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I didn't really get any sleep last night. What I did get could be measured in nanoseconds. I was up pretty much until 7:30 this morning then went to bed for a few hours so that I could have something resembling sleep before I headed down to Seattle this evening for the ritual meeting.

Traffic was hideous from before I got onto I5 until a little south of 405, but it got bad again around Shoreline. Thankfully, I didn't have to go any further south than the 85th St exit. On the northbound at 85th there was something involving what looked like at least three fire trucks and an ambulance, possibly more than that, but it was a little south of me when I got off the exit so I didn't get much of a look.

The meeting went well and we've got more solid plans for our upcoming Samhain ritual. We've got an initial list of tales to read for the night, though still no firm place for the ritual; it may end up being at [ profile] anthea7 and [ profile] mintofthewater's place. We also talked a little about Old Gods, New Druids. I've read it now and Anthea's partway through it. I think Patrick has it and has been looking at it. We're all pretty much in agreement that it'll do for our purposes.

As a study outline, it's not bad at all. Aside from a few basic linguistic problems that make me want to toss a DIL at the author, the usual small-press editing problems, and some conclusions that leave me going "buh?" (if we all got spiritual, nobody would ever be depressed and need meds -- wtf?), it's something we can work with and all be on the same page.

Tomorrow [ profile] yiaya's coming by for dinner. We'll probably do some veggie curry or something. I also have to pack the car for my Friday departure for the druid campout. I'll need to trot up to the garage and pull out a few more things, and walk up to the grocery store for a few last minute supplies for meals. One of the meals is a potluck for 15, so I need to figure out what I'm doing for it that can be done over a campfire or a camp stove. I'd prefer to do something that's actually meal-like, as so often potlucks tend to be "oh, I'll bring some snacks." I haven't had any experience with this group, though, so perhaps they'll be better at it, particularly given the fact that it will probably be cool and rainy.

With luck, I'll get a little sleep tonight. Friday, the DoDC+3 is coming with me, given that there doesn't seem to be any restriction on bringing critters on leash.
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Yes, your eyes do not deceive you (if you are coming direct to my LJ). I did change the journal theme. I was tired of the old one and it was about time. None of the ones available are perfect, but this one works at least.

There was intense foodporn yesterday with [ profile] ogam over at Poppy, and dessert at Dilettante. The food was amazing.

I had the porcini and asparagus risotto for the main dish, while [ profile] ogam had the goat-cheese stuffed squash blossoms. There were a number of lovely small dishes to go with this, as the food is served thali style, meaning a bunch of tiny dishes that come at the same time. Foodgasm barely begins to express how awesome it was. I also had a lovely cocktail, somewhat bitter, but with an undertone of sweet that was quite nice. I would try to describe it all but words fail me. The prices for the thali range from about $20 to about $30 for the meal, but it's worth what you're paying for it -- probably quite a bit more, given the chef's history with the Herbfarm. Perhaps after I've actually had something solid today I'll be in a better condition to be writing foodporn for you.

I subjected Oggie and Searles to another Jeeves and Wooster today and they were most amused. They'll be heading out shortly for dinner themselves. I need to figure out what to cook. Oggie's heading down to California tomorrow morning.

Before we did dinner, we went over to Once Sold Tales down in Kent. It was a bit of a trek to find, but they sell books for a dollar a pound. They are separated into rudimentary categories, so if you want fiction, it's all lumped together and not sorted by author or genre. They do have categories like "religion," "academic and reference," and "history" though, so it's not entirely random. I did find some lovely stuff for about $5. They had just opened so a lot of the shelves weren't filled up yet. Thanks to [ profile] martianmooncrab for the pointer. It was worth the trip down there for a look.
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This morning started with a phone call from [ profile] lwood, who said that the Nordic Knitting Conference this year is in October, and can she come up and stay with me. Being the sane and happy-to-see-my-sweetie sort, I said yes. We settled the dates and I got myself together to head for Seattle.

