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Today [ profile] gra_is_stor, [ profile] ingvisson, and Patrick came by; they were going to deal with G's bicycle, which has been stored in my garage. Patrick bought a bunch of books from me, and some cds and dvds, which all made me quite happy. I remembered that I still had a small stack of vinyl on a shelf, so I priced out that stuff, too. If you still have a turntable, maybe you'd be interested in that, as well.

I will be extending the book sale open house into Saturday the 22nd from about 2-7pm as well as Friday, because I know most folks work during the week, and a Saturday might be easier for people to come and browse things. Items range from pocket change (less than a dollar for poetry journals, pamphlets and such) to $250 for the 4-volume set of Katherine Briggs's Dictionary of British Folk-Tales.

My bicycle (cargo bike) is for sale, $500, includes lock, air pump, bike helmet, lights, and other gear. It's an awesome bike that I didn't get nearly enough use out of for various reasons. Tires will need to be pumped up and checked, and the chain cleaned and oiled again, but otherwise it's pretty much in new condition.

The weather was gorgeous today and I walked down to mail out a package for my mom. I had a scoop of mango yogurt at the Baskin-Robbins next to the mail place. I always feel like I'm listing a bit when I walk, but there's no alternative anymore. I'm considering giving up the cane and using hiking poles so that I won't feel like I have to lean all my weight on one side to keep from wavering around on the sidewalk. It's pretty weird to feel that way. [ profile] lakmiseiru, I know you understand about the hiking poles business. It does mean that carrying one of my backpacks is likely to be a much more common occurrence in coming days.

I've been checking rentals around Seattle and under $1000/month is possible if I'm not terribly picky (and at this point, I'm not, given I'm only looking for temp housing). I'm not sure what lease/month to month is like these days. Some places list leases (6 months to a year is common, though 3 or 6 months occasionally appears). I'll be looking for a month-to-month, though, when I leave Everett. A fair number of them do allow small dogs, which is encouraging. There are, in fact, places in Capitol Hill, Belltown, lower Queen Anne, and the U District that seem viable, but I can't look into them until I have someone dealing with rentals and a move-out date for the condo.

Sally asked if I'd heard from our property manager yet. I told her if I hadn't heard by the end of tomorrow, I'd email him again and get confirmation. That sounded to me like a go-ahead for renting the place, but I want to get it from the management, and I need to ask him about finding a property manager for the condo.

So much to do.
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Today I did my first full-on shopping trip on the bike. It was a round trip of about six and a half miles and four full cloth bags of groceries. Including all the wandering around in the store, it took about two hours. My legs are shaky and I'm sweaty and exhausted, but now I know I can do it with a full load on the bicycle. Most of the trip back is uphill, though the slope is very mild, but it's still a challenge with a full load -- especially given how badly out of shape I am.

Yesterday was the CR Schmooze Lughnassadh at [ profile] joyful_storm and [ profile] samildanach's place. We had eight people in attendance including our hosts and had a lovely dinner and a great time talking about everything from comics to where we want the group to go. It looks like we'll be increasing the meetings officially to monthly plus the four main holy days and the summer and winter solstices (for paying rent to Manannán and a winter werewolf-beheading theme mumming).

Apparently there are folks asking Robert at Edge about the group. I'll be putting together a flyer for it with info on the Puget Sound CR yahoogroup as well, so that folks will know the whens and wheres and how to get in touch with us. Folks didn't want to go to a twice a month schedule and I was fine with that -- we're all pretty busy most of the time and for some people (waves to [ profile] wire_mother) it's quite a haul across the water to get there. That said, I think the group is solidifying pretty well and we're getting a good feel for each other and some of our interests.

The DoDC+3 needs to get in for his vaccinations and I have to make arrangements to board him this weekend when [ profile] alfrecht and I head south to see [ profile] erl_queen and [ profile] sannion. And now I'm going to start something dinnerlike and curl up on the couch while my leg muscles twitch. Yay. Fun.
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Online maps are beginning to offer walking and biking routes as an alternative to driving. I am definitely starting to need these things and it seems like a lot of other folks are as well. It's great to see more and more demand for this, and to know that some organizations are working to accommodate this shift in our culture. It will help the shift, encouraging people to use methods other than cars to get around.

