Jun. 27th, 2013

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I talked to the woman from the property management office today. What they could get for rent for the condo would not even cover my mortgage and HOA payments, much less covering their fees. She gave me a referral to a real estate agent and I am going to look into selling the condo. I called after she left and he and another agent from his office will be coming over on Friday afternoon to look at the place. I was up front with him on the phone about this needing to be a short sale and a VA mortgage. I'm hoping that we can arrange this so that I don't lose too much money on the place, but at least I would be out from under it.

I have no idea how a short sale is going to affect my credit and, because of that, affect the chances of my visa being approved. I'm going to continue on with the process anyway, in hopes that things will work out. I really can't see just curling up in a ball and giving up. That's never really been my style. I will admit it's been a pretty stressful day because of this, though.

I listed the bed yesterday because there is no way it will likely fit into any place I can afford to rent in Seattle, nor will I be able to take it over to Italy. I have someone coming over to buy the frame tomorrow night, though the box spring and the mattress will remain here. I'll still have a perfectly acceptable bed to sleep on, it'll just be a foot or so lower than it is now. This bothers me not at all, and it'll be a little more money in the coffers toward the whole moving thing. It'll especially be helpful if repairs need to be done before I can sell the place.

The management agent noticed some water damage in the ceiling of the guest bathroom that I hadn't seen before because I almost never use the thing. She said it looked like it might be a slow leak from upstairs. Sally said I should contact Brian, the condo association's property manager, to come and have a look at the situation and see what needs to be done.

So much to do, so many things that can go wrong. And I can't stay here.
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I've got the listing for the books and some dvds and cds I am selling. You can see what is available at this spreadsheet link. None of the $2 books are listed, and only the more expensive cds and dvds are listed. There is nothing on this list for less than $5.

NO SALES OUTSIDE THE US DUE TO SHIPPING EXPENSE. I will send all books at 4th class book rate and all dvds and cds by the cheapest method. I will have to haul things down to the mail out place on foot to check the shipping costs so only ask for something if you really want it. You can pay me for the books, I will get shipping costs, then you can pay me for the shipping and I will then send the books out. No items will be sent without both payments being made. Shipping costs includes any packaging.

I will take payment via PayPal at my inisglas at seanet dot com address. If you are local, you can come pick things up, and you can also look at the other items if they are still here when you get here - I will be taking some of this stuff out to sell it very soon so that it is not taking up valuable space in my apartment.


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