Jun. 20th, 2013

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I was at the VA for my monthly shrinkage and talked to Tracy about coming in twice a month until my whole moving to Italy project is resolved; she was able to fit me in, and happy to do so, which is a relief. I know I'm just at the beginning of things, so stress is only likely to increase until things get worked out.

I received confirmation about renting the condo, and am waiting for the list of requirements the board has put on the rental to find out what I need to do. That should arrive tomorrow or the next day.

[livejournal.com profile] ingvisson was talking to me today on the way back from the VA and said that he might be able to buy Garuda from me in July, so we shall see how that works out.

Three of my friends came by today and bought books; Jeff bought the ashiko drum, as he had been looking for a nice one for drum circles for a while. I've already got more out of selling off bits of my library here than I would likely have got for the whole thing at Half Price as a bulk purchase. Everything I get out of this is going into funds toward paperwork, travel, and the like.

I hadn't had sushi in a while, and hadn't been next door to Sushi Ring in about forever, so I went by for the all you can eat dinner and talked with Francis for a little bit about life, the universe, and moving. It was nice to say hello and have tasty feeeesh. I'll be crashing here shortly, as I have dental tomorrow, then chai with [livejournal.com profile] varina8 at Travelers.


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