Aug. 13th, 2013

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I sorted the tool basket and part of the laundry closet, and the junk drawer in the kitchen. Things are pared down a bit. Also a little stuff from the cabinets in the living room bookshelves. I sold the KitchenAid mixer today, so more money went into the moving fund. The couch might go tomorrow; I'm more optimistic about this one than the last inquiries.

Laundry got done. [ profile] gra_is_stor took me over to the credit union to deposit some cash. A mammogram was scheduled, and the heater in the living room will be replaced Wednesday morning at 10am.

The day bed is a little harder than I usually like, but easier on me than sleeping on the floor, so that's good. The DoDC+3 has been sleeping on the couch in the bedroom, what with the tiny space we'd have to share. I may end up putting a couple of pillows on the floor for him once the couch is out of there, if he doesn't want to sleep on the bed with me, it being so small.

Still doing more research on living in Italy and all that. Consensus among the people I'm talking with on the Fodors travel forum is that I'm preparing pretty well and have been thinking it all through pretty thoroughly. I know I have a ton of things to learn, but I'm definitely willing to ask questions and follow up with research and discussion.
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I hauled in a box of stuff from the garage today, and dealt with the one in the cabinet under one of the living room bookshelves. I sorted through other things in the cabinets as well. I've packed another box of things and taken it out to the garage, rearranged the contents of the bookshelves, and now there's only one of the tall one that still has things on it in the living room. I'm not able to haul the empty one out to the garage myself, but it's ready to go when I have some assistance with it.

Tomorrow morning at 10am the contractor will be in to deal with the heater in the living room. That shouldn't take too long. Nobody showed up or emailed about the couch. So it goes.

My brain woke me at 9:45 this morning and now it's dragging me down into the primordial ooze. I did a little cooking this evening, and made myself a peach cobbler. It's very tasty. It's probably cool enough to stuff into the fridge now, as I'm considering just crashing early tonight. I have to be up around 9am to be sure I'm showered and dressed before the contractor gets here tomorrow.

I've been too exhausted lately to even throw a sentence together in the story I'm working on. It's been probably almost three weeks now since I've written anything that wasn't an email or a blog post. My brain feels encrusted in sludge.


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