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Here's the link for my condo for sale. They have some nice photos of the place. It's even more minimalist now than it was on Tuesday, the tv stand having been sold and taken out of the living room.

If you know anyone who is looking for a place in the Puget Sound area, please send them the link. Thanks everyone!
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The photographer came over today and took a bunch of photos. I should get the link for the house listing tomorrow in email. He was pretty impressed by the condition of the place; I assume he ends up taking photos of places that are either appallingly decorated or the victims of enthusiastic hoarding a lot of the time.

I sorted through a large box of papers and stuff and turned it into a small box of packed papers and stuff then hauled that out to the garage. I also got the tv stand out of here, though a little later than I was expecting. The guy did call, so it wasn't problematic. I hadn't been sure I'd be able to go to the steampunk social this evening, but I did make it out there, and Qi has offered to loan me a small day bed to save my back from the evil that is the fold-out couch with an air mattress on it. The air mattress is fine, it's just the couch has a huge dip in it that is not doing me any favors. I'm very grateful, and she will probably be by Saturday or Sunday with the bed.

As to the couch, it is probably better that I just get rid of it. At this point, the bed isn't at all comfortable (I had suspected that would be the case) and just use the air mattress on the floor when I move, until I know if I'm going to be in Seattle permanently or whether I'll be moving to Italy.

I did get the FBI criminal check back (clean as expected) in the mail yesterday, finally. It's tucked in the file with the other papers for the Italian visa application.

Now that the photos are taken, I can relax a little and go through the papers and other materials still to sort in a somewhat more leisurely fashion. I still have to make sure to do a little bit nearly every day, but it's not the frantic rush to get everything done before the photos, as the past week and a half were.

Since I got the tv stand out, I've moved the long couch and then relocated the DoDC+3's crate to the space next to the computer. It's surrounded on three sides by walls and desk, and is right next to me, so he should get used to that much more easily than where it was hidden behind the long couch against the far wall. Poor little guy is coping as best he can, but it's all stressful for him.

Does anyone know what to do with a couch that has a not so great folding bed in it? I'm not sure I could sell it. Maybe I can give it away.
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The attorney came today and we talked about the questions I had. I mentioned to him the "god bless you" bit in the packet from the law firm describing the hardship letter. He said he hadn't been aware of it (but he hadn't read every document that they give to people), and that he agreed it wasn't a great thing. He also said he suspected that yes, it actually does make a difference because so many of the places that do the approvals are in states like Texas. He wasn't thrilled with it, but there isn't much anyone can do. He did say he'd talk to the people in his office about it, though. Maybe, at least, the packet won't go out with that in it.

There is a slim chance that the short sale won't be approved unless I'm in default. He said in that case it could take a year or more to sell, but that I could just stop paying the mortgage and walk away. He did advise that I keep up the HOA payments if that happens, because being in arrears on the HOA payments makes it that much harder to sell, but he didn't think this was a likely situation in my case.

We had a pleasant and clear conversation, and I'm a lot more confident in where I stand right now. Once he left, I packed another box of stuff. I cleaned some more, and I took the CD player, the DVD player, the VCR, and the surround sound system out to the garage. I took photos of the electronics (except the VCR, which [ profile] gra_is_stor wants), and listed them and the mission style tv stand on craigslist. I sold both the CD and DVD players today, I have someone coming to get the tv stand tomorrow, and someone bought the bed frame today, so it was a really successful day in terms of removing some items from my list of concerns, and I got most of what I asked for. I've also listed my Kitchen Aid mixer, as that's going to be too large to deal with in a tiny apartment. I do have a small hand mixer that will do for the stuff I generally need, and I'll keep that unless I get approval to go to Italy.

I emailed the contractors about the repairs for the bathroom water damage and they will get back to me about scheduling for next week, to let me know when they can come and how long the repairs will take.

Tonight I washed dishes and floors, I hauled out more trash and recycle, and I went down to the store and got some flowers for the table for the photos tomorrow. Everything is about as ready as I can get it with the time I've been allotted. There's still a lot to do, but I have accomplished an immense amount today. [ profile] ingvisson says that he's good with taking stuff down to the storage unit whenever we have to go to Seattle, so that means I'll be slowly but surely getting things out of the garage. That will reduce the number of things that have to be moved when I do actually vacate the condo.

And now I'm going to try crawling off to bed because I'm exhausted and my head hurts. With any luck, tomorrow evening I'll be hanging out with steampunks (assuming I can get a ride). Also, more sorting and packing.

Of the packing of things, there is no end.

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I cleared out the library closet today except for the packing materials and a few other items that need to remain there. That meant sorting through the various stacks of Pagan papers and moving what's being donated out to the garage. Dishes got washed and the kitchen counters cleaned. I also hauled a few other things to be got rid of out to the garage, then brought in a stack of framed pictures and prints to put into a box with other things, and brought in a box of other things to be sorted through and packed. A couple of small tables were also taken out to the garage.

