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I didn't do much today. Yesterday's intensive sorting and pricing spree was enough for me for a few days. I'm still dealing with the emotional impact of the whole thing. It's been easier than I had thought, but it's early days yet.

Today I went over to the AFK with a friend; when I talked to Travis about leaving for Italy he said he'd lived there before and thought Trieste was a really nice place and that he'd liked it a lot. He might also see if he can find a roommate and rent my place from me, as he's looking for a new apartment. Travis is one of the folks who helps manage the AFK, and I've known him casually for a while, so I figure he would probably be pretty reasonable to trust with my condo. I'll keep him posted about how the move goes and we'll see what happens.

I emailed Brian from the condo association to get written confirmation that it's okay to rent out the place. The VA got back to me about renting, and they say that disability payment is not restricted by financial means so renting the place out should not affect my VA disability. I still have to get some confirmation about SSDI, but what I've seen online suggests it should be okay.

I also filled out a form on a website asking for a rough moving quote, given that I don't know when I will be leaving or for exactly where in Italy - I gave a brief explanation of the situation and said I figured I would have about a studio apartment's worth of stuff. I have never actually moved anywhere before that didn't involve either the Navy paying to move my things, or me stuffing things into a truck and having it driven from one place to another, so I have no idea how much such things cost. At least a rough estimate will give me an idea of what I need to save up for this, and I will also ask for quotes from several other places, when I get my details a little more accurately formed.

Tomorrow I have shrinkage, then a couple of folks are coming over in the evening for an early look at the books, music, and stuff. Thursday is VA dental, then a visit with [ profile] varina8 at Travelers.

I dropped by the sib's Facebook and saw that he went to a KISS concert in Udine last night, apparently had a really good time.
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I heard back from one of the Sherlock Seattle people (with whom I will actually be speaking on a panel) and now have a room share at the con.

Also, I had noted some time back that for my birthday on Wednesday I was planning on being at the AFK from about 7-9 pm. Due to the dizziness and the fact that I have an appointment Wednesday, I wasn't sure I was going to make it at all, so I hadn't mentioned it again, but Brianna will be giving me a ride, so I'll actually be at my own birthday party. I hope I will see a few of you there?
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I didn't do too much today beyond go to the AFK to hang out with the local steampunks. We had a really good turnout after last week's, where several of our number were down with the flu or some other ick that is just now letting up. There were nine of us tonight and things were still going strong when I headed out about 9, with a kink in my back. We finalized details for the Sunday tea & whisky sipping.

I stopped by the grocery store to get a few things. I was out of flour and was going to bake some scones for Sunday, so I had to get a bag, along with dog food, and whatnot. A little while ago I put a hunk of lamb in the crock pot to let it cook overnight. There are mushrooms, garlic, and some spices in with it.

I've been too tired today to work at all on the research and notes for the book, but will probably do some of that tomorrow. I ended up getting up today at about 4pm, which was later than I would have liked, but I was still pretty creaky and exhausted when I did so. Thankfully, I don't have any specific plans for tomorrow beyond "get up, shower, get dressed, take the dog out." Oh, and "have tea and eat." That would probably also be useful.

Speaking of tea, some arrived from Adagio today in the mail, but they neglected to send the tin I had paid for, so I had to email customer support and tell them to send it along. They'd sent a packet of tea instead of the tin. grar.
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I got us tickets for Beowulf today, and it seems that [ profile] mimerki was really enthusiastic and got tickets for herself as well. It should be a really cool performance.

There are plans in the offing for a March 17th tea & whisky sipping with steampunks here at my place, so if you are interested in coming, please let me know. I only have so much room in the old homestead. Also, on Wednesday the 27th of March, I'll be heading over to the AFK Tavern around 7pm to celebrate my birthday. Come along if you like. I don't plan to make a reservation for the day as I have no idea if anyone will be coming, given it's mid-week, but I'd love to see you if you want to come by.

