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The chilly, overcast and rainy weather has had me all creaky lately. [ profile] yiaya came by last night and we had dinner and a Venture Brothers marathon where we watched all of season two.

My computer seems on the verge of collapsing, so rather than take any chances, I went out and bought a humongous disc drive so that I could back everything up. It's now a bootable drive and everything from this puter is on it, but the laptop itself is running very sluggishly and giving me trouble. I'm not sure how much longer it will last. I got it back in 2005, a PowerBook G4. It's lasted pretty well and I've already replaced the keyboard once. The current keyboard is acting up a bit as well, with keys not cooperating (including the E key), so I'm looking at whether I'm willing to spend another couple of hundred in replacing the keyboard again on a failing machine or just replacing the laptop entirely.

One thing I do need to do, though, is partition the backup drive. There's no reason to be erasing and re-writing the entire drive for something that's using less than a tenth of the memory onboard. Then I can use it to store things like all that music on my ipod that I don't have room for on my laptop. It'll then be available if the ipod has some sort of memory glitch and gets erased. Some of the cd's I don't have access to anymore, so along with the whole having to re-rip every cd I have, I would lose the stuff from the cd's I don't have any longer. Ugh. That's days worth of work and over 7,000 songs.

My bicycle has arrived at the bike shop and I'll be able to pick it up next Wednesday. I'm having them put a front fender on the bike if it didn't come with one already. I may have to ride in the rain, but that's no reason to get dirty water up my front from the front tire.

I ordered tickets for Seachd for the Wednesday matinee today. I doubt it will sell out, but it can't hurt to order in advance.

This evening I'll be heading down to Seattle for the Medieval Women's Choir fundraiser concert. I'm really looking forward to it. Maybe tomorrow will be a little warmer and I'll ache less.


As for the whole getting a new laptop thing, I doubt I'm going to be able to afford the MacAir, which is what I'd like -- light and thin and a hot little number. But I'll definitely be able to afford one of the less expensive Mac laptops, so that's what I'll be doing when I do get the new one together. The screen will, unfortunately, likely be smaller than the one I have, but I can live with that. I'm just not looking forward to another large expense so soon after I got the bicycle.

In other news, I have a Burning Man ticket for this year because of the volunteer hours I put in last summer, but if I'm going to Italy, I won't be going to BM. If anyone would like to purchase the ticket from me, please email me and let me know. We can talk details there. Money would go to my Italy trip account. I'm supposed to receive the ticket in the mail soon.
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My sleep cycle has been a miserable bitch lately. Due to insomnia and feeling like crap, I didn't get a chance to meet with [ profile] cadmus on Sunday as we'd planned. He says they might be back up later this year, which would be good. I'll probably have something resembling my usual energy level back by that time.

Mutterings about Samhain, scheduling, friends, writing, and politics anseo. )
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The city has been eerily quiet with most of its residents out on the playa around the Man. I was sitting up on top of Haiku and Divine's trailer because I didn't feel a desperate need to be shoulder to shoulder with 40,000 or so of my closest friends. After the past two weeks, the quiet was welcome, and I got a reasonable view of the festivities from the height that I wouldn't have been able to see from the midst of the crowd. And also? Chairs. I didn't have to stand for the whole two hours or so of the ceremony and the burn.

I'll be working a morning shift tomorrow, then packing up and getting ready for the Temple burn tomorrow night. First thing Monday, the camper gets folded into itself, we have breakfast, and we hit the road for Montana.

There will be a lot more photos soon.
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So much of the art out here gives off an air of desolation. It's not just the setting and the dust, it's the recycled materials and the attitude around everything. Some things here are beautiful ruins -- sharp edges and rust and painted, broken window panes. Most of the playa has a carnival energy to it, a post-apocalypse Mardi Gras of massive proportions. Some of the participants have an edge of desperation to their drunken revelry. Others approach BRC with reverence. Temples and Shrines )
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As you all know, I didn't stay up for the entire eclipse. Here are six photos from early eclipse to totality for your viewing pleasure. Moonstruck )
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Apparently the other night Burning Man had its first suicide. A man hung himself in a dome in one of the camps. I don't know whether people were drunk, stoned, or just not really paying attention but apparently the guy hung there for about two hours before people figured out it wasn't a performance art piece. All I can really say is thank the gods he didn't decide to do it with a gun. That was the worst of the insanity. )


Aug. 30th, 2007 04:22 pm
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I hooked up with Gweth again today at her camp just before a dust storm hit. It's been whiteout conditions for a while now and will probably be very nasty for a few hours. One of the Black Rock City Rangers stopped by all the camps on the playa telling everyone that the dust was blowing in from as far away as Gerlach, and it would be quite a while.