Today was shrink day at the VA, and after that I headed over to Travelers, where I met [ profile] sebastian_lvx for chai and conversation. While there, we saw Kallisti and her grandson Dylan, whom I hadn't seen since he was a wee sprout. He's 15 now. Gods how fast time goes sometimes.

We chatted for a bit until they had to leave, then popped over to Edge of the Circle.

For local folks who are interested, Robert has two copies of Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom in stock now and also has a copy of the Datura anthology behind the counter if you would like to get one.

I had a spare key made to give to the pupsitter tomorrow so that she can get in and out. I still have to pack tonight so that I can get on the road at a reasonable hour and pick up [ profile] joyful_storm by 11ish. I have to head out to the Sekrit Lab here shortly to get my sleeping bag and a few other bits to take along with me. Though I don't have to haul my tent along, it'll be useful to bring a few other bits of camping gear, and I also have to shove clothes and books to be signed into a bag. I'll be traveling fairly light for this trip, because I don't have any copies of my ogam book for sale, but I'm okay with that. It's a light schedule for me, with one dialogue over dinner, and one workshop late Sunday morning before the closing ritual.

I'm feeling restless but good. There's wireless at Trout Lake Abbey, so I'll try to check in once or twice over the weekend, but I'm making no promises.

Everybody have a great weekend!
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Many thanks to [ profile] blindwebster, who posted a link to the new review of Datura on Plutonica!

The reviewer really liked it, though (as I rather suspected) there was a complaint about the price. It's an expensive book, definitely, but it's utterly gorgeous. Drop by and have a look at the review!


Apr. 27th, 2010 12:50 pm
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April 27, 2010

Dear Erynn:

We have read and reviewed your submission for World Religions and Disability: Cross-Cultural and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, and we are pleased to inform you that we want to include your article in the book. Your work makes an important contribution to the field and we are grateful for the time and energy you put into the article.

The next stage of the process is that we now compile all of the essays into a manuscript form. Once we have done this, we will send the entire manuscript to Syracuse University Press (SUP) for the next stage of their review process. Our intention is to have a completed manuscript ready for review by early August. It is possible that we will ask for slight revisions and edits after SUP has reviewed the manuscript, but at this point we do not have a definitive time frame for that process. SUP has not indicated how long their review will take, but we hope that once they have the manuscript in hand, they will give us a sense of their schedule. We will keep you posted on the progress of our work and SUP’s time frame as these details are available.

Thank you for your hard work and for your willingness to participate in this project. Please let us know if you have any questions. We will be in touch as soon as we have news or information to report.

Darla Schumm and Michael Stoltzfus
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Datura has arrived in my post box today! It is a gorgeous hardbound volume. Mine is one of the 35 unnumbered volumes of the 500-print run. I'm so delighted to finally have my hands on this, particularly coming, as it did, on the heels of the unofficial notice that my essay was accepted for the disability and world religions anthology this morning.

This is, without doubt, the most physically beautiful volume that anything of mine has appeared in so far. I can't wait to dive in and check out the words.



Apr. 19th, 2010 03:28 pm
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The Datura anthology on sacred poetry and poetics is listed by Scarlet Imprint as being "in stock and available for shipping" on their purchase page. If you're interested in getting a copy of what's likely to be a really fantastic collection of sacred poetry and essays on sacred poetry and poetics, pick this one up. It's going to be a fine example of the bookmaker's art as well as a really anthology. There are only 500 copies available.

For those who find the cost too much, there's some fine print on the website:

we understand that you may not be able to pay for a book immediately. in that case do email us to discuss how we can reserve a copy for you. those students who genuinely want a book are of more value to us than book collectors. we will do everything we can to help out.

if you have any questions please contact us at
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After the past two days of cataloguing and sorting books, I sorted some more and got the over-300 books on poetry and writing categorized and alphabetized by author/editor. My body hurts immensely and I've way overdone it in dealing with this, but it's rather hard to do a section of the library in a partial way. Unstacking half the shelves wouldn't have accomplished what I needed to get done. There are still probably 60 or so books and journals in stacks around the desk that still need to be dealt with, and a pile of odd chapbooks from various sources that I'm uncertain how to categorize and store. Such is the life of an inveterate collector.

