Jul. 19th, 2013

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I've spent the last couple of days in the company of [livejournal.com profile] mael_brigde, who was down visiting from Vancouver. It was lovely to catch up with her, and she was very very helpful in helping haul the books I am selling from my place over to Mary's bookshop. Mary's still working on putting together an offer for me, but she seemed very excited by the stuff I'd brought to her. She should have the offer ready on Monday. Tuesday I will probably go over to pick the money up and the books she doesn't want, and will take my music over to Easy Street while I'm over in West Seattle; they should have a buyer there between 1-5pm on Tuesday, according to the person I talked to this afternoon on the phone.

I got my contributor's copy of Lupa's anthology Engaging the Spirit World today. I have an essay in it about animism; the anthology itself is about animist and shamanistic spiritual practices in the Pagan communities.

Email came for me two days ago from Jerome Rothenberg, a very famous mainstream poet and anthologist, asking for permission to use my translation of the Cauldron of Poesy poem for a new anthology he's doing. While poets are not really household names in the US, the anthology most likely to be familiar to folks in the Pagan community is Technicians of the Sacred, and anthology of global indigenous poetry. He is putting together an anthology of "outside and subterranean poetry" both ancient and modern. He was interested in any other writing I might have done, so I'll be sending him a copy of Fireflies and photocopies of the essays from Mandragora and Datura, as they will likely be of interest to him considering this project.

This is just such a fantastic thing to have happen. It is some serious mainstream recognition for my work, and I am very excited. If I had more energy, I would be jumping up and down squeeing so loud you could probably hear it in San Francisco. It may bring further attention to my collection, as well, which would be wonderful. Jerome said that the anthology will be out sometime next year, so I will keep folks posted about what is happening with it as I hear any developments.

[livejournal.com profile] finnchuill sent me the file for his poetry manuscript that he wants me to do a cover blurb for. I have people coming for movies tomorrow but will try to read it in the early part of this week and think about what I'd like to say about the work.

It feels really good to get all those piles of books off the floor here. I feel a lot less anxious without the clutter. There's a lot of other anxiety-producing stuff happening in my life, as you might imagine, but that was one relatively easily fixed situation that has now been resolved.


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