Since we were sitting in the Friendly Fire bar (at Gweth's camp), and the music was far too loud, we waited for a little bit of a lull and made our way back to Gate Camp, where I showed her where I'm staying and got her into the back of the commissary to send out an email assuring Tagh and her friends that she's fine. After that we'll head back to our camper and sit for a bit until things calm down.

I have a ton of photos of the whiteout from Gweth's camp on the Esplanade and 3:00. I'll be showing a few once I've sorted through the lunar eclipse photos and the fire dancers from the other night.

There was another idiot stuck on the railroad tracks a night or two ago -- can't remeber if I talked about this yet. The railroad was notified by the train didn't stop (it was two hours after the notification) and even though the authorities were trying to get the car off the tracks, the train came clipping by at about 70mph and took out the entire front end. From an article I read in a BRC newsletter, one of the tires was found about 3/4 mile away from the crash site. This doesn't surprise me. There's not much to catch something that goes flying/rolling from a track accident out here.

The Man was raised again today. Gweth was out on the playa when the Man went up and says she saw the guy sliding down the top of the tent as the fire was starting. She says that the fire department was there so fast it wasn't even funny. And the festival goes with the flow.


Aug. 30th, 2007 09:53 am
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Yesterday and today we've had clouds in the sky here. There was rain in the mountains surrounding us, but thankfully none on the playa. When water hits this stuff it turns into sticky, silty clay that clings to everything like a monkey with a panic attack. The bottoms of your shoes develop "playa stilts" -- several inches of mud clay that keeps building up the longer you try to walk in it. The place is pretty much impassable in the wet from what I've been told.

I've been busy and tired and hot but still having fun. More of the art projects are being completed every day and since [ profile] garzan and I are taking a day off together today, we'll probably do an art tour at some point. I'm thinking after dark, as most of the art really is meant to be seen at night -- lights and flame are a big part of the gestalt here. I've been watching a steampunk treehouse take shape and yesterday it was finally open to the public, though I didn't go up inside it. I did walk around the base.

When I wandered the day before yesterday, I didn't take a camera with me. As I become more immersed in it, I realize more and more how little of this whole thing can be captured visually. Some things, certainly, you can photograph in interesting and dynamic ways, but other things are never going to appear properly in stills. Light is constantly in motion in most of the art cars and the art installations. Sound is a part of many of the installations as well. In the dust it's like walking through a world of ghosts and mist, otherworldly and on the shimmering edge of insanity. It seems simultaneously beautiful and awe-ful.

The folks who volunteer here work incredibly hard under astonishingly bad conditions -- too much heat, too much dust, too much sun. Yet things get done with remarkable efficiency and good humor. You have to have a sense of humor to be here or the environment would just kill you. With an anticipated peak population of about 45,000 people in this kind of heat and harshness, there is no other way.

At night the Mad Max carnival vibe gets even stranger than in the day. It's a post-apocalyptic anarchy of desire and I mean that in both the best and the worst possible ways. I can see why so many people regard this as the home of their hearts and wish they could be a part of Black Rock City on a permanent basis, and yet I think it's the going home to consensus reality that makes that desire the poigniant thing that it is. Living in the world makes being here a carnal-spiritual ideal for them. And yet in so many ways, BRC is an exercise in illusion. It is the perfect Buddhist expression of impermanence, our own American Brigadoon in both its excess and its temporality. In some ways it is the floating world of the Japanese Ukiyo-e paintings -- ephemeral, beautiful, urban, illusory, and yet intended for the masses.

