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Today Mandragora arrived in the mail. I was, as one might imagine, utterly jazzed by the whole idea.

Erynn & Geordie with Mandragora

Here's me and Geordie at Travelers, waving the book with our stuff in it. We are happy. Sooooo happy.

Erynn & Caera at Travelers

And here's me and [ profile] gra_is_stor at Travelers. She's happy, too.

But my deep, dark secret?

This is who actually writes the books...

The one who really writes the books

The day was gloriously sunny and warm, and we spent a while having chai at Travelers. I showed Leon the book (he was duly impressed). When we wandered over to Edge, I showed it to everyone there, as well. It's kind of the thing one does, after all. The schmooze turned into a pretty good discussion of trees in Celtic lore, as well as a discussion of tree as cosmological center, the Jupiter Giant columns, and various and sundry sacred omphali. (I think that's the right pluralization.)

Tomorrow is dinner with [ profile] paganpaul, who's in town from the Netherlands. Wednesday I'm picking up Geordie when I'm in town for Irish class and he'll come back up for a day or two. Stuff and things require doing, and we still have a fair bit to talk about. Much of today was spent with both of us squeeing about The Book. As you do when you're an author with a brand new pretty.

I'm tired and hoping that I'll actually manage to get some sleep tonight. I didn't sleep well at all last night and I was pretty creaky when I got up this morning. I'm hoping there won't be a migraine in the offing tomorrow, given how I felt for part of today.

When I have the Brigid and flamekeeping book together, I'm seriously thinking of approaching Scarlet Imprint to do the publication. I don't know if it's quite up their usual alley, but one never knows. They're already publishing my stuff, and some of the book will be ritual work, while much of the rest will be essays and other material about Brigid, about flamekeeping, probably about poetry, and about the whole complex of things from a CR perspective, or at least from my CR perspective (which is about all I can say about anything I write these days). Given that they're also doing paperback editions these days, it wouldn't price the book out of everyone's reach, and I'd love to have a gorgeous edition for the altar of the sort that they tend to produce.

Anyway, that's a concern for when the book is actually written.


May. 14th, 2012 12:03 am
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A fair few of the folks who said they'd be along today canceled, but it was (a) Mother's Day and (b) gorgeously sunny and warm out today, so I was not at all surprised. I did have several people, though, and a wonderful time was had by all.

Geordie got here around 11 or so, and we hung out for a bit and then went for a walk around the lake to catch up on stuff. He's spent a fair bit of the day pawing through my library making notes for his herbalism class coming up next weekend. Tomorrow he'll be asking [ profile] gra_is_stor for Gaelic pronunciation for some of the stuff in the Carmina Gadelica, which he also wants to use.

Folks started arriving about 4pm, and at 5 we started the movies. First up was The Call of Cthulhu, which I've seen several times, as had a couple of the folks in attendance. New to all of us was The Whisperer in Darkness, which was a fabulous 30s noir horror with a wonderfully creepy twist ending. The whole thing was really well done and I would highly recommend it for anyone who has seen the first movie and enjoyed it. You will not go amiss!

Most everyone bailed after the movies, but Brianna stayed and had dinner with me, [ profile] gra_is_stor and Geordie. I made some curried lentils on basmati rice that turned out very well. We finished up the rhubarb cobbler for dessert. Upon finishing up dinner, we watched The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra before Brianna headed home.

We're currently winding down for the night. I'll try to get to some of the comments in the last few days of my LJ tomorrow before we all head down to Seattle. The schmooze is tomorrow, and Geordie will be coming down with us. He'll be staying in Seattle but will probably be up here at least once more before his class next weekend.

Geordie says he looks forward to "another action-packed day filled with adventure and colluding," so I'm sure we'll have a lovely time tomorrow.
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The tech came over. It took him about half an hour to fix things, but fix them he did. Everything is working as it ought, now. The slowdown for speed is in the wireless router, which promises a lot more speed than it's delivering. I know there's some loss between the ethernet and the router broadcast, but the tech said it's only getting about half what it should be. I'll have to talk to the Cisco people about that and find out why their equipment is performing at such a substandard rate.

Anyway, that's dealt with.

