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So Sheela Lambert emailed me and a bunch of other folks - one of the guys who won an award last weekend got detained at the Canadian border because of his award. Seriously. Read this and know that biphobia really is a thing.

In other news, both fans in the desktop were replaced and the thing is whisper-silent again. This pleases me greatly. There's stuff I wanted to do tonight (like some writing) that I am too tired to really deal with, but I will probably do some tomorrow. I went to a friend's birthday party this evening and had a lovely time.

A decision has been made regarding my living situation and I'll talk a little about it in the next few days, but I am definitely selling the condo and moving. I can't stay here for months or years on end and depend on other people to drive me everywhere. It's just not going to work. I'm currently researching things and working out details.

I am going to have to pare down a lot on my stuff, which means selling a bunch of things, including part of my library, but I'm okay with that. I feel lighter for having made the decision.
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I asked [ profile] gra_is_stor to take me over to the Apple store today because my desktop was making rattling noises. It's one or both of the fans, but since my desktop is still under warranty, they'll replace them without charging me. They should call me tomorrow so that we can go over and pick it up.

Tomorrow should also be some grocery shopping, the Mensa TGIF at Emory's, and a birthday party for a friend over in Everett. I'm tired and hoping I will be up to all of this stuff. I was really dizzy today most of the day, and the drive to Alderwood didn't help much. I did get a little writing done in the last couple of days - about 3,000 words in the fic I'm working on. So far, so good.


Apr. 8th, 2013 03:37 am
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I've not been keeping up with this as I usually do, mostly due to health issues and busy-ness. I feel like I've been running in circles with the health stuff, but I have felt slightly less dizzy most of the last two days. I was feeling cautiously confident enough today to drive over to Alderwood (entirely on surface streets) to get a new laptop, which I had been contemplating for several months. The iPad is useful for a lot of things, but not for actual serious writing when I am away from home. I love the desktop and it's big screen, but I obviously can't haul it around with me, so the answer was to get new laptop. I got a MacBook Air and have transferred a fair amount of the stuff from the desktop onto it, but am going to have to install Word the long way round by attaching the laptop to the desktop and using the desktop's cd/dvd drive. This can be done it just takes a little bit of workaround through a sharing utility. It's not something I've done before but the instructions are reasonably clear.

I did okay with the drive. I was also going to go into REI and get a liner for my sleeping bag, but they are currently having their 20% off sale and the place was packed to the gills. The line for checkout was at least 20 people long both times I poked my head in to look, on my way to the Apple store and after I'd had some sushi. I'll just order one online, as I don't have to have it until I'll be heading east. I figure that I am going to have to soak myself in bug repellent through the midwest if I'm camping and I'd rather not get it all over the inside of my sleeping bag if I don't have to. Liners can be taken out and washed very easily, where down sleeping bags are somewhat less amenable to this process.

I can't say as I quite want to brave I5 right now, as I am still experiencing dizziness, and I don't know if it will intensify unexpectedly. (This is why it is "unexpected.")

I've been having ear stuffiness and a low-grade ache in my left ear, along with some tinny qualities under speech or music that has happened a couple of times for a few minutes. It's been disconcerting.

Yesterday [ profile] gra_is_stor and I went to see Benjamin Bagby perform Beowulf, and we had a lovely time. We saw [ profile] mimerki and [ profile] joyful_storm and their partners, and I think I recognized but didn't talk to one of the gals from the Sherlock Seattle group. I got a copy of the Beowulf dvd after the performance. I was really glad I went, even though I was feeling pretty crappy Saturday. I'd paid a lot for our tickets and had been wanting to see this for years, so it was worth the effort to get down there.

The venue for Irish class has flaked out on us and so the class this evening was held here at my place at the last minute. We may need to continue doing this for a while. Since both [ profile] gra_is_stor and [ profile] ingvisson either do or will have keys while I am back east, they can continue to use my place if need be when I'm gone.

Mom called and left a message this morning while I was still asleep, though we probably wouldn't have talked long if I had been up to answer. She's been dealing with bronchitis and laryngitis again, though she sounded better in the message than she did when I talked to her last week or so. She was just wondering if I was doing okay, which I mostly am.

Saturday I also got my reading glasses, which work just fine. I'm pleased with both pairs and am glad that I got them, even if vision wasn't necessarily part of what has been causing the dizziness. We'll see what happens when I get into the VA on the 15th for the hearing tests.

I'm still not feeling focused enough to do nonfiction writing, so I have been working a little more on the fic I was writing earlier this week. It's progressing nicely. I was just about on top of it enough to participate okay in Irish class, though not quite where I'd actually like to be in terms of brain-fog. At least I'm able to do something; it's been really frustrating to feel too out of it and too dizzy to focus on anything at all. I can't even tell you how much I hate feeling like I can't do anything.