Irish class was this evening but focusing through the dizziness - which tends to intensify when I have over-exerted myself - was really difficult. After class, [ profile] gra_is_stor and [ profile] ingvisson stayed for a bit. I fed him some spaghetti with pesto (she can't eat it) and then they helped me take down the surround sound system that I had hooked up to the tv. The blank walls look better without the speakers and the trailing wires. I'll see if I can sell the sound system. It's perfectly functional and sounds pretty good. Unlike dvd players (which are going over to blu-ray more and more these days), sound systems remain rather similar for a longer time.

Tomorrow, more sorting and packing, then washing the floors tomorrow evening for photos Tuesday. The real estate attorney is supposed to be here tomorrow probably late morning. He's coming after court, where he has a 10:30 appointment.

So, Monday, attorney. Tuesday, real estate photos. Wednesday, shrink. Thursday, glass replacement for the fireplace and group. Friday, MRI. It's a way too full week, but none of this can be put off or avoided. In between all of this, I have to deal with more packing, more cleaning, and keeping the place in presentable condition for total strangers to come in and look at it no matter how I am feeling physically. I'm doing my best for coping, but it's hard. I'm just really glad I have supportive friends.
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Today Sonia and Doug came by and picked up the mattress and box springs. I was able to list the bed frame. Here's the link if you are interested.

I went down to Fred Meyers with [ profile] gra_is_stor to get an appropriately sized air mattress and some sheets for the bed in the couch, which we moved into the bedroom. I got the wrong size the first time around, so we went back, returned them, and got the right size, whereupon I set things up and will be going in soon to crash there.

Further small bits of furniture were carried out to the garage. Papers and various books of shadows were sorted through, most of it went into the recycle, and some went into the pile of things that will be going to the archival library. I cleared out most of the stuff from the cabinets in the living room bookshelves, giving me some space to deal with what I need to have here in the house but which can be out of sight. I still have some sorting left to do here, then I can deal with the stuff I'd packed out to the garage just to get it out of the house for the photos.

There's still some cleaning to do (washing floors and suchlike), but that can happen late Monday so that it's actually still clean on Tuesday when the realtor gets here with the camera.

I really am just so exhausted right now. I'm going to try to have a slower, quieter day tomorrow that doesn't involve leaving the house beyond just walking the dog. Irish class meets here tomorrow evening and I'm debating whether or not I'm feeling up to dealing with trying to pour words into my brain. They can certainly still meet here, I might just be hiding in my bedroom while class happens, though.

Strange as it feels, I actually nearly have an end in sight, at least for the current round of sorting and packing. I need to deal with the laundry closet, which is going to be a rather hefty job, but a lot of things can probably just be tossed from there. Kitchen drawers need to be sorted through. I should probably also do a clothing sort again at some point soon, and get rid of anything I haven't worn in a year or more.

At this point, the library is entirely empty except for the closet, which mostly at this point consists of packing materials, a dog crate for travel, and some things that have been sorted through but which I haven't yet either packed or taken to the garage until I figure out how to deal with them. I can't have a garage sale here, as it's against the association rules. I'm uncertain about trying to list individual things on craigslist, seeing as I've had pretty rotten luck with actually selling much of anything so far. I've had a couple of inquiries about the bicycle. One gal from Portland will be up in this area next weekend. She was considering checking it out of I still have it then. Mostly, people inquire about things, I tell them that yes, I still have it, and they don't even bother getting back to me again or they say "yeah, okay, not going to do it" for whatever reason. Someone today asked about the bed frame but can't get a vehicle until Monday. I told them to check back with me Monday to see if I still had it. I have no idea if I'll hear from them again.

Anyway, I have to take the DoDC+3 out, then it's off to bed for yours truly. I have zero plans for anything prior to noon tomorrow so I hope I will actually be able to sleep at some point.

A mixed bag

Aug. 3rd, 2013 12:33 am
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There will be someone coming Thursday morning to replace the broken fireplace door panel.

I got up about 10am and got about 90% of the stuff I intended to done before the real estate agent showed up an hour early - but his camera was broken so all he did was take a look around, talk with me for a little bit, and leave the key box. I have a reprieve to finish up the work properly and then actually wash the floors before another agent comes by on Tuesday to take photos. Wednesday they will list the place. I have told them about the DoDC+3 in his crate, and requested no calls before noon, and they were amenable to this. He said he didn't think we would have any trouble getting approval for the short sale, so I am slightly more at ease. There are never guarantees, but I'm sure he has a good feel for this kind of thing.

Tomorrow, Sonia is coming to pick up the mattress in the morning sometime, probably 10:30 or so. When she's got that, I'll take a couple photos of the frame then see if I can persuade her and the person with the truck to give me a hand dismantling the frame and moving the small couch from the library into the bedroom so that I can sleep on that. Then I'll get the frame out to the garage and whoever comes to buy it can get it already dismantled.

