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Went this evening with [ profile] alfrecht, [ profile] yiaya and [ profile] wellbeing333 over to Redmond to Soul Food Books to see [ profile] yuki_onna (Catherynne Valente) and [ profile] s00j (S.J. Tucker) do a concert/reading/performance for the release of Palimpsest, a novel that, by all reports, is pretty damned spectacular.

The excerpts that were read were really lovely and [ profile] alfrecht was convinced he had to purchase a copy at the first reading, which involved the kami of wind and the kami of engines battling it out for who owned the trains. I brought along two of her poetry books (one of them a limited edition of her Descent of Inanna series) and purchased a third there so that I could have her personalize the already-signed volume and sign the others. It was well worth braving the standing-room-only crowd for the performance, which was dark, sensual, exotic, and a little bit Steampunk. I saw a couple of folks from the Steamrats there, in fact. *waves*

They're doing another concert I think tomorrow at Soul Food again, though you'd have to check with [ profile] yuki_onna for certain. They'll also briefly be at Gasworks Park on Sunday afternoon at 2pm with a sojourn afterwards for tea. If you have the time and the wherewithal, I highly recommend you see them while they're here. They'll be at NorWesCon and in town until the 17th. I'm not sure where they're headed after that, but I think the road trip continues. I really must emphasize how fantastic the readings and performances were -- if you have the chance you owe it to yourself to go. I promise you will be blown away.

I'm hoping deeply that the weather will improve by Sunday. I was just out walking the DoDC+3 and it was snowing again. Ugh. Nothing sticking, but fat, juicy snowflakes in among the raindrops. Damn it, it's April already. Can we stop now?
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The book party for [ profile] alfrecht went very well, I think. Most of the CR schmooze crew showed up, along with [ profile] yiaya, who brought Craigula with her, Moss from the queer Pagan meetup, and a couple of others, including [ profile] tryst_inn, who drove down to our place from up north and rode into Seattle and back with us. I enjoyed the selection of poems, and since they are all intended as ritual invocatory and praise poetry, there was, as one might expect, ritual to go along with the reading. More nattering below )
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Got up this afternoon and it wasn't too bad a day. Dim and damp but not nasty. Light bulbs got replaced last night so that we can actually see in the kitchen again, so yay, because we're having dinner company Wednesday.

We had a power outage this afternoon about 5pm that lasted maybe an hour. When I called the PUD the recording said about 10,000 people were down and they weren't sure for how long. The cable modem was down for about another half hour or so after that, but I expected as much. It takes a while to get a server farm up and running again.

About the time I was lighting candles and finishing up filling out my ballot, the power came back on. So, while I've now voted and mailed in my ballot, I'm still going to be obsessively watching things. Somehow I can't help but wonder how much lower the Republicans will sink before November 4th. Ugh.

[ profile] alfrecht and I watched four eps of the Granada TV Sherlock Holmes tonight. He'd never seen it before and never even read Holmes! I was astonished. Yet again I must tutor young grasshopper in the ways of wisdom. That said, he really enjoyed himself and said the show was addictive. We will definitely be watching more. Jeremy Brett was the definitive Holmes for me and probably always will be. I don't think anybody in my lifetime is going to match him, at any rate.

Today I finished up an email interview for Sequential Tart an online zine that recently interviewed [ profile] erl_queen. Rebecca's also interviewing [ profile] alfrecht so I think it's an inside job... *chortle*

I suspect she asks all the Pagan authors she interviews a couple of standard questions and then individualizes a little for the specific book she's interviewing about, so there will likely be some similarities. Apparently they're primarily a comics industry site, so it'll be an interesting outreach and a different audience for my work. I do know, however, that there's a lot of crossover between Pagans and comics geeks, being as I'm a bit of both myself.

Talked to my brother a little bit. He moved into his new apartment today, though the only power he has at the moment is from an extension cord to an external source. He's supposed to be getting power and gas sometime soon. He's also talking about reenlisting in the reserves because he can't collect retirement until he's 60, which truly sucks, but he's mostly got a desk job or driving a truck and unless he volunteers for it, I don't think he'll be going anywhere that they'd be shooting at him.

Tomorrow will be library call and probably the Steampunk Meetup at the Wayward. Tuesday I'm going to a salon to schmooze with a couple of out of town folks and talk about bodice rippers and slash fic. Wednesday is dinner guests. Friday is [ profile] alfrecht's reading for his poetry book release at Edge of the Circle. All in all a busy but fun week ahead. I've also got more reading to do for the geilt book and need to work on the sacrifice essay for that anthology.

Life, she is good. Now, if only I could sleep.
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Today is made of fail. I woke up with a headache and it has segued into migraine. I'm hoping I'll be okay for misogi tomorrow. My migraines don't necessarily last longer than a day so I might be all right when I get up in the morning.