Come what may, I will get out to the east coast. Even if I have to drive more slowly than I usually would, I am going to get there.
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I was having an immensely hard time transferring my photos from the computer to an SD card today. I spent several hours messing with it, only to have the computer decide not to transfer the same number of pics I'd asked it to, repeatedly. At this point, I've given up and will be hauling the iMac down to PCon with me for the informal chat in the ADF suite. It'll be awkward and a pain in the ass, but easier on me than trying to figure out WTF with the photos that are refusing to transfer.

While I was out picking up the card I tried to use, I got myself a Cthulhu Fluxx game, which I shall look forward to playing with my various and sundry co-conspirators.

Beyond that frustration, not much happened today. Tomorrow will be group at the VA and Tuesday I hit the road for California. I emailed my mechanics to make an appointment to have Garuda's brakes and tires checked on Friday so that I know everything is in working order when I head south. The rest of Friday is going to be dedicated to the rest of my packing and last-minute prep. I don't expect to get everything done on Friday, of course. I'll be doing laundry Monday, most likely, and finish packing my clothes that day. Tuesday morning before I hit the road, will be actually packing up the computer.

Called the Momster today and talked with her for a while to catch up on all kinds of things. We talked a little about the upcoming cross country road trip, and my plans for bits of that. I'm looking forward to it immensely.
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My headache isn't really getting much better (sometimes I have a mild to moderate headache for weeks on end because fibro sucks), and the cold has been getting to my knees and hips, so I doubt I am going to get out to the shrine for Hatsumode this year unless things improve drastically tomorrow. Chances of that are low.

I paid the bills today and when I tried to print out the confirmation pages and such, my printer, which has been acting up lately, finally gave up the ghost. This necessitated a trip over to the store to get a new one. I then spent a couple of hours messing about with packaging and installation and wireless setup and all that stuff before I could print the receipts. At least I have reduced the number of cables doing the spaghetti thing under the desk - being this one is wireless, I don't have a USB cable to worry about.

The new printer is an Epson. The old one was an HP. I have a spare black and a spare color cartridge for it. If you use HP 92 and 93, and you're willing to send me $20 and postage, I'll let you have the pair of them. Better if you're local and can just pick them up from me, though.

After I got all that sorted, I did go grocery shopping, mostly because the DoDC+3 was out of food and responsible dog mommies get food for their critters.

Needless to say, I got little else done. Headaches are not conducive to focus. I did print out a doc from someone who wants me to offer some comments on her PCon presentation. That was part of my frustration with the printer today. I'd meant to spend some time reading it over and giving it some thought, but just didn't have the spoons by the time I got through with everything.

I ordered in some pasta from next door. It's convenient to have a few things nearby that do deliver. I felt a little better after I ate, but not quite enough to be genuinely functional. Fortunately, my hand hurts a little less today!

There was email this afternoon from Hiraeth about publicity plans for this coming year for the press. There are a few things I need to do, including actually getting off my ass and seeing about arranging readings at Elliott Bay and Open Books if possible. I wish I wasn't so nervous about talking to strangers. It's really hard for me to send an email out of the blue and say "hey, can I maybe schedule a reading at your store." I know some people are all about talking to pretty much anyone, but being introverted on top of being anxious around talking to strangers makes it difficult for me.

And now to try and maybe do a little more about the headache and possibly get something resembling sleep.
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Last night I finally finished up putting together the table and chairs. It took me until almost 9am this morning. I'm going to try to get some sleep much much earlier tonight because I have group tomorrow at the VA and don't want to miss it. It's our chaplaincy intern's last group before she leaves.

Today I also reformatted the hard drive on the MacBook and will be seeing what I can get for it from the Mac recycle. They'll be shipping me a box to send it off to them in.

The other thing I did today (finished just a little while ago) was writing up a post about Heapstown Cairn, Airmed, and the ritual we did there. It's got a few photos in it, though they're fairly small format for the most part. I'll be posting a couple of photos of it here in a day or so.

[ profile] gra_is_stor came by for a few to take some measurements of the old table to see if it will fit in her new place. She'll check her space and let me know. If she doesn't want it, I'll probably get rid of the chairs and put the table on craigslist or something, given that it's reasonably sturdy and aside from some damage to the finish, it's not in bad shape. It's perfectly useable still. Right at the moment, though, it's taking up a huge amount of space in my living room and I need to clear it out so I can get other things done.

At the moment, I've got a lamb and barley soup cooking on the stove. Gotta wait for that to finish up before I can go to bed.
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[ profile] gra_is_stor and I went over to the park today to pick salal berries, but they were really substandard there. Most of them were dried out and a lot of others were moldy, which was really pretty nasty. We ended up picking from along the sidewalk by the lake. It was closer to the road than I liked, but at least they don't use lead in gas anymore, so I wouldn't be too worried about lead poisoning or anything. They washed off just fine and we got three bags full, which got cleaned down to two big mixing bowls full of berries that are now sitting on the counter on paper towels drying off a bit. I'll put them in the food dryer tomorrow, as I don't want to leave them in overnight. Last time I did that, they got crispy, which really doesn't do much for their flavor.

