenol every day, you're likely to get rebound headaches" but I've known that for years and they are less problematic than the fibromyalgia that I take the tylenol for in the first place, and nothing at all like the pain of the migraines I was after the tramadol for. We spent a fair bit of time dancing around the whole "yes, Erynn actually knows what she's talking about, can we move on, please," stuff. It will probably go better next time.

Writing is not getting done tonight, but some editing is happening, which is helpful as I reread what I've written in the last few days.
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I got out the press release draft today for Occupy Everett, having finally got enough information to actually put it together. I was asked to do another bit, but don't actually have information enough for that, so I've sent off emails to the appropriate persons. We'll see if anyone responds in time to get it together. I'm just the writer, not the source of the information, and I can only work with what I'm given, so I'm okay regardless. I've done my bit by passing along requests and doing what I was initially asked to do.

Fic is up to 28,600 and I did make a commitment for a short gift fic, but I haven't had time to start that one yet. I'm guessing less than 5,000 words for that one, if all goes well. I'm in one of those OMGWRITEY headspaces when it's hard to tear myself away from the keyboard for anything and when I'm in that space, I tend to resent anything that interrupts the flow. Yeah, being a writer, it's a solitary pursuit for a reason.

Laundry finally got done. I intended to start a new batch of Moroccan salted key limes tonight, but I dug around in the cupboards and realized I didn't actually have enough salt for it, so I need to pick up some of that tomorrow while I'm out.

I have my appointment with my new doc at the VA women's clinic at 2pm, then back up to Everett for the steampunk social. Wednesday is yoga, Thursday is the spirituality group, and we'll see what, if anything, else. I need to remember to haul a bag of tealights down to Occupy Seattle for the Sanctuary tent on Thursday, assuming they're still there. The college was talking about evicting them on the 2nd (that being Thursday), so I'm not sure what's going to happen.

There may be the Muppet movie on Thursday night, though I'm not sure yet. [ profile] gra_is_stor and I are talking about when that should be. We're probably going to a Bone Poets (formerly Gaia Consort) show at Soul Food Books in Redmond on Friday. I have no idea if I'll be up for tango on Saturday, which is the Queer Milonga. The way my hips have been feeling, that's kind of unlikely, but I may try. We'll see.
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I had forgotten that I was supposed to have the photo session with [ profile] fullcontactmuse today. I got up about 2:30 and didn't check my calendar, so I was reminded of this when she left me a voicemail. I was able to hop in the shower and get dressed before she arrived, but it was kind of a near thing.

We headed down to the park at Silver Lake a little before dusk and did some photography there, then came back here and did a bunch more inside. I'm feeling pretty worn out and a bit like I might be edging into the whole coming down with a cold thing, but I'll try to kick it with zinc and other stuff, and getting to bed here shortly.

If you're local and would like to see some of her work, you can check her out at Stopped Motion. She does a lot of photos at Abney Park concerts and other steampunk events, as well as portraits of dancers.

I got pinged again this evening about Eight Winds 2012, which I do plan to go to. I haven't yet decided what I'll be teaching, but that will be decided. I'm sure I'll see a bunch of my friends from that festival down at PantheaCon!

And now, to bed. I hope.
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As noted in my previous post, I did go out to Applebee's for lunch, as I had planned. I also dropped by the Brown Bear car wash in downtown Everett because Garuda desperately needed a bath and they were doing a free wash for vets today. That put me within a few blocks of the courthouse, where Occupy Everett is encamped, and I had to deal with turning around on the main road through town, so I swooped up past the courthouse instead of trying to turn on Broadway. I figured I could stop and see if anybody needed coffee or something and maybe I could bring them something hot, because it was windy and pouring down rain.

I found about half a dozen people attempting to set up a shelter, without a whole lot of organization. The guy who was trying to read the instructions wasn't too certain what was supposed to go where, so I pitched in and helped out, deciphering stuff and putting things together. Between the half dozen or so of us, we got it standing, and I left them with the shelter put together and a couple of guys securing it down with heavy ropes and wooden stakes to keep it from blowing away in the wind. I was wearing my wool winter coat which, while warm, is not exactly suited for wearing outside in the pouring rain for an hour. My leather gloves left black dye stains all over my hands that are going to take a couple of days to come out, despite my having scrubbed them several times already.

