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Today's major project was meeting up online with Jhenah and [ profile] vyviane, which was about a three hour conference chat as we worked out when and how things were happening. It was a good thing we did this, because I'd accidentally been left out of the loop for a change/shift in the schedule that left me going into a panic until they said that they'd take care of that day and we're just shifting two days of stuff from the schedule I'd been given into one day. It'll make for a rather more full day than I'd quite anticipated, with two different sets of readings/writing exercises, but I think I can live with that. I will probably want/need a down day by that point in the pilgrimage anyway, so it all worked out okay.

I did the outline for the incubation rituals today and shared that, and all the other outlines/exercises/rituals with them that I'd done so far. They've approved everything with only a couple of logistical changes that are perfectly okay by me. The last thing I have to do is write up the closing ritual; for the extra day/theme bit that we're doing, I can write up a quick ogam meditation to go with that so they can use it in more or less the same pattern I was using for the other days and places. They said they'd get back to me on that.

This basically means I have the opening ritual, all of my days of meditations and writing exercises, the incubation and dream incubation rituals, and the Airmed ritual pretty much finished, so only the closing rite needs to be really worried about now. Everything else is fine-tuning and expansion, and a lot of it can just be done from an outline rather than being something strictly scripted. The opening and closing rituals are more along the lines of "needs a script" while the others are just a series of events where everyone participates and contributes to the making of the ritual as it is happening. I still need to send stuff off to [ profile] joyful_storm for her to look over. I'll try to remember that tomorrow while I'm working on the closing ritual.

I think I'm a little better at dealing with sudden (to me) changes when I'm actually in a place where we're right there and things have changed and we just have to get on with it, than with something where I accidentally got left out of the loop. Mostly it was a function of the fact that I don't actually read Facebook, and some of the things were discussed there and not actually on the pilgrimage list.

In other news, over on the Aedicula Antinoi blog, there was a post about the hero-feast of Suibhne Geilt, and my work in the Disability and Religious Diversity anthology was mentioned pretty prominently. I was really pleased by this. I didn't do a ritual for it today, but working on the pilgrimage was a lot of what has been necessary, and I suspect a panic attack was a suitable event for a day dedicated to a poet-madman. ;)

Also today I got an email from Hiraeth Press with the proof of the upcoming issue of Written River, featuring three of my poems as a preview of Fireflies at Absolute Zero, due out this fall. This is due for release on the 20th of June, with a publication date for the hard copy of the magazine due next week, so I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything, so if you want a paper copy you can actually get one. I'll be getting at least one myself.

[ profile] alfrecht sent me an essay he did on syncretisms of Minerva, which he'd mentioned yesterday when I saw him. It concerns some possible syncretisms with Brigid, and a mention of a Sulis perpetual flame that I hadn't heard about before, so I'm going to be looking those bits up when I have time and bandwidth, and possibly adding mention of them to my Queering the Flame essay for the Queer Magic anthology. He says that should be ready by end of the year-ish, if all goes well. It'll be nice to have that done. I'm very much looking forward to having that material available, as I think it's important. I read the essay and found it informative, as his work always tends to be. Some good and useful stuff there and I'll have to dig a little more deeply into it when I get home.

I spent time in #writechat today, and also did a load of laundry. I managed to have the wherewithal to do a little bit of soup from duck broth I had in the freezer, French green lentils, cashew pieces, dried salal berries, a little bit of fenugreek seed, and some sambar powder. I topped it with a couple of small scoops of yogurt and it was really very good. I was quite pleased.

Overall, a pretty good day (except for the panic attack part) and I got a ton of stuff done.
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I had been hoping to sleep later this morning, but the DoDC+3 got me out of bed at 11:30 wanting to go out. I hauled him around and then checked email and stuff, after which Geordie and I went for a walk around the lake. It was raining, but not too awfully, though I couldn't find my windbreaker - I think I know where it is, but I haven't had a chance to look there yet. Anyway, I came home kind of soaked and changed the wet bits of my clothes.

