Mar. 27th, 2013 01:29 am
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Didn't do too much today beyond dishes and dizzy. Here's my schedule for Norwescon, should you be attending and interested:

Where I'll be at Norwescon:
To Beta or Not to Beta 4-5pm
Fanfic Fears 2-3pm
Bribing People to Listen to Poetry 5-6pm
Writing for Fun vs Writing for Money 5-6pm
Why Slash? 7-8pm

I'll also be hanging out at the Sherlock Seattle info table though I don't yet have schedule information for that.

I hope I'll see some of you there!

Tomorrow evening, it's the AFK for my birthday. There shall be Klingon blood wine! Qaplah!
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I got us tickets for Beowulf today, and it seems that [ profile] mimerki was really enthusiastic and got tickets for herself as well. It should be a really cool performance.

There are plans in the offing for a March 17th tea & whisky sipping with steampunks here at my place, so if you are interested in coming, please let me know. I only have so much room in the old homestead. Also, on Wednesday the 27th of March, I'll be heading over to the AFK Tavern around 7pm to celebrate my birthday. Come along if you like. I don't plan to make a reservation for the day as I have no idea if anyone will be coming, given it's mid-week, but I'd love to see you if you want to come by.

My creaky parts continue on their usual creaky way. Some grocery shopping was done last night, including both rhubarb and some frozen peaches, so I am contemplating a couple of cobblers in the coming weeks. Brianna might have a line on a place to move to come mid-month, and we'll see how that goes.

Along with everything else, sleep is still for the weak.
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I went with [ profile] gra_is_stor to a friend's birthday party this evening. Her band actually played a seven-song set, though they are obviously still in the "we are practicing this material" stage. They sounded pretty good when the mix was right. There were some mic issues early on, but generally got solved, except for that one bit where the drummer got slightly over-enthusiastic. ;)

At the party I ran into a couple of local Pagans I had met previously at the Everett Druid meetup, and whom I've gamed with a few times before over at the AFK, though I hadn't seen them recently. They said we should get together and catch up on stuff. I said if they couldn't make it on a Friday, they could try coming by on a Tuesday evening when I'm at the steampunk meetup. There was some contemplation of that possibility. I would say that the world gets smaller every day, but given that the party was at a Pagan household in Marysville, it wasn't to hard to imagine that other local Pagans might show up.

Before the band's set they were doing some practice stuff, and I messed about with the djembe for a song or so. That was all my hands could take, sadly. I spent the rest of the party working on my arms and hands (which is kind of hard, because anything you do to one arm makes the other one act up). There was some effort to get me to sign up as their second percussionist so they had him free for guitar and stuff, but I knew I would never be able to handle that kind of stress on my arms and hands agin. Eventually I just hurt too much and had to hop in the car and come home. We'd gone separately because I had things to do here, and I wasn't up to hanging out during a lengthy rehearsal. I'd also figured that I was likely to want to leave earlier than she did.

Upon returning home, I messed around online for a bit. Right at the point where I was going to get up and make the rhubarb cobbler, [ profile] gra_is_stor got back, so she got cobbler right out of the oven, just cooled off enough to be edible. It was very tasty and the remainder is now in the fridge awaiting later consumption.

Tomorrow [ profile] alfrecht will be here about 9am before we go out to the Shinto shrine, then I have the Sisterhood of Avalon online chat at 2pm. I'm rather looking forward to it; I haven't had a chance to do anything like this in a while. (And no, that fiasco with the podcast does NOT count. Obnoxously drunk hosts were obnoxiously drunk. There is very little more annoying than Pagan podcasters attempting to be shock jocks. Feh.)

And now I'm going to contemplate something proteinous for dinner after having already had dessert.
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I had a lovely time at the AFK for my birthday tonight. About a dozen people showed up, including folks I didn't know who were friends of friends, and who happened to know other friends without knowing they were also going to be there. It's a very very small world in my corner of the universe. Pagans, fandom, politics, geekery, and steampunk all overlap in the most twisted yet fabulous ways. I do love my life, even when I feel like warmed over crap.

Today [ profile] gra_is_stor and I took down the old blinds from the lanai sliding door and installed a roll-down shade. It took about an hour more than was advertised on the package, but the job was slightly complicated by the fact that I wanted to retain the little box around the top from the old blinds so as to cover the top of the shade, and so that I wouldn't have to worry about where to hang the speaker wires that run from the TV on one side of the room to the wall on the other. I've got surround-sound speakers installed, and even though I don't use the TV very often, it's nice to have the option when I'm watching a DVD. Not having to tear down the wires was a happy convenience.