I've got nothing on [ profile] martianmooncrab, of course -- she of the 20,000+ books and counting. Yet I do pretty well for a small private library, really. Maintenance and keeping things sorted is hard. I'm not even done with the books in the living room yet, and there are books in every room of my house. One thing that's pretty cool though is that with all these poetry and writing books categorized, the ratio of read to unread becomes about 50/50. One thing I've found truly bizarre is how books are valued on the web; some books have no listed value at all, or a value of less than a dollar. I understand that unvalued books probably just means that there's no listing for it on any of the websites being searched. Others are valued so high that I can't imagine why. I have one hardbound poetry anthology -- The Poetry of Our World -- that came back with a listed value in excess of $1,300.00. Yes, that's one thousand three hundred dollars and isn't a typo. I have no idea why and can only imagine that somebody has a copy signed by every living poet in the anthology or something. Book values often make little or no sense to me at all. Another case in point is my own Circle of Stones which is still apparently going somewhere for $80-ish.

Anyway, getting the books sorted and back on the shelves has helped me feel rather better in an emotional sense, but it hasn't contributed a whit to my physical wellbeing. And I still have to deal with the remaining bits and bobs and the ones that will have to be entered by hand because I can't find ISBNs or LOC numbers or other equivalents. I have no idea what that will bring up in terms of market value; the only real reason I'm concerned about this stuff is for the whole condo insurance thing for insuring the contents of the library. Insurance agents tend to doubt the value of books unless presented with some kind of hard copy estimate, and they'll undervalue significantly. Despite all the art and electronics I have in the house, the books are the majority of my net worth as far as contents of the property goes.

I managed to get a load of dishes done today but I hurt way too much to contemplate hauling laundry, even just from the bedroom out to the laundry closet. The idea of more bending and twisting to deal with it just makes me shudder.

I had, once again, spent most of the night dealing with the books and last night (this morning really) only managed to sleep from about 7am to about noon. This sort of thing happens every so often and it sucks but it'll even back out eventually.
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I was up until after 7am finishing up the piles of books. There are still some that need to be re-entered (they got missed somehow) and the catalogued and checked ones need to be reshelved more efficiently.

Every cell in my body aches. It's worse than all the diodes down the left side of my body.

Hey, [ profile] martianmooncrab, how are you handling the books that don't have ISBNs or LOC numbers? I've got a batch that are either foreign or before coding.

ow fuck ow

Apr. 3rd, 2010 12:32 am
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I spent most of the afternoon dealing with cataloguing over 300 poetry books. I'm still up to my knees in piles of them, making sure all the ISBNs were correct and that I have all the titles that the listing tells me I do. I had to sort them into alphabetical piles. I just finished H.

I'm going to have to continue them tomorrow. I will also write the April 2nd poem tomorrow because I hurt too much to write at the moment.
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Here's the announcement from Ruby Sara. I wish I could be there, but Chicago's about twice as far away from Seattle as LA is, and airfare funds for the Erynn are nonexistent. To those folks who will be there, have a fabulous time!

Hello Datura Poets!

I am so thrilled about the upcoming release of Datura. As you are aware, there will be two launch parties - one in the UK and one here in the US in Chicago. Here are the details of the Chicago party. I plan to have poets from the book read at the event. If you are interested in attending, please let me know! I'd love to see you there and hear you read your work! I am still working on some details for the event, but the date/time/location is set.

This is just the info for the US party. Peter and Alkistis have more details about the UK party and will be publicizing both launch parties soon.