Geordie had a Greyhound ticket for 4:50 so I took him down to the station at about 4:20. We got to talking and the next thing we knew, he'd missed his bus, so I drove him up to Blaine and dropped him at the Subway there. The wait at the border here was over an hour and a half, and wasn't nearly that on the Canadian side, so his mom came down to pick him up. The drive up wasn't too bad. We continued our conversation and I stayed for a little bit to grab a sandwich at the Subway, but the weather on the way back, from about Bellingham to a little north of the casino was pouring down rain pretty viciously off and on. By the time I got back to Everett, it had pretty nearly stopped.

I'd been hoping to do some writing today, but really couldn't quite get to it. I'm feeling slightly like I'm coming down with something, but am hoping that if I manage to put myself into bed here shortly, I might be doing okay tomorrow. I'll be heading up to Mount Vernon to meet [ profile] alfrecht for his birthday, with [ profile] man_of_snows. I've got [ profile] man_of_snows's chapbook for him to sign. Probably won't be making it to the AFK for steampunkery, but one never knows. I'll ping the list tomorrow to let them know that I might be late if I make it at all.

[ profile] gra_is_stor will be up tomorrow for her band practice, but she has a key so if I'm not here, she can let herself in and out. I'll definitely be home by the time she's back from rehearsal. With luck, both of us will be feeling better, as we've both been under the weather lately.

In the past couple of days I've run into somebody over on Tumblr who speaks Irish (and is from somewhere in Offaly), so we've been having a rather rudimentary conversation. I'm not that good at it, but I'm working on it. It's nice to be able to try to use it a bit between classes.

And now, off to bed. Gotta be in Mount Vernon tomorrow by 3pm.
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I spent most of today dealing with computer issues. Some of them required getting down into actual *nix level commands to deal with, sadly. It is a very good thing that my dear [ profile] lwood was available via text and Skype (with viewing of my computer screen) so that things could be fixt and dealt with. Although it took hours, we have FIXED ALL THE THINGS! Everything is working as it should, though I will need to get a new and much larger backup drive to deal with the new and much larger computer. The new drive is about 250gig and I'd want to get something larger so as to not have this happen for quite a while again. If anyone has recommendations for a good, stable brand, I will be completely composed of aural appendages.

I am in a very brain-hurty space. This sort of work comes with some pretty extreme stress for me, and I'm aching in my shoulders as I'm trying to relax from it, so the tension headache isn't even slightly surprising. I was briefly contemplating taking anxiety meds to calm down after all was said and done.

Things started with a trip to the AFK for an ethernet connect. I wasn't sure how long it would take, and they had a group reserving the Red Room (where all the ethernet connects are) for 90 minutes from when I arrived. I said I'd do what I could with the time I had and see what needed to be done. Software updates were downloaded and the system rebooted to give me a clean install of OS 10.6.8 - it took me about 50 minutes, all told. I created an admin account with an identical name and password to the old machine.

Once that was done, I did a restore from the backup drive. Which didn't want to copy my Erynn user account onto the new computer. I told it to overwrite the one here and created an admin account known to some as Tim so that I had an emergency backdoor if needed (it was), and the restore from backup simply didn't transfer anything for the Erynn account at all. I had to transfer those files entirely separately once the original Erynn account on this machine was zapped. Then began the permissions and passwords problems. Big ones. They rivaled the Titanic in size and scope in pretty much every sense, including taking on water and sinking. That took a few hours to resolve, but resolution was actually achieved; this included resorting to sneakernet to move my old keychain passwords file directly from the old computer to the new one via USB drive and then taking time to Fix Things manually and by brute force. I may not be a haxx0r, but I am at least clueful and can follow instructions Reel Gud.

Tim is still on the computer and if all is okay for the next couple of weeks, I shall no doubt excise him. Epic meta was achieved when the computer's random user icon assigned to Tim was... LIPS.

I should be able to completely zap the old computer and hand it off to [ profile] ingvisson sometime soon.

For a happier bit of my day, I spent time spamming the intertubes with info on the upcoming Ireland pilgrimage. Please feel free to pass the word along. We need a minimum of six to get this off the ground. We're looking at purchasing plane tickets next week, with my departure from Seattle on July 9th to Dublin, and return to Seattle from Venice on August 15th, so that I can spend the sib's birthday with him.

