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Last "night" didn't get to bed until about 10 am or so. Maybe 10:30. I wrote about 3,000 words over the course of the night, but when I woke up today, I was still pretty numb from the overnighter. Tomorrow morning I have to get up ungodly early and take the DoDC+3 off to the vet between 8-8:30am to drop him off for a dental visit. After that I'll see about getting Garuda in for an oil change and an overdue maintenance visit. If that works out, I'll also head across the street and get my hair cut, finally. I really hate when it gets in my eyes like it is.

I've potentially got visits coming up with friends in the next two weeks. [ profile] man_of_snows might be here on Wednesday. I'm going to see if there's a way to get together with [ profile] alfrecht this weekend or next week. Got an email from [ profile] druid_medb about her taking the train up and staying for a few days the first week of December to do some plotting for PCon.

I was too tired and lazy today to cook, so I ordered in a pizza, then [ profile] gra_is_stor came by and drove us both out to Central Market, where we did some grocery shopping. I wasn't really in any condition to drive, so that was really what I needed.

Writing today was really really slow and has mostly consisted of re-reading what I've got so far and doing a little editing, but I did get to talk with my beta and run the bones of the final scene past her, so I know more what I'm shooting for, and about how long it's going to take me to get there, at least in terms of number of scenes I need to deal with. That's always a good feeling.

And now to bed, because I still feel like run over rodent.
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In thinking about what I've been posting lately, and in the last couple of years, I realized that I've slowly been letting a little more of my past seep into this than I had before. I've written about my past before, though not a lot in public places. I have talked about some very personal stuff here, I know, but I think it's been fairly rare. In publishing my poetry collection, there is a fair bit of my personal history to be found, and I think I'm mostly okay with that.

Rambling, a photo, and a few questions below. )
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I promised [ profile] tryst_inn that I would post this, when we were talking over on her LJ.


This is me, back at SubBase Bangor in 1981 with my new(ish) 1974 MGB (barracks parking lot). I called it my dragon. Check out those early-80s glasses. Wow. It broke down all the time but fuckdamn it was fun to drive. Top speed, floored, in overdrive, was 75 mph (I know because I tried it), but it was a ragtop and fucking fabulous for summer days.
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I had a pretty good discussion with my shrink today and was mostly doing pretty well. I'm vaguely headachy at the moment, but home and reasonably happy with life, the universe, and everything.

There's a spiffy steampunk language challenge as part of a wider movement toward multicultural steampunk, with a pretty cool prize. Details are at the link, with rules and requirements, as well as the prize itself.

Some details were hammered out for PCon, primarily regarding room sharing, so that's on track for February. I'm looking at heading out on Wednesday, February 15th and returning the next Wednesday morning. That'll put me out of town for about nine days, provided everything goes well with Garuda. I'm going to have him in at the beginning of the month for his oil change and tire rotation and have them check him out to be sure he's roadworthy for the long haul. He should be, given that I replaced the hoses this fall with an eye to several long road trips this year.

The Everett steampunk meeting this evening was a lot of fun. Eight of us showed up and food and games were had. I played Go with Carol. We were about evenly matched in badness of playing, so we had a pretty good game with neither of us feeling too overwhelmed with the whole thing. I had two Go sets here at the house -- I learned to play back in the early 80s and had a friend I played fairly regularly with at the time, so I had a travel set as well as my home set. I took the travel set over to the AFK and donated that to their games cache this evening and we played on my home set. The board is considerably better because it doesn't fold, and it's a larger playing space.

There was a lot of fun chat, mad punnage (and some pwnage), and several diabolical laughs. Service tonight was a bit slow, but it was far outweighed by the company, as far as I'm concerned. I can tolerate a lot to hang out with people whose company I enjoy. We did, however, suffer hideously with the RockBand setup next to where we were seated. Someone who may possibly have been drunk (or not drunk enough) was attempting Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and doing more howling than actual hitting of notes. It was pretty painful. Thankfully, it didn't last terribly long. The mocking, however, continued unabated for some time afterwards.

Friday I'm roasting my duck; I've got it thawing at the moment. Saturday is gaming. Sunday is Imbolc with the schmooze folks. On Saturday the 5th, Maizie and Rupert are hosting a steampunk movie evening with a French movie whose name I can't remember, and a potluck. I'll probably head over for that as well.

