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My essay for Mandragora, "Burying the Poet: Brigid, Poetry and the Visionary in Gaelic Poetic Traditions," is finished at 3156 words and has been sent off to [ profile] finnchuill and [ profile] alfrecht for their comments and suggestions. Finally! I think I've done pretty well with it, and now I can turn my attentions to finishing up details for the Samhain ritual that I have to deal with. Tomorrow is the CR schmooze business meeting, my VA yoga group, and picking up [ profile] gra_is_stor before we deal with Steamcon this weekend.

I was just glad to get the writing for this one out of the way. I still have an article to do for Phosphorus, but I may not get that finished before the end of the month (I'm thinking probably not, in fact). I have no idea if I'm going to be able to get that one together in that short a time. I've hardly got more than a paragraph or two in it at the moment. It's such a huge and messy topic that it can be hard to tackle, even if I do have one particular example I'm working from.

I went over to the AFK tonight to have dinner with Herb and one of his spawn. We had a pretty good time, and some yummy foods. I won't be there tomorrow for the weekly steampunk social, obviously.

Politics make me crazy. Topeka, Kansas has repealed its domestic violence laws to try to save money. Screw saving people's lives.

Mississipi has proposed a measure that will make fertilized ova "persons" under the law and may well criminalize miscarriage.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people? Get the hell out of my fucking uterus, damn it! For a bunch of people who claim they want government out of their lives, they sure love to jam it up women's vaginas.
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So yeah, I went to my doc today. Who told me that I needed to stop taking tylenol. More WTMI medical whining and some other stuff under the cut. )
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I had a pretty cranky day today. I spent something on the order of 90 minutes both online and on the phone with my credit union trying to get things straightened out with my HOA over the "missing" check. Cut for whiny ranting. )
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Today was the usual at the VA, though the line at the travel desk was longer than it has been previously. I was lucky to get in before they closed the window. Tomorrow I'll be heading down to Seattle again for the schmooze ritual planning meeting. I'm not sure what's on the agenda, but I suspect we'll be talking at least a little about the upcoming study group series. Nobody has commented on the list yet about suggestions for readings for the various sessions. I really don't want to be the one who ends up making all the decisions about that, but if others don't say anything, there's not a lot that can be done. I'll be posting another reminder about that tonight before I head for bed.

After the VA, I stopped in at Travelers, where I had chai with [ profile] nathan_fhtagn and C. We talked about movies and such; C had just seen Time Bandits for the first time and hasn't seen Buckaroo Banzai or Big Trouble in Little China, so I may have to wrangle her up here and subject her to them. We talked a bit about Steamcon, too -- Nathan is rehearsing six nights this week. The poor guy is swamped, it seems.

As they were pondering leaving, I pulled out the book I'd brought along to read because I'm usually just hanging out by myself at the shop, or I see people as they wander in and out. I'd brought along The Code of the Woosters, which I was nearly done with. Nathan made happy noises -- apparently he's quite the Wodehouse fan. We talked for a few minutes about the Hugh Laurie/Stephen Fry series and he declared them the funniest comedy duo ever. After he and C departed, Mary showed up and also made happy noises about Wodehouse. Seems like there are a lot of appreciators of silly British humor around.

Upon my arrival home, I got an email formally asking if I'd come and teach at the next Eight Winds festival, in Tahoe National Forest next summer. I've responded in the affirmative, once again with the stipulation that I can drive down rather than fly. I expect that won't be a problem for them. I went today and looked at a page where you can see examples of what the TSA folks will be seeing with the new machines they're using.

Additionally, I read a letter from some UCSF medical people who are extremely concerned about the radiation involved in these scans. Here's a quote from the pertinent section:

Our colleagues at UCSF, dermatologists and cancer experts, raise specific important concerns:
• A) The large population of older travelers, >65 years of age, is particularly at risk from the mutagenic effects of the X-rays based on the known biology of melanocyte aging.
• B) A fraction of the female population is especially sensitive to mutagenesis- provoking radiation leading to breast cancer. Notably, because these women, who have defects in DNA repair mechanisms, are particularly prone to cancer, X-ray mammograms are not performed on them. The dose to breast tissue beneath the skin represents a similar risk.
• C) Blood (white blood cells) perfusing the skin is also at risk.
• D) The population of immunocompromised individuals--HIV and cancer patients (see above) is likely to be at risk for cancer induction by the high skin dose.
• E) The risk of radiation emission to children and adolescents does not appear to have been fully evaluated.
• F) The policy towards pregnant women needs to be defined once the theoretical risks to the fetus are determined.
• G) Because of the proximity of the testicles to skin, this tissue is at risk for sperm mutagenesis.
• H) Have the effects of the radiation on the cornea and thymus been determined?