I ended up stuffing a lot of things into drawers, and some into boxes to haul out to the garage unsorted and open, and then piled a bunch of papers and binders full of things into the library closet to get them out of sight. Now that I have a little time, I can sort through them properly over the weekend and on Monday.

I was so exhausted today that I took a soak in an epsom salts bath (I'm covered with bruises from moving things) and then took a nap. [ profile] gra_is_stor came over for a bit before that and we caught up on what's happening with each other while curled up on the couch. After the real estate agent left, I essentially just said "screw it, I'm taking the rest of the day off," and gods have I needed to. I'm still so exhausted I'm numb and tingly. The dizziness has been worse the past couple of days because of all the physical effort I've been putting into things. I ordered chinese after I got up from my nap, and I'll be heading for bed again here fairly soon because I need to be up at about 10am for Sonia when she gets here. Then it's tackling the things that are left to do before Tuesday.

I also need to call one of the gals from my VA group, who said she might be able to help me out this weekend. I'm thinking perhaps on Sunday she can help me haul some boxes down to Seattle, as she says she has a station wagon.

Anyway, collapsing now.
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I got up today about 10am, worked on stuff until Bill came by to pick me up at 2pm, went down to the VA for my group, had a blood draw for the baseline for the upcoming MRI, and then we had some food when he came to drop me off. I got in touch with Gary and Melody and asked if they could come by to help me haul the bookshelves from the library out to the garage and they agreed to come by.

While I waited for them I hauled more stuff up there. At one point I was wiping my forehead to get hair and sweat out of my eyes and a fingernail caught the top of my eyebrow piercing; it went flying. I had to grope around in the parking lot looking for it. One of the neighbors helped me. I think we spent about ten minutes looking for it. When I was finally going to give up, I found it again. Rinsed everything down with hydrogen peroxide and put the thing back together, so that's safe and dealt with.

It took us about 40 minutes or so to haul all of the bookshelves out to the garage. When Gary and Melody left, I started in on cleaning the fireplace. Aside from one pane of glass gone, it looks like a used but reasonably clean fireplace. I couldn't get anyone to come today or tomorrow, so I'm going to have to ask the real estate agent to take any photos of the fireplace from angles that won't show the broken pane. I'll work on getting somebody out to replace it as soon as I can.

The guy from the fireplace shop did call me today (I wasn't able to answer the phone when he called), and he left a message saying that if it's just a pane of glass, I could get it faster and cheaper from a glass shop and install it myself. Sadly, I can't get the tag ends of broken stuff out of the metal grooves and won't be able to put the thing in myself, even if I get the pane elsewhere. I've left another call for him but don't expect to hear back for another day or so, I'm guessing.

Once that was done, I cleaned out the stuff in my bedroom and got that looking pretty good. There's still a pile of stuff on the couch and the coffee table in the former library that will have to be dealt with, but that will be first thing tomorrow. I did dishes and am soaking the sinks with some bleach to try to get the sinks as clean as possible. Tomorrow I'll scrub down the counters and wash the floor.

I do still have a little stuff on the bookshelves her in the living room, and some stuff on the table, but most of that is going to be fairly quick to handle, especially if I don't sort and just put things in open boxes to take it out to the garage to get it all out of the way. Once the photos are done, then I can deal with the rest at a more reasonable pace.

Needless to say, I'm completely exhausted. I will be setting my alarm for 10am again today so that I have a few hours to work on things before the guy gets here.

And now, to bed.
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I got a ton of stuff done today. Patrick came by and did some more work here at the house and I boxed things, shifted stuff to the garage, cleaned, and moved furniture. [ profile] randwolf came by as promised and we moved a bunch of book boxes into my new storage unit on the hill. I've sorted all the stuff that I'll be sending to the archival library into a couple of large boxes to take over to the mailout place when a car is available. They'll have to be put into FedEx boxes of some sort as these are not shipping boxes. They're really only suitable for just carrying stuff, but it will be good to get them out of here.

The place is a lot less cluttered now, which is good, but is feeling desperately empty, which is not so good. I have a lot of shelves that are empty of books, but covered with small things that need to go into boxes so that they can be packed properly.

I still have a ton of things to do before the real estate agent gets here Friday.

As to the stupid, while I've been dealing with stuff here, I have occasionally put stuff in the fireplace and burned things like old herbs, papers with personal information on them, and other type things. I did that today but tossed a couple of candles in the pile without really thinking it through. Wax was melting all over the place, and at one point it got so hot I thought it was going to start the wooden handle of the fireplace door on fire. I couldn't get it open, so I zapped it with the fire extinguisher. Which shattered one of the tempered glass plates on the four panel folding door. On the other hand, better than burning the place down, you know?

It's kind of a mess. It's largely cleaned up but I've got a call in to a fireplace place to have somebody come and replace the panel and maybe see if there's any wax all run down below the fireplace inside, hopefully before the real estate agent gets here on Friday at 1pm. It was stupid. It will probably be kind of expensive to deal with. On the other hand, I've been pushing myself really hard and just plain wasn't thinking clearly when I did this.

