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It was raining a lot today, so I had to watch parts of the Venus transiting the sun event on the computer. NASA's broadcast was kind of wibbly, probably because of the huge number of people watching, and then I heard that some transit worker in Australia did something weird and accidentally cut a cable, shutting the broadcast down temporarily. I don't know what's up with that, but I did see it on a Google search for a site showing the transit.

The steampunk social was tonight, and planning happened for several things, including a bonfire and potluck out at Qi's place on the 16th. I'm hoping to be able to make it, but I'm not sure if I will. It really depends on how much I actually have finished by then.

Some books were posted to the Puget Sound CR email list by [ profile] wire_mother and I've posted a few more, but I feel like absolute crap right now and couldn't focus enough to dredge around for more titles. We're working on stuff that was published since the CR FAQ came out, as noted last night.

I've sent off inquiries to the Ashland Hostel about a bed there for the night on the way down to California, and asked [ profile] mythworker if he'll be home and might have space for me in Eugene on my way back, as I'm looking at heading north pretty much directly from the campsite, rather than staying the night in Sacramento again on the way home. I'm not sure I'll make it as far as Portland that night, but Eugene is probably doable.

Further articles were sent to the pilgrimage list containing material that might be of interest to those attending. Nobody has to read all of it, by any means, but some people might actually want to take a look at some of it.

Because [ profile] ingvisson is having some trouble right now, I'm going to have [ profile] gra_is_stor house- and pup-sitting for me, so I contacted my insurance company and had her added as a driver for Garuda. It didn't cost anything extra, so I don't have to worry about stretching the budget at all for that, and it'll mean she'll have a lot more flexibility than needing to rely on sharing her roommate's car while I'm gone for six-ish weeks and she's here at my place in Everett.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to have Irish class, but right now I'm feeling absolutely awful (it might have been something I ate, or just the IBS kicking my ass because I've been so stressed out lately) and if I'm still not feeling well tomorrow, I'll probably have to cancel on that. Regardless, I'll try to work on at least one of the ritual scripts tomorrow, and one day's worth of exercises. Time is getting shorter every day, and I'm really staring to feel it.
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I was awakened by the postal carrier, who had one of my prescriptions for a signature. The last two shipments from the VA didn't include non-childproof caps, which is very annoying and I'm going to have to talk with them about it.

I headed down to Seattle early for the CR schmooze tonight. I actually got a fair bit of work done, finishing one of the basic instructions section for part of the daily meditations on the pilgrimage, and making more detailed notes on the various ogam feda we'll be focusing on each day of the pilgrimage. Now that I have them (two for each day, to follow the various themes), I can work on the actual material I'll be sharing with folks before we actually go into the cauldron meditations. That'll be about one page for each day, and then I have to choose appropriate readings and the precise writing prompts for each day.

I still have to do more than outline the opening and closing rituals, the incubation in the barrows, and the dream incubation, and the Airmed ritual for Heapstown cairn.

While I was at Travelers, I ran into [ profile] neo_lvx, and (briefly) Craigula, and we spent a little time catching up with one another. The schmooze this evening was a really good discussion of books and resources published since the release of the CR FAQ. We are, supposedly, going to post some of our suggestions for newer books on the Puget Sound CR list, where we can then compile things and post them around here and there in response for the folks who want newer material. There are, sadly, still not a lot of actual CR books available yet, and from what was said, apparently nobody's actually talking on the lists and whatnot about writing them. I doubt that I'm the only person working on new things, but a lot of that is happening on a few blogs, not on the lists or the various online communities.

It was really good to see [ profile] wire_mother again today. He's not been able to make it to the last several schmoozes, and I've very much missed his company and his contributions.

Tomorrow is the steampunk social, and I think quite a few folks will actually be there, as there has been some discussion on the Steamrats list regarding north-end activities and gatherings. The Krakening tends to be where a lot of that stuff gets planned, and the first Tuesday of the month is generally the most heavily attended social.

I've exchanged emails with [ profile] seanthedruid about funds for my travel to Eight Winds. He's in Massachusetts right now but promises to get something out to me shortly. I'll be glad when that's out of the way. I need to remember to see if there will be a bed at the Ashland Hostel on the way down to California at the end of the month, and reserve one if there is. Given the time of year, if they don't have one, then I'll go ahead and push for Redding and get a cheap motel there, as it'll still be light for the pass through the Siskiyous, which makes it a much less harrowing drive.

I need to look at my calendar tomorrow and decide what day I'm heading south. I'll probably stay the night before Eight Winds at [ profile] seanthedruid's place again, as it was a reasonable drive from there out to the campsite in the Sierras. I also need to do a quick review of the Brigid and Sarasvati presentation and make sure I have all the handouts together so I can make cheap copies before I leave. There won't be any copy shops where I'm headed.

The other thing I need to do this week is see if I can get Garuda checked over and the oil changed on Thursday. While that's going on, I'll see about getting a haircut and getting the green streak bleached so I'll be able to re-dye my hair when it's short again. The hair's getting down into my eyes and being really irritating again lately.

Busy Erynn is still way too damned busy. I'm glad I have friends who understand that and support me in my work.
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The wind was up today and the power got knocked out for maybe half an hour. It wasn't gone long, but it was slightly disconcerting. Given that my wireless is currently battery operated, this meant I could remain online even through the outage - not a thing I could do when I had a cable modem and a wireless router. It's the one advantage to the system I currently use.