Now I just have to figure out how to stop the touchpad on the laptop from responding while the bluetooth touchpad is connected. That, however, is a task for another day.
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Today I hauled [ profile] gra_is_stor and M back to Seattle then met [ profile] thewronghands and [ profile] mimerki very briefly at Remedy Teas to deliver a copy of [ profile] dpaxson's The Way of the Oracle (signed of course) to TWH. Immediately having done that, I headed back north to pick up [ profile] ingvisson and a hard drive enclosure, which it turned out I didn't actually need, due to the fact that the drive I already have did in fact have a USB2 port on it and I had a cable in one of my boxes that I could use.

Stuff and things were transferred, but I haven't yet been able to move my old mail to my new computer. I've got the mailboxes, but none of the contents. The computer itself currently has two conflicting admin accounts, and the two are talking to one another only minimally, so I may have to erase the new computer entirely, transfer the information, and then reinstall OSX Lion and the extra bits that [ profile] lwood had given me in order for everything to work together harmoniously and without two admin accounts snarking at each other across the great divide.

I got teriyaki chicken for the two of us while we futzed with things and poked at manuals, then I took the unused drive case I'd got in California back to the local Best Buy for my money back, and hauled [ profile] ingvisson back to his place, whereupon I came home and synched the new phone with my iTunes so that it has everything on it that it's supposed to. I'll deal with synching the iPad tomorrow.

The cloud did in fact eventually download the email that I'd saved onto my iPad, so that bit works, but I'm still kind of flustered about the potential loss of all my other emails and the information in them. We'll see what happens. I still have the old computer here, deciding to hang onto it until the entire transfer is dealt with, then I'll give it to [ profile] ingvisson, as it will be a fairly significant upgrade to his system.

I'm still busy trying to adjust the settings on this critter so that it does what it's supposed to. Some of the new OS's settings and habits are a little odd to me, but I'll adjust. I'm just glad I have some time to myself in the next few days. I am so entirely peopled out I can hardly handle it. Tomorrow is my flamekeeping shift. That should help me settle back in a little more. Getting back into my ritual routine should be a comfort. I need to do some work in the incubation chamber as well, as Himself noted to me during the Echtra, Immram and Aisling workshop. I didn't really get into journeyspace beyond being told to hit the incubation chamber when I got home; I was too distracted by the room and the people to try to go deep, but the workshop wasn't designed for folks like me, it was designed around beginners to journeying, and I think for that it did a pretty good job.
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Not much got done today beyond a couple of twitter chats. I did walk down to the store and get a few things, including some desperately-needed plain black tea. I have buckets and buckets of oolong, but a lot of the time I just want something like English Breakfast with cream, and oolong doesn't quite cut it for that. I've been migrainey off and on all day, though I'm doing all right at the moment. Sleep is unlikely to come at any point soon.

I've been poking around with one of my fics on AO3 that has tossed in half a page of blank space in its EPUB format for no discernible reason. I've looked at the html and it should be fine, but it isn't. I have no freaking clue why. Nothing else is wrong with the document, just that half a page blank space. It is driving me nuts. It displays properly on AO3, and so do all the other fics I've downloaded as EPUBs. My brain hurts.

I roasted a chicken - the store had them at buy one get one free prices today, so I bought two. After I pulled off what I wanted for dinner, I turned the rest of that one into soup. The other one will get hacked up tomorrow and put into the freezer in parts for later. Soup goooooood. Especially when I feel crappy.

It is entirely possible I am using some of this as an excuse to not do my outline for PCon.
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That shrink appointment I had down in Seattle today? It's actually next Wednesday. I did, however, have the Women's Clinic set things up to make an appointment for me for my mammogram, which is a few months overdue. They're supposed to call me back in the next couple of days to let me know when that will be.

I did get to hang out with [ profile] gra_is_stor and [ profile] lakmiseiru at Travelers for a while, though, which was a distinct pleasure. I asked [ profile] lakmiseiru about hiking poles for when I go to Ireland next summer. We're likely to be biffing about in pastures and over stony ground, and I won't be able to take along my wooden walking staff, nor do I really want to worry about finding one over there to use, whether just picking up an appropriately sized fallen limb or buying one. I wouldn't be able to bring it home on the plane anyway. Collapsable poles seem like a much better idea, and they can be stuffed into a carry-on bag. I'll probably wait until I get the next REI catalogue with a 20% off coupon, which is likely to be in the next month or two for their fall sale, rather than paying full price there.