I was feeling a need for a little bit of the needful, so I dropped in to the AFK to have a jolt of Klingon blood wine (yes, they do have a drink called that) and a pot of tea to see if I could warm up a little and dry out before I headed back home. They had a tasty sounding special on the menu, and by the time I was done with the alcohol, I was hungry again, so I ordered food. When I was done eating and sipping most of that pot of tea, it was about 7pm, so I texted Gary to see if he was at the AFK, as he and a bunch of his friends are usually there of a Friday evening for some gaming. They were, in fact, there, so I went over and joined them until almost 9:30. My coat was still wet, but I was tired and chilly and damp, so I bid them adieu and headed home.

So that is why I did not just stay home today and get some rest. Maybe tomorrow, eh?

Also, by way of [ profile] heilan_coo and the Tairis blog, a link to Old Irish Wisdom Attributed to Aldfrith of Northumbria, an e-text of a book about Old Irish wisdom texts and their spread and influence.
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The Call for Presentations went out from the EBC last week, which I posted here. I've previously noted the sometimes disturbing lack of women presenters at the conference and, in accordance with suggestions over the years from [ profile] brandywilliams, have decided that I'll propose a session.

I talked a little bit with [ profile] gra_is_stor about it, as we met for a while at Travelers after my VA appointment today. The spirituality group is back up and running and it was wonderful to see my friends there again. We have two new chaplain interns along with Wendy, the psychologist who coordinates the group. I'm excited to be involved with it again. Sadly, I thought the group was at 2 rather than 3, so I was there over an hour early. I am dumb.

Jeff came into Travelers for a while as well, before his yoga class, and he sat and talked with the two of us. He's interested in presenting something to the schmooze on Celtic coinage. I'm figuring that discussing iconography on coins would be pretty cool, particularly if it was aimed at dealing with use of coin iconography in exploring how the various Celtic peoples viewed their deities.

I ran my idea for the EBC past them, and they thought it would be an interesting one. I've considered for several years that it might be cool to present on ogam. Since the focus of the conference is on books and magical traditions related to them (primarily, though not exclusively), I thought I could do a presentation tentatively titled "Ogam: From Medieval Manuscripts to Modern Magicians," dealing with things like the use of ogam as cryptography and mnemonic device, and abbreviations and ogam glyphs in the manuscripts as an inspiration for sigilization, then examine the practices of several modern writers and magicians, like Ian Corrigan, myself, and a few others, who are using ogam as a part of a magical practice as well as a spiritual one.

Someone over in [ profile] cr_r a while back asked about an ogam book published through The description of the book included stuff about the qabala and the I Ching, which made me raise an eyebrow or two. I've been calling the qabala the Procrustean bed of occultism since the late 80s and haven't really changed my opinion on that, but the author also talks about ogam and sigil magic, so if I'm going to be talking about modern approaches to ogam and sigil magic, it sort of behooves me to actually read the text of someone else who's doing that kind of work. I can decide after reading it whether or not the material is worth addressing. Thankfully, there's a Veterans Day coupon code, and the book is already somewhat discounted, so I can get it fairly inexpensively. The author is also someone that [ profile] gra_is_stor met while she was in Ireland, and she has some notes from him that she said I could look at. Still, notes versus an over-500 page book is a substantial difference in terms of being able to see what he's actually on about.

I need to look over the call for presentations and determine what I need to do for this, then do a more firm outline. I don't have to really worry about doing the bulk of the work until after PantheaCon, given that EBC isn't until autumn of next year, but I do need to pull together enough material to do the proposal and a rough outline so I'll know where to go with it when I get home from California next February. I also have to decide whether I'll speak from an outline or write a paper. I'm obviously going to have to work up a PowerPoint presentation to go with the presentation so that people can see what I'm talking about for several of the points I need to make.

I haven't heard back regarding the volunteer gig tomorrow, so I'm assuming that they're not interested in anyone showing up after 10am. Their loss. I have better things to do with my time than try to be somewhere at that hour, thereby guaranteeing my next three days are going to be nearly unlivable. I realize that a lot of people think of 10am as not only no problem, but as sleeping in, but when you have insomnia and sleep disturbance issues, 10am means I might have gotten two hours of more-or-less uninterrupted sleep, even if I went to bed at 10pm (which is usually ungodly early for me anyway). If I try to be anywhere by that hour, I'm guaranteeing that I'm going to be pretty much non-functional for the day, and it will take me a couple of days to get through it to the point where I can sort of function again.

This is why I am very insistent that I not be scheduled for morning sessions at conferences and why I refuse to make any sort of appointment, medical or otherwise, before noon if I can possibly avoid it. I hate the fact that I am in pain and can't focus if I am up too early, and that I can't just have a cup of tea and be fine, like most people. I can't really even just go home afterwards and go to bed, because it's almost impossible for me to sleep in the afternoon. I often feel worse after an afternoon nap that I would if I just stayed awake until my "normal" bedtime of somewhere between 2am and 5am. Bedtime means I go and lie down, not that I go to sleep.