I got first draft sample cover art for the Circle of Stones reprint today. The idea is okay, but the execution leaves rather a bit to be desired, as one might expect from a first draft. Comments were sent back and forth between myself, Taylor, and Storm, and we'll have Andy do another draft and see how that goes. I was kind of "yeah, it's okay. meh." It didn't grab me, but it didn't give me a visceral Oh Fuck No the way the first draft cover for the ogam book did, so I figure we're headed in the right direction.

I had fun at the Irish class today, wherein songs were sung and key phrases like "I don't understand" and "maybe" were practiced. ;)

After Irish class, [ profile] gra_is_stor and I went over to Caffe Vita for the queer Pagan meetup, where I caught up with folks I haven't seen in quite some time. Greg, Black Cat, Craigula, Jimbo, and Jay were all there. Also in attendance (though I didn't really get a chance to talk to her) was Nancy, whom I hadn't seen since around the time I was dating my third husband, so that's probably been nearly since dinosaurs roamed the earth. I introduced [ profile] gra_is_stor around to everyone I knew and we chatted and I squeed about Ireland and Europe and upcoming publications and all that.

Once the group started to break up, half a dozen of us went up the street to a little bar and snacks place, which was okay if a bit hipster for my tastes. We hung out and talked for probably another hour before I had to get on the road to get home to Everett.

In the past few days I'd been hearing about yet another eyerolling kerfuffle in the online CR community, where some folks are apparently claiming anyone who isn't Reading Books and Being A Scholar ZOMG isn't really practicing CR, which is patent bullshit as far as I'm concerned. The whole idea behind this was that eventually people wouldn't have to be scholars and build it all themselves. Eventually there would come a time when there would be rituals and communities and people could just come and participate and be a part of the CR movement, no matter what their level of "academic" involvement. I think that it was put pretty well on the Mo Thearmann blog, though she did say one thing that I would take at least slight issue with:

You can't attend a gathering and then shut CR off for the remainder of the year. Also, if you are CR on Monday, Ásatrú on Tuesday, Wiccan on Wednesday, Hellenic on Thursday ad nauseam, then you are not fully CR because you are setting aside the CR worldview to practice— or dabble, really— in others.

I'm someone who practices multiple traditions. My primary spiritual identity is as a fili within a CR tradition, but I am also a Shinto practitioner, a mystes and luperca in the Ekklesía Antínoou, and a number of other things that I don't mysteriously stop being when I am practicing a CR path. Nor do I suddenly stop being a member of the Shinto shrine or lose my affiliation with Antinous and his community when I am teaching or doing ritual within the CR community. I understand why "dabbling" would be problematic, but I also know that many people operating in a genuinely polytheist paradigm are capable of working within a number of traditions at the same time. How long does one have to practice something for it to no longer be "dabbling"? Whose criteria do we use? What determines how many spiritual practices a person can have and still legitimately be considered a member of the CR movement?

I've already been declared a heretic by some, I know. That said, I'm writing books and publishing essays and teaching at festivals, and people associate my name with the CR movement. I don't accept the idea that I might somehow not be legitimate because I also choose to worship other deities and practice other paths along with my primary practice. My life is broader, richer, and more complex than that. I take all of it seriously, even if I would never consider myself, for instance, an expert on Shinto. I don't have to be in order to be a shrine member and to go to the seasonal festivals.

Anyway, that's my rant for the evening. Let's not dismiss people just because we may not practice in the same way they do. Yes, there are boundaries. No, CR is not an exclusive path that people must practice while forsaking all others. No, you do not have to have a degree in Celtic Studies to practice a CR spirituality.

Thank you and good night.
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According to [ profile] caitriona_nnc, the CR FAQ publication is live and for sale for $19.95 from This is the second book this month that's been published with my name on it -- yay me! And yay to everyone else who worked so hard on this project.

In other news, the Man went up today. I have a photo of the Man going up, and now it's standing and the head's been put on. I'll grab some photos later this evening. The Center Camp Cafe has its flags flying and more people are arriving every day. It's nowhere near crowded yet, but it's definitely getting more people in.

Went out to the hot spring again today and soaked until a busload of folks came in from the site then headed back in to catch the email and all.

And regarding the ogam book, apparently I have relatives who are into the whole thing, as my mom learned from one of her cousins in Boston earlier this week:

Hi Bette!

I have been looking at Erynn's book on Ogam and it is fascinating. I bought an extra copy to give to Gary's daughter Tracy who has an interest in that subject area. I think her sister Kathy will also find it interesting since she visited Scotland a couple of years ago on her honeymoon and also has a fascination with the old myths and magic.

You must be sooooo proud of your published daughter! Please tell Erynn how proud Mary and I are of her accomplishments too!

P.S. I especially liked the dedication she wrote in that book :-)

Love, Bobby

He followed it up the next day with this note:

If you haven't been able to see it yet, the dedication in the Ogam book is really very nice. I am sure most of it is totally over my head but I am going to try and get the most out of it that I can. Even from just reading the forward I like Erynn's style :-)

Must dash -- love and insanity to you all!


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