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I finished choosing readings today. That took several hours and dredging through several dozen books of poetry for thing on the themes that I wanted to explore. All this for three poems, today. My shoulders and back are a mess from all of it and I've just finished sipping a lovely gin & tonic (Hendricks, which is really my preferred gin these days) so I'm not hurting quite so badly.

In addition to all of this, I sent off the links and selections from the Dindshenechas and such to the list, broken down into each day's destinations and themes. It was a fairly hefty chunk of stuff, which is why I sent it in seven posts, so they could be dealt with one at a time when folks wanted to. I also sent them my essay from Mandragora with a link and a request for them to buy the paperback or the ebook edition if they liked the material, so I'm hoping that'll generate a few sales, at least.

[ profile] joyful_storm emailed asked if I wanted to go do some shopping for travel clothes (lightweight stuff that can be easily laundered in a sink and will dry quickly), so that's what I'll be doing for a few hours this weekend. I do need to get stuff that will be lightweight and manageable for my carryon bag.

The podiatry clinic finally called back and I've rescheduled an appointment for late August. I need to remember to get x-rays before I go in, but I'll have enough time when I get home to do that. I may just go in early next Wednesday before my shrinkage and deal with it then.

Tomorrow I'll be working on transcribing the poems I've chosen for the readings and putting them into a little booklet with the various meditations and writing exercises so that I'll have a reference and won't have to haul a stack of books with me when I'm traveling. I'm still hoping to hear back from Jhenah soon so that we can talk rituals and whatnot. I need to know what she will want/be able to do while we're over there so I know how much other stuff I need to work on.

Thanks to [ profile] blindwebster, I now have crash space in Sacramento before the festival. This means I won't be spending an extra night out at the campsite, where it's bloody cold at night. Not that I dislike camping or the company I'd be in, but I would like to at least enjoy one nice, warm night in California before I freeze my buns off in a tent. It'll be nice to visit with her, as well, as I only ever get to see her briefly at PantheaCon every year, if our paths happen to cross.

I appreciate everyone's kind words and encouragement lately. I never feel like I'm going to do things right when it comes to a big, important presentation. I know I tend to feel overwhelmed when I'm planning for PantheaCon, and this is larger than that by a magnitude of a bunch, even counting that year when I did eight sessions/rituals/panels over the long weekend. This is a week solid of Erynn being on pretty much all the time. I'm worried about being up to it. I know for the most part I'll probably be okay, but I think everybody here has guessed that I want to dazzle folks and be the absolute best at what I'm doing, and that may well be where I fall down. *sigh* My expectations for myself are always about ten times higher than everyone else's.

And now, to curl up with some fic and try to rest my neck and shoulders a bit, for they are achey sumbitches.
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Today I headed down to Seattle to hang out with [ profile] meddevi at Travelers. I also got to hang out with [ profile] gra_is_stor, [ profile] nathan_fhtagn, [ profile] grx, and a bunch of other really awesome folks for a couple of hours. There was chai. There were moments of utter hilarity. There was epic wrongness in the form of badfic. [ profile] gra_is_stor was drawn to the dark side and now has a twitter account.

There are no words for how fabulously fun my afternoon was.

All I can say is, how did I get lucky enough to know so many wonderful, talented, brilliantly amazing people?
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Today got off to a rather slow start, but I went over to Edmonds to check out the Rick Steves travel store. After looking around, I made an appointment to talk to someone there for half an hour later this month about my trip this summer, so that I could figure out what would be the best way to get from place to place for the cheapest prices, find hostels where I don't have couches/spare beds to crash on, how to ship my camping gear back home, and deal with other issues that they no doubt have more expertise on than yours truly.

After this, I headed down to Seattle. I-5 south was a parking lot from about Lake Forest Park down all the way into Seattle. It took considerably longer to get there than I'd expected, but I wasn't in a hurry. I met [ profile] gra_is_stor at the Time Travelers Rummage Sale and said hi to a bunch of the local steampunks before popping out next door for some late lunch. Sadly, food wasn't edible for [ profile] gra_is_stor, even though they tried. What I had wasn't bad, but she couldn't eat any of it due to allergy issues. One of the dishes they brought out had soy in it -- soy sauce, which was not a thing I have ever encountered in Indian food before. Anyway, after that, we went back to her place, where she got food she could actually eat, and she did a little work on my shoulders/arms. My right arm is doing better though, sadly, my left arm is still pretty much a mess.

A little after 7pm, we headed down to the Tin Can Studio for the show with [ profile] meddevi and [ profile] nathan_fhtagn and his band. (Tonight they were called "Serious Bidness" for they are the Band of Ever-Changing Names.) The show was fantastic and fun, with lots of great dancing, gothy swotting about, writhing, candle ogling, and being vamped by hot butch babes. Well, okay, I got vamped by a hot butch babe. You do not hear me complaining. *happysigh*

The high point of the evening was when [ profile] nathan_fhtagn's mom did a tap-dance dance-off with belly-dancing [ profile] meddevi to Eye of the Tiger. Played on banjo. Surreality FTW! (This just edged out the hot butch babe vamping me, barely.) ;)

My life. It is an amazingly wonderful thing some days. I have such incredibly talented and fabulous friends.
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Today primarily consisted of dragging out books for prepping my Brigid and Sarasvati outline (the table is covered with them) and then going over to the AFK to hang out with friends and play Fluxx. We mixed five different decks together for a really massive overdone game. We got about halfway through the deck before someone actually won. We used Pirate, Zombie, Stoner, Space, and Martian Fluxx, which resulted in some truly bizarre moments, as you might imagine. At one point we had 13 rules cards on the table, which made things extremely complicated.

