Jul. 7th, 2013

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I spent some time today shuffling piles of things around to make a little more room for the Irish class coming tomorrow evening. I needed to move the couch slightly so I had to move all the books that were leaned up against the back of it. Things still are obviously not ideal, but it feels at least slightly less chaotic.

I did some more work on Italian today and was really pleased that I could listen to some of the language recordings that popped up on the iPod and understand a fair bit of it. Obviously it's really simple stuff, but it's nice to know I'm making a little progress on understanding, even if I still can't really form much of a sentence for speaking. I went through a few chapters in the Italian books I have and was reasonably good with the reading comprehension as well. When I get down to Seattle I'm going to try to sign up for an actual Italian class in hopes of getting past the problems with actually speaking it, at least for really basic conversational stuff. From what I've seen online, I'm expecting to pay about $250 to $300. There's a place on 15th on the hill that has some good reviews but a really slow, cranky website that will probably be accessible for me when I'm in the city again, run by a native Italian speaker. I'm betting that will help a lot.

A friend came by for a little while today and we talked about moving and finding apartments and other similar things. It was nice to catch up with her, as I hadn't seen her in a while. She said that when I get to the actually looking for an apartment part of my process, she could give me some thoughts on some of the buildings she'd looked at so I won't waste my time with really awful places that she'd seen and rejected; that sounds very useful to me. I think we are looking for similar things in a living space. She needed a one bedroom and I'm willing to go with a studio for temporary shelter, but our other needs match up reasonably well.


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