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I was walking home from the Safeway tonight when some dickwad came zipping into the parking lot of the apartments next to mine. He came up behind me while it was raining, so I didn't even hear him approach, and came within about 18 inches of me without even slowing down as I was walking across the driveway entrance. I was too stunned to do anything but gape as he just kept right on going. I have no idea if he even saw me, but I was under a fucking streetlight and on the sidewalk. Needless to say, I'm a little peeved, but okay.

That said, I set up my altar for a small Foundation Day ritual for Antinous.

Foundation Day altar

Earlier today I also posted the text with some source notes for my Samhain ritual up on the Searching for Imbas blog.

I had a headache today, so I didn't go down to the AFK as I'd hoped. It was easier to stay home for the evening. Next Tuesday will be the first Tuesday social at Picadilly Circus over in Snohomish and I do intend to make that one.
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I spent some time today dealing with the Brigid altar, as my flamekeeping shift is today. It's very bare-bones, but I put up the shelf and the new statue is on it, the flame lit on the table below. It already feels much better with the different statue; this one doesn't have a moon crown, for one thing, which always drove me crazy about the previous iteration.

Rambling about the talk. )
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The Sarasvati altar is almost back together now. I had to go out this evening to get a shelf for the Brigid statue -- redoing the space really necessitated it.

I went out to the AFK for the Everett steampunk meetup as well. I was there for about an hour with one person, and another pinged at about 8pm but we'd just left (I got the email when I got home about 45 minutes later, after my trip to the store). I said I'd likely be there next week and she sounded like she'd probably make it then.

Tomorrow I'm going over to the UW with [ profile] varushka to a presentation on women in the military in the afternoon and we'll possibly be joined by one of my CR friends from Tacoma who's also military (spouse). We'll probably do something inexpensively dinnery after the talk. Friday I don't have plans that I recall, but "recall" is the key word here. I may well have decided to do something and forgotten it. I know I need to get it together for the schmooze readings, so I'm going to try to do that along with setting up the Brigid altar Friday.

Saturday is the Medieval Women's Choir concert, 8pm at the Town Hall center at 8th and Seneca in Seattle. Now that I have a season ticket I should be able to get a decent seat for the show. Usually I have to sit back fairly far. I've performed in there and you can hear beautifully from most places in the venue except the stage. It should be a good concert.

Sunday it's [ profile] alfrecht's birthday and I'll be heading up to Anacortes with [ profile] joyful_storm and, possibly [ profile] sebastian_lvx and his boyfriend, if everyone gets it together to get here on the same bus.

And now, I'm going to try to get some sleep. Banish insomigrackles!
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It rained like crazy for a lot of the day today. Despite this the sib and I went out and got some paint chips to decide what color I wanted for the walls behind the altars. I found a nice sort-of-sagey sort-of-grassy green that works with the red by the fireplace and will look good behind the blue of the thangka of the Sarasvati altar as well. Once that was decided, we went down and I bought the paint and supplies. He says he'll be taking care of the painting tomorrow while I'm out at the VA writing group.

Aside from that, I disassembled altar stuff and moved things, but not much else got done. I will most likely be meeting [ profile] circularruins tomorrow afternoon at Travelers after group. We ran into him at Half Price on the Hill earlier this week and talked for a few minutes before he had to get back to work.

Sadly, I'm still not feeling particularly sleepy, though I'm tired. I made some red Thai curry this evening but it wasn't quite spicy enough. I'll probably need to add some more curry paste when I reheat it tomorrow.
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We went down to the VA today and found that the sib was already enrolled in the system from back in 1995, when he initially got out of the Air Force. That was the good news. The bad news is that they can't get him in for an appointment until early June, which isn't quite in time for what he needs. We're working on alternatives, and got some unexpected assistance today, so I'm hoping that all will be well.

After the VA stuff, we dropped by Travelers and had a chai. We just missed lunch and were two hours too early for dinner, but [ profile] sebastian_lvx came in on his way to work and we chatted for a bit, catching up with what's been happening lately.

Eventually we wandered up to a pho place (one I hadn't been to before -- it was okay) and then stopped in at Edge to say hi to everyone. I passed along the word to [ profile] golanv1 that the July schmooze was the second Monday of the month. Afterwards, we dropped in at Half Price and Greg was in, so I talked to him for a bit. I hadn't seen him in quite a while, since before PCon, I think. It was good to see him, however briefly. It looks like we might be able to get together at Travelers on Tuesday after my group, though, as he has next week off.