The reservation for my B&B in Penrith was made today. I'm just waiting for the confirmation; I've made the arrangements and made sure that their breakfast included things that I would be able to eat. They were very kind about the whole thing, considering the weirdness of some of my reactions to food that most people don't think of as allergens (allergy to apples means that fruit-juice sweetened juice is usually completely undrinkable for me, for instance).

Today's post brought my hiking poles from the REI Outlet. They were already over 40% off, and I got an additional 20% with my membership discount, so they were really inexpensive for what I got. I'm quite pleased, and they also collapse down small enough to fit into the duffel that I'm taking my camping gear in. I'm really pleased with the additions to my camping gear this year. It should make things a lot lighter and easier on me, even when I'm car camping, which I do at least once a year, and sometimes two or three times.

Despite the fibromyalgia and the fact that I hurt a lot most of the time, I really do still very much enjoy just getting outside and being away from the city for a while. It's good to get out into the woods or off by the water to let go of the stresses and reach more deeply into my relationship with the planet.

I wasn't able to get over to the hardware store to pick up bits for the dremel today, so I wasn't able to finish up the ogam set, but I'll do that tomorrow because [ profile] gra_is_stor needs to get back into Seattle early before Irish class, and her roommate is coming back from Mexico tomorrow, so she has a lot of stuff to do. I should be able to get my act together enough to finish up the ogam set before I head down for Irish class and then the queer Pagan meetup at Cafe Vita afterwards. It'll be nice to catch up with some of that crew I haven't seen in a while.

And now, crawling off to bed. Later y'all!
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I'm still pretty wiped out, my arms hurt, and I wasn't up to driving to Seattle this evening. I had things to do here and still do, though I actually managed to get a couple of things shifted on the list.

I put together a file of the suggested books and some music for the pilgrimage and dropped it into a Googledoc from the others to comment on. I scribbled some notes with questions and such in the Grid Of Things To Do, and I resolved an email of stuff to deal with for the March 18th podcast I'm supposed to take part in. The podcast is one I'll be doing text chat for, given my dislike (read phobia) of phones and dealing with that sort of thing. I tend to prefer having a little time to thing about things, which typing gives me and talking doesn't, among other reasons for wanting to do things that way.

Plans last night were made for going with the Everett steampunks to a steampunked version of Pirates of Penzance at the end of the month at the Village Theatre in Everett. Should be fun. Tickets are relatively inexpensive, and there's a discount for groups of, I think, 10 or more, so we should qualify for that.

I got an email today from a guy in Dublin noting that Damien McManus's A Guide to Ogam is apparently back in print and available for €10 from the university there. He was going to check into it and let me know the details on it, so if you're interested in getting a copy, they may be available again, and for not that much money. We'll see what happens.

My upcoming (51st) birthday is on a Tuesday (the 27th), so I'll be hanging out at the AFK again this year, with my steampunk social friends and, I hope, with some of my non-steampunk friends as well. Nobody has to bring anything, but your presence would be delightful. If you really want to get me something, don't get me something, just send a donation toward the pilgrimage instead, because I'll happily be able to apply that to things like paying for my ferry tickets to and from the Isle of Man, eating, and dealing with other transportation costs once the Ireland part of the trip is through.

Tomorrow is a VA appointment. I have to deal with laundry here at some point. I doubt I will be up late enough to do a load tonight. I've been too tired to actually stay up to my usual hour.

Too many things.
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I headed over to the AFK about 5:30 with my brother and [ profile] alfrecht in tow. It was pretty quiet, as one might expect for a pub on a Sunday afternoon, which just meant that we would have lots of room for my friends when they showed up. I want to thank everyone who did come, even if I didn't get to spend much time with you. 28 people showed up, and we had three tables and two of the booths at one point. I saw several people I hadn't seen in ages, which was truly a delight. It was a confluence of Pagans, gamer geeks, kinksters, and steampunks (with considerable overlap) that involved fun conversations, much good cheer, and even a few prezzies! Networking was done, steampunkery plotted, Zombie Dice played, and further meetings arranged. I now have dinner, a hot tub, and a date arranged (though not with the same people).

We were there from about 6pm until about 9:30, when people started heading off to deal with the fact they had to drive far away, or to work the next morning. I think it's probably one of the best birthdays I've had, and my only regret was that several local folks who had wanted to come weren't feeling up to getting out today.

I am now in possession of Munchkin Cthulhu and will be inflicting it on my gaming friends soon. You have been warned.

