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Today I went down to the VA for a followup on medical things and I'm posting behind a cut for potential medical TMI. So if you don't want to read about the dizziness and other happy things, you don't have to. )
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Rhubarb cobbler was achieved. It was tasty.

I spent several hours today off and on digging around in journal articles, chapters of books, and reading through some of my previously written/published stuff to sift through ideas toward the Brigid book. Some things in my brain are shifting a bit and beginning to coalesce, but I'm uncertain of the shape of things to come.

Got an email today from a French grad student working toward a PhD dealing with the use of Amanita muscaria and shamanism who was asking me about some of the stuff covered in my old Shaman's Drum article, so I sent him a link to the English PDF and the translation that was done into French some years back. With any luck, he will find at least some of it useful. Also responded to an email from Tony Mierzwicki asking some questions about Beltaine, providing a brief answer for a talk he's preparing to give in a couple of weeks.
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Aside from Irish class this evening, I spent some time today digging out more of my Brigid sources and material related to some of the things I want to cover in the flamekeeping book. I scribbled more notes, and now the table is covered with books and photocopies. I know I'm not doing a lot on any given day, but I'm at least getting a little done on a semi-regular basis.

One of the things I did was order a copy of Kim McCone's Pagan Past and Christian Present in Early Irish Literature. I had to order it through ABE from Germany. It was the cheapest copy I could find, which means that inclusive of postage I'm paying just under a hundred dollars for it. I saw copies listed for I think up to about £800 (I don't even want to think about it), so I can't complain too much about what I've had to pay here. It'll take a while to arrive, though.

In a little bit I'm going to drag myself into the kitchen and make a rhubarb cobbler. I wasn't feeling up to doing much today until just a little while ago. The time change is not something that makes me happy, but I bitch about it every year. I'll need to haul out the ladder and change the clock on the wall sometime soonish as well. Probably tomorrow.

For those in the Seattle area who might be interested, Leon and Allen are doing Shivaratri at Travelers tomorrow evening at 7pm. They told me to pass the word to interested parties. I might go, if I have enough brain cells to drive that far. I won't be able to decide until tomorrow sometime.
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As you might guess from the infrequency of my posts recently, I'm still trying to recover from PCon and all that stuff. I'm tired and achy and breaking in the new boots is adding extra aches that I don't really need, but there's really only one way to actually get them broken in, and that's by wearing them for a while on a frequent basis. (That said, they are really awesome boots.)

Since [ profile] gra_is_stor has started doing Irish language lessons just down the street here on Sunday evenings, I've started taking classes again. I've been too out of it to get down to Seattle much on days when I'm not actually dealing with a VA appointment, unless I have several things I'm doing on the same day.

I'm dealing with a lot of brain fog since I got home. Tiredness will do that, and really kind of aggravates it. The Everett Pagan meetup was pretty good. I knew several of the folks who came, which was nice. It's easier for me to be in a group when I know more people. One of the folks who came is a Russian guy practicing Slavic Paganism. He was pretty interesting, and showed us a necklace he'd made of his god and goddess, which was some really beautifully carved and polished wood. It'll be nice to talk with him more and learn about what he's doing.

The Medieval Women's Choir concert was lovely, as usual. [ profile] ingvisson came along with us and seemed to quite enjoy himself. We really need to get tickets to the upcoming Beowulf performance with Benjamin Bagby, as it was again advertised on the back of the MWC program. I've wanted to see him perform this for years.

I've not had the focus to make further notes toward my Brigid book outline, but I'll be trying to do that later this week again. Tomorrow is the steampunk social, and I'll need to make plans toward my tea & whisky St Patricks Day thing with the Air Krakens. I'm not looking for a large group, so I'll be restricting attendance to about a dozen people.

Yesterday I emailed mom, as I owed her a response to a couple of her emails. I called a couple of weeks ago, I think, but I hadn't been posting regularly, so mom, I just didn't want you to worry that I'd fallen off the edge of the continent or something. I'm trying to keep up with things without stressing out too much.

There's a new Cadfael waiting to be viewed when [ profile] gra_is_stor has enough time to come by for it. We had considered watching it last week but didn't quite find the time for it. Both of us are feeling pretty worn down, and she's doing allergy treatments that mean she's feeling crappier than usual recently.

Once I get more of my brain functioning than just the brain stem, I have emails that I need to answer. Sleep has been a precarious and rare commodity of late, more so than usual. It means I'm feeling more scattered than normal, as well. Probably contributes considerably to the brain fog.
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I didn't update in the past couple of days mostly because I was just too tired and too busy to get to it. I did spend a little more time doing some more conceptual/outlining work on the Brigid book, so that is genuinely moving along, though these things move slowly, as one might suspect. Group went well, though I didn't get to see [ profile] gra_is_stor that night. I did see her today briefly, before Brianna and I went over to Gary's place for some gaming this evening.