I spent part of today updating some of my software for the new computer and messing with the email so that it works again. Last night being able to send was sporadic but I think I've got it together again now, and it's been sending consistently again. Bills got paid, though the charge for the new computer hasn't showed up on the credit card yet. I'm sure that'll happen soon.

My Dead Can Dance hoodie showed up from [ profile] miss_adventure today, which has delighted me to no end. I wore it out when I went grocery shopping tonight. I hadn't been out for more than just a day or so's worth of stuff since I got home from Europe, so I had rather a lot to pick up, but there were some nice Washington peaches that felt and smelled ripe -- it's hard to get peaches in a store that are actually ripe enough. They're often either grainy or crunchy. I think these might turn out okay because they're fairly local and they claim they were "tree-ripened," though what that means these days is anyone's guess. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow when I have one for breakfast.

As noted in my other posts today, I did a blog page on finding the Wayside Well in Kildare, and Hiraeth Press posted one of my poems to their website, which made me quite happy. I sent off the link to the publicity person at Immanion. I also sent off a copy of the manuscript to [ profile] finnchuill for a poet friend of his to look over. I hope he'll like it.

Tomorrow I'll probably do #writechat for a while and then work on some more material for the EBC presentation. I have photos that need to be taken and things that need to be scanned for further slides. Fortunately, Word and PowerPoint both still work on this version of Mac OSX. I'm definitely liking the new larger monitor. It's at a better height and I have a lot more space to deal with things.

Today's mail, along with the hoodie, also brought a fairly lengthy health practices survey from the VA. A lot of the questions are not particularly answerable (for me at least) in the format they've laid it out. So much of their stuff can really only be answered as "it depends on how I feel that day," which they really don't have allowances for. I'm going to have to give some serious thought to my answers. Also with the VA, Wendy called on Friday and left me a message that the spirituality group starts again on the 6th, for a four-week session. Things are shifting yet again, so they're needing to figure out how to handle it. But it'll be nice to see everyone again.

Carrying the huge box with the computer in it yesterday really messed up my arms. They're very sore today, as they were last night. Hauling four heavy bags of groceries tonight didn't help much, sadly. Monday is the CR schmooze. Tuesday is the steampunk social at AFK. Wednesday I have a meeting with a couple who want someone to do a handfasting for them. Thursday Jeff's back to help with finishing up (I hope) the EBC presentation. In the midst of all that, I have to deal with scanning things, photographing things, writing up text slides, and expanding on some of the material I've got for the presentation outline.

Tired Erynn is really, really tired. Probably should cork this yummy apricot cider, pop it back into the fridge, and head for bed.
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The display on my laptop started giving me trouble earlier this week in some very annoying ways. It was also not letting anyone log into the guest account for absolutely no reason at all. Both of these things struck me as being bad signs of things to come, so I went out and got myself a new iMac. Given that I have an iPad, I don't really need a laptop anymore, and the desktop is actually inside the monitor, which is large enough for me to read comfortably rather than having to squint down and mess around with the bifocals a lot. We won't talk about how it's a lot better ergonomically than a laptop...

I spent more time today going to and from Seattle than I wanted to -- the tit squish was scheduled for 2:40 and I forgot that it was the Friday of a long holiday weekend. Traffic was pretty bad, though it could certainly have been hella worse. Sadly, it just meant that most of my day was taken up with dealing with that, and I forgot to eat until very late. I got back from the appointment, got really frustrated with the laptop, and went to the mall to get the new computer. I had to wait for 20 minutes or so for someone to help because apparently the Alderwood store was short-staffed due to a Bellevue store opening up, and half the staff was over there helping out and finishing training new people. Anyway, by the time I got back, I was having the shakes from low blood sugar. I ordered a pizza.

Transferring over the data from the laptop to the new computer was finished just about the time I finished eating, and [ profile] gra_is_stor arrived about five minutes after that. She brought the last of the stuff from Ireland that I'd asked [ profile] joyful_storm to bring home for me, so now everything is accounted for.

Tomorrow we'll most likely go berry picking, as the salal berries are looking quite nice this year. She has an inflatable boat that we might play with out on the lake if we're feeling up to it, but she wants to go down into Seattle for the queer milonga tomorrow and I'm really not up to tango tomorrow. I did inherit a couple of pairs of dance shoes from Sol, but tango makes my hips hurt a lot, so I think I'm going to stick with swing.

I'm considering taking the rest of my royalties from Immanion (no they did NOT pay for the computer, it wasn't nearly enough by long shot) and getting a couple of piercings done that I've been contemplating for a long time. That, though will require having [ profile] gra_is_stor drive for me and hold my hand because ow fuck ow that will hurt.


