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Nobody by to see the condo today, but that's okay because I was out much of the day. It was great to catch up with [ profile] lakmiseiru, though [ profile] gra_is_stor wasn't feeling too well today (though she did drive us). Things went pretty smoothly at the VA, and purty pikchurz were taken of my brain. I haven't seen them yet. I'll call neurology next week to see when they can let me know how things look. I'm still waiting to hear back from the women's clinic about scheduling an appointment for the annual tit squish. Gigi should call me Monday, I think.

I have someone else allegedly coming sometime between 10-10:30 tomorrow morning for the hide-a-bed sofa. We shall see if that actually pans out.

When I had the jewelry reinstalled today, the eyebrow piercing had shrunk down and had to be rather painfully stretched back out for the jewelry. The nose was similar but not quite so painful. Right now my nose is fine, but the eyebrow still stings. I've poulticed it a little with some hot salt water. It'll probably be fine by the time I get up tomorrow. I traded in three of the captive bead rings for endless rings, which look better and I don't have to worry about losing the beads. I kept the one I'd been using a garnet bead for, as I liked that. I'm really really glad I had a professional do this whole thing for me. It would have been way too painful to cope with if I'd done it myself.

Aside from someone allegedly coming to get the sofa tomorrow, there's nothing specific on my agenda. I think I need a little down time and will probably spend at least a little of the day sorting through a box of notebooks and maybe one of the filing cabinet drawers in order to pack another box or two of papers.

With any luck, I'll have more people come through to look at the place this weekend.

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Date: 2013-08-10 05:20 pm (UTC)
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Amazing timing, it is between 10 and 10:30 with you now. Hope it all went well and that the hide-a-bed-sofa is going.

Take care and take time out. It's important. I need to tell this to myself someday soon too.

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Date: 2013-08-10 05:24 pm (UTC)
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The gal didn't call first (she rang the doorbell while I was brushing my teeth), didn't bring a truck (she brought a mid-sized car already full of stuff, and nobody to help her move it), then decided she didn't want it after all.

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Date: 2013-08-10 06:04 pm (UTC)
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Holy freaking Moses. Was she made of dumb??

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Date: 2013-08-10 06:08 pm (UTC)
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