When I went into Everett today, I drove, but I was looking at the route (just under 6.5 miles) to see where I was going to run into losing a bike lane, where I'd have to ride on sidewalks, where there was no real shoulder to use so I'd have to ride on the road itself, and where I would have to be careful crossing freeway on and off ramps. It was a useful exercise and now I have a much better idea of where the ride will be safe and where it'll be dangerous for me.

I'm still looking at slightly shorter rides until I'm feeling confident enough to do six and a half miles each way, but once I'm feeling comfortable with the idea, it shouldn't be that bad. I'd like to encourage folks to email whatever online mapping service they use and request bicycle and pedestrian routes to help push this shift forward. The person you're helping might just be you!
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I feel like I've been running as fast as I can to stay where I am at the moment, though for the most part I've been having fun. My flamekeeping shift went well and I got a little fannish writing done, though nothing particularly important. I'm kind of working my way back into my writing along with spending less time at the computer and more time with a book in hand. This, I think, has helped me in feeling a little more peaceful. What else has Erynn been up to? )
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Went down to Fred Meyers today with my bicycle and picked up 1 cu ft (over 28 litres) of potting soil, a pot for the calla lilies that [ profile] yiaya gave me, and a few odds and ends. Talked to a couple of people who thought she was wonderful, including a guy who had built his own cargo racks and electric assist for his bike. He copied down the url for Xtracycle before I headed home. Rocinante handled well and the drivers were polite, even though we were in rush hour traffic on the main north-south road through the area off I-5.

I got home a bit winded and sweaty, but I'm still learning how to handle the gears on the minor hills here before I take her anywhere with more aggressively sloped terrain.

*is pleased*

First thing in July, a run to Central Market for groceries!
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[ profile] yiaya came by today to deliver a book that she'd picked up for me. She made some banana bread with an experimental recipe (turned out very well) and I made linguine with sauteed veggies for dinner. We watched Faust and hung out for a while talking. I've got laundry in and am waiting for the last load to stop spinning so I can put it in the dryer and maybe get to bed sometime before dawn. Late night rambles here. )
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Yes, boys and girls, I walked down to the bike shop today and picked up my bicycle for its maiden voyage! I still haven't decided on a name for it, but it was a lovely ride. After I got home I spent a couple of hours figuring out how to attach the necessary stuff to the machine, like the tire pump, front and rear lights, and the mount for the lock.

It's a beauty and rides like a charm. It's very comfortable, especially with the fact that I can sit upright on the bike, rather than leaning on the handlebars like I did when I had a ten speed as a kid. Let's hear it for easy on the fibromyalgiac arms! I was a little confused at first about changing gears -- things are really different than when I was a kid -- but it didn't take me all that long to realize that it wasn't the whole handlebar that turned for gear change, it was the little part up next to the brake handles that turns.

Next thing to do will be to plaster my lovely beast with stickers that can't be mis-identified and mark it so that if it gets stolen it can be proved that the bike is mine. Yay for dremels! I also want to get a decent map of Snohomish county bike lanes and such so that I can get from here to there with a little more safety than riding in the traffic lanes (which is what one is supposed to do rather than riding on the sidewalk, by the way). The cars go by pretty fast on 19th, but I didn't feel like I was in any particular danger riding in the bike lane in the direction of traffic. I kept an eye on oncoming stuff as I came up to intersections so that I wasn't going to get turned into by a right-turning car. Next time I'll have the little rear-view mirror attached to the helmet so I'll have an even better idea of what's going on behind me. I must say, I feel really good about the bike and it will absolutely haul a ton of stuff for shopping or camping.

Photos will follow sometime soon.

Yesterday [ profile] alfrecht and went down to Seattle. I had a really nasty migraine all day, but I'd pre-paid for tickets for Seachd and we were going to meet Shirley there at the venue, so we headed down for that. The movie was greatly enjoyed by all and I saw a couple of people in the theatre that I knew, including Seumas from Slighe nan Gaidheal.

Afterwards we went up to the Suzzallo to return a couple of books and pick some things up. By this time I was fading pretty badly, so rather than driving right home, we stopped for pho on the Ave. I felt better after having eaten, but crashed hard by about 10:30 last night and didn't get up until about 1pm this afternoon. I'm still feeling a little bit of a migraine hangover but am doing much better. [ profile] yiaya will be by in a while for dinner and Jan Svankmajer's Faust, which will probably creep [ profile] alfrecht out, as he didn't care for Alice either.
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Ah well.