While the tech was here, I spent time digging around in my files from 2008-present for the proper paperwork. I found the social security stuff but didn't find the annual notices about the amount of the VA compensation. I'll go down to the county offices first and see if I actually need those documents, given that they don't count that income for tax exemption purposes. I may actually be able to file with the documents I have, but it can't hurt to check into it. I don't think I have all the various documents showing what I paid in taxes for every year, but the county should keep records, and the clerk in the office should at least be able to tell me where I can get copies.

I was feeling rather better today, in addition to having the email working again, so I went over to the AFK for a bit to hang out with Gary and Melody and Bill. G&M will probably come over on the 13th for the Lovecraft movies, so that's probably about the limit of how many people my place can hold. We shall see what we shall see. The AFK was packed, given it was Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You, and Revenge of the Fifth). There were a lot of cosplayers. Boba Fett was sitting at the table behind us, playing Jenga. It was epic win.

Tomorrow night, party with [ profile] gra_is_stor. You don't need to know anything more than that...
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Some of you might remember last year when I was thoroughly flaily about the restored Metropolis, with live music by the Alloy Orchestra.

Guess what?

They're back.

Tonight through Saturday, Metropolis is playing at the Cinerama as part of the SIFF Science Fiction Film Festival and if you like silent film performed with live music, you MUST see this. I swear, it is the most amazing performance of Metropolis ever. Tickets are $30 but I promise you by all that's holy that it is worth every penny. I have two tickets and will be taking [ profile] gra_is_stor to the Saturday matinee at 12:30. (With any luck, we'll go to lunch afterwards.)

If you're in the Seattle area, if you love film, if you love live music, GO SEE THIS. You will not regret it.
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Today was a group day down at the VA; I ended up waking an hour earlier than my alarm was set for, despite having gone to bed after 3:30am. It was sunny when I got up but didn't, sadly, stay that way. Group was good, and I talked to someone at the VA who gave me a phone number for an office in Kansas where I can deal with the travel compensation issue I've been having -- they're taking a $6 co-pay out of my check almost every time I go down there and, rated at 100%, the travel office is apparently Not Supposed to Do That. The woman I talked to is another disabled vet (tons of disabled vets work at the VA, unsurprisingly) said that they would probably send me back compensation for what I'd not been paid, as well, which might be at least a couple of years' worth of visits. At six bucks a whack, that could potentially be a few hundred dollars. I don't know if it will happen before I leave for Europe, but if it does, that would be spectacular. That said, it has to start with a phone call, which is not at all my strong suit. I'm not looking forward to it, but I'll probably try to call tomorrow sometime before 4pm their time, which means I will likely still be trying to kick-start the brain.

It turned out that the friend who had offered to do some massage work on me had another commitment today, so it's likely to be next Thursday before I get any work done, but that's certainly way better than not having it on offer at all. I'll be looking forward to getting pummeled.

The mail today brought the gift of a prototype for a larger féige find from [ profile] chronarchy. Here's a photo, with the other one and a quarter for scale comparison. It's quite nice work, and I was surprised and delighted to receive such a ritual tool.

Féige Find 2 - prototype for large size

Travelers was quiet this afternoon and I managed to finish reading Brigid of the Gael, take some notes, and get a little work done toward the incubation ritual for Ireland, so I felt pretty accomplished with the whole thing. It was tempting to consider going over to [ profile] gra_is_stor's place instead, but I really had to get things done today. She'll be up tomorrow night sometime, as she'll be having a game night at her place with some mutual friends, but I'll be spending tomorrow dealing with the Circle of Stones galley.

Bits of me are a little afraid to open the file and see what it looks like. This is the last opportunity to make any corrections or changes, though, before it goes to press, so it's important to actually get my anxiety under control and do it. I went over to Bartell's after I got home this evening to pick up a couple of ink cartridges for the printer, as I was out of black ink; if I think I need to print out the galley, I needed a fresh cartridge. At least that was done. I also picked up a knee brace. I haven't tried it on yet, but I will tomorrow.

In other news, [ profile] unwoman posted a short trailer for her documentary on steampunk music, Beautiful Fish: Unwoman Plays Cello for Steampunks. Aside from the fact that she is, quite simply, fucking amazing, there's also a bit where [ profile] gra_is_stor and I appear, dancing in the audience at her SteamCon show, so watch for us!

I was pretty tickled, even though I don't feel like I'm particularly photogenic. [ profile] gra_is_stor, however, is terribly hot and you should watch just to see her. ;) She's the dancer, I'm the awkward one.