I still have some cleanup to do, but most of it won't be too bad, it's just messy and yet another complication when I don't need one.

On the good end of things (in addition to getting a bazillion things done today), I was talking to one of my neighbors who used to do real estate (he actually sold several of the units at the condo here in past years), and he said that the market is getting better and prices are going up. I don't know if it will be enough of a rise in prices that I won't still have to do a short sale, but we shall see what happens.

I've had a couple of inquiries on the cargo bike. One person was asking about possibly coming over tomorrow to have a look at it, hopefully before I leave for the VA appointment at 2pm.
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All the books except a couple I am reading, and the ones I'm using for Irish and Italian study are packed, along with several boxes of binders and papers. There are 54 of them. They are now all in the garage.

Jade came by again today and was a total champion box packer. Patrick did a ton of cleaning and will be back again tomorrow for more. My next door neighbor Sally helped out a little bit, as well, which I really appreciated. Someone came and picked up the TV. I had posted the TV as a free giveaway on craigslist (because really, nobody wants to pay for them these days, when the thin screens are so much more available and smaller and lighter). I got two inquiries and, as the inquiries were coming in, I actually got an email from some dick saying "if it's one of the big ones, nobody wants those". I mean who the fuck sits around on craigslist all day sending messages to people saying nobody wants stuff? Really? Does this person have no life whatsoever? *headdesk* Needless to say, the troll was wrong.

Anyway, I have posted an ad for my cargo bike. I'm selling it for $500 because I can't ride it anymore due to the dizziness. If you know anyone who might be interested, please pass the link along.

I will probably be doing just a little more sorting and packing of art and whatnot tonight before I go to bed. Tomorrow, more sorting and packing art and stuff, then [ profile] randwolf is coming by about 1:30 to stuff things into his truck and take me down to Seattle to rent the storage unit. He'll bring me back up here afterwards and I'll give him some gas money.

I'm probably going to need to get rid of a few of the bookshelves I have, though I have not yet decided which ones. I'll need a couple in Seattle, I'm guessing -- the smaller ones if I'm in a studio just for a couple of months. If I end up having to stay, then I'll want at least a couple of the larger ones, too, but at any rate, they'll need to be in the storage unit until things are sorted for me about whether I'm staying in Seattle or going to Italy.

The place right now is both emptier and, paradoxically, rather more cluttered at the moment than it has been in a long time. Part of that is just that I've had to remove things from shelves and walls and haven't had a place to put them yet, so a lot of it is piled up on the table or on the back of one of the couches. Friday Sonia is supposed to come over for the mattress and box springs. I'll be posting the ad for the bed frame once I can take photos of it. I forgot to ask Sally what the condo policy on garage sales is. I'm not sure I can actually have one here, but if I can, then I'll set up for a couple of weekends from now and just post some ads and hope people will come and buy bits and pieces of my non-ritual things. I have a lot of stuff like vases and decorative stuff and way too many mugs that I could do with getting rid of without just giving it all away. Any money at all that comes in from it would be very welcome.

I know I'm rambling a lot about this lately, but it really is kind of eating my life, as one would expect from having to deal with something like this. I'm so blessed with good friends who are willing to come and put in some heroic effort to help me out. So thank you again, my friends! You are the best!
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Today [ profile] randwolf and [ profile] apipiyalotl came by briefly on their way back from Qi and Rob's to visit and offer a little moral support. [ profile] randwolf might be able to help me move some things into a storage unit on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, should all go well. I took the precaution of reserving a 10'x15'space at the Public Storage on 12th, which is pretty much ground zero of where I'll be looking for places to live when I move out of here.

[ profile] ingvisson came over and helped haul book boxes out to the garage, after I'd sorted through damned near everything out there and either recycled, trashed, or set things aside. None of the comics boxes or their contents are damaged; I need to get this stuff to a place where they actually will give me decent money for it, so if you know a place like that in the Seattle area, please let me know. I have two long comic boxes, six short ones, and two other boxes, all filled with comics, sf magazines, and various memorabilia, as well as a box with some gaming stuff. I haven't sorted through the pile of gaming books in my library as yet but I will be adding to that as well.

As [ profile] ingvisson was leaving, Jade, one of my steampunk friends, came by. She packed boxes of books for me while I was doing a lot of sorting and other work. Thank you, Jade! I now have a total of 33 boxes of books packed, and 23 of those are out in the garage, as are the boxes of things I packed from altars and whatnot yesterday. That means that, aside from stuff on the shelves in the walk-in closet, that's empty for the moment. The library closet has two of the smaller altars stored in it until I can get the items on them dealt with. One of them is a little rolling stand, and I'll be selling that. The other is a nice little arts and crafts style side table. That'll be going with me, as it will fit in even a tiny studio apartment. I still have to sort through the bin of camping gear to decide what of that I'll be selling or giving away, but that I can deal with later this week. Tomorrow has to be actually doing more packing of altar and Pagany things.