My creaky parts continue on their usual creaky way. Some grocery shopping was done last night, including both rhubarb and some frozen peaches, so I am contemplating a couple of cobblers in the coming weeks. Brianna might have a line on a place to move to come mid-month, and we'll see how that goes.

Along with everything else, sleep is still for the weak.
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And I'm kind of in that state today. I did go out to the AFK for the evening, though the usual folks who join me on Tuesdays had family in town so they weren't there. It was okay because I got some reading done that I wanted to deal with.

Today I mostly dealt with cleaning things up from the road trip, putting things away, and clearing the decks for working on the Brigid book's outline and whatnot. There's so damned much to deal with for that book, and I still haven't entirely decided exactly how to approach the topic and the material. And then there's the part where divination suggested I should make something for Herself before I actually write the book, and I haven't figured out what that something would be.

Anyway, my brain she is not working very well this evening so I'm going to crawl away and huddle under the covers with Plants vs Zombies or something until I fall asleep. If I haven't any brains of my own, perhaps the zombies won't get me.
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I've got all my stuff and things packed. Had pizza for lunch, so there will be leftover pizza for breakfast tomorrow. Folded the laundry and stuffed what I needed in my backpack, put the rest away. Spent several hours pondering the bits that I need and organizing things so that I will have minimal work to do in the morning beyond stuffing things in the trunk and in the passenger seat (juice, a water bottle, a little pu ehr tea, the smaller backpack with my wallet and stuff in it). I have to remember to dry out and bring along the electric kettle for the hotel room. Charging stuff for the iPad and the phone have been stuffed into the electronics bag. The SD card is in there with the cords.

[ profile] lwood contacted me today with our room number. Much squee was had by all. Email from the Ashland Hostel confirming my reservation and instructions for getting in if I arrive after hours. I have checked the weather and it looks like there will not be snow in the pass, so that's all to the good.

Dishes got washed. I went over to the Safeway near the AFK to fill up Garuda (I had a .40/gallon discount awaiting me, yay!), and to pick up dog food for while I'm gone, then had dinner at the AFK so as not to generate lots of dishes that I'd have to wash tonight before bed.

Tomorrow morning I'm up at 7am and should be out of the house by 9am, which should put me in Portland/Oregon City by about 1pm, depending on traffic. One of my Portland friends might be joining me and [ profile] martianmoocrab at Cedars in OC if she gets the message in time.

I had [ profile] gra_is_stor over for a little bit after I got home from AFK and we watched the rest of The Tick with Brianna. And now I am about to head for bed in hopes that I will be able to get a little sleep before I head out.

I'll post before I leave and then again when I get to Ashland. Y'all have a good time without me!
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I spent a few hours today doing stuff around the house. I dealt with the guest bathtub drain (ugh), indulged in some banana bread that I made last night, did dishes, and did more toward finishing up prep for the PCon presentation. This evening I went out with friends to the AFK for some steampunk and Zombie Dice (I lost all three rounds - my zombie feets were not very quick). When I got home, I printed out the outline and the notes for the presentation and dragged out the big notebook to start scribbling things for the physical end of the presentation there.

[ profile] gra_is_stor brought B home from the transit station and took her off shopping to Trader Joe's. We all had something hot to drink and watched an episode of The Tick. Much fun was had by all. She will likely be starting up an Irish language class up here in Everett sometime soon, just down the block. It'll be $10 per lesson, if anyone local is interested. I can give you details once they're hammered out.

And now, I am going to crawl off to bed.
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I got an email today that [ profile] joyful_storm won't be making it down to PCon this year (I am sad), but we will get together sometime soon, with any luck, just for hanging out purposes.

B has moved in today. We discovered that the guest bathroom tub does not drain if one takes a bath. I'm going to have to get some drain unpluggy stuff for it tomorrow when the stores are open.

I have started [ profile] ogam's flamekeeping shift, followed immediately by my own, tomorrow. Also, there will be steampunkery at the AFK.

