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I had a reasonably good day today, but I'm tired and cranky and didn't really get much of anything done beyond talking to my shrink. Due to issues with construction at the VA (they are planning on putting in a parking garage, which means there will be zero staff parking there until it is done), Tracy will be doing more work from home once construction starts, which means she's going to have to cut back on her office hours with patients. I would still be able to see her once a month, but she doesn't have time for twice a month once all that starts.

I've been doing some thinking about various issues and need to talk with my brother and a few other people before I say much else, as I'm uncertain whether the thought would be practical or not. I wasn't up to composing an email to him this evening but maybe tomorrow or Friday.

I'm feeling slightly headachey, I have group tomorrow, and there are supposed to be people here to take a quick look around tomorrow about 1pm, so I will need to be ready to be out of here for a little while by then, before I head down to Seattle.

While [ profile] ingvisson was driving me to the VA today, we had the windows open. At one point, around Lake Union, somebody in the car in the next lane called over, asking if the traffic was always like this. It was a little slow, as it usually is at that time of day. I told him yes. He was surprised. "At two o'clock?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said. His car had BC plates and he said he was going to Portland, and asked how far the traffic before the traffic would thin out. I told him that it should clear out just south of downtown and would probably be okay from there to Tacoma. I didn't say that there would probably also be a bit of a slowdown around Olympia, nor did I have the heart to tell him that the traffic was actually a little better than usual, as the slowdown that usually happens right around Northgate didn't show until about the 75th street exit.

This is why I usually leave about 10am if I am going to Portland. Rush hour goes until about 9:30 or so, and after noon traffic starts heating up again. There's a window there of a couple of hours where it's not quite so egregious, and it takes from about 10am to 2pm to get to [ profile] martianmooncrab's in Oregon City from my place in Everett. If I leave at pretty much any other time of day, instead of four hours, it might take five or more. Go go gadget Seattle traffic.

And now I'm going to try curling up for a bit with a book until I pass out. With any luck, I might get a little rest tonight.


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