May. 9th, 2012 12:01 am
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I got a slow start, not waking until about 1:30 this afternoon, but I didn't really even get to sleep until about 7:30 this morning, so I suppose that's fair enough. Today's post brought [ profile] man_of_snows's chapbook, Slow Depth, which I expect him to sign when I see him again.

Dishes and laundry got done, though not much else in a physical sense. I spent a few hours today working on a response to Teo's What is the Point of Your Religion blog post that I'd mentioned a couple of weeks ago. I've posted it over on my Searching for Imbas blog. I got it together and posted just before I headed out to the AFK for the weekly steampunk social. One other person showed up and we had a lovely conversation.

Upon getting home, I finished up dealing with the laundry and stuffed it in drawers. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to get down into Everett and talk to one of the clerks about the tax exemption. I'm not sure I have everything I need, but I can at least ask, and possibly get missing documentation together if I need to. The county office should have tax records, at least, and I ought to be able to obtain copies of them there somewhere.

Achy parts are aching and I ought to attempt to sleep tonight, though I will probably end up spending some time playing Plants v Zombies again. There has been zero effect on the speed of the intertubes through the wireless router, so I sent a note to that effect in the response email that Cisco sent me yesterday. I have no idea what good it will do, but I may end up digging around under the desk and plugging the cablemodem in there, rather than across the room, then wiring in ethernet and also having the router available for visitors at the lower speed. Regardless, I'm extremely disappointed with the Linksys router and it's lack of anything vaguely approaching an appropriate speed. Yeah, first world problems. I'm glad these are the most serious things I have to worry about right now. Things have been much much worse in the past.
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It was in the 70s today and, those few times I got outside in the sun, it was quite lovely. My hips, however, are still giving me trouble when I walk, so it was hard to want to go anywhere or do anything. I hauled out trash and recycling and took the dog for a walk, but that was it while the sun was still in the sky.

I've finally finished reading Iona: The Earliest Poetry of a Celtic Monastery, so now I can take it back to the UW library when I'm next in the U District. That'll probably be next weekend when I'm over there for the Medieval Women's Choir concert.

I did a little bit of stuff as far as posting to the pilgrimage email list, responding to a few emails elsewhere, and dealing with tech support for Cisco. I'll see tomorrow if it's had any effect on the wireless speed here at all. The tech said to give it 24 hours, though I don't get why changing settings should take more than a reset of the router and the computer to take.

Grocery shopping got done this evening and even that left the hips creaky. I forgot a couple of things, but those I can pick up over at the Safeway tomorrow at some point. I did a little bit toward starting a post in response to Teo's blog post on "What is the Point of Your Religion," but I'm still sort of in a note making stage. Too much pain, nightmares, and not enough sleep have really been taking their toll lately. I'm hoping I'll have a little bit of focus tomorrow. [ profile] gra_is_stor is supposed to come over and she's got band practice tomorrow, while I have the steampunk social.

I still have other emails to respond to that I haven't yet, including a response to [ profile] nancyblue's friend on the Isle of Man. I need a little more brain bandwidth than I have. Doing anything at all seems to take all my spoons right now. Part of me wants to curl up under the bed and not move for about three weeks, but that's just not a realistic goal. I have too much to do.

A question for my Mac-using friends. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good iPad app that will generate doc or docx files? I want to be able to transfer stuff to and from the iPad and the laptop, and Pages just isn't that good a program. It's barely functional for what I actually need as a writer. I'm willing to spend some money if it's a good app, and if it will preserve formatting like italics and such, so that I don't have to go through everything each time it's been transferred from one device to another.
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The tech came over. It took him about half an hour to fix things, but fix them he did. Everything is working as it ought, now. The slowdown for speed is in the wireless router, which promises a lot more speed than it's delivering. I know there's some loss between the ethernet and the router broadcast, but the tech said it's only getting about half what it should be. I'll have to talk to the Cisco people about that and find out why their equipment is performing at such a substandard rate.

Anyway, that's dealt with.

While the tech was here, I spent time digging around in my files from 2008-present for the proper paperwork. I found the social security stuff but didn't find the annual notices about the amount of the VA compensation. I'll go down to the county offices first and see if I actually need those documents, given that they don't count that income for tax exemption purposes. I may actually be able to file with the documents I have, but it can't hurt to check into it. I don't think I have all the various documents showing what I paid in taxes for every year, but the county should keep records, and the clerk in the office should at least be able to tell me where I can get copies.

I was feeling rather better today, in addition to having the email working again, so I went over to the AFK for a bit to hang out with Gary and Melody and Bill. G&M will probably come over on the 13th for the Lovecraft movies, so that's probably about the limit of how many people my place can hold. We shall see what we shall see. The AFK was packed, given it was Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You, and Revenge of the Fifth). There were a lot of cosplayers. Boba Fett was sitting at the table behind us, playing Jenga. It was epic win.