I dredged through McQuarrie's Manannán dissertation and dug up incidents of Manannán as a healing deity. I also put together my basic outline for the presentation. Tomorrow during the day, I'll drag out my big pad of paper and start writing out the names of the 30+ deities so that people will be able to spell them properly (at least from the sources I've compiled) if they are interested in exploring these figures further.

Also, there is banana bread. Noms.

Oh, and here, have a vid from the Abney Park show I went to earlier this month:

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My schedule at PantheaCon this year is looking like this:

Saturday: 1:30pm Immanion/Megalithica Author's Panel
5pm: ADF Suite, Photos & tales from the Ireland pilgrimage
11pm: Joint workshop on spirit work & PTSD with Jessie Olson - Wounded Spirits: Heeding the Call Through Trauma
Sunday: 9pm: Irish Healing Deities: Beyond Brigid

I paid my PCon membership today as well, before the reg fee went up.

I've got a poetry manuscript from Michael that I need to read over. I printed it out today but haven't got round to having a close look yet. He's in Hawaii at the moment, so it's not entirely urgent. I'll probably have a look at it later tonight.

I did some cleaning around the house today, and last night I got some steamers and mussels while I was out grocery shopping with [ profile] gra_is_stor so I had them today. It was really nice to have some shellfish again. I don't have them very often. I also got some groceries delivered (mostly heavy stuff) so that I didn't have to haul myself out of the house today.

When I got up this morning, it was snowing. It snowed very lightly all day but none of it stuck. The parking lot is coated with black ice tonight, though, after all the moisture froze over. It's overcast tonight, though, so it's not down in the 20s; in fact, it's 33f right now, which is warmer than it's been at night lately. I'm happy about that, at least.

I emailed my publishers at Hiraeth today to let them know I would be in their area. The publisher is based in CT. One of them lives in Boston, the other about an hour from Providence, so I may be able to get together with them while I'm out there, as well. That would be fun, I think. They are going to try to arrange it, at least, probably while I'm in Providence, as it would be the most central location for both of them.

Tomorrow, probably the AFK in the evening for steampunks. Thursday is group at the VA. I wish I could focus a little better right now.
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Yesterday was mostly quiet, though I did go out to the AFK. I did more planning for the east coast trip both last night and today, and I also made my reservation with the Ashland Hostel for my trip down to PCon in February.

Sadly, Ruby Sara isn't in Chicago anymore, as she's moved back down to Texas. This, however, means I can take toll-free roads around Chicago rather than driving through. I will have an opportunity to visit with the awesome [ profile] storyfan in KZoo, though, which I'm very much looking forward to. We've been writing in the same fandoms off and on for some years now. I put in a note to Owen in Providence about visiting the NECTW folks there on my way from Plymouth down to NYC.

I have a few folks to visit in NYC, one of whom will be out here later this month. I need to start making a list of places I intend to visit while I'm on the road.

While I was in Europe, I was defeated by my camera's continuous shot setting and finally, today, got it figured out. It's not nearly as fast as my previous camera, but it will do. I missed a fair bit of stuff that I would have liked to get while I was overseas because I couldn't figure out how to turn on the multiple shots function. At least now I will be able to do a little better. It does make a huge difference, given how much my hands shake. I really rely on that setting to compensate for the muscle tremors.

Today I've been having more of the "left eyeball feels splodey" headache. It's not quite bad enough to be disabling and I suspect that it had to do with the snow that came today. It only just now got down to 32f, but it had been raining/snowing much of the day. The streets and the parking lot are clear, but the cars and the grass do still have a little snow on them. I'm sure it will be gone by tomorrow, unless we get more tonight.

Tomorrow is the first of our 10-week VA group sessions in the new year. They know I will be gone for a couple of weeks in February, as I always am, but I wouldn't want to miss tomorrow's session due to either a migraine or snow. Either would be horribly annoying.

I spent a little of today giving thought to compiling my list of Irish deities/heroes who have some association with healing. I haven't actually set pen to paper yet, but have been dredging through my memory banks to get a few listed, along with the context. The headache, though, has made most things a little more laborious than they really ought to be. Staying focused is hard.
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The headache was back today. This was not happymaking, but about par for the course.