Thank you everyone! You are all rockstars!
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Today saw the last editing run on the statement just previously posted. I talked with [ profile] activegnome about it at AFK this evening and got another stamp of approval with a request for permission to pass it to all and sundry, which I happily granted. I hope people will spread it far and wide, and that it makes at least some difference in the community and the dialogue that arose regarding the gender fu incident. It's so much broader than just what happened at PantheaCon this year. I'm conscious of the fact that I have at least some small influence in the broader Pagan communities, even if it's only by virtue of having been around since 1984 and knowing a lot of people. I try to use my powers for good when I can.

My brother was refused unemployment today because he doesn't have his most recent DD-214. He's feeling angry and frustrated and I wish I could help in some way. He's going down to McChord tomorrow to talk to people about access to a particular Air Force computer system (I'm a little fuzzy on the details but I'm under the impression it has something to do with a jobs database), and will talk to personnel about getting the DD-214. I'm hoping they'll be able to get him a copy without having to wait for weeks for it. It would probably ease his frustration some to be able to at least have a little income until he manages to find work.

Tomorrow I'll be seeing [ profile] alfrecht, who's coming down from Anacortes. He's spending some time tomorrow afternoon in Seattle with [ profile] sebastian_lvx and then coming up here to crash on the couch and hang with us until my birthday party on Sunday. It's looking like 20ish people or so will probably be coming over the course of the evening (party starts at 6), but one can never really be sure with these things. Thankfully, Sunday evening should be quiet at the AFK, and we shouldn't have trouble finding seats for everyone, even though I've only told them I had a dozen or so people coming. I explained that I had no way of knowing until people actually showed up.

And now, tired Erynn is tired. I'm going to try to get some sleep tonight, as yesterday I didn't get to bed until after 5am, and the DoDC+3 woke me up at 12:30, bouncing on me wanting to go out. He's already hauled off to bed, the little blighter. He never has problems sleeping for some reason.
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Today consisted of drafting my statement about gender, transgendered individuals, and inclusion in the Pagan communities. I've sent it off to a couple of people for comment and am hoping to have another friend look at it Thursday evening when I see her again. I got some good feedback from a friend in Edmonton about shifting bits around so that they were in a stronger order, which I greatly appreciated. I anticipate being able to post the statement this Friday, here and over on my FB page.

The statement itself is only about a page long, but any good statement shouldn't be more than that if it's going to be concise and succinct.

My flamekeeping shift started this evening and the altar is lit.

Aside from that, meds from the VA arrived that are supposed to be for preventing migraines. I'll start on them tomorrow and we'll see what happens. This, I think, is another one of those blood pressure things, though a different sort than the last one I was on. I'm hoping it won't knock me flat on my ass. I tend to be hypersensitive to a lot of different meds, so every new one is an adventure.

In looking over The Year in Ireland and The Silver Bough, I decided that there really wasn't a short section that offered an overview of the seasonal holidays that would be useful. I sent off a link to the Tairis blog basic page on holidays in Scotland and will suggest that the two books above be added to the suggested reading list. What I have come up with for the class reading, though, is a short section on Celtic calendrical customs by Kevin Danaher from The Celtic Consciousness. If we leave out the pages and pages of photos that aren't really relevant to the text, it comes in at about 15 pages including the footnotes, which seems reasonable for scanning and uploading to the files section of the Puget Sound CR list.

Tomorrow is the business meeting for the schmooze. Thursday I'll be seeing [ profile] activegnome at the AFK. Sunday is my birthday party. I hope I'll see a bunch of you there!
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I've been doing enough better today to actually get a couple of loads of laundry done, in addition to snarking about the Pagan Scholars list whatsit. Tired, yes, but at least functional again.

I sent off photos and a description of what happened last month when the construction company rattled my apartment enough to send a mounted decorative paving stone crashing down onto my altar, which broke not just the paving stone, but my Brigid statue. I've only asked for them to send me a check to replace the statue, not the paving stone. I have my suspicions, however, that they are going to try to tell me "you should just glue the hand back on." Perhaps, however, they won't be that way. It could happen.

In addition to feeling up to doing a little work around the house, I also popped out for a couple of hours to the AFK to hang with some friends. It was Pirate Night, and the place was wall to wall. They had a DJ spinning nautical songs, piratical tunes, and sea chanties, which was fun. There was also some young sprout's 21st birthday in progress tonight. I'm pretty sure that my birthday, taking place on a Sunday, is not going have to compete with standing room only pirates, though I will admit that might be fun.