About 6pm I headed north so that I could get out to the AFK for the steampunk meetup, though nobody showed but me this week. I hadn't heard from anyone, but such things happen. I read for a couple of hours and made some good notes while I was at it, as I'm still working my way through Heroic Poets and Poetic Heroes.

Tomorrow I really need to spend some time dealing with laundry and dishes, and messing about with stuff for the upcoming September schmooze. If I manage to get those things done, I might also try going out picking huckleberries at the park by the lake. There were a lot of them when I was walking there with [ profile] gra_is_stor the other day.

Next week I'm probably going to be seeing David, whom I met in Eugene a year or two ago when he was out visiting relatives; I had been down there seeing Sannion and [ profile] erl_queen. We had talked about filidecht and ogam and other such stuff. He and his wife would like to have dinner with me, and possibly to go out to the Shinto shrine. We need to confirm our schedule so that I can put in an email to Barrish Sensei and see if he will be at the shrine and available that day.

I have pretty much run out of steam for the day, so I'm off to bed. Later, y'all.
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All I really managed was some reading. Tomorrow, however, is the Wednesday steampunk meetup at the AFK. Thursday I'm tangoing with [ profile] gra_is_stor.

Well, okay, tripping over my feet. But I shall pretend I am tangoing. There will be dignity. Dignity and much tripping.

With any luck, tomorrow during the day I'll spend a little time working more on Circle of Stones.
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The rhubarb cobblers and the rhubarb are prepared. I'll be picking up our harper and her harp tomorrow afternoon after I pick up [ profile] mael_brigde at about 4pm, and I have the necessary address, I just have to remember to get it into my God of Navigation so that I can find the place easily.

I got an email this evening that I shouldn't be there until close to 7, when I thought I needed to be there earlier, butI still need to talk to [ profile] anthea7 to make sure we don't need to be there a little earlier for ritual rehearsal stuff. Things are still a bit unclear. The schedule isn't what I had thought it was going to be, so I had [ profile] mael_brigde come down a little earlier than she might otherwise have done, for which I apologize.

Bills have been paid for the month, and I took the sib out to the Kasbah for dinner, where I discovered that they are now doing not just the traditional chicken and egg version of bastilla, but a lamb and rice version that's quite spicy and really tasty, and also a veggie version, which I didn't check the ingredients for, but which is on the menu. I'm sure they've had tons of requests over the years for alternatives from people with allergies or other dietary issues. I know I've eaten the regular bastilla several times but had to be really careful not to eat very much or suffer the consequences, due to its egg content.

Dinner there, though, was my splurge for the month. Dinner itself isn't too bad, but when you add in a glass or two of wine each on top of that, it piles up pretty quickly.

We popped over to Scarecrow Video afterwards, on the sib's request. He wanted to browse the movies and possibly get a membership there. Given that he has his own car and I don't have to make sure that the movies get back to them, I'm cool with this.

I got a call from [ profile] evilbusdriver this afternoon that he's having to leave the place he's staying in by Sunday because one of his cats clawed some furniture in the place. He hasn't got anywhere to go, so if anyone knows where he might rent a place for one guy and two cats, if you could ping me this weekend, it would be greatly appreciated.
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It seems that Aviano couldn't get their act together, so my brother will be heading out here tomorrow. He will not pass go, he will not collect $200. He will also not be heading for Rapid City first. We figure he'll get in here sometime Monday. I told him to call or text me when he gets to Spokane, so I'll expect him 4-5 hours later, if my time estimates are correct.

This was another day spent mostly flat on my back. I'm still just way more tired than anything else, with a vague sore throat and stuffy/itchy ears. I hope it won't get to be more than that. Thankfully, I have nothing on my calendar until my women's clinic appointment on Tuesday. I'll also be talking to the valet parking supervisor with receipt in hand that day.