Some large, flat boxes need to be got for my art. I need probably several poster-sized boxes for my framed stuff. A lot of the smaller stuff can go in boxes I already have. Jade said she'd be by sometime Tuesday with more packing stuff for inside the boxes. [ profile] gra_is_stor wasn't feeling well today. She'd been considering coming over, but we didn't actually get together today. Right now, I'm just too tired. I'll probably throw myself into the shower and go to bed early, as I worked myself way too hard today. After I finished up most of what I was doing, I staggered over to the pizza place next door and ordered a small pizza; half of it is in the fridge for tomorrow.

I'm hoping I'll be sensible tomorrow and stick to dealing with smaller things so that I'm not frying myself like I did today.

Thursday the 1st, Bill is coming by to take me to my VA appointment. Friday the 2nd I have the real estate guy here to take pictures. Monday the 5th, the real estate attorney is coming by to talk with me about some details I have questions about.

Tired. Just plain fried. Extra crispy.
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To my great delight, and with my great gratitude, [ profile] joyful_storm and her husband came by this afternoon and stayed for several hours to help me out; Jack took me over to the U Haul so that I could get boxes and packing materials, and he packed several boxes of books for me. [ profile] joyful_storm swept the floor in here and then went out and swept out and organized what's left in the garage so that it looks a lot better and cleaner in there now.

I did a lot of sorting and packing myself, both before they arrived and while they were here. Most of the altars are dismantled and packed away. There are still several to go (I do have quite a few of them), as are all the various bones I'm keeping (at least until I figure out if some of them are legal to take to Italy with me if I go). I cleared out the coat closet of all the stuff I was getting rid of and rearranged things a bit, and cleared out the closet in the library as well.

One of my friends from back in the LGM fandom days dropped by briefly and picked up a big bag of fandom stuff for X Files and Lone Gunmen that I didn't want to just get rid of -- he will give things a good home, so I don't feel too bad about letting go of it. I was really happy to see him again, however briefly.

Tomorrow will be more packing of altary/Pagany things, and then hauling boxes out to the garage. If I have any energy left at all when I'm done with that, there will be more packing and then starting with thoroughly cleaning the bathrooms. I am not looking forward the the actual getting in and scrubbing things; I don't have a lot of energy for stuff like that and I can only do a little bit at a time. I'm needing to unclog my bathroom sink again, yay. *sigh*

Certain parts of the house are looking very bare. I'm going to have to rent a storage unit this coming week or early next. For the moment, I'll just store boxes in the garage, kept off the floor of the garage with some plastic garbage bags to keep them clean until I can arrange to get things together and have somebody start hauling things south for me.

Does anyone want a bag of three-ring binders? I have a bunch that I'm not using. They're perfectly good but are taking up space and I don't need them. Free to a good home.
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Today one of [ profile] gra_is_stor's bandmates came over to get some things out of the garage that she will be storing for GIS. Since I can't keep anyone's things in the garage anymore (eventually not even my own), it was good to get her stuff moved; her bicycle is still in there, and we're trying to figure out where to keep it, as she hasn't got enough space in her apartment's storage locker. Anyway, a fair few things went, which means I can get to other things that need to be sorted through and cleaned up, then sold or otherwise dealt with.

The bandmate took all the plant pots and the tomato cages that I'd had from when I was gardening on the lanai, so that was great. She also had been looking for a new king sized mattress, so she bought the mattress and box springs, as they have a frame at home and didn't need the one I have. What this means is that once the mattress is gone (they'll come get it in a few days), I can take photos of just the frame, list that on craigslist, and probably sell that fairly quickly -- several people have asked if they could buy just the frame and I didn't want to do that, as getting rid of the mattress would have been the hard part, generally speaking. So yeah, things are continuing to move along quite well, despite my feeling like everything is crawling.

I have given it a lot of thought and will not be selling the computer desk. It's solid wood, it's sturdy as hell, it has a fair bit of storage in it, it's really nice looking, and it cost me about $3,000 when I bought it and moved in here. If there's any chance it will fit into wherever I'm living when I move out of here, I'm keeping it. I think I would have a hell of a time trying to find anything as nice that I could afford later.

When I spoke to the real estate agent today he said not to worry about trying to pay off the second mortgage - it wasn't going to make that much difference, and if the lender did want to collect later, we could deal with that when it came up. For right now, I will hold onto the money I've been saving for moving expenses instead of trying to pay the loan off.

Tonight [ profile] ingvisson, [ profile] gra_is_stor, and I went over to Central Market for some grocery shopping, then we stopped at Fred Meyer, where I picked up a bunch of cleaning stuff so that I will have ample supplies for this weekend. I have a few people who might come by to help out, but there's no way to know unless and until somebody actually shows up at the door.