Today I was mostly just too tired to focus on much of anything. I couldn't read much and actually spent a fair amount of time just playing Plants v Zombies because it was brainless. (As you do.) When we got home, I made more food and ate a little, then walked down to the store to pick up a few things to tide me over until I can get out for more, probably Sunday. I think I sprained a muscle in my right hand today, as it's much more sore than usual. I've been hitting it with a lot of liniment in hopes that this will help somewhat.

Tomorrow [ profile] gra_is_stor is starting to coordinate the Everett Pagan meetup, as the previous organizer is no longer doing so. After that, we'll be heading down to Seattle for the Medieval Women's Choir concert. It's at 8pm at St James Cathedral, as always. And now I'm going to try to get some sleep.
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And I'm kind of in that state today. I did go out to the AFK for the evening, though the usual folks who join me on Tuesdays had family in town so they weren't there. It was okay because I got some reading done that I wanted to deal with.

Today I mostly dealt with cleaning things up from the road trip, putting things away, and clearing the decks for working on the Brigid book's outline and whatnot. There's so damned much to deal with for that book, and I still haven't entirely decided exactly how to approach the topic and the material. And then there's the part where divination suggested I should make something for Herself before I actually write the book, and I haven't figured out what that something would be.

Anyway, my brain she is not working very well this evening so I'm going to crawl away and huddle under the covers with Plants vs Zombies or something until I fall asleep. If I haven't any brains of my own, perhaps the zombies won't get me.
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Mostly a little catching up because I've been so bloody exhausted what with all the traveling and stuff.

We did get down to the con again yesterday, and one of [ profile] gra_is_stor's friends, who was one of the featured musicians, got us into last night's acoustic concert. It was lovely and low key and I enjoyed it a lot despite being pretty well doomed to feeling like week-dead flounder. We went to [ profile] mythworker's panel with Thorn Coyle and the Grimassis and I took a photo on Thorn's tablet that Jason ended up using on The Wild Hunt today, which was quite amusing, as everyone was doing the hand on the chin looking dramatic thing that Jason does.

The concert was Faun, a German Pagan folk group, and members of Woodland and Treguenda, all of which I enjoyed immensely, though I will admit I was more enamored of Faun's global folk style. I already had one of Faun's cds but was immediately convinced that I have to get everything else they've ever done...

PCon the week before was immense and overwhelming, in its usual way. I got good turnout and good responses to pretty much everything I participated in. The Immanion panel was only attended by maybe ten people, so it was the least successful of all the things I did, but it wasn't really my show, so I wasn't too worried about it. Having hauled a whole suitcase of books down with me to PCon, I returned with only two, and sold one of those at FaerieCon yesterday, as Thorn Coyle had introduced me to Raven and Stephanie Grimassi as being a good resource person. They are apparently working on some kind of "Celtic" tarot or divination deck, but they don't know much of anything about Celtic anything. I told them I'd written a kick ass ogam book and they were interested in having a look so I brought one along and they bought it from me.

The Irish healing deities session was well-received and well-attended. My joint session with [ profile] druid_medb on spirit work and trauma was well-attended for an 11pm session. We filled most of one half of a double room, which was really good not just for the hour but for the heavy subject material. We had at least three mental health professionals in attendance, and several folks who are dealing with different aspects of the material we were addressing. We got a number of requests to bring the session back again next year, at a more reasonable hour for people from the east coast and for folks who are not late-nighters, so we'll look into having the session at 7pm one one of the days if that's possible.

Among the discussions I had with people at the con, I talked to Chris Penczak about my trip east. During the conversation I inquired about maybe teaching a session on ogam for his people in New Hampshire. He said he'd run it by his board of directors but he thought it sounded like a really good idea, so we'll see if I can get a little extra infusion of some cash while I'm out there to help with gas for the rest of the cross-country adventure. I'll email him in March to just keep the idea in front of him, knowing I'm unlikely to get any firm response until I can pinpoint a date I'll be in Massachusetts.

My next priority is NorWesCon, in late March. I've already ordered more poetry books to take along, considering I was fortunate enough to sell out of them on the first day of PCon. They should arrive in a couple of weeks. Thankfully, that's all panels moderated by other people, so my prep there is pretty much rock bottom minimum. While I was gone, the Pilgrimage photo book arrived. A couple of the photos turned out a little darker than I was quite expecting, but they are okay. I'm looking into making the book also available in a paperback edition, which will be less expensive. I would probably sell a few more of them that way. That's a task for another day, however.

This week I'm looking at Wednesday shrinkage, Thursday group, and Saturday evening is the Medieval Women's Choir concert "From Santiago to Canterbury." It's at Saint James Cathedral at 8pm, if anyone is interested in going.

Once I'm rested up a little, it's time to work on an outline and a framework for the Brigid book.


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