I've seen an awful lot of people posting and tweeting today about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, with requests to send money to the Red Cross. According to Gizmodo, Doctors Without Borders is apparently the only US charity currently with people actually in Japan as of the time the article went to press. If you are concerned about your money actually going to Japan, please look a little deeper than the immediate. No matter where you send your money, at least some of it will be going to people who need it, but probably not nearly as much as you think, and probably not where you think; different charities have very different policies and ways of dealing with the money they are sent.

At the Wild Hunt, Peter Dybing of CoG talks about effective charity and giving to small organizations actually working on the ground in disaster-hit areas. He spent quite a bit of time in Haiti after the quake there and has first-hand experience with this, so I would ask that you give his words some thought. I don't in any way wish to discourage people from trying to help if they are able, I'm only asking that you give it a little thought first so that you can be effective with where and how you are trying to help.
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I didn't get out to the concert today. Between exhaustion and a constant drift of snow all day long, I wasn't up to braving the situation. It wasn't too bad until evening started coming on and the snow began sticking more. We eventually had about half an inch, though some of it's already gone. The temp has risen from a daytime 27f to about 30f right now, so perhaps tomorrow the weather will be better, though more snow is predicted both here and in Seattle. If we do get more snow, I'm likely to miss the matinee of "The Brothers Size" as well, which will be disappointing, but not a tragedy. Due to a gift certificate, I only paid $8 for the ticket, unlike the approximately $20 for tonight's concert ticket.

I really should have known I would feel like this when I got home; I always do. It takes weeks for me to really get any energy back after I've done a long trip like this. I manage to stick it out until I get home, then the body just says "okay, home again, screw it all" and keels over.

Yesterday's mail had brought me a bottle of the same blood pressure meds (in a lower dose) that my doc had previously prescribed for allegedly preventing migraines. This was prescribed by a doc whose name I don't recognize and I'm presuming it's somebody in the neurology clinic who didn't bother to read the damned record where it said the drug DID NOT WORK. I'm annoyed. I left a message on the women's clinic voicemail about it and anticipate that I'll hear something on Monday. They sent me a letter asking me to make a new appointment anyway.

Thankfully, since I stopped taking their various drugs in an attempt to head off the migraines, I haven't had one that wasn't a part of the usual pattern. Unlike all the drug-triggered ones I'd been having. *headdesk* I have to wonder if these people have a clue at all.

Given that the DoDC+3 bounced on me and woke me up at 8am this morning, I'll probably be going to bed early tonight. I hope it'll help.
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I update the software for the MacBook with 10.6.3 and all of my mail has disappeared. I've been trying to install 10.6.4 that I downloaded from online and it's telling me I don't have enough memory. I've dumped a ton of stuff I haven't used in forever or things that are archived on websites and still don't have enough memory. I can try rebooting 10.5.x from my backup drive tomorrow but I think I'm going to leave the beast on so that I don't mess with anything else until I've done the reboot.

This is giving me a massive evil headache.

I am not pleased.

ETA: Was finally able to force quit the mail program and restart it, which restored the mailboxes. *whew*
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Why yes, I am still up. Why do you ask?

[ profile] yiaya came by this evening for some foodporn. She'd bought a new Caribbean cookbook and we tossed together a few things out of it, had ourselves some tea, watched a couple of Brisco County Jr eps, and I introduced her to Nick Danger, Third Eye. (Not my old dog by that name, may he rest in doggy peace, but the Firesign Theatre character.)

Later today (it being 5:30am I can hardly say "tomorrow" even if I haven't been to bed yet) I'll be heading down to Seattle to [ profile] mintofthewater and [ profile] anthea7's place for Burns Night. It'll be running from about 3-ish to about 8-ish. I'm bringing the cock-a-leekie soup, some Scottish music cds, and my book of Burns poetry.