And now, I'm going to try to get some sleep. I'm doing better today; only a really mild headache, no migraines, and the huge cramp in my back is doing a little better as well. Overall, I'm pleased with how things are going, despite all the anxiety this whole situation is producing. I'm doing my best.
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Next Friday, August 2nd, the real estate agent is going to be here taking photos for the listing; I really only got confirmation of this date this morning. This weekend (and into this coming week) I am going to need help with cleaning and packing. [ profile] gra_is_stor posted a couple of FB events with details (you can see the info without having a FB account) at these links:

Here is the Saturday event:

Here is the Sunday event:

Essentially, if you can come over this weekend, preferably between 2-7pm, I will be happy to provide pizza, booze, and the beverages of your choice in return for some help with cleaning and packing so that the place is presentable for photographs. The nature of real estate sales being what they are, this means that I have to have my altars pretty much all packed and put away so as not to offend "sensitive" potential buyers.

If you're able to come by, please let me know. I shall sing your praises to all the gods and spirits for your aid. And feed you. And give you things to drink.

Thank you!
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Yesterday I went to shrinkage, not feeling very well. I had a headache that got progressively worse as the day went on. By midnight it was one of those stake through the eye things that was just not getting better, no matter what I did. I called and cancelled my VA group and the attorney appointment I had, and rescheduled with the attorney. I spent today at home, dealing with the migraine hangover (not too awful, but I did feel kind of off), filling out and signing probably 60 or so pages of paperwork, and producing three letters that I needed for listing the condo. I did a two page letter explaining why I needed to sell the place and asking for permission to sell the condo, one explaining why I have not filed tax returns (none of my income is taxable, so it isn't required by law for me to do so), and one explaining why there is a lot of money right now in my savings account (I'm selling everything and saving up for moving).

That took most of the day and was pretty emotionally draining. What it does mean, though, is that we'll be listing the place for sale very soon. Their market analysis suggests listing the place for more than I thought they would; the more they get for it, the less of a loss the lenders will take on a short sale, so that was good. I've got some questions in with the real estate agents that I imagine I'll receive some answers to on Friday or Monday.

I spent a little time just resting and reading after that. Late this evening I went for a walk over to Safeway to pick up some things - I was nearly out of half and half for my tea, and wanted to get a few snacks and things. I stopped by [ profile] gra_is_stor's place to see her and get my hair re-braided. She's got a cold and isn't feeling too well; she'll be coming over tomorrow and I will make her some food. I promised her golden beets, which she really likes. Circumstances have conspired against her and she's not going to be going to the Irish immersion week in Portland, though [ profile] ingvisson is still going, so she won't have the car. This does, however, mean I won't have to look after her cats for her.

The real estate agent wants to come over on August 2nd to look at the place and take some photos. If anybody wants to come and help me do some cleaning and packing things this weekend (I need to get packing material), I would greatly appreciate it. I'll provide pizza or other food items and beverages. I need to get rid of a bunch of stuff in the garage, as well, which can either go in the trash or the recycle, and I've promised [ profile] gra_is_stor the flower/plant pots, gardening tools, and whatever potting soil I've got handy for her patio. That will need to get moved from my place to hers in a vehicle.

I had yet another person come to look at the bed and then not buy it. I've got the craigslist ad renewed yet again. I'm going to list the TV and the bicycle this week, I think. I'm hoping I'll have better luck with them.
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I managed to sell the cd/dvd shelves today. The gal came by at about 10am to pick them up, no problems, handed me the cash I requested, and we were good to go. I helped her haul them out to her SUV and waved them goodbye.

The rest of the day was largely consumed with the affairs of bookshops. I went to pick up the first installment of Mary's payment to me (the second comes in two weeks) for the books she bought. While this was happening, and while Merlin and I hauled the rest of the books back to the car, [ profile] ingvisson hauled the cds down the block to Easy Street and got them started on sorting through them. Once I was done at Merryweather Books, I wobbled down to Easy Street, where I hung out mostly in the cafe with a Limonata while things happened. I picked up cash for music, then we hauled the rest of the books, the music, and the vids down to Half Price Books in the U District.

They spent about two hours sorting through things (there were several people ahead of me) and [ profile] ingvisson and I walked over to Cedars for a bit of lunch while we waited. We got back before they were done, so I hung around and waited on a hard nasty chair upstairs (I didn't want to have to negotiate the stairs today more than absolutely necessary) until they finished. They also gave me a handful of money.

When I got home, I had a packet of PDF papers in email from the real estate people. I've filled out most of the forms they requested (stressful and involving looking at my financial situation and detailing it several separate times on different forms), sent them some questions about other things, and will spend a little time considering what to say in the letter they want from me describing the hardship issue that is causing me to have to sell the place. I was too emotionally and energetically fried to write the letter today, after having to fill out all those forms.

It's pretty obvious that the most common problem for these things is people being unable to continue to pay the mortgage for whatever reason. I don't have a problem with that, but can't continue to live here anyway. It's at moments like this that the time I spent working for an insurance attorney will stand me in good stead, as I used to have to draft letters to be sent to the insurance companies describing how the victim's quality of life was diminished, make an argument for payment of medical bills and compensation for pain and suffering, and all that kind of stuff. That is, in a modified fashion, what I need to do here.