Called friends in Vancouver to check on going up there the weekend of the 28th because [ profile] mael_brigde is having a book launch that day! If I can afford the gas, I'll be showing up. Congratulations [ profile] mael_brigde on your new book! I'm so glad you were able to get it out there.

Book Launch and Signing

Finding Creatures & Other Stories, by C. June Wolf and Wild Talent: a tale of the supernatural, by Eileen Kernaghan.

Date: Sunday, September 28, 2008
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: White Dwarf Books
Street: 3715 West Tenth Avenue
City/Town: Vancouver, BC

Finding Creatures & Other Stories, a collection of speculative tales by C. June Wolf.

Literary, science fictional, slipstream, and fantastic—this medley of stories is grounded in the present day, weaving back to the life of Saint Francis, and forward to a time when Earth is a memory and new humans are finding their place among the stars.

"Prepare to be absolutely charmed. C. June Wolf’s stories are like world music: varied, full of surprising grace notes, and born from an array of the planet’s cultures and myths. We’ll be reading her stories for years to come."
—Daryl Gregory, author of Pandemonium
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[ profile] alfrecht did a lovely summary of the party last night. I dropped way too much money on wine and cheese, but everyone seemed quite impressed by the selections.

My dear roomie did a quite flattering introduction (he'd insisted on introducing me, and who am I to deny my friends such an obvious desire?) after which I did what I'd intended to be a short intro workshop but which ended up taking up most of the 90 minutes allotted to the project. I talked about the history of ogam, its various traditions and uses, and plugged my book quite thoroughly. I also showed off the set of ogam feda I made earlier this year in the much-documented 20 day ritual series, which went over very well.

I was asked to do a reading, but as I'd been having some wine I didn't feel it would be appropriate to do a demo reading. I did talk about different types of reading processes that I use, primarily the random-cast stuff. One gent spent a lot of time both asking good questions and attempting to dominate the conversation. I made sure that others were able to ask questions and make comments. I had a fantastic time. Robert sold both copies of the book that he had and I sold the three that I'd brought. (Don't worry, [ profile] cruitire333, I have your copy sitting aside for you and will try to mail it right after new year along with the O'Boyle photocopy.)

After the party, several of us adjourned to the Rosebud Cafe, just down the street, where we had some drinks and lovely conversations. It was a fantastic evening and I want to thank everyone who came and participated, and especially Jimbo for buying drinks afterwards -- that was so kind of you, my dear! I'm just sorry BlackCat couldn't make it as well.

I missed some of my local CR peeps, but I also know that circumstances (and sometimes lack of timely reminders) got in the way. With luck I'll be seeing at least one of you when [ profile] thewronghands is back in Seattle over the weekend, especially with the whole Indian dinner and Shinto shrine plan.

Last night's quick read was Lawrence Ferlinghetti's Poetry as Insurgent Art, which was more a collection of aphorisms on poetry than anything else. Some of it was excellent, some of it repetitive, and some of it a little too self-consciously Pronouncement. I'm thinking 3 out of 5 poetic aphorisms for this one, though it will certainly give me a little food for some of my Searching for Imbas topics. Addressing the modern western poetic tradition is just as important to filidecht as the ancient traditions, particularly in terms of a workable reconstruction for today.
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If you're interested in my work and you're in the Seattle area, please come by Edge of the Circle Books at Pike and Boylston in Seattle on Wednesday, December 19th between 7 and 9pm for my book release party! I'll be celebrating the successful launch of my newest book, Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom with a wee bit of wine and cheese and a short intro to ogam workshop!

I'd love to see you there!
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Went down to Seattle today to hang out for a while with [ profile] saturna, whom I haven't seen in a while. She's not been around LJ much anymore, so I hadn't been sure what she's been up to. She's just completed work on a local indy direct to DVD horror flick as part of the video production team, and was talking a bit about that. We had chai at Travelers -- Allen is on his way back from India even now, and will be arriving home tomorrow. We also had late lunch at a vegan noodle shop down on Olive Way in the space that used to house Coffee Messiah. That was pretty good stuff.

After that we wandered by Half Price Books and I ran into [ profile] circularruins, slaving away behind the counter. (The book I was looking for was Greek Gods, Human Lives: What We Can Learn from Myths by Mary Lefkowitz, and the UDist shop had two copies.)

He was really interested in getting together again to finish up the reading of the Táin and would love to meet [ profile] sannion when he's up here if that's possible on Saturday. We could have a lovely little recon/Antinoian kaffee klatsch if that pans out. We talked for a few minutes about a variety of things, and then headed over to Edge of the Circle, where we were going to meet up again with [ profile] alfrecht, who had come to Seattle with me.