When I got up this afternoon, I found that my computer was refusing to deal with the intertubes and would only send me to the Comcast login site. Eventually I got it to work on the ethernet cable, so I think it's my wireless router, except that I couldn't get my netbook to bring anything up either, and I was kiting a neighbor's unsecured wireless for test purposes. I have no clue what was going on, but at least I'm able to be online at all. Coming on the heels of that mess, I discovered that I'd overdrawn my account because I hadn't paid attention. Thankfully, it's not quite as bad as I feared and I'm well on the way to getting things fixed, though next month is going to be a real squeaker with the PantheaCon trip. I won't be able to buy any of my books to take down with me. Usually I take 10 or 20 down and sell them so I can pay for meals and such. I'm not sure what I'll do this year, but I'm sure something will arise.

Anyway, I'm going to go beat some insomnigrackles about the heads and shoulders with a baseball bat and see if I can get some sleep.


Jun. 24th, 2009 09:49 pm
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It has been, by turns, a wonderful and a somewhat fucked up day.

The drive was lovely. I had a misunderstanding about [ profile] martianmooncrab's availability today. I was passing through Portland at noon, just as she was going into the first showing of a movie she wanted to see. I'd thought she was going in later, but the time I thought she was going in was instead when she would be getting out.

Somewhat disappointed, I instead called [ profile] zortified, who met me in Albany and dragged me off to her favorite BBQ place. The brownies, yes, are to die for. OMG. And the bbq sauce and the chicken was made of awesome as well.

The drive south was lovely. Turned westward at Grants Pass, where it was a sweltering 95f but as I descended 199 toward 101, the temp dropped by about 10 degrees as I got into the mountains and the trees. By the time I got to 101, it was drizzling out and the coast -- what I could see of it -- was gorgeous. Lots of vulturey birds flapping about, quite a few hawks, and a lovely great blue heron. I even saw a couple of grazing elk!

The problematic bit tonight has been my new debit card from Arco. It was working just fine all day, including checking into the Motel 6 here in Eureka. Unfortunately, when I went to pay for dinner at the restaurant next door, it was declined for insufficient funds. I called and checked my balance, which is considerably more than what I needed for the dinner, trust me. Unfortunately, I can't speak to an actual human being to straighten things out until 7am tomorrow morning. So for the moment the restaurant has my drivers license (they share a parking lot with the Motel 6 so NBD) and I'll have to call BECU first thing tomorrow. I figure they probably have a computer hiccup about the new card and think because it's traveling south of my usual range right after being activated that it's probably credit fraud or something. So I'll have to straighten things out before I'm quite awake, but at least I'll be okay.

The stupid thing is that I left my actual BECU card at home because, silly me, I thought the Arco debit card was working just fine. *sigh*

Ah, well. Life goes on beyond the barricades. I'm ensconced in my room with the remains of the brownie of DOOOM (because everything goes better with DOOOM) and a couple of books. I'm pointedly ignoring the TV and listening to toonz on my iPhone.
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I took the DoDC+3 out this evening for his constitutional. We have this place out near the front of the parking lot that's a steep ditch, and usually I negotiate it reasonably well, but we've been having freezing fog lately and that made things slippery. I went down into it to collect doggie detritus for appropriate disposal and partway up I slipped and fell. Thankfully I didn't fall far, and it's grassy rather than paved or rocky -- that would have been a lot worse. I did whack one knee on a tree root and scraped it up a bit, but my other knee and hip are feeling all jarred out of place. My right wrist is a little wonky, but mostly only down at the corner where I hit it, though it's really only uncomfortable if I actually rest my hand on the keyboard. At least nothing's broken.

Between that and the coughing, I'm feeling pretty crunchy right now. I took some Theraflu last night that helped immensely (fake cherry flavor, but vastly better than Nyquil), but I don't want to take anything that's going to make me drowsy until I'm about ready to go to bed, and right now I have some lentil soup on cooking. I don't want to take the stuff until the soup is done so that I won't accidentally get groggy and have it burn up on me. My lungs were doing pretty well today until about two hours or so ago. Right now it's getting iffy again, though. At least I'll be able to sleep tonight.

Tomorrow I'll make the cock-a-leekie soup for Burns Night. The recipe says it's better overnight, like many soups tend to be. The flavors tend to blend during that time and make the the whole thing richer and smoother. The current lentil soup is some duck broth I froze last time I had one, lentils, and some dried shiitake mushrooms. Nothing fancy, but should taste very nice and go down well.

I really need some tylenol.


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