Their documents PDF contains some instructions and a basic template, which is reasonably useful, but their note about "thank the lender" contains the example, "Thank you so much for considering helping me. God bless you." I am having a major WTF here, but it's not like I have to care, because it's not language I'm required to use. I'm just annoyed that they are throwing religion into this for no reason whatsoever. I hate that some people assume you are somehow a better or more "worthy" person if you throw in a "god bless you" when you are begging for something. It is incredible bullshit. I am annoyed. I am also having cramps to my toes again, so this may well play into the level of my annoyance.

The PDF also gave me a rough timeline for the sale. They said if things go quickly and well, it may be 3-4 months before I can get out of here. If things for some reason do not go well, it could be up to a year. Both of these are not good, but I'm hoping for the shorter option. I don't know if I can do a year here with things as they are, and with people coming in and out of my place at whatever ungodly pre-noon hours of the day to look at it. It basically means I'm going to spend the next several months possibly getting phone calls with maybe 20 minutes notice to vacate the premises (including getting the dog out), or that people will be coming in while I'm down at the VA and the DoDC+3 is in his crate, where he will be noisy and upset. There's not a damned thing I can do about this, either. So please put in some good words to whatever deities or spirits (or good vibes or whatever) you so choose that this will be as fast as possible and that we won't have too many disturbances in not-very-controllable situations.

I have two days of VA appointments, then I will have some time to deal with more packing.
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Today I spent time following up on things and making some phone calls. I've got a reminder in about replacing the heater. I got a callback from the real estate agent and they will send me an email later this week (three days or so) then come over and we will finalize our plans for listing the condo. What this means is that I am going to have to look into getting a storage unit (at least 10x10) to put my stuff in very soon; real estate agents prefer having the place reasonably empty when they are trying to sell it. This is going to require some further effort at packing the books and then getting the rest of my ducks in a row.

I think I have sold the two dvd/cd shelves; I had an inquiry tonight and the person is supposed to come by tomorrow morning at 10am to pick them up.

Mary got back to me and offered me a really good price for the books she wants. (It was considerably higher than I was expecting.) I was very happy with her offer. I'll be over in West Seattle tomorrow around 2pm to pick up the ones she doesn't want, and the first part of her payment. She says she'll give me the rest in two weeks. So if you are in the Seattle area and couldn't come up to Everett, you can go to Merryweather Books in the West Seattle Junction and visit the collection there. Please go and take some home with you! I'll be taking my music over to Easy Street Records while that's in progress then the rest of the books will go to one of the Half Price bookshops, probably U District, as it is easily accessible on the way home.

Since [ profile] gra_is_stor and [ profile] ingvisson will be out of town the first week of August, I had to spend some time finding someone to take me down to Seattle for Thursday, August 1st for my group appointment. Fortunately, I was able to get another friend who lives in Granite Falls to agree to drive me. Thanks Bill!

I feel entirely too much like a grownup. And now I should crawl off to bed so that I can get up at 9:30am to be vertical for the person buying the shelves.
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I've now got 14 boxes of books packed. It's going slowly, but it is going. I packed six of them today. Several more categories of books are now boxed up. Enough stuff got shuffled off the cd/dvd shelves that I have two of them now cleared and listed for sale. Hopefully somebody will come buy them.

Two craigslist ads for stuff I have for sale - bed & cd/dvd shelves. Please pass them along if you know anyone who might be interested. Thanks!

My friend [ profile] mael_brigde will be here on Wednesday for a couple of days. Sadly, Thursday I'm probably going to have to abandon her for several hours, given that I have a VA appointment and then have to take books down to West Seattle. If the weather stays good, though, she can have a walk over in the park or something while I'm away.
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I was contacted by the referred realtor today, and we are going to schedule something for next week for him (or one of his associates, as he's out of town most of next week) to come over and talk about the condo and my options. He said he's done over 900 short sales, so he obviously has a clue here, which I am pleased by. They also have a real estate attorney affiliated with the office, who can answer questions for me if I have any. This will no doubt come in handy regarding tax issues, as I don't want to be stuck showing a "profit" I have to pay taxes on that is actually just me in a huge financial hole.

Craigslist came through for getting rid of the chairs, but I was listing them for free to just come and haul them off. It seemed about par for the course here. I still haven't sold the bed. On the up side, it looks like the guy who picked them up will be sending the chairs and a bunch of tables to a school in Africa, so they will be put to good use. Go go gadget activism.

As far as books, I packed another box of poetry books, then spent much of the rest of the day sorting a lot of my other books into categories on separate shelves or in separate sections so that they will be at least vaguely organized when I get around to packing them. Huge shelf of shamanism, several shelves on Eastern religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto), astrology, etc. I'm afraid I was wobbling around a fair bit with the dizziness from all the activity. While the vertigo doesn't go away, it does sometimes get worse with a lot of activity, and I was really active today. Despite that it feels like I'm just shuffling things around, I'm actually consolidating things so that they'll be easier to deal with as I pack them. Needless to say, this cranks my anxiety level like crazy.