World politics once again has me gritting my teeth. I'm pretty sure that by this time next week, the US will have its fingers dug into Libya, as if we didn't have enough trouble with Afghanistan and the troops that remain in Iraq despite the "end" of the war there. Things continue hotting up over there, with no-fly zones, bombings, and UN sanctions. Really, if we just got the hell out of the wars we're in, we wouldn't have a trashed economy and a horrendous deficit. Funny how the military sucks up billions of dollars we could be using elsewhere.

Japan and the region continue to be rocked by earthquakes after the big one last week. For those who are interested and have not yet contributed anything, a specifically Pagan effort is being run through Doctors Without Borders via Peter Dybing, CoG First Officer's fundraiser. I sent along a few dollars and hope that if you are able, you can as well. Getting funds into disaster areas that are unattached to evangelization efforts is desperately important. The Wild Hunt today was talking about how various dominionist Christian groups are claiming that they prayed the earthquake into being so that they could cause conversions in Japan or, conversely, blaming Shinto for the earthquake and of course sending missionaries over there to trade food and medical aid for souls. Sickening bunch of vultures.
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Just a reminder for folks. I'm celebrating my 50th birthday on Sunday, March 27th at the AFK Tavern in Everett, from 6pm onward into the evening. AFK is the gamer geek tavern that opened in November. It's located at 1510 41st St in Everett, at Colby and 41st, next to the Ivar's. There's parking and geekery.

Please come join me!
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Garuda's oil got changed today, and the fuel injection system got cleaned out as well, so everything's set for the trip to PantheaCon later this month.

This evening I went to a class on teaching and presentation skills by [ profile] passionandsoul and had an absolutely fantastic time. I learned some really good stuff, including the fact that I'm actually doing pretty well with what I do as a presenter. The one concrit I got in the presentation section was that I was going too fast, but I already knew that was an issue for me, and the presentation that my partner and I did for the class seemed to be very well received (we each got a partner and a random topic to present on for two minutes). We lucked out in that it was a topic we both knew quite a bit about and were able to bring different perspectives to it, so as a tag team we did really well.

I got a chance to pick up a couple of [ profile] passionandsoul's books from him, and afterwards I took him over to the Grind, where he met some friends and I watched the dancers and a scene in progress. Overall, it was a wonderful, fun, and informative evening and I'm so glad I got the chance to do this.

On the physical side, I'm definitely aware that I'm not taking the tylenol now. I knew that it took the edge off a lot of the chronic pain, and am even more aware of that edge now. My hip was giving me more trouble than usual, even taking into account the cramps. I am definitely going to try calling and getting an appointment with the patient advocate at the VA tomorrow so that I can go down and discuss my issues next week.

BIRTHDAY NOTE: I'm holding my birthday celebration on Sunday, March 27th at the AFK in Everett, from about 6pm onward. Let me know if you'd like to come so that I have some idea of how many folks to expect. I hope that if you're in the area, you'll be able to attend! It's not every day I have a 50th birthday! I want my friends to be around to shove me into my second half-century with style!
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I called today and made an appointment to get Garuda's oil changed tomorrow afternoon, so that's no problem. Later in the evening, I'll be at [ profile] passionandsoul's class and then taking him over to the Grind.

Friday I may be having dinner at Kalia's with [ profile] ravenlaughing, if she responds with a yes.

Tonight I went over to the AFK and spent time with some of the steampunks, and bought a couple of books from Phil Foglio. It was a lovely evening. Before I headed over to the AFK, I dropped into a game shop at the Everett Mall and picked up a copy of Monty Python Fluxx, and we played that this evening. There was a good deal of laughing, as one might expect when Outrageous Accents are invoked. The wireless situation at AFK has shifted again -- wireless is once again available, with a daily posted password in the establishment. It was a sensible solution on all counts. Oh, and there's a new guy being trained as waitstaff who goes by Gir. He has a Gir tattoo on his leg. I am deeply amused.

My creakyparts are creaky. I started on the bc pills today and did not take any of the tylenol I would have. Needless to say, I am exceedingly creaky, headachy, crampy, and just plain fucking miserable. I didn't have time or energy for trying to get in touch with the patient rep at the VA, but I'll do that early next week sometime. I may be meeting [ profile] lakmiseiru for chai on Tuesday afternoon, so I'll try to get into the VA that day to talk to the rep. Consolidating things into one trip would be the easiest way to do it.