Datura: An Anthology of Esoteric Poesis Launch Party and Reading
Life Force Arts Center, Chicago, IL, USA
Saturday, April 24th, 2010
Vegan Appetizers and Desserts provided by Catering by Catherine
Wine provided
Cover, $7 per person (Datura Poets exempt from cover charge)
21+ event
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I just got this for my birthday.

AAAAHHHHHHH THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!!! (I do not know if my benefactor wishes to be identified, therefore I am defaulting to privacy.)
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[ profile] mythworker of [ profile] thewildhunt blog has posted a short item about the Datura anthology, mentioning me and several of the other contributors. It looks like the Wild Hunt Erynn Fan Club continues apace.

Thanks Jason! *giggles and runs away*
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I just got this link from [ profile] finnchuill of an interview with editor Ruby Sara about Datura, the sacred poetry and poetics anthology to which I and several of my friends and acquaintances contributed. I get mentioned a couple of times by name, so yay!

I can't wait to see this. It looks like it's going to be a really nice one.
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[ profile] brandywilliams announced today on the Magia Femina list the advent of a new small press dedicated to publishing and preserving the works of women magicians, both modern and historical. Magistra Press is accepting submissions and it looks like a very exciting project! Please pass the word along; this is by and for women who practice the arts of magic, their magical records, their systems of practice, and their legacy.

Dua Seshat, Lady of the Libraries. May the names and deeds of our magical foremothers be remembered and preserved.
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In doing a web search for something else, I came by a really wonderful website selling books of Scots Gaelic poetry and music. Many of them are rather expensive, but a lot of them are bilingual and some of them come with cds of song performances, primarily by Gaelic speakers in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. Drop by Sìol Cultural Enterprises and have a look!

Also, I got an email today from Kirk White with a formal invitation to come to Eight Winds this summer to speak. The festival is from June 24-27th. I need to whack together something to present. They've got a bunch of ADF big names coming so I'm sure there will be some really fascinating discussions in store. I'm wondering if a dialogue on ogam with me and Skip Ellison might be interesting.

I'm popping down to Seattle in a bit to get some tea from Shiuwen at Floating Leaves, as I'm out of my favorite House Black and want to get some more oolongs for the upcoming Steampunk Traveling Tea & Birthday.

Soon, my pretties.
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By way of [ profile] celtic_elk, a link to an essay on why the cost of ebooks is going to be more than $0 for the foreseeable future.
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I got this from Scarlet Imprint yesterday:

Dear Erynn,

We are delighted to have you in the forthcoming Scarlet Imprint poetry anthology Datura. This is an important book for us and the voices which we have bound into it are a testament to the living magic of poetry. It inspires us, and we know it will inspire our readers.

The first announcement has been made to our subscriber list and the response has been overwhelming. We will be opening subscriber pre-order on March 15 and releasing full details of the book then. Datura will be officially released on April 1.

The launch will be marked by two events, one in Chicago organised by Ruby, and one in Cornwall organised by us. Dates and venues have not been fixed.

Copies will be available from

There will only be limited information until March 15.

We are working with a new binder and printer and the 'standard' edition will be printed on heavy paper stock, bound in a silver/platinum silk and stamped with a datura flower. It is, even if we say so ourselves, a very alluring book. (We are also fine binding a small number of copies in full vellum, these are going to cost in the region of £300 as vellum is an exquisite rarity.)
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The situation with Women's Voices in Magic has been dealt with, quickly and professionally.

The only copies that had so far been sent out were comp copies to the authors. I have sent a footnotes-only file to use as an errata sheet for those copies and the fewer than 10 remaining copies in holding. The proper file is with the publisher and will be used for all subsequent copies of the book.

The book will be immediately reprinted with the correct version and footnotes and I'll be sent a new comp copy as soon as it's in production.

Thank you so much to [ profile] brandywilliams, [ profile] teriel and [ profile] lupabitch for dealing with this matter so promptly and so well. You're all great folks and I'm very happy to be working with you. This was the best possible outcome for the situation.


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