Mad science. It works!
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Between PantheaCon in February, Desert Magic in May, and Eight Winds in June, I'll be putting a ludicrous number of miles on Garuda this year. With that in mind, I went in today to get the hoses changed and the radiator system drained and refilled. The whole thing took about three hours (parts had to be brought in from the warehouse). That should take care of any potential major system fail for quite some time, thankfully. An oil change before I hit the road in February and we should be good for a while.

Aside from that, it's been a really quiet day, which has been fine with me. Insomnia has been eating my brain lately so I might go to bed early-ish (before 1am maybe?). I need to get laundry stuffs done, and next week is busy to the gills, what with appointments and SteamCon.

At the moment I'm sipping fresh ginger root tea and eating a pomegranate. I am happy. And tired. Happy and tired.
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Today I spent rather a bit of time describing my APA collection to the curator at the zine archive at Hugo House via email so they can determine if they want them. I had rather a few more than I'd thought. APA-Tarot runs up to about #85, Pagan APA from 26 to around 52, and I also had a few copies of other things that I listed with them. They cover from about 1985-1993, a rather turbulent period in my life, when I got divorced for the second time and moved from Oregon back up to Seattle and got myself more or less settled in.

The organizational meeting for the schmooze was tonight, and we poked around with the list for the first few sessions of the CR schmooze discussion group sessions. We worked out some handouts and pdfs for each of the sessions between December and March. I also picked up a couple of things that had been left at [ profile] joyful_storm's place that need to be distributed to the appropriate persons.

In thinking about the two lengthy road trips I'll be doing from Seattle to Tucson and then to the Tahoe National Forest in May and June, I realized that it might be a good idea to have a way of knowing where things like gas stations, hotels, and restaurants will be out in the middle of nowhere, so I've ordered a GPS for Garuda. While I could get an app for the phone, a dedicated GPS seems like it would have better functionality, from the various app reviews I've seen. I checked out reviews and prices and got a Garmin nüvi 255W for a very reasonable price. One reason I love the net is because I can find a good deal on something without having to troop around to a dozen stores in the area only to find they don't have anything I need at a price I can afford. Review websites FTW.

[ profile] garzan had a GPS when we went down to Burning Man back in 2007 and it was pretty useful in finding us a place to eat in a couple of towns, and I seem to remember it being especially so when we were desperately looking for a motel for the night on our way through Idaho when everything in town was sold out because of some convention. It'll also save me having to find a bunch of paper maps for several of the states I'll be traveling through that I haven't got them for already. I'd been skeptical and doing my usual luddite "paper maps are just fine" thing, but it was finding that Thai restaurant on the way through a small town that convinced me it was actually a pretty good idea. Paper maps just don't do that.

I think I'll also get a gas can and carry a couple of gallons with me just in case, for those long stretches of absolutely nothing through the desert. There was a place in eastern Oregon where I was sure I was going to run out before I made it to the next gas station -- which was a commercial station with no posted prices that turned out to be hideously expensive, though I didn't exactly have a choice. I really don't want to have to sweat it like that again on a several-days-long trip. Driving down I-5 through California is no problem. There are towns along the way fairly frequently. Even 101 has its share of places to stop. Middle-of-nowhere Desert, however, does not have such things. Even two gallons could be somewhere between 50 and 65 extra miles that would probably get me to the nearest pump in an emergency.

I'll be making an appointment for this week or next to get Garuda's hoses changed. They're of a vintage with the belts that died, and hoses dissolve from the inside without much notice. If I'm going to be putting 4,000-ish miles on the car this spring/summer, that really needs to be done soon. This is all in the name of not breaking down in bumfuck wherever until they can ship a part in from elsewhere.

Tomorrow being Veteran's Day, I'll probably amble over to Applebee's and stand in the massive line for a free feed, along with all the other vets. It's not bad, and I won't have to cook. I'll have to pay for a glass of wine to go with, but hey, free food. They usually have a reasonable chicken dish as one of the options.

