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So today was group at the VA. We have two more weeks, I think, before this series is over, then a week or two break and back to it. I woke way too early today, but at least got some email and stuff out of the way before I had to leave for Seattle for the day.

[ profile] ingvisson came by to pick me up and we were off. After group, we hied ourselves over to Woodland Park Zoo for the Loreena McKennitt concert; I had never been to the zoo, or to Woodland Park, but I would like to go to actually see the critters at some point. Apparently one of their giraffes just had a baby recently. All six feet of it. Yikes.

[ profile] gra_is_stor and her friends had got there much earlier than we did. I hadn't realized gates opened at 5pm or I would have skipped the travel office this week. She met us at the gate with my ticket and then took us over to where everyone was sitting. The concert was nice. It had been drizzling earlier in the day, but the rain held off for the music, which was very pleasant. I was kind of not in a great mood, though, and the zoo apparently has a height restriction for folding chairs - they can't be any taller than two feet. Which meant that partway through the concert they came and told me and [ profile] gra_is_stor that we had to fold ours up. Which left me with horribly creaking hips and feeling crampy sitting on a nearly nothing chair that was probably not even as good as sitting on the ground. During the intermission I hauled my chair down to the handicapped accessible area and set up there, where she joined me, because I was not going to be able to take another 45 minutes all cramped up like that.

My mood got slightly better when I was no longer in agony, unsurprisingly.

In the mail today, I got a royalty check for my poetry book. It was a whole $8.98. I was amused but pleased. Actual royalties from poetry! I am a professional, hear me roar! The mail also brought the annual balancing of the books for the escrow account attached to my mortgage. This meant I got a much more substantial check than I was expecting, which got immediately tossed into my savings account. I also got the last payment on Garuda from [ profile] ingvisson, which also went into savings. That account is looking fairly healthy, but I have a ways to go yet to deal with the financial numbers that the Italian consulate seems to want to see according to their list of requirements they sent me a while back. They said something about wanting to see $50,000 over a six month period in all of my various financial accounts combined. I'm not sure how I'm going to accomplish that. I'd contemplate a loan to be paid back in full pretty much immediately after the visa application was approved, but I would have nothing to use for any security on a loan, without a car or a house. Anyway, I can but try.

I got an email back from a gal who had moved to Italy and had to come back due to timing issues. She said the financial stuff might be the hardest hurdle, but also that there was likely to be a fair bit of sexist asshattery against middle aged women attempting to move to Italy from the middle aged men who are generally the ones approving or denying the visas at the consulates. She said she took her very pretty young adult daughter with her the second time she went to the consulate (Houston) and got far better treatment than the first time, when she'd gone alone to make some inquiries. I am hoping that I will have a different experience, but I can't say as I'm expecting to. It's not like I have a hot young daughter to distract the bureaucrat with. *headdesk*

She says she's heard this kind of thing about most of the consulates, and that apparently different consulates have different sets of requirements. Houston apparently didn't require a criminal records check? Wow. Anyway, I just got the email from her this evening and I'm going to email her back tomorrow with some further questions; she's been very helpful and supportive in her response to my initial email.

And now, Tired Erynn is going to crawl off and attempt to get sleeps.
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