I've sent off emails to people regarding handfastings that I was asked if I could do but would not be able to either due to time or distance, in hopes that they will be able to find other folks to help. I sent what references I could.

Got copies of my poetry book sent off to the sib and to a friend, which I'd been meaning to do for some time now. I also picked up a couple of things at the store while I was out, as I was in need of them.

Today I started making plans for my road trip out to Wellspring (and hence my trip to the east coast and back), putting together the basics of a Googlemap with driving instructions to various people and places. So far, without any diversions, it's about 6,500 miles. I have plans for other stops, but need to get addresses for them before I can add them to the list. It took me a while to figure out how to set it for multiple destinations, but I've finally got that figured out. It looks like there are a bunch of toll roads, primarily out east, so I'm going to have to actually carry cash and stuff.

Despite hating to deal with phones, I called the VA today to check on a prescription renewal (not a refill) that I couldn't do online. I had left a message last Friday but didn't hear back from anyone, and nothing had been showing up on the online database, so I wasn't sure if it had been dealt with. The nurse said the scrip had been dealt with and mailed out to me, so all is well. It's just miserably hard to get a live human being on the phone and I dislike the recursive voicemail menus. I can never be sure anyone has actually got any message I leave for them.

For writing, I opened up the files for the ogam article and printed things out so that I could sit down and make some notes and edits, but that's about as far as I got with that project. The headache wasn't really letting me focus very well, and I also have to put together my outline and notes for my PCon presentation. I'll see if I can spend a little time tomorrow working on that before I head over to the AFK for the steampunk meetup.

Late this evening, I texted [ profile] gra_is_stor, who had been having a rough couple of days, and asked if she wanted to come over for food and a snuggle on the couch. She was quite enthusiastic, so came by. I cooked then we watched an episode of Raffles, a 1970s adaptation of EW Hornung's criminal answer to Sherlock Holmes. We were vastly amused. I suspect there will be more of this in our near future.
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I woke rather late today, to a text from [ profile] ogam giving me a rough arrival time. Ran around doing dishes and cleaning the house and whatnot in order to get ready for him, then headed out about 7:30 to pick him up in Seattle at 8:30. His bus arrived on time (mudslide covered the tracks between Portland and Seattle, so they sent them on busses the rest of the way), but the checked luggage was in a bus some 20 minutes behind them, so we waited for his bag and then headed north to Everett.

Since he'd not eaten recently, I took him up to the AFK Tavern, which he really enjoyed. The folks there really liked him (how could anyone not?) and demanded that I bring him back. "Why haven't you ever brought him here before?" "He lives in El Paso. He just got off the train, like 45 minutes ago." "Oh. Well, bring him back!"

After we ate, I was going to show him some pics from the rest of my European trip, but [ profile] gra_is_stor came by so we had tea and conversation instead, until about 12:30. He'll be picked up about 9:30 tomorrow morning so he can pick up his rental car, then he heads over to [ profile] ingvisson's place. He's driving [ profile] ingvisson and [ profile] gra_is_stor down to Seattle tomorrow evening for Irish class, while I have shrinkage tomorrow afternoon.

Busy Erynn is going to be crazy busy for most of the rest of the month.
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Today we worked on our presentation on spirit work and PTSD. We've got some good outline material together, and have sorted out some of our sources. [ profile] druid_medb and I are definitely on the same page for most of it, and where we do disagree, it's very minor. We'll do some more work tomorrow after we've talked more about some of the material we want to cover.

This morning's email brought a note from RedBubble saying that the iPad cover was actually for an iPad 2, which is very slightly smaller than the iPad 1, and I'd forgotten that I had the first iteration of the thing. I got it just before the 2 came out. Anyway, they sent me a refund and said go ahead and keep it - give it to somebody, hang it up as art, whatever. So, does anyone have an iPad 2 and want a really cool hard case for the back that says "Get Fucking Epic and Do Shit"? We can work a deal, if you like. Let me know.