Tomorrow night, party with [ profile] gra_is_stor. You don't need to know anything more than that...
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I called the restaurant today and they did, indeed have my scarf so I stopped there on the way to the VA today. Group was pretty good, though the weather all day was kind of craptastic. I headed over to Travelers, where I ran into Dana. She'll be coming up to my place for the Lovecraft movies. Apparently the 13th is [ profile] nathan_fhtagn's birthday, which I did not know when I was scheduling things, so I told her to let him know if he'd got back to me I'd have scheduled it for a different day (nyaah). She was heading over there after Travelers and they were on their way to a rehearsal. Given that [ profile] meddevi will be in Seattle sometime soonish, I'll schedule another showing so that they can come. I can't imagine not wanting to see the movies again, after all!

I've currently got 9 people wanting to come to the movie evening, so I've maybe got room for three more. One wanted to know if there would be calamari. I said if anyone brought some, there would absolutely be calamari! Anyway, once I get a total headcount, I'll send out a note asking folks to bring things for snackies and if they'd like something other than booze or tea or water to drink, to please bring that, as well.

I still haven't finished filling out the paperwork for the tax exemption, but I figure I'll do that tomorrow at some point, probably after the Comcast tech heads out. I have no idea if the tech will be able to fix the problem, but at least an attempt will be made.

[ profile] nancyblue got me in touch with her friend on the Isle of Man, so I've sent off an email and will see if she contacts me in return. I let her know what I was likely to be doing there, and something about the research I'd done toward finding sites. I hope that she'll be amenable to meeting with me.

Overall, it was a pretty good day. I got some needful stuff done, I'm not entirely too achy, and I might be able to get a little sleep tonight before the Comcast tech comes tomorrow, if I'm lucky. While the tech's busy with fiddling around on the computer, I'll probably take some time to do more work on pilgrimage stuff. So much remains to be done. I need to respond to some stuff on the pilgrimage email list, as well.
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Comcast left a voicemail message at 8:30 this morning, after I had explicitly instructed them not to call me until after noon. The voicemail was a tech telling me to do EXACTLY THE SAME THING EVERY OTHER TECH TOLD ME TO DO.

At 11:30, when I got up, I called Comcast. I talked to a tech and asked to speak to a supervisor. I asked how long it would take them to get back to me. She said about an hour. Two hours later, no callback. I called Comcast again and spoke to a tech, asking to speak to a supervisor. The tech attempted to tell me to do AGAIN what every other tech had told me to do. I said no, I wanted to talk to a supervisor, thank you very much. I was put on hold for 20 minutes. I hung up. I called Comcast again and spoke to ANOTHER tech and told him that I was going to speak to a supervisor. He said a ticket had already been put in and the supervisor had 24 hours in which to call me back. He attempted to tell me AGAIN what every other tech told me and I told him to STOP because I had already heard it and I wanted to talk to a supervisor. He put me on hold and came back a couple of minutes later said he couldn't get through to one.

I took the Comcast modem back to their service center in Lynnwood and talked to a guy at the desk. Guy at the desk asked a couple of questions, took the modem, and made an appointment for a tech to come out to my house on Friday and try to find out/fix what's wrong. He wrote a note on my receipt saying to prorate a credit for the time when I have NOT been getting the modem speed I am paying for (less than 20m when I am paying the bucks for 50m), and initialed said note. I'm supposed to see the tech between 1-3pm on Friday.

I went to get some lunch and decided that, while I was no longer in a frothing rage, I was not fit to be company for human beings today. Eating didn't help the stress headache, but I did feel slightly better.

The post brought the tax assessment for my condo for this year. The enclosed info notes that, as a disabled veteran at 100%, I can apply for a property tax exemption, which I wasn't aware I could do, and I can apply for a back exemption for the three years previous (if I am reading it properly). I dig out my files of my bills and such from 2009-2012 and have a minor panic attack dealing with the forms. They are currently partially filled out. I have dug out my VA award letter from 2000 saying I am 100% disabled. I have to find my SSDI statements for each of those years, as that is the only income they count, seeing as I don't really have any other income at this point. Their cutoff for income is $35,000 for an exemption. I qualify for the highest level of exemption (60% on my property taxes, and exemption from levies).

Dealing with the papers, even to the point of just filling out part of them, has left me a shaking wreck. I know the papers are just paper. I know the numbers are just a very simple string of digits. Dealing with the government and paperwork on any level does this to me and I'm not entirely certain how to not have a freaking panic attack. Now that I'm typing this, I've actually remembered I have some meds for moments like this and I'm going to go take one and see if that will help with the whole heart trying to make its way out of my chest feeling and the dizziness.

This, gentlebeings, is why Erynn does not play well with employment. Spending an hour on the phone with fucking idiots and filling out government paperwork leaves me completely useless for hours. Tomorrow I'm heading down to the VA for my usual Thursday appointment. I hope I'm up to leaving the house. I will still have to fill out the other papers at some point and take them down to the County offices in Everett to see a clerk at a desk and have them make photocopies of the relevant SSDI and VA forms, as well as get the clerk's signature and file everything properly. I have no idea how long it will be until I get a check from them, or how that will affect my mortgage payment every month. I am not looking forward to this.