With any luck, I'll have some motivation to get a bit of writing done on the Queering the Flame essay, too.
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So last night I was going over the receipt for work done at the garage. I noted that the brake job didn't get listed. I was pretty sure it had been done but had to be certain, as not getting it done would have been a bad thing. Called and they said yeah, the brakes had been done. So I went down to pay them for the work done.

Got to the garage, they said "well yeah, it was the boss who did this. Maybe it was a customer satisfaction thing. It's a hassle to rebill you. If you want to, call back Monday."

This boils down to a free rear brake job. Yay me.

Called [ profile] yiaya to find out if she wanted to go camping late next week. She's not sure -- still being feverish. We'll talk later in the week to see if she's feeling any better or not. If not, I'll head out by myself for a couple of days.

Still tired, though slightly less so. I'm thinking in part it was the meds for the uti, but it's probably also just cumulative effect of having been so busy lately and the late nights. For now, more tea and some food.
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Garuda is still in the shop, but they're paying for a free rental car for me. In the midst of doing all the other maintenance they found that the right front strut is leaking, so I'm having them replace the front struts as well. I'm getting four tires, front struts, rear brakes, alignment, a squeaky belt replaced, and the 60,000 mile maintenance, all for under a thousand dollars. Not bad, really.

Hauled [ profile] alfrecht out to the airport last night in the rented Ford. I really dislike the Ford a lot, but he headed out safely and is most likely happily ensconced in Bonn now. Mom called a while ago and we talked for a bit. I taught a class on insular celtic symbols of wisdom last night in Second Life.

All in all, I've been busy and I'm rather tired, but I'm considering going camping sometime in the next couple of weeks. Monday is a pathworking in the astrology class. That should be interesting. I just want to get out and camp for a bit on Rainier soon though.

I know this is all kind of scrambled and incoherent, but as I said, I've been tired the past few days. I need to sit and do some reading as I work toward prep for the filidecht book too.

Time for more tea.
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So [ profile] alfrecht and I went down to Seattle again today for more library-whoring. Many things were copied at the magic copy machine, including a fascinating looking book called Understanding the Universe in Seventh Century-Ireland about early Irish Christian cosmology. Can't wait to sink my teeth into that one! Picked up a couple of books on Marguerite Porete, a French mystic, as well.

Tomorrow Garuda gets new tires and rear brakes in the afternoon, then I do a class on Insular Celtic symbols of Wisdom at 8pm on Second Life, for anyone who might be a member and interested. I've got 90 minutes blocked out for it, but it's more likely to be about an hour. That just gives time for folks to schmooze afterwards. [ profile] alfrecht gets taken to the airport late tomorrow night so he can leave really early Thursday morning for the Celtic Congress. I need to get off my arse and do some preliminary reading toward the filidecht book.

Ah, the life of a writer.
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The guy who did the oil change didn't tighten the air filter hose down enough. It had shaken loose. I took the repair bill to the Jiffy Lube place and the manager reimbursed me for the repair without so much as a squeak. He said he'd just started there Thursday to take care of issues like this and thanked me for coming in and letting him know.

Score one for the Jiffy Lube manager. I'm just glad it was something small and easily taken care of. It was a plus to be reimbursed for it. Now if only they'd reimburse my lost time at the coast... ;)

Mom and I went down to Seattle today and had dinner at the Rosebud. Mom said the scallops there were the best she'd ever had in her life, and being from New England she's had a lot of scallops over the years. She's having a great time.

This morning I got a call from the VA. Turns out I had a dental appointment tomorrow at 3pm, so it's good that we came back to town anyway -- I'd have been out at the coast otherwise. The condo association is having the parking lot repaved tomorrow. I'm parked in the church lot next door. Mom and I will go down to Seattle before my dental appointment and come back in the evening sometime. I want to take her to Zenith Supplies and see what they have there for stone massage wands. She wants one for doing reflexology work on her feet and hands and her fingers aren't all that strong, so I suggested that getting one might be a good idea. She agreed. We'll see what Zenith has.

I'm feeling a little headachy today. I need to take some tylenol and I'll probably crash early tonight. [ profile] lupabitch says that the layout is almost done for the book and I'll be getting the file back probably within the next couple of days for the indexing part of the project and then it'll be completely finished! Yay! I'm very very pleased by the progress and will be looking forward to getting through the indexing stuff.


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