And on that note, it's probably time I try to retire for the night.
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I went down to Seattle today to pick up [ profile] gra_is_stor. It took me two hours to get from my place down to hers, a feat which usually only takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Traffic was awful, probably at least in part due to the rain. It was, unusually for that time of day, far worse heading south than the northbound lanes were.

Once I got in, we hung out briefly at her place, then she and [ profile] joyful_storm and I all walked down to Edge to get the Box O Ritual Bits from the basement. I didn't want to move the car more than I had to, since I had a free parking spot not far from her apartment, and we'd need to haul a bunch of her stuff out to it before we headed north again. I talked to Robert a bit and told him that Datura was coming out in a paper edition. He was very excited and said he'd definitely get some to sell, so that's one mission accomplished.

I gave [ profile] joyful_storm a ride home, then we headed north to Everett again, where cooking commenced. Some guys were moving in upstairs when we arrived -- there was a rental moving van outside and half a dozen or so guys hauling stuff up the stairs. They didn't finish until nearly midnight, but at least they're quiet now. They're probably going to be doing rather a bit of banging around unpacking over the next couple of days, but I will be away for a couple of days; I'm catching up with some sleep on Sunday at [ profile] gra_is_stor's so I don't have to drive back here all sleep-depped in the morning. Monday will be her Pirate Party for Halloween and I'll be back down there again, but I'm guessing most of the moving in banging around part will be done by the time I get back late-ish Sunday. The DoDC+3 is coming with me so that I don't have to worry about getting my next door neighbor to take care of him for me.

The gołąbkis are in the oven at the moment. It will probably be 2 or 2:30am before they are done, given how late we got started. In a half hour or so I'll be checking on them and making the sour cream sauce to put on top. We need to be down to Seattle about 3pm tomorrow so we can do setup before people start arriving for the ritual. I need to spend a little time bookmarking the stories in the books we'll be using so that we don't have to hunt for them in the midst of everything else we'll be doing.

[ profile] gra_is_stor made stuffed squashes and pumpkin, which I won't eat, but I toasted the seeds after she was done and have nommed some of them. They were YUMMY. There are more of them, but I won't be eating the rest tonight. I had been planning on making a gluten-free rhubarb cobbler, but forgot to get the rhubarb while we were at the store. There will be metric tons of food at the vigil, so I'm not worried about anyone starving, so I didn't bother to run back to the store for it.

Tired Erynn is pretty tired, but we got a fair bit done today, at least.
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I didn't know this until today, but I am told that almost none of the illustrations for my ogam book are actually in the ebook edition. This may make following some of it a bit difficult. I'd been told that maybe some of the illustrations might not be in there, but I was not told that none of the illustrations are actually in the book at all.

Sorry everybody.
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I took [ profile] gra_is_stor back down to Seattle today. She had a 1pm physical therapy appointment, so we headed down early and I dropped her off in Ravenna and then shuffled over to the VA. She left her stuff in the car so she wouldn't have to haul it all over, and I told her I'd meet her at Travelers after my shrinkage today. More ramblytimes below. )
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That shrink appointment I had down in Seattle today? It's actually next Wednesday. I did, however, have the Women's Clinic set things up to make an appointment for me for my mammogram, which is a few months overdue. They're supposed to call me back in the next couple of days to let me know when that will be.

I did get to hang out with [ profile] gra_is_stor and [ profile] lakmiseiru at Travelers for a while, though, which was a distinct pleasure. I asked [ profile] lakmiseiru about hiking poles for when I go to Ireland next summer. We're likely to be biffing about in pastures and over stony ground, and I won't be able to take along my wooden walking staff, nor do I really want to worry about finding one over there to use, whether just picking up an appropriately sized fallen limb or buying one. I wouldn't be able to bring it home on the plane anyway. Collapsable poles seem like a much better idea, and they can be stuffed into a carry-on bag. I'll probably wait until I get the next REI catalogue with a 20% off coupon, which is likely to be in the next month or two for their fall sale, rather than paying full price there.

About 6pm I headed north so that I could get out to the AFK for the steampunk meetup, though nobody showed but me this week. I hadn't heard from anyone, but such things happen. I read for a couple of hours and made some good notes while I was at it, as I'm still working my way through Heroic Poets and Poetic Heroes.