The condo association is going to wash the windows on Thursday. I pulled the screens from a couple of the windows but wasn't able to get the one out of the window in my bedroom. They're just going to have to suck it up, because it was leave it there or break the thing. It wasn't quite the same as the others. I don't know if it's in backwards or what, but I couldn't get it out from the inside and I'm not going to go around the back of the building to try to deal with this.

Tomorrow is shrinkage. Thursday is neurology, possibly my spirituality group (if I get out of neurology in time), and then a Bach concert over in Magnolia. Friday the condo association's contractor comes in the afternoon to look at the damage to the bathroom ceiling in the guest bathroom. Saturday, Jay is coming by and there will be bad movies. That's about as far ahead as I want to think right now.

I need some tylenol.
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I spent a fair bit of the day today too dizzy to sit up too much, but got things done anyway. I walked down to the mail outlet and posted the next-to-last box from all the folks who have bought books from me. I'm still waiting to hear back from Geordie, because he wants stuff shipped to Canada and it's going to cost damned near as much as the books did to ship it. I may just have to hang onto it until he gets back from Spain and comes to visit.

Yesterday was Irish class, and some further book shuffling, and I packed three more boxes of poetry books. I've got another shelf of poetry to go and then I start on the poetics and writing shelves. Today I put all the cds in boxes and stacked them, then cleared all the books off most of the surfaces here in the living room, stacking them on the floor in somewhat more orderly piles. I've got a few more piles to go but needed a break.

I wrote a couple of thousand words yesterday in my fic but nothing today because it was a little much for me, though I did a bunch of work on my Italian, both online and some basic grammar exercises.

Due to a bank thing (it worked out in my favor) I spent half an hour or so on hold and talking to people at BECU. All is well, but it was a bit of a surprise. I cancelled the dvd portion of my Netflix account and am sending the last dvd back to them. I just haven't had time to watch it and I don't want anything to get lost while I'm in the middle of all this; I sometimes watch things streaming, even if they don't have everything available at the moment. That bit is a little frustrating.

The contractor called about the water damage in the guest bathroom, and they are sending somebody out at 2pm on Friday to have a look and make an estimate for the condo association. I still have heard nothing back from the realtors (if nothing by Wednesday I'm doing a web search on people who specialize in short sales and getting someone on board for real). I called Mary and will be trying to get my books down to her in West Seattle. [ profile] gra_is_stor didn't have time today, won't tomorrow, and Wednesday through Friday are going to be busy for me. It's looking like I won't get this stuff out of here until next week sometime. [ profile] ingvisson has still been driving Sol's car, and that broke down, so he can't help with this.

After everything else, I ordered an Italian dictionary of the not-pocket variety so that I can actually read the entries a little better, and so that I'll have somewhat more vocabulary to work with as I'm learning. I spoke briefly to an old fandom friend and will be giving him a bunch of X-Files/LGM stuff that I don't want to just let go off into the aether; I do have to get rid of it for space purposes but I'll feel better having it go to a fellow fan. I may end up doing the same with all the SGA stuff I collected.

So anyway, lots of tiny things done. I know I'm making progress but it feels like I'm moving in geological time. Glaciers move faster. I remind myself that I'm fighting this huge physical issue on top of all the other crap I usually deal with, so I'm really doing pretty well. Still, I'm way too easily depressed of late because of how stressful things are, and having to depend on everyone else's schedules and situations in order to accomplish things.
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It's nearly 1:30am and there are still fireworks going off. Yay.

Thankfully, the DoDC+3 is not bothered by explosions, so he's not falling apart in terror. My last dog, a shepherd-wolf mix, was thoroughly undone by fireworks and thunderstorms and used to try to drag me down into the cellar to hide under the desk with him when things got loud. Frankly, I'd rather have Chris's nonchalance about the whole thing. He's entirely immune to pretty much all of it. Now, if only he could react to other dogs like that...

[ profile] ingvisson came over today and helped me reinstall the shelves and the hanger railings in the closet in my room today. We ended up scraping up the walls because of the close fit to get the shelves back in, but I still had enough of the paint left from when I'd painted it for the incubation chamber that I could repair the damage. It'll be dry in a day or so, I'm sure.

I'd been planning to go with him and [ profile] gra_is_stor to her bandmate's house for fireworks and stuff, but was a little too dizzy and not up for a crowd after we'd done some grocery shopping this evening. I wasn't so much tired as just feeling too introverted to cope with more than a few people. I did get some writing done, though, so at least there was that. I tried emailing Mary about the used books for her shop, but the email bounced, so I'll have to try calling her tomorrow to see if she wants to come look at the stuff and give me an offer on it.


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