Overall, the idea that I can get a huge whacking chunk of my taxes back for the past few years is awesome news. My body, however, does not believe me when I tell it this.
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Today I swapped out the Comcast modem for my own and got everything sorted so that it works. This week I'll take theirs back and then they won't be charging me highway robbery for their unit. I also talked to tech support about the (continuing) issues with my Seanet email not going out through them. It's still only going out through AT&T. I've talked to a couple of different people now and they are kicking it up the ladder and I'm supposed to get a call back in the next couple of days. I'm definitely going to make them take some of what I'm paying for all this off my monthly bill if I have to maintain an extra account to send my mail out. This is ridiculous.

I got a packet of genealogy materials from mom in the mail today. I've been looking through it but I'll have to take a highlighter and mark the pages from the census where the relatives appear. The print is pretty small and I'll have to go at it with the bifocals. I have a lot more relatives than I realized, just on mom's side of the family.

Went off to a party this evening with [ profile] gra_is_stor, her roommate, and her friend from back east. We had a lovely time, and I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in some time, which was also nice.

Aside from that, not much happening today. I need to throw some food in my mouth and consider wandering bedward, as I woke up aching this morning at 9:30am and had to try pretty hard to get back to sleep again for another couple of hours. Also, I have to get dog food tomorrow. And there will be #writechat.
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This morning I went back over to Best Buy and traded in the modem that didn't work for another one of the proper type (DOCSIS 3.0). I'll do the installation when the Comcast tech calls me back on Saturday afternoon, then take their modem back to them so I don't have to pay rent on the damned thing.

Today's drive down to Seattle was pretty smooth except for about 10 minutes of near-standstill through I-5 in downtown, due to a stalled out vehicle. I got to my group on time, but only just. It was a pretty good group today - good topic, good discussion.

Once I was done at the VA, I headed over to Travelers and grabbed a chai and had some banana bread, as I hadn't really eaten much before I left. Upon finishing up, I pinged [ profile] gra_is_stor to find out what our agenda was for the evening. Her roommate had the car, so I went and picked up her and a friend who is out visiting her from Boston. He's pretty cool. He also paid for our movie tickets this evening.

I really enjoyed the movie, as I always do. I keep forgetting how funny parts of it are; there's a fair bit of humor there that I like a lot. And yeah, there's no subtext between Rick and Louis at all. None. *snerk*

I updated the maps in my god of navigation today with US and Canada maps, and got the lifetime renewal option, so I can just download updates whenever they happen. In exploring the site while the downloads were happening, I discovered that (a) I can get an SD card with maps for Europe that includes everywhere I'll be going (for $99), and (b) that I can charge it on European current as well as US current. I already have the global adapters necessary, and it has a slot for a USB port, so I'll take along the camera cable that also works with the Garmin and be able to find my way around pretty well once I get where I'm going. It may not tell me every last detail about everything, but it should make finding things like restaurants and such much easier when I'm on my own.

Tomorrow I need to do some more work on the pilgrimage stuff, then I might head down to Seattle to see [ profile] gra_is_stor and her friend tomorrow night, if my hip cooperates. It's been kind of stabby-pain lately, which is not pleasant, but so it goes.

I got email today from Nicole reminding me of my speaking engagement at her class on May 1st in the afternoon. The schmooze has scheduled Beltaine for May 6th, though I'm still waiting on a time to show up. I'll be providing the rhubarb cobbler. Arlen is not going to be deployed to Afghanistan again (yay!), so we don't have to worry about doing the warrior ritual for him at this time.

I'm sure there are a million things I'm forgetting, but I have had my dinner. I made duck and lentil soup, with leeks and mushroom, seasoned with rosemary, thyme, white pepper, and fresh bay leaf, and topped with feta cheese crumbles. It were YUMTASTIC. I am such an awesome cook. ;)
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I had Comcast come in and do an installation again. The modem I bought didn't work so I'll take it back to BestBuy and get a new one that should. I'm currently using the Comcast-provided one for a few days. The installer called and was able to come a couple of hours early, but that was unfortunately overshadowed by the fact that I CANNOT SEND SEANET EMAIL FROM MY COMPUTER over Comcast. I spent two hours on the phone with Comcast tech and half an hour or so with Seanet's tech, and nothing is working. I can still happily send emails over the AT&T wireless, but I can't send anything out either hardwired into the Comcast modem or via the wireless router. I'm extremely frustrated by this.