This evening we went and hung out with the steampunks over in Lake Stevens. The place we were in closed at 8pm so it wasn't open as late as we had expected. This is likely to become an issue. We went in on our scouting trip for the place on a Thursday, and their hours are different that night. Anyway, after that, I took [ profile] druid_medb over to the AFK and introduced her to the awesome that is my local gamer geek tavern. She was suitably impressed. Upon arrival home, we watched Steamboy and had a lot of fun with that.

Tomorrow will be more work on our presentation, as noted above. Thursday is the VA, and she will be staying Thursday night in downtown Seattle in walking distance of the train station, as the train leaves before 9am, and getting her there through rush hour traffic would mean an unseasonably early departure time from Everett. She's good with that and has made her reservation at an inexpensive place in Pioneer Square. We'll head over to the VA for my appointment, then spend the afternoon/evening down in Seattle before I drop her down in Pioneer Square for the night.

All is well. Happiness abounds.
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Took Garuda in to have the windshield replaced, which went smoothly but took about two hours longer than expected because they were a person short today, due to the manager being in hospital for heart surgery (unexpected emergency). There is now a new windshield, Garuda is currently residing in the garage because the silicone needs a chance to dry properly and there is weather (cold, rain) which would not be conducive to this. When I went to start him up this morning, he hesitated. I'll likely need to change the battery. It should be okay until next month. Given that I've spent over $300 in car maintenance and windshield this month, I think waiting until next do deal with the battery is probably okay. The mechanic said it shouldn't be a problem so long as I let the car run for about half an hour when I take it out. Since I usually drive down to Seattle, which is about a 45 minute trip each way when I do the VA, that shouldn't be a problem.

After I got home, I was really tired and kind of chilly. It's Tuesday, and usually I go down to the AFK but between the windshield and me being cold and tired, I wasn't up to driving. One of the steampunks came by and picked me up and we had a drink and then he drove me home again. It was a pleasant evening.

My britpicker hasn't been feeling well the past couple of days, so hasn't got to her edit of the story yet, but promises it tomorrow at some point.

I'm thinking tomorrow I may try starting on the ogam article for Abraxas while I'm waiting. Mostly, though, I'm just tired.
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I spent most of the day today down at the AFK with friends, where we played Zombie Fluxx, Cards Against Humanity (hilarious but omg so very very wrong), and a bunch of rounds of Zombie Dice. I had a great time and then headed home, where [ profile] gra_is_stor and I watched The Princess Bride I'd been kind of jonesing for a rewatch for a while now, so it was nice to see it curled up on the couch with my sweetie.

Tomorrow I have company coming over and I'm all excited for that. I forgot to call my mom today but I'll try to remember to call her tomorrow.

Hey, Momster, I love you! Sorry I forgot to call!

There is a bad movie night in the works with my gaming buds.


Nov. 22nd, 2012 02:09 am
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So [ profile] man_of_snows came by this afternoon for a visit. He's been out in Idaho teaching in an MFA program and I haven't seen him in quite some time. He came down from Bellingham where he's been staying with his partner. It was lovely to hang out with him. We went for a walk around the lake, then had some lunch at Emory's. When we got back we talked about poetry and writing and shared a few poems and quotes from things. He picked up a copy of my book and then had to head back north, as he had pies to make this evening before tomorrow's foodie festivities.

Tomorrow, it's gaming at the AFK. I've got a confirmation for my friends from California on Friday afternoon here at my place. Looks like it's going to be a fair bit of low-impact socializing for me, mostly around here. That's always nice, because so often I end up going out to visit people, and seeing folks here is a lot lower impact on my energy.

Today's mail brought a book from a fan of mine in Bulgaria, about sacred sites and tourist sites in the country. He covers quite a few churches, basilicas, and monasteries, several Thracian sites, and some natural areas as well. It's bilingual in English and Bulgarian, so it's unique in my collection. There are a bunch of really nice full-color photo plates, as well.