There are temples here everywhere, whether to spirituality or to excess. There is a Zendo made of cardboard boxes, a Tibetan-style meditation temple and art installation, and the David Best Temple of Forgiveness. There are roadside shrines of all kinds, made with tapestries and found objects. And then there is the desert itself, stark and brilliant under the mountains that surround it. The environment is so alien to me, and yet at the same time the people here are the kind I enjoy being around. They're colorful and creative and interesting. They're psychonauts and philosophers and weirdos, and the down to earth types who are letting their hair down once a year to let out the inner freak. There are families with very young children and there are the elderly and the folks in wheelchairs. And everywhere, all around us and getting itself into our lungs and our eyes and our skin is the dust.

BRC is noise and light and explosions and neon. It's fire and dirt and altered states of consciousness. It's the sound of generators and the spinning lights in spokes of bicycle wheels. It's sun and wind and motion. It is the unexpected and delightful and surreal. I love it and hate it at the same time. This isn't a place or a scene you can be indifferent to -- you can be jaded about it or wide-eyed or engaged or overwhelmed, but you cannot be indifferent.

And the more I talk to people and look around me, the more I realize that what's happening here is carrying out into the world in activism and politics and the avant garde. It's more than just talk, and more than just a bunch of stoners baking themselves. Certainly there's a lot of that, but the people who come to work, the ones who come and make art rather than wandering the streets of lost innocents as their sole participation, they're the ones pulling together the projects that may spark change in the world. They're the ones who engage outside of the borders of BRC and after the burn. It's more than consciousness expansion, it's societal expansion. The volunteers are people who are working hard doing what they love, whether it's keeping the vehicles running, building shelters, greeting the participants at the gate, cooking in the commissary or running the border. The sense of love for the whole damned mess is what makes it so profound. This is not a place you come to if you don't love what you're doing and what happens here. It's not a place for tourists and observers -- it's too harsh for more than a couple of hours of that at best.

The heat is taking its toll on me, but I'm staying hydrated and fed. I'm looking forward to getting home to my moderate climate and my trees and water, but I'm enjoying my time and my experiences out here. It's giving me a lot to think about.
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This is Eddison Carter... err [ profile] erynn999 coming to you live and direct from Burning Man: The Press Conference!

The conference is coinciding with lunch and mostly it's the emergency crews and DPW that are getting priority at the commissary, so it's noisy and they're still waiting for the BM reps to show so that the conference can start. Press is all tucked up at the front of the room by the speakers so the workers have room to eat.

And the reps have arrived and the conference has begun. They will definitely be rebuilding the Man within two days. An arson investigation is underway with one arrest, but no charges as yet and no motive. The structure and the art are not too damaged. Parts of the pavillion will be open soon but some will be closed for workers staging repairs. The structure of the Man is going to have to be substantially repaired. Fire units from Black Rock City emergency services responded immediately and and the fire was out within about twenty minutes. The Man hadn't been loaded with fuel and explosives so the damage was not nearly so bad as before. The neon artists will be restore the light as well -- they were there as it was burning saying they would relight the Man as soon as possible. They do intend to press charges to the fullest extent of the law if they find out who did it.

The plus side of this is that everyone will get to see the Man rebuilt and what all goes into it. That should be interesting to say the least. And they're wrapping the conference to get out of the way for the lunch crew.

This has been [ profile] erynn999, live and direct!
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I stayed up last night until totality. I didn't go out to the ritual as I actually spent much of the evening and into the night walking and I hurt too much to walk out to the temple for the ritual. I watched and attempted to photograph from the Black Hole, though I haven't looked at any of the pics yet -- I have no idea if even one of them turned out.

Walking the esplanade last night was surreal. So many of the mutant cars had the phosphorescent colors of deep-sea fish. It seemed a lot like a Tim Burton movie on acid at some points. I think I got some decent photos of fire spinners though I'll check that out later. I wish I was a better photographer, but I learn as I go along.