The Brigid statue arrived today and it's much nicer than the one I'd previously had. I've disassembled the entire altar and am currently cleaning and sorting through things to decide what I want to keep, how I want to arrange things, and what to do about all the candle smoke on the walls. It's probably going to come down to repainting the walls in that corner, so I'll buy enough paint to do that corner and the small walls with the clock and the Sarasvati altar in the kitchen as well. I'll be doing them in a cleanable latex rather than the flat stuff that is just impossible to clean that's on there now. We'll be going around and looking at color samples next week some time. The sib estimates half a gallon should do it, and that he'll be happy to do the painting and such for me. I'll need to get some primer, too. It'll be interesting to see how things work out.

When I got home, I had email from the writer in residence at Hugo House about suggestions for the group, and have made an appointment to go in and talk to her. She sounded pretty happy to be talking with me about it and will, I hope, have some useful stuff for us. I'll have an hour with her, so we shall see.

Tomorrow I'm up on the hill for the afternoon with a friend for a drink and maybe some sushi, then off to [ profile] fullcontactmuse for her burlesque at the Jewelbox at 8:30. Should be a nice, if somewhat full, day.


Jun. 1st, 2009 03:42 am
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I went today with [ profile] yiaya and [ profile] alfrecht down to Puyallup to see Amma. As usual, at least for me, it was a good if mixed bag of stuff. A bit of esoteric nattering under here. )
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Today is my Brigid shift and this evening [ profile] lwood will be coming into town for the Nordic knitting conference. It's brilliantly sunny at 43F. Most of the ice is melted except for the stuff in the entryway -- it's that damned north facing, where the sun literally never shines. I need to scatter some sand over it so that nobody will kill themselves on it later when it freezes up overnight again.

Yesterday I went down to hang out at Gathering Grove for a bit and picked up a book that [ profile] sebastian_lvx recommended. I also did some work on a song for the three fires (as defined by [ profile] alfrect of land spirits, ancestors, and deities) and the three realms using the tune for Tha mo run air a'ghille as the basis. The sèist is the three realms, then there are rannan for each of the fires. [ profile] alfrecht says he thinks it's still missing something, but I think with the chorus between each verse it should be amply long. It's just a draft at the moment, but we'll see how it goes. I'll be bringing it along to the schmooze, which we're rescheduling for next Monday because we missed it this past Monday.

Earlier this week it was Travelers to see [ profile] aion131 for his art show opening. [ profile] brandywilliams was in attendance as well, at least briefly, before heading off to her Medieval Women's Choir rehearsal. They'll be doing a new album this year, which I am greatly looking forward to.

I'll be calling in a little while to make reservations for my birthday dinner at Kalia's (click here for the menu) on Greenwood near 85th -- there's on-street parking and also a parking lot behind the building with an entrance on 85th where folks can access it easily. Details will be posted here and emailed to some of my friends who aren't on LJ will have all the necessary info.

I'm giving some consideration to rearranging primary altar spaces again. It's probably that spring cleaning urge ganging up on me. I know the shared space for Manannán and the spirits in my bedroom needs some rearranging and consolidation so that new items can be placed appropriately. That, though, will be after [ profile] lwood leaves, most likely. I have other things on my mind at the moment.

After a brief correspondence with Ruby Sara, I'll be sending a few poems out to see if she's interested in having them for the anthology. She said she'd be willing to look at some longer ones, though she doesn't want too many long ones, feeling that people generally aren't much interested in longer poems. I'm not sure that's entirely true. Granted folks aren't that much into actual epic poetry these days, but two or three pages really isn't hideously long and some of the best ones I've read have been longer than one page. Regardless, I'll submit some shorter stuff and one or two longer ones and see what she has to say. I will definitely be working on an essay, though.

And now, I need to go grab a shower and get dressed. There's work to do.
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One of the things I've been wanting to do for some years now was to dedicate an altar to Airmid that was solely hers. After installing the Sarasvati thangka tonight, I finally did that, and so here are a few photos of the altar.

Airmid's space )


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