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Yeah, sidereal astrology has been around for ages. The Hindus use it. Western astrology isn't based on the same principles, so your sun sign hasn't changed. Really. Even the ancient Greeks knew about this stuff. None of this is in the least bit new.

And here's a brief news bit from KING 5 in Seattle featuring Robert from Edge of the Circle talking about the whole thing. Be warned, there's an annoying 15 second commercial at the beginning of the vid, but you can turn the sound off.

Late this evening, my next door neighbor (not Sally who watches Chris for me) dropped by and asked if I had a card she could borrow. Her friend's son accidentally locked them all out when they went for a smoke about 10:30. I loaned her an old Trader Joe's gift card so she could slip the lock on her door. I was amused. That was my excitement for the day.

Oh, Rob

Dec. 1st, 2009 01:43 pm
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The Breznyscope for today:

When Carolee Schneeman was a kid, her extravagant adoration of nature earned her the nickname "mad pantheist." Later, during her career as a visual artist, she described her relationship with the world this way: "I assume the senses crave sources of maximum information, that the eye benefits by exercise, stretch, and expansion towards materials of complexity and substance." I hope that you're attracted to that perspective right now, Aries. To be in most productive alignment with the cosmic rhythms, you should be in a state of nearly ecstatic openness, hungry to be stretched -- like a mad pantheist.

That's clearly what I need to get writing on the geilt article.
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I'll be joining the Neos Alexandria folks shortly for an IRC chat as I was asked to come talk about my Wep Ronpet poem. That should be fun.

I've got a paper in progress for [ profile] lupabitch's animism anthology, about 500-ish words so far. Shouldn't be too much longer before I have a useful draft to send in.

Still processing a bunch of stuff from the CR Schmooze discussions, but it's all in a good way at the moment.

Yesterday I spent several hours working through the Celtic section in Victim of the Muses and getting some good material toward the geilt book. After that I had dinner with [ profile] elvenstarstudio and showed him some of the basics about LJ. It was a very ground up discussion and we'll be doing several more sessions to help him figure out how best to use it for calling attention to his astrological work. For those who don't know, this is the guy I was studying hermetic astrology with, and he truly knows his stuff, so if you are at all interested in astrology (especially an entirely different approach to western astrological theory and practice), please do go check out his material. It'll be well worth your time.

I also gave him contact info for [ profile] teriel and the writer's guidelines for Megalithica, considering that he's written a number of books before and has about 90% of the material for a kick-ass book on numerology already done from his ill-fated bout with Dummies press. He views numerology as the king of occult sciences. Dummies wanted something teenage girls could giggle over at a slumber party. Obviously, this was not going to work very well. At any rate, he's left with most of a completed manuscript and no current place to shop it.

I'm contemplating an Imbas blog entry on three realms and ritual after a short conversation with [ profile] lwood. Should be interesting.
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I'm enough ahead of the game with my astrology class right now that I've finished up the interpretations of the ascendant and so I won't be back at class until September, after I get back from Burning Man. However, the Monday after I return we'll be doing the Ascendant pathworking, so I'm hoping my brain is sufficiently back in my body and that I'm rested up enough after a couple of days of being home to do that much heavy-duty magical work right away. Astrobabble )
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Garuda is still in the shop, but they're paying for a free rental car for me. In the midst of doing all the other maintenance they found that the right front strut is leaking, so I'm having them replace the front struts as well. I'm getting four tires, front struts, rear brakes, alignment, a squeaky belt replaced, and the 60,000 mile maintenance, all for under a thousand dollars. Not bad, really.

Hauled [ profile] alfrecht out to the airport last night in the rented Ford. I really dislike the Ford a lot, but he headed out safely and is most likely happily ensconced in Bonn now. Mom called a while ago and we talked for a bit. I taught a class on insular celtic symbols of wisdom last night in Second Life.

All in all, I've been busy and I'm rather tired, but I'm considering going camping sometime in the next couple of weeks. Monday is a pathworking in the astrology class. That should be interesting. I just want to get out and camp for a bit on Rainier soon though.

I know this is all kind of scrambled and incoherent, but as I said, I've been tired the past few days. I need to sit and do some reading as I work toward prep for the filidecht book too.

Time for more tea.
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I took a slightly different approach today and started a new section on ogam and divination. I did pretty well, as I have about three and a half new pages today. I talked about the basics of divination, why "yes/no" questions aren't a good idea, and how "and", "or" and "but" are words of power in divination and in life. I talked a little about word choice in phrasing questions, and about how it's best to learn basic keywords and concepts before trotting off into the divinatory thicket, much like learning the alphabet or the notes of a scale before attempting complex compositions is necessary. I discussed preparatory ritual and why it's important, even if the form isn't complex, in that it sets you apart from your mundane life and activities and helps settle you into a somewhat altered state where answers can be easier to find, and where contact with deity and spirit become easier.

more stuff here )
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In keeping with my post from a few days ago, I've spent some time pondering planetary associations with particular ogam feda. This post is meant to be experimental, and by no means the be-all and end-all of the subject. I'd encourage anyone who's interested to play with it, and if you're willing, to share your thoughts and experiences with any planetary-based magical workings that might come out of playing with this.

Neldoracht! )
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This isn't at all about an attempt to create a Celtic astrology, but more along the lines of looking at the ogam through a somewhat astrological lens. Tonight's class was on Chiron, which is a planet/asteroid/centaur that epitomizes the image of the wounded healer. In our discussions of this body, I realized that it has an exact parallel in nGétal, which derives from and/or is related to words meaning "a healing charm" and "a wound". It got me to thinking about the possibility that other ogams might have planetary correlations as well. Ruis comes to mind as being very Martial in its associations with redness, passion and anger.

This is probably something I'll address in my ogam book in the section dealing with meanings and interpretations of each fid. I'll obviously need to develop the idea more, but in combination with some of the realizations I had in my work at the coast last week, I know I'll be expanding those sections more than a bit, which should please [ profile] teriel muchly. We'll discuss this later this week when I see you, I'm sure.
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I'm currently working my way through Choice Centered Astrology: The Basics by Gail Fairfield. Gail has also authored Choice Centered Tarot, one of the books I recommend most highly for Tarot beginners.

Read about it here. )
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My wrist has been giving me a bit of trouble lately, enough that I've been having to wear a wrist brace when I drive. I know it's been from too much typing, but that's really not so unusual for me. I'd love to be able to do the free kayaking on Wednesdays at Lake Washington, but until the wrist calms down, that's not really likely, as the paddling would be difficult and painful.

Rather more rambling on life, the universe and everything under here. )


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