I went out to the pavillion under the Man last night and sat for a little while. The huge timbers that support him were visible -- Oregon doug firs. There are masks on most of the support posts, but I wasn't sure about the best way to attempt photos of them last night and I didn't want to use flash. They had environmental sounds going on, and people were leaning up against the central support post to meditate or sitting quietly on benches surrounding the support structure. Haiku, one of the guys from our camp, said this was the best one yet, and he loved the atmosphere under the Man. I feel so fortunate to be able to see something like this -- to participate not just in the festival atmosphere but in the social structure surrounding it. Seeing the workings of the festival from the inside and not just as someone with a ticket who wanders the area absorbing the atmosphere is similar to how I participate in most Pagan festivals. I think I may have been to a total of three or four festivals since 1984 where I didn't either volunteer or teach on some level, and usually both.

At the same time, I often find myself in the headspace of a distant observer. I sit on the sidelines and watch. I choose a cushion on the edge of the room. I don't talk a lot unless others speak to me. I feel a little more detached than I'd sometimes like and am not always sure how to surmount that and feel more immersed. I certainly do talk to people and have met many wonderful folks here, but my personal style tends not to engage unless approached and a people here tend to respect your space if you're being quiet.

In a little while I'll be going out to walk the esplanade and look at some of the art in the daylight. [ profile] garzan said his walking stick has an attachment for camera or binocs on it so I will probably go grab that before I leave, to use as a monopod and I'm hoping that will improve my shaky hand issues.

I know that I haven't really talked a lot yet about individual art pieces or camps. I may or may not do so, but I'll try to get interesting pictures.

I just got told by someone that the Man was burned last night just as the eclipse hit its peak. It was arson, but the regularly scheduled burn will take place Saturday. Firefighters put the fire out and the pavillion under the Man is currently closed until it's determined to be safe, but wow. Several papers have photos up of the Man aflame. This means though that the green neon won't be lit this week during the night and the pics I got will be some of the few available. I know I heard a huge shout going up from the esplanade as I was going to bed, but I thought it was about the eclipse and so I didn't go out to see. Here's the report from Laughing Squid. Apparently the Man will be rebuilt during the week and the neon replaced. I'll be going out to get some pics of the burnt Man in a little bit, as I took the day off today because of the eclipse last night.

It sounds like they're about to have a news conference in the commissary on the other side of the canvas here in just a moment. I may be able to get y'all some on the spot reportage about the official statement about what happened.
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So today the masses started arriving. From what I understand, this morning the gate was backed up to Gerlach, the nearest town (about 5 miles away?) and it was taking some hours to get to the gate to be let in. As usual the perimeter crew had to deal with oddness and people sneaking in. On my shift we dealt with a drunk who insisted that he was his own ticket to the burn. We reject your reality and replace it with our own, dude. Gotta have the ticket.

Sunset the other night was gorgeous. Photos and more stuff under here. )

White out

Aug. 26th, 2007 02:39 pm
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The past couple of days have been really windy and dusty. Yesterday [ profile] garzan and I took the day off, but we were in the trailer most of the time due to whiteout conditions from the dust storms blowing through the city. Later in the evening we made it out to Frog Pond (the last night it was open) but as we were heading out the train stopped on the tracks. Apparently a carload of people trying to get in without tickets had taken what used to be a crossing but no longer was rigged as such and got stuck on the tracks.

Two of the occupants walked in to the city to get a tow. The two others had unloaded the back of the car "just in case" but were found still sitting in it when DPW drove up to check it out. Sure guys, save the equipment but get yourselves fucked over when the train comes? What gives? None of these folks had ID or a drivers license. It was a lovely little clusterfuck.

Today we had watch in likewise windy conditions, but not nearly so bad as yesterday. Of all things, I saw two seagulls in the city perimeter. After the heron I have no idea how much more of a message I can get that Things Are Afoot.

The city is growing more crowded and gates officially open tonight at midnight:01. I'll be taking the day off after the night of the lunar eclipse so that I can participate in the rituals surrounding it that are planned for the night. I don't want to have to get up at 6:30am after the eclipse finishes about two hours before. I'm hoping that we'll have clear conditions and want to get some good photos. I'm sure there will be some time for just viewing during the ritual time.