So: tomorrow = working on Circle of Stones and more work on the incubation ritual to flesh out some ideas I had, provided I get through the galley with enough brain cells to work on something else.
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Today I headed down to Seattle to hang out with [ profile] meddevi at Travelers. I also got to hang out with [ profile] gra_is_stor, [ profile] nathan_fhtagn, [ profile] grx, and a bunch of other really awesome folks for a couple of hours. There was chai. There were moments of utter hilarity. There was epic wrongness in the form of badfic. [ profile] gra_is_stor was drawn to the dark side and now has a twitter account.

There are no words for how fabulously fun my afternoon was.

All I can say is, how did I get lucky enough to know so many wonderful, talented, brilliantly amazing people?
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I headed down to Seattle this afternoon, thanks to [ profile] mythworker and spent the day at FaerieCon West. I first popped in to see him interviewing Charles De Lint, which was a fun and interesting time. After that [ profile] gra_is_stor and I went for some dinner with him. We had run into [ profile] lupabitch and [ profile] unwoman down in the lower level vending area when we first arrived, and talked with them briefly before dashing off to see [ profile] mythworker.

After dinner ([ profile] lupabitch and one of her friends joined us toward the end of it before we headed downstairs again), we went down to the [ profile] unwoman and Abney Park show. The concert was pretty damned epic, and I saw the Idaho steampunks that I always see at the Abney Park show, and Kate, a local steampunk friend. After the show, we ran into Jeff who comes to the CR schmooze, and Butterfly, a dear old friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in ages. We grabbed something quick to drink with them (I was dry as bones and got a ginger ale) before we walked back up the hill to where I'd parked my car, by [ profile] gra_is_stor's place, as it's free up there. The walk's ten-ish blocks, with steep hills between, but I managed to stagger back up without falling apart. I'm considerably creaky right now, but still pretty wired, as I tend to be after a show where I've been dancing my butt off.

Here's a pic of [ profile] unwoman performing before Abney Park took the stage:


It was taken on my phone, so the quality's not that great, but I was glad I got something that wasn't completely blurred and useless.

Tomorrow I'll be going back down to see the steampunk panel, and there's another more fantasy/faerie themed concert tomorrow night as well that we will likely go to see.

Sunday didn't have anything on the program that I was too interested in seeing, so that will be my drop dead date for getting my Brigid and Sarasvati presentation together. Monday I can do a little more work on it if necessary, then it's the CR schmooze. M will be meeting us after the schmooze so that I can haul him up here to house/pupsit for me when we take off Tuesday morning.

Life, she is busy.
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Today was given over to the steampunk New Years recovery tea, and what a lovely tea it was! I took [ profile] gra_is_stor out to a very nice, roomy place in Snohomish replete with llamas, pwnies, and other various and sundry wildlife. And that was just outside the place...

There was quite a good crowd there, and some wonderful conversation was had by all. Tea and snackies occurred, along with a white elephant gift exchange, at which I got a very nice Chinese style teacup for loose leaf oolongs. I was also given a nice bag of jasmine green by someone who'd bought Way Too Much of the stuff and was never going to drink it before it died of exposure. I was happy to bring it home.

We met some lovely new people there, guests from Portland, who were the cousin and cousin's spouse of one of the local steampunks. Fantastic geekdom conversation was had by all. [ profile] gra_is_stor and I cuted at everyone again.

Once we got back here, I checked the email then sat her down in front of the TV for a shot of Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, which she'd not only never seen before, but never even heard of. I told her that they'd stolen a character from it and stuffed him in, almost unchanged, as a villain in The Tick animated series. Of course, Strangelove is also the source of a huge number of tropes in subsequent movies and TV shows, so it's always interesting to look at the effect it's had on American popular culture.

I noted on twitter that I was showing it to her, and got a variety of responses from some of my friends there. I had a conversation with one of my fandom friends, who said she'd been born in 86 and just didn't quite get the zeitgeist of the movie, having no experience with Cold War mentality. I told her I was extremely glad that was the case, but she certainly saw it for the brilliant farce it was. It's the sort of movie that, if you lived through the whole mess, is so dark you have to laugh so as not to go a little bit nuts with the memory of it all. It kind of speaks to my own nuclear nightmares, particularly given that, as a communications person, I was always worried that any of a certain particular class of messages I sent out frequently would end up being That Message, and the world as we knew it would end. It's a hard one.