At Edge, [ profile] alfrecht was getting a reading. [ profile] saturna and I browsed for a bit and chatted with J, at the counter. I also scheduled the ogam book release party. Grab your calendars!

Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom release party
Edge of the Circle Books
Wednesday, December 19th from 7pm-9pm
Wine and cheese snackies with a short intro to ogam workshop!

If you're in the area, please join me! I'd love to see you! Edge will be ordering some copies so you can get one signed by me at the party. I've already put up a notice on the SeaPagan list and on the Seattle Pagan Scholars list. Raven at Edge was talking about doing an interview for the Edge newsletter, so that should be fun.

[ profile] lupabitch -- do you guys have any kind of press packet or will I just need to order some stuff from the Megalithica site for the shop to use for promotions?

After Edge, we headed back to Travelers for one last cuppa chai before heading north. Talked to Leon for a few. They've already been getting new stuff in while Allen has been in India, so the shop is filling up again with bells, Buddhist and Hindu ritual objects, and new books. It's well worth a look at the new selections.

After we took our leave of [ profile] saturna we realized that I-5 was a real mess, so we popped right back off into the U District to hang at Half Price over there for an hour or so. [ profile] alfrecht came out of it with quite the haul, and I found a few things myself. Yay used books and remainders!

Tomorrow is Garuda maintenance time. Thursday, [ profile] yiaya and another friend are coming over for Turkey Day. Friday I get some help with a few issues I'm having with the iPhone. Monday is shrinkage and that weekend on the 1st and 2nd of December, we'll be down in Portland with [ profile] lazaruspdx having some fun. Busy busy Erynn!
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The book release party in Second Life is today at 6pm Pacific time. There will be links there to buy the book, the earlier PDF of Not Your Mama's Tree Ogam and the premier of the virtual Ogam Word Wisdom deck designed by Vorren Voltaire and Fnordian Link with info by yours truly! I'm still working on the info file to go with it, so there will be a demonstration but it probably won't be available for sale today. *weeps* Been too busy to write the actual copy of keyword interpretations for each fid in each of the three currents.

Please join me (Faoilean Rosca) at the Mystic Academy in the Buddha Bar for two hours of Celtic music and schmoozing with the author!

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Sleep lately has been a chancy thing. Insomnia has not been my friend, but at least I've had folks online to talk to at sundry bizarre hours. My online book release party is scheduled for Friday, as one of my earlier posts noted, and the music has been uploaded for it, though I don't know if the person in charge of the space has actually downloaded it yet for the event.

My reading has been spotty, but I've been making at least a little progress. Been playing around with information on enneagrams of late and had someone do a questionnaire with me. I was a little surprised but not by how that turned out (as a 5 with a really strong 4 influence). I'd been hoping to get out and do some camping but things keep cropping up that require my attention here.

I need to schedule a book release party in Seattle, but I'm thinking with my schedule the way it is, that'll have to be in September sometime. [ profile] lwood, when are you up here again? I can see if we can do it while you're staying with me, yayz!
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For those of you on my flist who do Second Life, I'm doing a book release party there on Friday, August 3rd at 6pm Pacific. It'll be at Mystic Academy, in the Buddha Bar and there will be 2 hours of Celtic music, a link to order the book from in-world, and lots of hanging out and chatting. I can do a Q/A about the book, or whatever people are interested in. If all goes well, there may also be a virtual ogam deck that folks can use in-world as well. My name over there is Faoilean Rosca, so drop by and celebrate with me!


Apr. 8th, 2007 01:25 pm
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Today I'm heading down to Seattle to join Bjoern and [ profile] freyrboy and a bunch of our friends for an early dinner at Beppo's. Yeah, that tacky Italian place. We get free food, even!

[ profile] teriel has the manuscript and its attendant files. I didn't go through and do the indexing terms yet. That'll be in a bit. A lot of them are already in the glossary, thankfully, but there are a few others that will need to be added.

Had a couple of glasses of chianti last night in celebration and am looking forward to getting together with everyone and sharing the news with those who aren't on LJ and haven't heard yet. It doesn't feel quite real as yet, and probably won't until I hold the book in my hot little hands, but it feels kind of odd not to be sitting here at the puter thinking about the next phase of the manuscript.

I'll probably start plotting the Filidecht book soonish, but first, some fanfic to ease my fevered brow. I'm behind on a couple of projects in that realm of my life. I think my readers will probably forgive me though.

When the book comes out sometime in September I want to have a release party and invite about a bazillion people. Maybe I'll be lucky and it'll be timed so it happens when my mom is out visiting! I'll be expecting to see a lot of you there... (eyes everyone with intent)

Time to go take a shower and then walk the DoDC+3.


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