Tomorrow I really need to spend some time dealing with laundry and dishes, and messing about with stuff for the upcoming September schmooze. If I manage to get those things done, I might also try going out picking huckleberries at the park by the lake. There were a lot of them when I was walking there with [ profile] gra_is_stor the other day.

Next week I'm probably going to be seeing David, whom I met in Eugene a year or two ago when he was out visiting relatives; I had been down there seeing Sannion and [ profile] erl_queen. We had talked about filidecht and ogam and other such stuff. He and his wife would like to have dinner with me, and possibly to go out to the Shinto shrine. We need to confirm our schedule so that I can put in an email to Barrish Sensei and see if he will be at the shrine and available that day.

I have pretty much run out of steam for the day, so I'm off to bed. Later, y'all.
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I went down to Seattle today to talk to a guy who's interviewing steampunks about the steampunk community and gender issues. Finding the place took me a few minutes, and I always try to allow myself extra time if I'm going somewhere new, so I still got there before he did. When I went in, who should I find but [ profile] invisogoth, who was sitting at a table working his way through another draft of his steampunk novel. I grabbed a cuppa and we chatted for about 15 minutes before Mark got there, only for him to discover that he'd left his recorder at home. I stuck with [ profile] invisogoth and continued our catching up conversation while he went over to Target to see if they had anything there that might be suitable.

That didn't turn out to be the case, and he didn't have the right tech on his laptop to do the recording there, so we sat and talked for about half an hour and decided that he could come up to my place tomorrow early afternoon and do the interview here. I took the opportunity to encourage myself to sweep up the drifts of dog fur and do a little other cleaning, including most of the various books from my Queering the Flame research put back on the shelves. The place is now much more presentable for somebody who's never been here before! There are still stacks of books here and there, but I don't feel quite so buried in research.

I'm thinking that after he leaves tomorrow, I'll start poking at the text file for Circle of Stones to clean up the trash characters, and indicate where illustrations are supposed to go, so that I can send it back to Taylor and Storm. We still haven't figured out how we're going to handle the whole illustration thing -- the scanner here is crap. It's okay for limited use, but not for commercial files, and I don't know how to get it to do anything over 300dpi. Anyway, that's a thing to worry about later. First, getting the text files together.

After I left Jewel Box in Northgate, I headed down to Seattle and hung out at Travelers for a while. I talked with Leon a bit, then [ profile] stor_is_gra came in on break from helping her roommate pack for his trip to teach tango in Europe. We talked about the Seattle Queer Tango thing that's going. She's been fairly involved with that and would like me to come learn to dance too, so I'm going to give it a shot, mostly starting next month. There are places that beginners can go for free, and if I like it, later I'll be able to maybe afford some lessons. We talked about that for a while, then I drove us up to Cal Anderson park when Travelers closed at 7, and we walked around the park, then I walked her home and headed north again.

I've pretty much been doing the clean a bit, do things, clean a bit since I got home. I really need to do a batch or two of laundry tomorrow along with the work on Circle of Stones. My right hip is still giving me trouble, but it's just a dull ache at the moment.

The day started out warmish but overcast, but by the time I got down to Seattle, it was absolutely gorgeous out. The walk in the park was fantastic and the weather held nicely until after I got home. I went and stuffed a bunch of packing and shipping stuff into the library closet for next time I get [ profile] lupabitch in the vicinity. I intend to give it all to her to use, and a few little things like velveteen pouches and whatnot that I don't actually need but that she might be able to use to make other stuff with or to decorate.

And now, to deal with dishes and some dinner.
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Yep, I left my camera at [ profile] mythworker's place in Eugene, so I drove back there today to get it. I had a lovely dinner (lunch for me) with him and his wife, and we talked for a bit before I turned around and headed back to [ profile] martianmooncrab's. She and I just got back from a late dinner at Bugatti's. It was tasty.

The sib pinged me and said he's safely on the Cape now, and looking around for housing.

I hurt everywhere and am still exhausted. Tomorrow I'm picking up [ profile] alfrecht at the train station, then we're hanging out in Portland at Powells for a few hours until it's Mystification time, about 6:30. After that, who knows? (It's a mystery!)

And now, I'm taking pills and collapsing in a heap.
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The rhubarb cobblers and the rhubarb are prepared. I'll be picking up our harper and her harp tomorrow afternoon after I pick up [ profile] mael_brigde at about 4pm, and I have the necessary address, I just have to remember to get it into my God of Navigation so that I can find the place easily.

I got an email this evening that I shouldn't be there until close to 7, when I thought I needed to be there earlier, butI still need to talk to [ profile] anthea7 to make sure we don't need to be there a little earlier for ritual rehearsal stuff. Things are still a bit unclear. The schedule isn't what I had thought it was going to be, so I had [ profile] mael_brigde come down a little earlier than she might otherwise have done, for which I apologize.