After all that, I dived into a beta project for another fangirl friend of mine, which I'd promised to do but didn't do thoroughly enough the other day. She took it down and let me finish cleaning it up, so that she can re-post and it will look much better. I had done a really quick job and had missed an embarrassing number of things. I really hate it when that happens.

Anyway. Tea. Steampunks. Strangelove. Quite a day.
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My friend Kelsey is one of the grad students in biology at UW and the botany greenhouse has been babysitting a Sumatran corpse flower this week to await its blooming. Kelsey has been collecting the gasses emitted from the flower for analysis. It bloomed last night, and today the sib and I went over to visit her and check out this pretty much once in a lifetime opportunity. He was all over the idea -- we'd both heard of the things but never expected to be able to see one. The flowers bloom about once every three to six years. While we arrived after the greenhouse was formally closed to the public, she'd said she would let us in after hours and so she did. And here are two pictures of the flower! )
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I started out the day with a little laundry so I'd have something to wear when I headed for Seattle this afternoon and, when reading The Wild Hunt, I was absolutely thrilled to discover that Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance has announced a new album and a tour for next year! I have no idea what the dates are likely to be, or where the tour will take them, but if it's anywhere in the region, you can bet I'll be right there!

Once the necessities of the laundry situation were taken care of, I ambled down to Seattle to Liberty Bar, up on Capitol Hill, where I met a friend and had a drink or two and a sushi roll. We were joined by another friend and had a lovely few hours of conversation before I headed downtown.

By the time we got out of Liberty, it was starting to rain and by the time I got down to 2nd Avenue, it was coming down hard. Parking was a bit of a chore but I eventually found parking in a lot a block and a half away from the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theatre, where I caught the 8:30 show of Bullets and Dames, a noir-themed burlesque performance put together by my friend [ profile] fullcontactmuse. Half a dozen or so performers took the stage and I had a lovely time. Because I'd had a glass of wine there with a little bit of dinner, I didn't want to drive just yet, so I joined her and about half a dozen other people (not all performers) at the Night Kitchen afterwards, where we hung out and talked about life, the universe, and everything.

By the time I was ready to head home, it was just pouring down rain. I walked from 2nd and Stewart to 3rd and Bell, where I was parked, but it wasn't too awful. I got on the freeway at the Olive onramp -- there had been a recent accident on the freeway just before the onramp and all lanes of traffic were stopped behind us, so I managed to get onto I-5 and head home without actually getting into the snarl there. I think they were about to clear things and that the backup was emergency personnel crossing the highway to get everything out of the way so that traffic could start up again.

Aside from the rain, the traffic wasn't too bad. I got home in good time and with no mishaps. Tomorrow will be more laundry, as I only had time for one small load today. Later this week, I'll have to go look at paint and stuff with the sib. We've got the wax off the wall from where candles had dripped down over the time since I'd had the altar there -- not nearly as much as you might imagine, given that most of the candles I've used have been contained, so only a few tapers have melted down the back by accident.

I'm thinking about a green of some sort, but I don't want it to darken that corner of the room too much. I do, however, want to get a gloss rather than a flat paint, so that I can clean it next time -- I don't want to have to worry about all the candle smoke again for at least a while. The ceiling... well, that'll be a different story, but it's not something I'm going to worry about anytime soon. I can't really put the new altar space together until I get the painting done, so it'll be late this coming week before I have anything to show for it, but I'm pondering the whole setup.
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I got out to the concert down in Seattle, even though I hurt a lot. I got out of the house about 4pm, knowing that traffic would be bad, but I wanted to look for a book and catch something to eat before I went over to St James.

The drive took nearly 90 minutes in the rain. There were moments when it was fairly dangerous, with some places getting an accumulation of water that meant unnerving bits of hydroplaning, so everyone was going very slowly. I saw one accident where several cars were on the side with a cop and an ambulance and a car turned all the way around. Thankfully, none of it was sticking out into the highway.

I did find parking pretty quickly, over by Cal Andersen Park, and walked over to Elliott Bay Books. On my way, I encountered three of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence manifesting their way into the park on their way somewhere. It was a delightful thing to see, I must say.