Because of the evols of playa hair (dust and grease = narsty) I have mohawked myself. Yes, this is me wearing a mohawk. There will be before and after photos sometime in the next day or so. It's certainly more comfortable, cooler, and feels less slimy. Yay mohawks! Mom, please don't fall over dead,okay? Every year as part of the festival there is a temple built and burned and this year I believe (from the hints in the literature) that the theme is the Temple of Forgiveness. I'm using this as an initiatory opportunity to work on self-forgiveness issues and will be taking the shaved hair out to the temple in a bag with some things I need to work through tucked in with it -- and with tobacco and other offerings in the bag as well. At the end of the festival the temple is burned -- Sunday after the Man burns on Saturday night. A lot of the participants find this a much more profound experience than the burning of the Man himself because it is so much more personal.

Individuals throughout the week are encouraged to go to the temple and write on the walls -- names of those passed on, things they wish to release, wishes they want to manifest. I'm told that the energy is very deep through all of this focus and the transience of the structure. More and more art is going up around the city, though I've not seen a lot of it yet because I've either been indoors away from the dust storms or on watch. I'm hoping for some time this evening after the heat of the day passes and dusk approaches.

I'm waiting for Gweth to check in -- probably tomorrow or the next day if email is correct. She's camping with Prometheatrics so I'll be keeping a lookout for her. I'll probably be working almost every day for the rest of the festival. I'm sure I'll have some fascinating stories to relate as the week goes on. Every day it gets more and more like Woodstock meets Mad Max. Some of the events sound fascinating. We have hippies and goths and grungers and good ol' boys and sex sirens and naked people and... well, you name it, it's probably here. I'm going to try to get pics of some of the people I'm meeting so you can put faces to the names I post from time to time. There are some very colorful characters here.

Looking forward to my next post, y'all! Mad Maxing to you from the Playa, it's Erynn!
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So today we ended up doing a bit of a chase at speed across the desert toward the end of the shift. Some dips from box office decided to go around the airport instead of along the fence -- at high speed -- and ended up driving on the runway. We chased them down to stop them and let them know the proper procedure. Oy.

It felt much hotter today, but that was likely because I was on through the hottest part of the day. Drank a lot more water than yesterday certainly. The perimeter of Black Rock City is a pentagon that's a little over a mile and a half on each side. That's a lot of desert to keep an eye on and as Monday at 12:01 am (when they open the gates) draws closer, more and more people arrive and more attempt to scope out the place in preparation for sneaking in. It's been interesting.

The heron from the hot spring was out on the playa today along the fence. I got a few photos of him and will be uploading those later if they came out -- I think they did. Given how unusual it seems for a great blue heron to be in the desert, I'm taking this as an omen that something significant is likely to happen while I'm out here that involves Himself or things of his nature. I got an Agwe vevre pendant before I headed out and have been wearing it throughout the trip, so perhaps this has something to do with what all has been happening.

Coming in from shift today I got a ride in on the back of a motorcycle just at dusk with a guy called Lefty. Cute young thing. I told him I hadn't been on a bike since I was in Hawaii in 1979 and he told me that was the year he was born. My, sometimes I just feel a bit old! But hey, I'm out here grabbing the zeitgeist anyway.

I uploaded a lot of my photos I got last night while the net was up this morning in our trailer. I'm hardwired to the ethernet at the back of the commissary again right now and taking advantage of that to upload the rest of the photos from yesterday's batch.The ones below the cut here are of the Man lit up at night. [ profile] garzan and I took a walk out to the Man to go and see. It was really quite something. He's supported by a cone of huge logs beneath the structure. Green neon ahead! )
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Behind the cut you'll find a few photos from the past several days. Stuff I've seen. )
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[ profile] thewronghands expressed surprise that BM has actual staff. So here's what it is that I'm doing, and a taste of some of the other stuff happening out here.

[ profile] garzan and I are part of the Gate and Perimeter department. We patrol the perimeter and make sure that folks who are supposed to get in for work have the proper arm band and that anyone else trying to get in goes to the gate to be sorted. There's also a radar station reporting movement to the perimeter vehicles. Once it gets dark there are people trying to sneak in most of the night -- tickets for the festival are about $300 and some folks just don't seem to want to foot that expense.