[ profile] gra_is_stor came up and joined us for a bit. We separated the cards back into their respective decks and played Pirate Fluxx for a round before we all split off for the night. I came home and put things together for a (non-organ-meat) haggis for tomorrow's Burns Night. She headed home to clean up, as her place is the location for the party tomorrow. The haggis is currently in the crock pot; I'd found a recipe that uses that rather than boiling it on the stove.

I spent a fair bit of time digging around in my piles of papers and notebooks for a particular notebook that I wanted to look at, then looking for Watkins How to Kill a Dragon with some hope that it will have a little of the information I'm looking for. This was almost the end result:

books for the Brigid & Sarasvati workshop
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As noted in my previous post, I did go out to Applebee's for lunch, as I had planned. I also dropped by the Brown Bear car wash in downtown Everett because Garuda desperately needed a bath and they were doing a free wash for vets today. That put me within a few blocks of the courthouse, where Occupy Everett is encamped, and I had to deal with turning around on the main road through town, so I swooped up past the courthouse instead of trying to turn on Broadway. I figured I could stop and see if anybody needed coffee or something and maybe I could bring them something hot, because it was windy and pouring down rain.

I found about half a dozen people attempting to set up a shelter, without a whole lot of organization. The guy who was trying to read the instructions wasn't too certain what was supposed to go where, so I pitched in and helped out, deciphering stuff and putting things together. Between the half dozen or so of us, we got it standing, and I left them with the shelter put together and a couple of guys securing it down with heavy ropes and wooden stakes to keep it from blowing away in the wind. I was wearing my wool winter coat which, while warm, is not exactly suited for wearing outside in the pouring rain for an hour. My leather gloves left black dye stains all over my hands that are going to take a couple of days to come out, despite my having scrubbed them several times already.

I was feeling a need for a little bit of the needful, so I dropped in to the AFK to have a jolt of Klingon blood wine (yes, they do have a drink called that) and a pot of tea to see if I could warm up a little and dry out before I headed back home. They had a tasty sounding special on the menu, and by the time I was done with the alcohol, I was hungry again, so I ordered food. When I was done eating and sipping most of that pot of tea, it was about 7pm, so I texted Gary to see if he was at the AFK, as he and a bunch of his friends are usually there of a Friday evening for some gaming. They were, in fact, there, so I went over and joined them until almost 9:30. My coat was still wet, but I was tired and chilly and damp, so I bid them adieu and headed home.

So that is why I did not just stay home today and get some rest. Maybe tomorrow, eh?

Also, by way of [ profile] heilan_coo and the Tairis blog, a link to Old Irish Wisdom Attributed to Aldfrith of Northumbria, an e-text of a book about Old Irish wisdom texts and their spread and influence.
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I didn't post yesterday, primarily because I was migraining pretty badly by the time I got home from Seattle. I crashed about 8pm and was in bed until about 12:30 today. The weather was gorgeous, though, and it was a fantastic day to be out, even though I hurt a lot.

Since [ profile] thewronghands was in town and had a few spare hours between one thing and another, I headed down to meet her. We got together at Elliott Bay Books, where we chatted until we were joined by [ profile] mimerki. There was more talk and sipping of cold beverages. I was asked about the writing group at the VA, given the issues I'd had last week, but I think most of it was resolved in a satisfactory manner this week, particularly given that almost everyone read or at least discussed the topic and the reading the others did. This week's word? "Betrayal." That's gonna be interesting to write about without diving right down into trauma, let me tell you.

[ profile] thewronghands noted that she wanted something to nibble on before she headed off for a martial arts thing, so I suggested Ballet, just around the corner. She noted that she didn't want to split the party, as [ profile] varina8 was supposed to be joining us as well, but she had been the person who first took me to Ballet, so she was called and notified of the change of venue.

She arrived at Ballet before we actually ordered, so we had a wonderful time talking about travel and adventure and all the exciting adventurey things those other three women get up to. I always feel like a do-nothing wimp in comparison. Mountain climbing ninja women into parkour, marathons, and backpacking are seriously badass, I must say.

I noted that I was heading down to California in June for Eight Winds. I also talked about my last trip down in February, with all the snow through the Siskiyous and the trucks and whatnot. White knuckled driving of the finest variety. Apparently, I'm told that Seattle to Redding is a pretty impressive day's drive. [ profile] varina8 used to work in the Siskiyou mountains and the passes down there and told even more impressive stories of driving off the main highway. It was at this point that [ profile] thewronghands said "I feel like the least badass person at this table."

Given that these were words I thought I would never hear uttered by anyone when I was one of the people at said table (particularly by [ profile] thewronghands, who carries badassery to cosmic levels), I was both bemused and amused by the whole thing. I can't say that I've ever felt particularly badass about anything in my life, so to have somebody I admire that much say so felt a bit surreal. Good, but still surreal.

By the time I got home, I felt like my left eye was about to explode, so I never did get to the Wednesday Everett steampunk meetup. Bed was a much better idea. Today? Not nearly so sunny and warm (it was nearly 60 here when I left yesterday; today it's a whole 47 out), at least I'm not feeling like my head is radioactive. There will be Venture Brothers. And writing.


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