Bills have been paid for the month, and I took the sib out to the Kasbah for dinner, where I discovered that they are now doing not just the traditional chicken and egg version of bastilla, but a lamb and rice version that's quite spicy and really tasty, and also a veggie version, which I didn't check the ingredients for, but which is on the menu. I'm sure they've had tons of requests over the years for alternatives from people with allergies or other dietary issues. I know I've eaten the regular bastilla several times but had to be really careful not to eat very much or suffer the consequences, due to its egg content.

Dinner there, though, was my splurge for the month. Dinner itself isn't too bad, but when you add in a glass or two of wine each on top of that, it piles up pretty quickly.

We popped over to Scarecrow Video afterwards, on the sib's request. He wanted to browse the movies and possibly get a membership there. Given that he has his own car and I don't have to make sure that the movies get back to them, I'm cool with this.

I got a call from [ profile] evilbusdriver this afternoon that he's having to leave the place he's staying in by Sunday because one of his cats clawed some furniture in the place. He hasn't got anywhere to go, so if anyone knows where he might rent a place for one guy and two cats, if you could ping me this weekend, it would be greatly appreciated.
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When I got out today to drop by the store, I found that I had accidentally left my bank card at the AFK last night. It was an accident -- there was some confusion about the bill and the card got forgotten in the shuffle. I picked it up this afternoon without any trouble. It was behind the bar. I don't think anyone messed with it but I'll keep an eye on my account regardless.

I had been going to head down to Seattle to see Caera, but she had been dealing with some health issues and when I texted her to let her know I was going to be late, she said she'd spaced it entirely, so I ended up not having to drive south today. I'll just see her on Monday to pick up the books from her.

Cut for local drahmah. )
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I went down to the VA for my monthly shrinkage and had a really good conversation with Tracy. After that I waited around outside the patient advocate office for about 20 minutes until the guy wasn't busy and talked to him about what had been happening in the continuing saga of Erynn and the neurology clinic. So far, so normal for the VA.

The VA started using a valet service to park cars for patients some time ago. This was to avoid people having to drive around the hospital for half an hour or more looking for parking and ending up missing appointments. I've never had problems with the valet service before, but today, somehow, they managed to lose my car keys. Which meant I also lost my house key, my mailbox key, and several other keys as well. The sup called a locksmith, who made me a pair of new keys for Garuda and I was able to get my spare key back from my next door neighbor in order to get into the house. When [ profile] evilbusdriver gets back tonight I can get the keys from him, as he is moving out tomorrow anyway, so that deals with that problem.

I was told that the valet service would pay any expenses for replacing keys that I incurred, but he also said that this has happened before a few times and usually the keys "mysteriously" reappear on the key board the next morning because whoever fucked up was too chickenshit (not his words) to own up to the fuckup. He said he'd give me a call if this happened, and he also gave me his phone number. So, with any luck, I'll have my keys back tomorrow afternoon sometime, but I did end up getting home much later this evening than I anticipated. There's no real use in getting angry about the whole thing. The car is fine, I just need to wait until some dipshit gets it together and puts the keys back where they belong.

Upon arriving, I swooped in and took the DoDC+3 out for a quick walk then dashed over to the AFK, where five of us from the Air Krakens got together and schmoozed for steampunk Wednesday.

I'm currently waiting up until [ profile] evilbusdriver gets here so I can check the mail and talk with him about how and when he'll be moving out tomorrow so that I know when I'll have the house key back.
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When I got home today, I realized that I had a ticket for tomorrow for a Medieval Women's Choir concert. I also had a more or less tentative gaming date. Given that I spent $20 on the ticket, I opted to do the concert. They only do three a year. I think I pissed SJ off when I made that choice, though. It isn't that I don't want to game or to see my friends, but I do want to make use of what I paid good money for, and I love the choir's work.

February is always a clusterfuck for me, no matter what I do, primarily because I'm out of town for PantheaCon for a good chunk of the month. My scheduling-fu is rarely the best and I know that. I hate disappointing people. Sometimes it's inevitable. There isn't always a choice that satisfies everyone, and this was one of those times. That said, I fully intend to enjoy the concert tomorrow. I just hope I'll be able to make it up to my gaming friends soon.

Soon, there will be sleep. Tired Erynn is exceedingly tired. I'm just glad the concert isn't until 8pm. The show at the Seattle Rep on Sunday is a 2pm matinee, and that may be harder for me to get to.


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