BM has a lot of staff. Just in gate and perimeter there's about 300 people. The folks at gate actually build the gate and kiosks. That doesn't include the rangers (in-city security), greeters (folks who actually take care of greeting and directing arrivals), lamplighters (taking care of lighting the festival), the department of mutant vehicles (registration of art cars allowed to actually move within the city) or the department of public works (building the city). There's also an on-site electric company, a commissary that feeds all of the staff, a radio station (BMIR -- Burning Man Information Radio), an airport (daylight-only), and a medical department with a large field clinic. Participants will be setting up low-wattage pirate radio all over the dial.

Once the festival starts, perimeter patrol is about the only place you find any quiet and privacy, so it's good work for folks who like a little alone-time. Outside the perimeter we have folks from the Bureau of Land Management and pretty much every other state and local law enforcement agency. They don't do anything unless Black Rock City (the event) asks for intervention. BLM issues the permit for the event.

About 40,000 people are expected at the festival this year. Something that big in a hostile place like the playa requires a lot of preparation and infrastructure. There are people onsite for weeks beforehand, laying out the shape of the city and beginning the temporary structures. There will be people here for weeks afterward making sure everything gets cleaned up and no trace of the city is left.

BM also has permanent staff that deals with all the preparation issues throughout the year, from deciding the theme to getting zoning variances for the festival from the state of Nevada in court. One person owns a ranch down here were a lot of stuff is stored that gets used year to year, as well as abandoned crap that people leave after the festival despite the "take it all with you" rule everyone gets told beforehand.

At the moment construction is going on all night long. Got some good photos of the Man in neon last night. I'll try to finish uploading stuff to my photobucket in a bit before I go on shift at 2pm so that y'all can see what I'm seeing.


Aug. 23rd, 2007 07:09 pm
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Today on the way out to the hot spring I saw a roadrunner. I did not, however, see Wile E. Coyote or anything marked Acme, thankfully. At the spring I got quite the surprise -- there was a heron! One of the Great Blues from what I could tell. Today I had the camera with me so I need to download the photos to the computer and see if it was blurry or if I caught him as he was flying away.

After shift today we had the Third Annual Thursday 5pm Perimeter meeting. This involved Guinness, root beer, and vanilla ice cream. Yum. T-shirts were passed out to those of us working 5 or more shifts.

Much fun is being had by all. Less dust today and more sunshine. I'm working my way through Dark Speech: The Performance of Law in Early Ireland while I'm on shift, as there so far hasn't been much to do, though as the festival draws closer and early arrivals grow more common swinging into full scale arrival madness, we'll have more than ample opportunity to spot people attempting to sneak in across the empty alkalai lakebed that is the playa.

Wireless is up and down. I'm currently on an ethernet connect. Yay ethernet in the desert! Got some closer pics of the Man today after shift. Tomorrow [ profile] garzan and I will be working 2pm-8pm instead of 8am-2pm, so I'll get to sleep in a bit. That'll be very nice. I might feel like actually staying up a bit later tonight. You wouldn't think that just riding around in the desert would be that tiring, but the heat does really take it out of you. I just make sure I drink a lot every day.

I'll probably be doing the photo download tonight so with luck sometime tomorrow I'll be uploading some pics to my LJ behind a cut for your viewing pleasure. I hope they've come out okay!

I'm missing my friends at home and online, but I'm having a good time here. It's gonna get wild in a couple of days.
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According to [ profile] caitriona_nnc, the CR FAQ publication is live and for sale for $19.95 from This is the second book this month that's been published with my name on it -- yay me! And yay to everyone else who worked so hard on this project.

In other news, the Man went up today. I have a photo of the Man going up, and now it's standing and the head's been put on. I'll grab some photos later this evening. The Center Camp Cafe has its flags flying and more people are arriving every day. It's nowhere near crowded yet, but it's definitely getting more people in.

Went out to the hot spring again today and soaked until a busload of folks came in from the site then headed back in to catch the email and all.

And regarding the ogam book, apparently I have relatives who are into the whole thing, as my mom learned from one of her cousins in Boston earlier this week:

Hi Bette!