I'm still poking at my fic, which is currently at 27,027 words. I'll probably get a little further into the scene I'm working on before I head to bed. Tomorrow, MUNCHKIN CTHULHU!
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It was a slow day today. I prepped three books to send out, but didn't have the wherewithal to haul them down to the mailout place this afternoon. It was dark and raining all day, but I braved the weather and went out to give rides to two gals to the Sherlock Seattle afterparty over at the AFK. About 25 of us showed up, and we had an absolutely fantastic time. I was there from about 7pm to around 11 before I took my passengers home.

When I got back, I did some more writing and am at 19,210 words at the moment. Not bad at all, really. Finished up the scene I'd been working on last night, and am having plottythoughts for the next one.

Tomorrow, more writing. I may try doing a haircut Sunday, if my usual place is open.
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Today was shrinkage, and I talked a lot about some things that had been on my mind - my book, politics, aging, life, travel and its aftermath, writing. I felt pretty good coming out of it and am glad to have that time once a month. I really do feel like it helps with stuff. While I was in the waiting room before my appointment, I saw one of the gals from tomorrow's group and she asked if I had any more copies of my book; at that point I didn't but I said I'd bring a few along as soon as I got them again. Quite a few of the women there have bought them from me - one woman liked it enough that she bought a second copy for one of her friends, which was very flattering.

At Travelers, I ran into a gal I'd met this spring, when my friend Geordie was doing a weekend workshop at her place. We talked briefly about him, and I mentioned my poetry book. We ended up talking about as an alternative to Amazon for things. I was surprised that she had not only remembered me, but my name, as I have trouble remembering people's names unless I see them several times.

Upon my arrival home, I got the box of poetry books I'd been expecting. I've stuck one in my bragging pile on my desk and am going to leave it there so that I don't end up without one. I do need to keep one copy for myself, after all!

Tomorrow evening is a steampunk meetup with some of the Everett crew in Lake Stevens. On Friday is the Sherlock Seattle con afterparty, and I'll be picking up a few folks locally who don't have their own transportation so that they can get to the AFK.

I think, at the moment, my weekend is reasonably clear. I've been working on my fic off and on this evening since I got home. While I do need to get up tomorrow, I'm not tired enough to go to bed yet, so I'll probably work some more on it before I crash.
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No, it wasn't the box of poetry books I was expecting. It was this:

Suibhne Geilt by Michael Quirke

This is the Suibhne Geilt carving I've been waiting for from Michael Quirke in Ireland. I knew it had been shipped out a week or two back, but I wasn't certain how long it would take to arrive. That was the package I'd missed on Saturday while I was out at the veterans day parade, which seems rather fitting, all things considered.

Also in the mail I got Sherlock: The Casebook from the UK, which is a hilarious combination of diary/scrapbook of John Watson, with inserted annotations by Sherlock and Mycroft (and responses from John) via sticky notes, and talk about the behind the scenes stuff and various Sherlockiana. I'd had a chance to look at it very briefly during the Sherlock con a couple of weeks ago, but this is a treat. This kind of thing is one of the reasons I love fandom so much. People with weird senses of humor, and nerdcraft. I'm about halfway through it and will probably finish it up sometime tomorrow.

I did a little more writing today, but not a lot. Current word count is 13,157 but I may add a little more before I go to bed. Tomorrow is my monthly shrinkage, Thursday is group, then some of the Krakens are getting together at a new place in Lake Stevens to check that out. Friday is the Sherlock Seattle afterparty at the AFK. Busy week!
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Woke up today headachey and wasn't sure how well I would fare. I stayed home until about 8:30, then went over to the AFK to say happy birthdayversary to the owners and staff. They were doing some small prize giveaways and I got a cute cobalt blue AFK Tavern shotglass out of the deal. At the moment my right shoulder is aching pretty badly and my tum is upset. Tomorrow I desperately need to get a haircut if I can get my arse out of the house in time to have it done before I need to go over to Snohomish for the first Tuesday steampunk social at Picadilly Circus.

Mom sent me a note that she really liked the poetry book, yay!

Still tired, but I had a nice day.


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