The Comcast tech is supposed to call me back on Saturday (the first day that he's there and I'm actually home while he's in the office) to see about doing more troubleshooting, but we have tried everything. I'm not at all angry with him; he went above and beyond in terms of trying different things in order to help me figure out what the hell is happening here and nothing was working. He was awesome. Sadly, it is definitely a Comcast issue, because I didn't have any trouble sending out email until the Comcast internet was installed. We shall see what happens. If it doesn't work, I'm going to be getting something out of them as a concession for having to use a different wireless account to send email from the email account I've had since 1995 that has never failed me before.

Because of all the time I spent with tech support today, I wasn't able to go for my walk around the lake. It was raining most of the day, though, so I'm not too awfully perturbed, but I do want to make a habit of it.

At about 6:40 I headed over to the AFK and hung out there. One of the Air Krakens came by for a little while, but I spent most of my time talking with Drew and one of the cooks. It was a really pleasant evening, and I must say that on a stressful day, the application of a little alcohol sometimes helps. I do feel much better having had a couple of drinks and will dive back into stress and stupidity on Saturday.

Yesterday's research netted me a street view of the entryway to the campsite I'll be staying at on the Isle of Man, as well as a view of the location for the web cafe in Douglas. I'm feeling more confident being able to have a look around before I go there. While, on the one hand, satellite surveillance is awfully creepy for a lot of reasons, the ability to have the same view as someone standing in the street to look at the entry of a business or the driveway of a campsite half a world away before I actually go there is so immensely helpful. It's weird how tech can be at the same time both wonderful and terrifying.

[ profile] gra_is_stor is here for the evening after her band practice. She's got to pick up an out of town friend tomorrow at the airport at 11, so she'll be leaving before I do tomorrow. She did say, though, that since I picked up the tab for Saturday's showing of Metropolis, she would be willing to spring for tickets to the 70th anniversary showing of Casablanca on Thursday. It's showing at 3 or 4 cinemas around the area, but it's being shown nationwide Thursday evening at 7pm with commentary and behind-the-scenes stuff, sponsored by Turner Classic Movies. It'll probably be pretty cool. She thinks her friend might be willing to come with us, so that would be really nice to see it with them.

Tomorrow, along with shrinkage, is Irish class and there might be further pummeling from Patrick. If that's the case, I hope it doesn't do a number on my shoulder again, like it did last week.

Backing up

Mar. 6th, 2012 12:54 am
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I think I finally have everything I need transferred from my old backup drive to the new one, and all the stuff on the phone and the iPad all backed up and restored to how it's supposed to be. It took rather a bit of shuffling and a couple of hours, but all seems to be well. At some point I will probably erase the old backup drive and possibly use it for something else, but I'm not sure what, as yet.

At the moment, pretty much everything I have uses USB2 connections except for the barcode scanner for Readerware, and I need to get a USB dock that works with that format now. I've got a couple more items in need of a connection than I have connections in my laptop. That shouldn't be hideously expensive, but it's not too important right this instant. I can shift things around as needed for the moment. Sadly, neither the phone nor the iPad will charge or connect to the computer if they are plugged into the dock.

There was snow today early in the afternoon. It didn't last long, thankfully, nor did it stick for very long. The sun came out and most of it melted, but it didn't really stay very warm. Right now the parking lot is partly black ice, as too often happens when we've had snow and freezing temperatures.

I spent part of the day looking through my music collection for Brigid-themed music and sent off some links and suggestions for the pilgrimage. I thought it would help folks get into a good aural space for the whole thing. There are half a dozen or so versions of Gabhaim Molta Bhride out there that I found on a quick search on YouTube. I can't find Brigit bé bithmath anywhere but on one of my cds. I suggested the Canty Flame of Ireland cd, but it appears to be out of print and only available for ludicrous amounts of money right now, sadly.

Grocery shopping got done this evening as well, though there are still a couple of things that need getting for the month. One thing I picked up was an artichoke that I swear is the size of a baby's head. That sucker will be at least two meals all by itself.

Tomorrow I've got the steampunk social at AFK. I should also do the last bit of shopping in the afternoon before I head out to see folks. Wednesday is Irish class. Thursday is the VA group. Saturday [ profile] meddevi has a performance in Seattle with [ profile] nathan_fhtagn that I'd like to see. Monday is the CR schmooze. Next Wednesday is my belated shrinkage. Other things are happening as well. I'm wondering how much energy I'm going to have. I slept today until about 1:30, though not well. I kept waking up and going back to sleep. We'll see how I'm feeling as this moves along; I suspect it's still too soon after traveling to be doing all this.

Part of me wants to cancel doing just about everything until I have the stuff for the pilgrimage together. Another part of me thinks that might be slightly too drastic. Most of me right now wants some tylenol with codeine but is not going to get it.

Also? I have prep work that I had entirely forgotten about for a March 18th podcast appearance I need to cope with. FEH.
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Not as in Data the android, but as in transferring data from the old backup drive to the new 1.5T drive I got today. ALL THE MUSIC must be transferred over. And stuff.