I got in touch with [ profile] mythworker, who said I don't absolutely have to be at the 9am PNC thing, though he's encouraging us to be there for the Q&A session. There will apparently be a meet & greet on Sunday during dinner which he says would be the best time for me to show up, so I'll definitely shoot for that and see if my brain is leaking out my ears or not for the 9am slot. I'll do my best to make it then, too, but I can't really promise.

Of more import regarding the AFK is the fact that I'm going to actually arrange to have my birthday party there on March 27th. I've already talked to Kayla and just need to get it onto the schedule with them formally. They'll do catering type stuff there, so that makes it a hell of a lot easier on me, not having to actually rent a venue. I know Everett is kind of out of the way for a lot of my friends, but with two month's notice, I figure people can make arrangements to get there that evening if they really want to show up and celebrate with me. I was pretty shocked when Kayla swore that she thought I wasn't a day over 30. I mean, seriously, and she wasn't just yanking my chain with that.

Anyway, watch this space for more info on the party. I'll offer more as details emerge.
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The snow was mostly gone when I woke up feeling awful at 10-ish this morning. All my joints felt like they wanted to explode, so I called and definitively cancelled my shrinkage appointment for the day and asked for a callback to reschedule. I went back to bed and got up at about 3pm and popped into the shower, whereupon I got called by my shrink and had to return the call when I was dry and dressed.

I did feel well enough to get down to Seattle this evening for the schmooze organizational meeting. We've decided we're all too fried to deal with Burns Night this year, got the readings for March together, and pulled together ritual stuff for Imbolc (scheduled for Jan 30th) and the Feast of Cú Chulainn (March 17th-ish). All in all, not a bad night's work. I need to head over to a crafts shop to get stuff for making Brigid's crosses.

I also need to get it together to reserve the space for my birthday in March.

Did an update with info for PantheaCon and the Mensa annual gathering on my FB page. We hates it we does, my precioussss.

Tomorrow I need to call the women's clinic and set up an appointment to see Nina again about the whole meds thing.
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I woke at some ludicrously early hour this morning (before 11 -- ludicrous by my standards) after having gone to bed at about 4am; I think I woke up because it was actually bright out today and my bedroom was all sunny for a change.

Anyway, tiredness pursued me through much of the day and I didn't make the banana bread I had hoped to, but I did get it together enough to go out to Stian's birthday party, and I got home about 20 minutes ago. I got a chance to talk with [ profile] purple_mark there, whom I hadn't actually seen in about 15 years. It was great to catch up to him, and he brought some of his home made chocolates and cordial. He brought triple cinnamon truffles and mole truffles (I had one of the moles), and the cordial was a victorian recipe blackberry spiced with clove and allspice that was just fantastic.

I also talked local Pagan history with [ profile] sebastian_lvx for quite some time. There were many deep and convoluted loops in that one. I had a great time at the party and headed home about 1am so that I could pill the dog. Tomorrow I have to head out to Bj and SJ's for gaming. Should be fun, and I'm looking forward to it. I have to remember to bring along the sour cream as my contribution toward tacos.

At the moment I'm vaguely headachey but I'm hoping that if I manage to get to bed shortly, I'll be feeling all right by the time I get to the Eastside tomorrow.

Mom, I'll try to remember to post that poem in the next couple of days.
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I had a fabulous time yesterday. It was such a wonderful day, from start to finish. I headed over to Olympia Spa for my free day of soaking and steaming. I love the hot tubs, but the best thing, to me, is the mugwort steam room. I always finish up with it and a mugwort rinse because it leaves me feeling fabulous. I will admit, though, that I've never been in the place when it's been so busy. Women everywhere, and the restaurant was full the entire time I was having lunch. I shared a table with another woman who was also waiting because they were so full. We didn't really talk -- she was busy texting the entire time, but that was okay. I was more focused on some notes from the mystification Thursday night and thinking about some poems I wanted to do.

After the spa, [ profile] alfrecht and I headed down to Seattle to pick up [ profile] wellbeing333 at the train. We snatched him off the sidewalk and went up to Travelers to sit for a bit and have a chai. I picked up my Laxmi by [ profile] aion131 and will be hanging that next to my little Ganesh shrine in my bedroom in the next day or so.

We stayed at Travelers until about 6pm then headed by Half Price to see [ profile] circularruins, who was working there that evening and couldn't come by for my birthday dinner. There was happy conversation and nattering. I picked up a copy of the Dudley Moore comedic version of "Hound of the Baskervilles" for cheap. We headed off for Kalia's and arrived in Greenwood about 7:30 to claim our table.