Talked to my brother today. It looks like we're going to have to put off the trip to Italy until next May as things are still kind of sticky for him at the moment. Both his wife's car and his died in short order, so that's been a financial problem, and he's still not finding work outside of his reservist position, so he's not in any shape right now to be helping out with buying mom a plane ticket. I've talked to mom about it and we're both okay. I'd rather my brother be in a good position for us to come visit than for him to have to deal with both of us when he's not in any shape to do it.

On the other hand, it also gives me time to recover from the whole exploding laptop issue and get my own finances more in order, and it means I now don't have to worry about not knowing my autumn schedule until the trip was put together. I'll still be going to Arizona in November, absolutely, and this also means that I'll have time and money for some camping this year that I probably wouldn't have if I'd been going to Italy.

Visited with Bj today, who had spaced that I was coming over, but we talked and visited and had lunch together anyway. The bike shop called and said my bike was ready, but I'll still need to pick it up on Thursday because tomorrow I'll be down in Seattle for the showing of Seachd. Maybe by Thursday the weather will be a little better, too.

Lettuces and beets are both going strong with sproutyness. I'll have to thin the lettuce out soon, as the seeds are pretty tiny and got sown close together when i sprinkled them in the window box. The other plants, including the tiny tomatoes, are doing okay. The small tomatoes are going to take a while to get up to speed, but I'm not worried any more about them dying on me. We'll see how they go.

Now that the laptop issue is taken care of, I'm hoping that'll kick loose a little bit of writing energy. I'm wanting to start on some of the filidecht stuff soon. It's really time to get rolling beyond just the research and the bouncing outlines of DOOOM again.
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The chilly, overcast and rainy weather has had me all creaky lately. [ profile] yiaya came by last night and we had dinner and a Venture Brothers marathon where we watched all of season two.

My computer seems on the verge of collapsing, so rather than take any chances, I went out and bought a humongous disc drive so that I could back everything up. It's now a bootable drive and everything from this puter is on it, but the laptop itself is running very sluggishly and giving me trouble. I'm not sure how much longer it will last. I got it back in 2005, a PowerBook G4. It's lasted pretty well and I've already replaced the keyboard once. The current keyboard is acting up a bit as well, with keys not cooperating (including the E key), so I'm looking at whether I'm willing to spend another couple of hundred in replacing the keyboard again on a failing machine or just replacing the laptop entirely.

One thing I do need to do, though, is partition the backup drive. There's no reason to be erasing and re-writing the entire drive for something that's using less than a tenth of the memory onboard. Then I can use it to store things like all that music on my ipod that I don't have room for on my laptop. It'll then be available if the ipod has some sort of memory glitch and gets erased. Some of the cd's I don't have access to anymore, so along with the whole having to re-rip every cd I have, I would lose the stuff from the cd's I don't have any longer. Ugh. That's days worth of work and over 7,000 songs.

My bicycle has arrived at the bike shop and I'll be able to pick it up next Wednesday. I'm having them put a front fender on the bike if it didn't come with one already. I may have to ride in the rain, but that's no reason to get dirty water up my front from the front tire.

I ordered tickets for Seachd for the Wednesday matinee today. I doubt it will sell out, but it can't hurt to order in advance.

This evening I'll be heading down to Seattle for the Medieval Women's Choir fundraiser concert. I'm really looking forward to it. Maybe tomorrow will be a little warmer and I'll ache less.


As for the whole getting a new laptop thing, I doubt I'm going to be able to afford the MacAir, which is what I'd like -- light and thin and a hot little number. But I'll definitely be able to afford one of the less expensive Mac laptops, so that's what I'll be doing when I do get the new one together. The screen will, unfortunately, likely be smaller than the one I have, but I can live with that. I'm just not looking forward to another large expense so soon after I got the bicycle.

In other news, I have a Burning Man ticket for this year because of the volunteer hours I put in last summer, but if I'm going to Italy, I won't be going to BM. If anyone would like to purchase the ticket from me, please email me and let me know. We can talk details there. Money would go to my Italy trip account. I'm supposed to receive the ticket in the mail soon.


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