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I spent most of today doing more research and poking around for the Brigid pilgrimage. Sources have to be dug up, texts read, notes made. I was also dealing with re-doing the two-column handout for the Brigid and Sarasvati workshop, as I'll be presenting that again at Eight Winds. It was on the netbook, thankfully, but that meant I had to reformat everything and add the info from the notes I'd taken at the PCon session. I spent several hours on it, but now that particular handout is a PDF file that can just be printed and not worried about.

When I tried to scan the grid from the Sarasvati book, the HP driver urped on me. The website said to uninstall the driver and reinstall it. So I uninstalled the driver. For which I had to download a program so that it would work. The driver got uninstalled. I downloaded the OS 10.6 driver for the scanner. It wouldn't even open. Less joy than usual in Mudville tonight. The printer works just fine and I assume the copy function does, too, as that doesn't really even interact with the computer at all, but the scanner appears to be kaput. For the moment, it's not an issue, but I'll need to figure out some way to deal with it eventually.

I'm currently getting last-minute stuff together for tomorrow's departure for Port Townsend. I've printed out the address and information for Manresa Castle so that I can slap it into the god of navigation. We're planning on taking the the 11:10 or 12:05 ferry, depending, so we'll be getting up at about 9:30 and expecting to wait in line for at least one sailing, as you do on weekends heading out to the Peninsula. I need to run Garuda through a car wash before we head out, though, as he's still a mess from the Siskiyou pass.

There is currently cornbread in the oven for [ profile] gra_is_stor. We've got her food packed up in the fridge and will stuff it in the cooler in the morning. I have to remember to haul along my tea kettle so as to have available caffeination for my bloodstream on Sunday morning. I also have to pack my clothes for the seance and murder mystery party. We did a quick walk down to the Safeway because I was out of juice and needed more half and half so that I'd have enough for the cornbread and for my tea in the morning. I also dropped a bunch of my sib's mail in the postbox there. I'm still getting a bunch of his stuff delivered here and I'm just having the post office forward it. I do, however, hope that eventually he'll send in those change of address forms...

This evening I subjected [ profile] gra_is_stor to the glory of cheez-whiz that is The Abominable Doctor Phibes, starting Vincent Price. Hilarity abounded. It was glorious. The thing that disturbed her the most about the movie? The doctor and his assistant were dancing Tango to a Foxtrot tune. ONOES!

And now I just have to go pack, and wait for the cornbread to come out of the oven. It goes ding when there's stuff.
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Today I went through the Circle of Stones file and turned the endnotes into footnotes. While I was at it, I killed off some of the scanner-induced errors that slipped through my previous bout of copy-editing, and italicized things that got unitalicized in the swap from my original file to the one Taylor was editing. It was painstaking work, and more than I really wanted to be doing today, but it had to be finished. I fiddled with a few other things as well, but there's a fair bit of layout left to do, and that's really not my job. Tay says we're still on for a May release date at this point. This, though, was a huge load off my mind and a massive responsibility shifted off to the publisher. I probably won't have to deal with it much more before the book is released.

Dishes got done, trash got hauled out, a post on preparing for pilgrimage got written, more plugging for the pilgrimage happened, further emails were sent that needed to be dealt with. I continued to make plans surrounding the Isle of Man portion of the pilgrimage. [ profile] vyviane reports that we now have four signups and two potentials, so things are proceeding apace. I requested a list from her of the stuff from our PantheaCon lunch meeting that I agreed to do before the pilgrimage gets up and running so that I can work on it soon.

The old computer had its memory excised then wiped. The clean machine will be delivered to [ profile] ingvisson on Wednesday if all goes well. I didn't reinstall OS X because it wanted me to hook the computer up to the internet and I wasn't in the mood to deal with it, so I left the disc in and just shut it down. When it reboots, it'll ask him to deal with all that.

Tomorrow is the steampunk social at the AFK.
Wednesday I have shrinkage and might or might not make the Irish class, have a computer to deliver.
Thursday is the VA spirituality group.
Saturday [ profile] gra_is_stor and I are heading out to Port Townsend for the Victorian seance and murder mystery party, which means I'll be missing the Medieval Women's Choir concert on Sunday afternoon -- if anyone wants my ticket in reserved seating, let me know ASAP.
Monday is the CR schmooze.

I am way too fucking busy. My entire body aches like crazy. Can somebody surgically remove my body pain and exhaustion, please? Either that or tell me what I can safely cut from my schedule that won't affect everything else in my life. It's like pulling a thread in a knitted sweater -- one tug and everything unravels. Sadly, my sleep has been all out of whack and I've been going to bed after 3 and getting up between 10:30 and 11am. I'm hoping that won't happen tomorrow, as I really desperately need some genuine sleep. Insomnigrackles, they are No Fun At All.

With any luck, I can rest a little tomorrow before hauling over to the AFK to hang with the steampunks and catch up on the last few weeks that I've been away.


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