At Elliott Bay, I was looking for Sharon Astyk's Depletion and Abundance: Life on the New Home Front, which came highly recommended by [ profile] brandywilliams. Although my life is pretty secure at the moment -- I have a place to live, a reliable income, health care, and access to food and more than I need in terms of pleasant things in life -- the world is changing in some pretty scary ways, from peak oil problems to climate shifts to perpetual warfare. I want to be able to deal with the changes as they come along, even if I have no intention of moving to some rural spot and taking up farming. There are things that can be done to change, and I've been doing some of them, including working on debt reduction and simplifying. New ideas, however, are always a good thing.

I looked for the book in the Environment section, where I expected to find it, but there was no sign of it there. I asked at the info desk and was told that they have a Self Sufficiency section, which was where I would find the volume in question. I read a bit of it while I had a little dinner at the cafe in the bookstore. Vegetarian chili, a slice of chocolate-hazelnut torte, and a cup of genmaicha were just the thing for a wet, chilly night. At the next table, some folks were playing Settlers of Catan, while several other tables were occupied by people writing, as one might expect in a bookstore cafe.

After dinner, I shuffled myself back through the park and to the car to hie myself to St James. I got in early enough to find very close parking, less than a block away. With my season ticket, I got a wonderful front-row seat for the concert. I talked briefly to [ profile] tedgill and [ profile] alexwilliams while we waited for the house to fill, and it was a full house tonight. Ted gave me a copy of Gamelan Pacifica's new cd, Lou Harrison's Scenes From Cavafy: Music for Gamelan. I haven't had a chance to listen yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to it. As we talked, I mentioned feeling creaky and Alex said I should wait until I was 63. I mentioned migraines, fibro, and the whole cramping to my toes thing and he admitted that, perhaps, I was already getting my dose. I said that I'd be 50 in March and both of them seemed quite shocked, despite the fact that they've known me for over 20 years. I found that slightly amusing and said that they had to come to my 50th birthday party. They agreed it would be a great thing to do.

The concert itself was, as usual, just lovely. The program was the music of Leonin, Perotin, and a few other compositions, one as late as the 15th century. All of it was French, in either Latin or French, and quite beautifully done. Before the concert began, I was sitting briefly next to one of the women from the choir. She said that she'd been downtown at Nordstrom's earlier with a flashmob of about 500 people performing the Halleluja Chorus from The Messiah this afternoon.

Here's the scene on youtube, recorded by one of the participants:

She said there were people on three floors of the store participating.

Tomorrow, Shinto.
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Online edition of Seattle Times has a brief article about SteamCon here.

The concert tonight thoroughly rocked. Bakelite 78, Ghoultown, and Abney Park. Ghoultown is a Texas band that can best be described as scowling zombie cowboy goth rock. They were fucking awesome with extra heaping helpings of doomsauce and doom sprinkles.

I'm tired and aching and will probably barely be able to walk tomorrow so I won't be heading down to the con despite the temptation of the Steampunk crossdressing panel. It's at 11am and it's 5am right now, so just no. I love the idea and was doing it myself Friday, but I can't stagger out of bed and down to SeaTac for the con tomorrow. I still have to rescue the DoDC+3 from the kennel tomorrow by 5pm.

My other awesomely epic part of the day was the Space 1889 game, wherein I played a big game hunter who was a member of a group of people attempting to make it to the Martian north pole before the Belgians did. Almost everybody died and it was fabulous and spiffing and just wonderful fun. There were many large explosions. In fact, we blew up a Belgian airship and destroyed their coal mining base, so although we hadn't intended to, we did in fact do immense service to Queen and Country, as it were. Huzzah. (kaboom)

Sadly, however, there was no one left to record our feat of heroism, so our names will not be preserved in the annals of history, but hey, we went out in a blaze of glory. Glorious glory. (doomsauce)

And now I really should attempt to get some sleep. I've been running on far too little of it recently. Don't expect any coherence from me for the next couple of days, okay?

Tea Club!

Oct. 3rd, 2010 01:56 am
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I picked up the mattress toppers today and [ profile] alfrecht and I headed down to Seattle. We grabbed some pho, popped into Half Price for a bit to browse and say hi to [ profile] circularruins, who was just about to dash out for his lunch break, then sauntered down to the Seattle Center for the last couple of hours of the Tea Festival today.