In other words, if you're in a high-risk group for cancer, don't get on a plane. If you've had cancer, don't get on a plane. If you're elderly, don't get on a plane. If you have a compromised immune system, don't get on a plane. If you're a child or an adolescent, it may not be a good idea either.

Seems a little extreme for routine scans, particularly for people who have to travel a lot for work or other reasons.

I'm sure the government will claim it's safe but hey, didn't they say DDT was safe and spray people down with it on film way back when? Who the hell can trust anything these people say?
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Today was about as migrainey as yesterday. Thankfully, I really didn't have to do very much. I made a trip down to the Safeway and the postal place, only to find I hadn't actually collected [ profile] qorinda's zip code to send out the phone, so I had to bring that back. I have the info now and will be able to mail it out tomorrow, but I felt like an idiot. Migraines do cause me to be of very little brain, sadly.

The trip to the grocery store involved getting a few things so that [ profile] yiaya and I could make berbere paste today, and she came by in the evening for us to do just this. The recipe makes a bunch of the stuff, so it's always good to do it for at least two people so that we can share it. Once the paste was made, I tossed together some doro wat and we fried some plantains, and had a little dinner, accompanied by the documentary In the Mirror of Maya Deren, which proved quite fascinating. Once that was finished, [ profile] yiaya headed home and I spent time putting the kitchen back in order.

I received an email from SIFF that the SIFF Cinema would be playing the complete version of Metropolis this week, so I picked up a ticket for tomorrow evening's showing, with live music by the Alloy Orchestra, which should prove fun. I'll be down at the Seattle Center for the 7:30 show tomorrow evening and probably stop down in Ballard to Floating Leaves to try some of the new roasted Dong Ding that Shiuwen says has arrived this week.

Sadly, as expected, the Obama administration is apparently filing an appeal against the court decision to halt the enforcement of DADT. The law has been reinstated as an appeals court has demanded a delay i the injuction against DADT. Once again, we're getting screwed over.

My friend [ profile] gwynn_aaron talked about listening to NPR this evening and the interview with Robert Maginnis, a retired Lt Col, who was going on about how if DADT was struck down, people would leave the military and there might be further trouble with recruitment. Oh, those poor bigots, having to serve with openly queer people instead of the ones they're currently serving with who have been forced into the closet. Like Gwynn, I think the military would be immensely better off if those Christian bigots all got up and left, thank you. We don't need that kind of bullshit in the military.

The irony of all this coming down on a day that people have been highlighting as one of solidarity with the queer community and all their repetition of "it gets better" is rather sharp, don't you think?
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You remember that parking ticket I got for parking at Half Price Books while I was in the OPEN store? The one the management said they'd get cancelled?

I just got a notice in the mail from Diamond attempting to collect on it.

I am exceedingly angry.
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Mom forgot her wool jacket and silk shirt up there and they won't mail it to us. They want someone to come pick it up. So this means mom and I make a trip up to Burnaby tomorrow. We were going to be visiting with [ profile] alfrecht so I'm picking him up first and then all three of us will go up and have some lunch up there or something in Vancouver and then head back down to drop [ profile] alfrecht off again.

The manager is going to get an earful, you can bet on it. I've been staying there a couple of times a year. I have friends who stay there. They are making me come from ANOTHER COUNTRY to pick up two lost items. Not happymaking.

Anyway, the Dog of Devastating Cuteness +3 had his annual physical today and is well except for the whole dental thing. I desperately need to make him hold still to have his teeth brushed and get his teeth cleaned.

We'll be going out to the coast on Sunday and returning on Wednesday.


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