Folks filtered in one or two at a time, bearing gifts and hugs. I hadn't been expecting anything other than dinner with friends, so the prezzies -- from chocolate bars to things much larger -- came as a real surprise. The big excitement of the night was [ profile] wellbeing333's gift of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary -- my grandma Swehla had one of those when I was a kid and I loved it beyond all measure. This version comes with the CD for the computer and features random words and audio files for pronunciation. I had myself a bookgasm right there on the spot! *squeee!*

I was delighted with all the gifts I received -- thank you EVERYONE for your kindness and generosity -- I was just a little overwhelmed with the dictionary as it is a princely gift. *happy sigh* Wonderful conversation was had by all, and I had the chance to see several folks I haven't seen in a long time, most notably [ profile] sionheaney, who came up from Tacoma and whom I haven't seen in probably 10 years. I made him promise to come up with his partners to visit me in Everett so that we can hang out and I can feed them.

The folks who hadn't been to Kalia's before were very pleased with the food. I usually go to the one in Lynnwood (they're run by brothers), but Greenwood was much closer to most of my friends, especially the ones on the bus.

We stayed at Kalia's until the place closed down and they shooed us out -- they were very good to us, including giving us free dessert for my birthday. Service was a little slow, but we were a big group and they wanted to give us space for the party as well as the eating. They were very pleased that we'd made the reservation for later in the evening, as they were incredibly busy until about 15 minutes before we came in and that allowed them to deal with their usual dinner crowd and then turn their attention to us.

When we got home, I hooked [ profile] wellbeing333 up to my invisible wireless network and we all did some email checking. Afterwards we watched the Holmes comedy. WB was zonked by the time we got about halfway through. Three days on a train and being three hours out of his timezone will do that. He's off right now taking a walk about the lake.

[ profile] alfrecht has offered to get me season three of Venture Brothers if I'll take him over to Alderwood today, and [ profile] yiaya will be coming over later so we can all watch the next volume of Jai Hanuman. Tomorrow I'll be heading down to Seattle to see [ profile] tedgill at Cornish with Gamelan Pacifica at 4pm. He's got a comp ticket for me and I'm very much looking forward to seeing the gamelan with a modern musical performance.

Life, she is good. *purrs*
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Birthday party will be at Kalia's on Greenwood at 8pm. Restaurant is located on Greenwood near the corner of 85th. There is on-street parking and there is also parking behind the building in a lot at the bank.

[ profile] jb98 had to cancel and [ profile] golanv1 can't make it, but folks who are on the list as coming to the dinner are:

[ profile] alfrecht
[ profile] greenshadows and Andy
[ profile] ravenlaughing
[ profile] sionheaney and Tami
[ profile] wellbeing333
[ profile] sebastian_lvx
[ profile] yiaya
[ profile] phoenixw

Is there anyone else who'd like to come?
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Well, the physical was more or less okay. They're going to have me doing a similar GERD drug to the one that made me break out, but we've discussed it pretty thoroughly and I'm willing to take the chance to see if a slightly different formulation will work without making me allergic. They're giving me a 7 day supply and if that works we can go from there. If not, no great loss.

More health crap (girl bits) under the cut, along with other more pleasant stuff. )
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Took some sleep meds last night because I was feeling so creaky and am having the predictable groggy aftereffects. I may just go back to bed for a while. The rest of this week and next are busy beyond belief.

Tomorrow I have a student coming over to do some ogam work
Friday is a VA dental appointment
Saturday is ritual for Diva Sabina
Sunday I'm helping out at Steampunk U down in Seattle
Monday is the Queer Pagan meetup
Tuesday is my VA annual physical
Wednesday is my shrinkage
Thursday is (probably) Antinoan mystification for [ profile] sebastian_lvx
Friday is my birthday -- free spa visit, pick up [ profile] wellbeing333 at the train station and birthday dinner in Greenwood at Kalia's
nothing that Saturday, thank the Gods
Sunday is Gamelan Pacifica

I'm not sure where I'm squeezing in room to breathe, eat, and sleep in all that. Writing? That has to fit in there someplace as well. I have stuff that needs doing. Oh, and last night I wrote a poem for the Sabina agon on Saturday. I think I'll be going back to bed for a bit to see if that'll help the grogginess.
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I just called and set the reservations for 15 at 8pm on Friday the 27th for my birthday dinner. It's at Kalia Indian at 85th and Greenwood. See my previous post for the link to the restaurant! Can't wait to see everyone there!


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