I have been looking at Erynn's book on Ogam and it is fascinating. I bought an extra copy to give to Gary's daughter Tracy who has an interest in that subject area. I think her sister Kathy will also find it interesting since she visited Scotland a couple of years ago on her honeymoon and also has a fascination with the old myths and magic.

You must be sooooo proud of your published daughter! Please tell Erynn how proud Mary and I are of her accomplishments too!

P.S. I especially liked the dedication she wrote in that book :-)

Love, Bobby

He followed it up the next day with this note:

If you haven't been able to see it yet, the dedication in the Ogam book is really very nice. I am sure most of it is totally over my head but I am going to try and get the most out of it that I can. Even from just reading the forward I like Erynn's style :-)

Must dash -- love and insanity to you all!
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[ profile] garzan and I arrived on the playa day before yesterday. We had a flat on his tent trailer but he had a spare so we were able to continue very well.

Yesterday there was a lot of dust while we were on our shift. [ profile] wire_mother, you would be proud of me as I play the outsider warrior Fennid role, patrolling the borders of Black Rock City -- the temporary city site for Burning Man.

Lots of wildlife sightings on the way. In Montana I saw three pronghorns and a red fox. Nevada had another red fox, more pronghorns and three mustangs! I've been seeing lots of hawks and eagles -- one big golden just sitting on a fencepost next to the road as we drove by. I also saw some snowy egrets on the Snake River as we passed through Idaho.

Idaho was a major pain. We stopped at every motel we could find along the highway from Pocatello down to Twin Falls without finding a single open room anywhere. We ended up at a little independent motel on the highway at Twin Falls, well around midnight. We collapsed in a heap and slept hard, getting up and out at about 8am.

The playa is amazing, but what's happening here is even more bizarre, with a city being built before my eyes. I'll have some photos next time I'm able to get online, including the playa itself, some of the bits of the city already standing, and of one of the hot springs near by, which is a beautiful place to go and rest after a six hour shift driving around in the desert.

Got an email from mom that her cousin Bob in Boston got a copy of my book -- and one for another relative. He's apparently pleased with it so far. So Bob, if you're reading this, how about popping over to Amazon and reviewing me, eh? Mom, you'll get your copy as soon as I get home to mail it.

[ profile] lexie_marie, I'm contemplating spending a day at Glacier National Park after I leave but I know there were highway closures on the way between there and Missoula. Can you let me know if/when the fires are down enough that the highway is open again? I'm wanting to spend an extra day with you on the way home as well, so as to be a little better rested and to be able to spend time with [ profile] kyra_ojosverdes as well.

I'm using one of the dedicated wired in computers in the commissary (a big tent) for this post. There's a wireless net but it's been up and down. Connections aren't reliable at this point and probably won't be. Only two of the three computers here are actually working at the moment. Don't know what will be happening but I'll be checking in when I can if there are computers or wireless available.

Welcome to all the new folks who've just added me to their flists! I hope this'll be interesting enough for you... ;)
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[ profile] alfrecht reports that the books have arrived safely at my place, though only the 12 of them I was originally expecting, so the ones for the artists didn't come to me. [ profile] lupabitch, you're going to have to talk to Storm about what happened to the artist copies.

Laundry is commencing. Stuff has been packed into plastic bins for dust-protection. Things will be tucked into the camper tonight and we'll be out at ohgod30 tomorrow morning for parts south and west of here. [ profile] garzan showed me the route. For those interested, we'll be heading west on 2 down to 87 and from there to 15 south through Idaho. From there we join up with 86 to 84 and then down 93 at Twin Falls until we hit 80 heading west to Winnemucca, Nevada and off into the desert to Black Rock City and the Playa.

[ profile] garzan says that our work for the festival will be trolling the borders of the temporary city in his truck, making sure nobody without a ticket tries to sneak into the festival and that nobody gets lost wandering outside it. I brought my binoculars for birdwatching along the way, but I guess I'll be using them for keeping an eye on the perimeter as well. He says if I can't deal with the heat, they'll set me up on a shift at the radar shack instead, as there's air conditioning for the equipment. Either way, sounds good to me.


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