I had a lovely time. We got a chance to listen to James Norwood Pratt, who is one of the premier western tea experts, giving a talk titled "Who Wrote the Book of Tea," about the history of books about tea, beginning in (I believe) 7th century China. There is apparently only now a bilingual English and Chinese translation of the first Book of Tea that just came out very recently, which he showed off and talked about, as well as giving quite a tour of the history of tea itself, and how much we in the west just don't know about the plant, its culture, and its history. He was funny and quite charming and I picked up a copy of his book, which he very kindly inscribed for me. We talked with him for a bit, and I told him about the Shinto shrine, and how they are importing tea from Japan, so I said I'd pick up a packet or two when I went to the shrine tomorrow morning and would bring it to him after the ceremony.

After we finished up at the festival, we zipped back up the hill and grabbed a chai at Travelers, then wandered over to Edge of the Circle briefly, where we talked to Robert and Raven until it was time to head over to the theatre at Seattle Central for the Rites of Mercury.

The play was pretty good, though it really needed to be miked better; there were quite a number of places where it was nearly impossible to hear what was being sung. The violinist was excellent, though, and the staging was fun. There was a bit where the mage figure was dealing with the signs of the zodiac that seemed almost interminable, but the invocation of Thoth just gave me goosebumps. Seriously cool stuff and very effective.

I knew four of the folks who were in the performance and got to catch up with a couple of people I hadn't seen in a very long time. Afterwards, we went to the Horizon Oasis lodge for the reception, where I talked with several other folks and many of them were very excited to hear about my Brigid projects. We trotted down to the Night Kitchen with a couple of them ([ profile] foxipher and her partner), where I grabbed an elk burger for dinner and briefly saw [ profile] activegnome before we headed back north. I have to be up about 9am tomorrow in order to be ready to head out by about 10 so we can get to the shrine on time, or I would write more.

Overall, it was a fantastic day, and one well-spent. Good company, good food, good entertainment, and good tea! What more can anyone ask?
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It may be from a post on [ profile] steamfashion but it's more about something I had no idea existed. Most of us know John Muir as a naturalist, a writer, and one of the forces behind the national parks movement. He was also an incredible woodcarver and inventor. This piece is like a Rube Goldberg device or something out of Wallace and Gromit. It deserves a lot wider knowledge. How utterly fascinating and thoroughly fantastic in the best sense of the word.
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The posts are rare but hilarious. In this post, Chaucer takes on Twilight, here called "Vespers".

A quote, for the breaking of minds:

In this fyne book of sparklie vampyres, Bella Cygne moveth from Essex to Yorkshyre to lyve with her fathir, who ys a sheriff and escheator. At a scole ful of recentlie coyned stereotypes, she witnesseth the fayre skyn and fashion-sprede slow-mocioun hotenesse of the Cu Chulainn clan, the which have all eaten long ago of the magical Irisshe Salmon of Really Good Hair (oon byte of this magical salmon and ye shal have good hair for evir). Aftir Bella doth see the hottest of the clan, Edward, stop a wagon wyth hys bare handes, fight off twentie churles, and brood so much he did make Angel look lyk Mister Rogeres, she doth realise that the Cu Chulainns are vampyres. But they are good vampyres, who drinke wyne. Ther is considerablie moore sexual tensioun than in Piers Plowman.

Find it all here:

Yt ys to lauffe.
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I was a very good Professional Madwoman today. I went to see my shrink. I had chai at Travelers and did my astrology data input for Bj, then worked on my book -- shifted some things out of the chapter on basic divination and into a new file that will be a chapter on how to make a set of feda. Went to [ profile] thewronghands's going away party at B&O and saw lots of lovely, wonderful people there, including some new folks I hadn't met before. There was much talk of bad movies, alchemy, obscure occult jokes, The Tale of the Redneck Dildo, political nattering, Angelina Jolie's assets, how Wyoming fails at cell phones (and pretty much everything else except cowboys), and Tales of Creepy Stalkerdom.

I was gifted with a bag of peach gummy penguins by [ profile] thewronghands from her sojourn in Chicago. This? Wins.

And also, I made off with the Giant Brass Peacock of DOOOOM, which is the Apotheosis of cool mentioned in the subject line. I shall name it Charles. It lives next to the fireplace now, beneath my huge matted and framed poster of Sarasvati.

There shall be photos. You have been warned.

*rubs hands together gleefully*

Safe travel to my friends as they leave for Maryland, and thank you for a fabulous going away party. You shall be sorely missed. I'm holding you to that threat of visits later.


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