Jul. 4th, 2013

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Although PUD told me that the freezer pickup would be here between 8-noon, they told the driver between 9-1. Thankfully, he showed up at 9:30 and picked up the unit, no trouble. Sadly, that meant I was out of bed about two hours before I actually needed to be.

Spoke with the sib briefly on Skype today. He's still trying to get details about the letter of invitation that he needs to send me. He is working on it.

I packed one box of books today, then realized that I really ought to clear out the stuff I'm getting rid of first, so there will be room for dealing with the boxes. That will have to happen probably sometime this weekend. I need to email Mary and ask her about checking out the collection. If I can get her to come up with a vehicle and take away what she wants, that'll be considerably easier for me, then I can haul the rest to Half Price, as there is one here by the mall in Everett.

A bit of writing got accomplished today, so that means another scene in the continuing fic saga I'm working on was finished. I will admit I spent rather a lot of time feeling mopey though, and staring out the lanai door. I emailed the realtors and asked what progress they had made, but have not heard back from them. I suspect I won't until Monday. On the other hand, they were in and out of here so quick, and seemed a bit off, so I wonder if they weren't having issues with all the Pagan stuff here. I could be wrong, but I was kind of getting that vibe.

I sent in an email for a quote to replace the heating unit that went out a while back. I have the money to fix it, I just need to get them in with the replacement unit so that it will be in good condition when I sell the place. I still haven't heard back from the condo's contractor about the water damage in the ceiling of the guest bathroom and will email our property manager again on Friday to ask him if he will poke them again. Then I need to replace the half-broken smoke alarm in the hallway with a smoke alarm/co2 unit. The cover hangs half off because my hands aren't good enough to just open the thing properly and last time the battery died (in the middle of the night), I had to pry the thing off with a screwdriver so I could replace the battery and stop the bloody thing from screaming. So it currently functions but dangles a bit.

I re-listed the bed on craigslist because all the people who inquired about it flaked out on me for various reasons. I might have a couple of possibilities from the new listing. We shall see what happens. I have decided it's the full package or not at all. I don't want to have to deal with selling the frame and the mattress set separately. It's a screamingly good deal at $400, as I paid nearly that for just the frame when I first moved in here.

Anyway, things are happening, they are just going slowly. I figure if I do a few boxes of books every day, they will get done eventually.


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